FO:E Test

The delivery

[18:59:33] sneo92: Goodie!
[19:01:50] sneo92: >_ [Jonas and Christian]: The patrons of Single Malt’s has started to simmer down for now as Cotton finds himself sat on a barstool next to Shadow, who is currently lying face down on the counter, having had a spot to much to drink
[Jesse and Haakon]: Leo and Stalker stand in the cave just beyond the large, cog shaped door to the Brewery. The guards are entertaining themselves by throwing dice in some game you don’t recognize
[19:02:52 | Edited 19:03:09] jesse.boef: “Guess we better get movin”
[19:03:12 | Edited 19:03:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Wait, wait, wait.”
[19:03:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “what kind of dices do you think they play ?”
[19:04:08] jesse.boef: “I think a game of who gives a fuck, lets go get our money”
[19:04:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “who piised in your hay? anyway, sure”
[19:05:03] sneo92: [a quick reminder of textrules: implies action “Implies talk” [out of game talk]]
[19:05:32] Cecium: Shadow snores gently as she sleeps the booze off
[19:05:59] jesse.boef: “Lead the way ‘genius’”
[19:06:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " A genius always leads the ways of the world"
[19:07:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts leading the way
[19:07:25] jesse.boef: •i follow closely behind, scanning the area•
[19:09:32] sneo92: >_[H/J] You wander out the cave. Outside a mild drizzle is falling from the same, dull, gray cloud cover. It’s roughly mid day and from the Pip-Buck Leo reads the direction to be heading is to the Noth East.
[Jonas]: On the far side of the snoring shadow a rust-brown coloured mare sits down, she looks around the bar and huffs as she lifts a hoof to order a drink from Single Malt
[19:11:14] Jonas Askeland: [I’m re-reading the logs, but i’m not sure it says anything about the guardsmare name or appearance, so could you remind me what she looked like?]
[19:11:55] sneo92: [The guardsmare was pinkcoated with a light blue mane]
[19:12:04] Jonas Askeland: [Cheers]
[19:13:21] jesse.boef: •i take to the skies and head north east with leo, scanning the area while i do•
[19:14:56] Jonas Askeland: I look over to the brown mare and brandish a bit, with a smile i say “A bit for your thoughts?”
[19:15:15] jesse.boef: [loverboy alert]
[19:15:26] jesse.boef: [sneo, shoot him off!]
[19:15:36] Jonas Askeland: [Not without a speech check!]
[19:17:45] sneo92: >_[Jesse/Haakon]: A chilly wind is blowing as you get some altitude, to the north east there’s a slight hint of smoke still rising. STraight north you can barely make out skyline of Baltimare through the drizzle. The imediate area is deserted, a single tumbleweed providing the only movment. Continuing north east you eventually come across a crossroads, highways streching to the north, north east, south and southwest.
[Jonas, well then gimme a speech check!]
[19:18:19] Jonas Askeland: [51 under 64]
[19:18:30] jesse.boef: [damn it]
[19:19:00] sneo92: [I’m gonna point out there’s gonna be some shift in time this session, hopefully will figure it out later on]
[19:20:47] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: The mare turns to you, giving Shadow only a glance. “Right now? Why some slick shmuck tries to buy me off with pre-war cash” She gets her drink from Single Malts and takes a sip.
[19:21:06] jesse.boef: [HAH]
[19:23:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “where did that pony go again ? The one named shadow”
[19:24:25] jesse.boef: “Drunk, shes sleepin”
[19:24:35] Cecium: snores
[19:25:40 | Edited 19:25:53] Jonas Askeland: “Because my friend here fell asleep and i’m all out of caps” I tuck the bit away “Names Cotton, nice to meet you, and you can have the bit if you want, but i’m getting the impression they’re worthless round here”
[19:26:06] jesse.boef: •i continue on to our destination, [which was what again?]•
[19:26:29] Cecium: [Certain death ]
[19:26:40] Jonas Askeland: [We dont know that]
[19:26:45] Cecium: [ I know that ]
[19:27:03] jesse.boef: [i know itll be that for you if you keep that up]
[19:27:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [only simon knows what is certain]
[19:30:55] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: The mare gives off an amused huff “Keep it, no use for me.” She takes a quick sip, as she looks down on Shadow once more “Tin. Hey, this one looks familiar. Though she had different company last time. So what brings you to this neck of the woods, Cotton?”
>_[Haakon/Jesse, I can tell you NOTHING is certain with you lot.]: Walking off the road, the pair continues north east. You can faintly hear the bangs of either gunshots or bullets to the north and northeast. From up high, Stalker notices a small cluster of ruined buildings to the north.
[19:31:47] jesse.boef: •i freeze and look northeast, try to identify the sounds•
[19:31:50] sneo92: [brb drink]
[19:32:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [cecium, eva is looking at me weirdly]
[19:33:55] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: The sounds are the distant sound of battle, they are faint and only barely audible over the rain and wind.
[19:34:53] jesse.boef: “Lets avoid the obvious danger, find us a way around”
[19:35:14] Jonas Askeland: “I like traveling, heard there was an old hospital in the area and went there to look for some meds, and just now i ended up here for a drink. You know Shadow? I just met her the other day”
[19:36:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: i look for the optimal route to get us northeast without going to the place he heard gunfire
[19:37:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: check pipbuck for Tinderrrr
[19:37:53] jesse.boef: [sigh]
[19:39:52] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: “We had a little bumpin a while back, she and her little gang helped out of a little jam downtown.” She takes a sip and ruffles the sleeping Shadow’s mane. “Never got around to thanking them for that.” She looks to the entrance of the bar, then down on her very own pip-buck.
>_[Haakon/Jesse] The quickest route looks to be that which the crow flies. It will lead you over another highway and through the wastes to your destination. It is roughly mid afternoon.
[19:40:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Howdy ho, we are going this way”points direction
[19:41:14] jesse.boef: •i follow leo closely, still looking for danger•
[19:43:12] sneo92: >_[J/H] The sounds grow in intensity as you draw ever closer to the city centre. As you eventually crest a hill you can, in the distance, dicern what looks like an old hoofball stadium. By reading the directions, Leo can clearly deduce this is your destination. [also, which one of you are carrying the package?]
[19:43:32] Cecium: [inb4 they left the package at the bar ]
[19:43:35] jesse.boef: [think leo had it]
[19:43:50] Jonas Askeland: [Check the log?]
[19:44:16] jesse.boef: [pretty sure leo grabbed it]
[19:44:30] Cecium: [ last mention of package in adventure log has Cotton taking it ]
[19:44:48 | Edited 19:45:05] sneo92: >_[GM Magic, Leo has the package] Poof
[19:45:03 | Edited 19:45:14] jesse.boef: [thanks sneo (heart) ]
[19:45:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “dun dun dudu dun dun dudu”* stars walking towards the hoofball stadium*
[19:46:35] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, nice little lady aint she?” I proceed to tell the story of how we were running out of a burning building, i black out, and next thing i know i’m outside with Shadow [Can i roll for dramatic effect? Also story too long to write out by hand]
[19:46:44] jesse.boef: •i land near leo and follow close by•
[19:47:48] sneo92: >_[Jonas, you may roll]
[19:47:54] Jonas Askeland: [31 under 64]
[19:49:41] sneo92: [H/J]: You start walking down the hill, and as you approach the stadium you can see that was once was the building holding lockers and the comentator box has large burnmarks all over, and a makeshift palistade surounds the field. You can see what looks like a gate on the left side of the area. [and I derped, it’s a baseball field not hoofball.]
[19:50:19] jesse.boef: •i walk and slam a few times on the gate to the left•
[19:53:11] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: The mare seems to listen for a bit, but she soon starts showing clear signs of not paying real attention anymore as she keeps casting looks towards the door. “uuhuh, that’s nice” She trail off occationally.
[H/J]: As Stalker knocks the metal gate, you can briefly hear some swearing on the the other end before a head pops up to the left of the gate. The gnarly looking pony blinks twice as he finally speaks “Who the buck are you?”
[19:53:48 | Edited 19:54:04] jesse.boef: “Got a package given to us by some blind guy”
[19:57:27] Jonas Askeland: I finish up faster as she’s disinterested “So yeah, nice gal. Hope you’re nice too cuz i have something to attend to, and i’ll be leaving her here with you for a bit. Guess maybe you got some catching up to do? Was nice meeting you Tin” I excuse myself and start making my way to the entrance of the brewery
[19:57:29] sneo92: >_[J/H] “A package? Wait right there!” He says before he drops behind the wall again. Some time passes as you can make out voices bickering behind the wall. The gate soon opens and five armed ponies walk out on both sides of the pair. They are clothed mostly in scrap and leather. One of them has a large metal disk on her head, which seem to form a sort of mohawk. “Why don’t you step right in here, boyo.” She says as the others sircle around the back of the group.
[19:57:59] jesse.boef: •i casually walk in•
[19:58:37] jesse.boef: •i eye the ponies around me•
[20:01:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: * while i walk in i wink at metal mohawk*
[20:03:41] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: As you step up to the door, you bump into somepony just as the door opens. As you look back up to see who this was all you see is what looks like a really tall pony’s body. It’s neck streches up above the door and a head pokes down from just next to it. “Oh! Sorry about that!” The creature says as the head leans in and the body steps in. You see now the head is connected to the body by a long, spotted neck. It walks past Cotton and gives Tin a bump on the hoof with her own as they start to talk.
[H/J] You are led into a small courtyard among a dissorganized shamble of tents and other makeshift housings. The ponies around you chuckle occationally, while the mohawked one walks up in front. She stops in the middle of the courtyard and shouts “Looks like Hearts Warming came early this year, my little ponies!” She turns to the pegasi with a menacing grin. “Now what sort of ‘package’ do you have for us?”
[20:04:27] jesse.boef: •i snatch the package from leo and toss it to mohawk•
[20:05:15] jesse.boef: •i analyse the room, and look for my exit strategies•
[20:05:42] jesse.boef: [btw, can roll myself now]
[20:06:14] Jonas Askeland: Make mental note that i HAVE TO GO HAVE A CHAT WITH THAT STRANGE PONY LATER! And go have a looksie to see if guardsmare is still at work
[20:08:49] Cecium: shadow rolls over and falls flat on the floor thus waking up "Ouch! … Uhh my head.. where am I ? "*starts looking around confused like*
[20:09:11] jesse.boef: [finally decided to wake your lazy ass up eh?]
[20:09:36] Cecium: [Been checking how much time has passsed since you lot left, would be kinda lame if I woke up the moment after you guys left]
[20:09:53] jesse.boef: [suuuureeee]
[20:12:28 | Edited 20:13:12] sneo92: >_[H/J] The pony grabs the package, and ispects it. “The hay is this?” She opens it up and rummages around. She looks over to someone standing next to her and mumbles something before the other pony runs off. She sticks away the package and turns back to the others. “Now what else do you have for us?” She says as she steps up to Leo and yanks at his bag. [You are still outside, the gate behind you has closed.]
>_[Jonas]: You walk into the hallway of the brewery to see a familiar pink mare removing her helmet while talking to another guard. They bumb hooves as the guard heads out as Cotton walks up. “There you are, Button, was it?”
>_[Christian]: Shadow wakes up to see nothing but a brownish tail in her face. She can barely make out a shout as she feels a hoof mildly kicking her away.
[20:13:11] jesse.boef: [leo is in trooouuubleeeee~]
[20:13:21] jesse.boef: [sneo, gimme my exit strategies!]
[20:13:24] jesse.boef: [dont ignore me]
[20:13:30] sneo92: [See edit]
[20:13:43] jesse.boef: [kay, thanks babe]
[20:13:50] Cecium: [im being kicked away where ? ]
[20:14:00 | Edited 20:14:07] sneo92: [Just away from under Tin’s tail]
[20:14:25 | Edited 20:14:40] jesse.boef: i move to leo and look up, then nod•
[20:14:48] Haakon Grov Melkevik: *nods back

[20:15:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Was there anything unsatisfactory with the package madam ?”
[20:15:21] Cecium: "ugh.. remind me not to drink as many of those next time cotton… " looks around " Uh.. Cotton?.. Stalker?.. Leo? "
[20:16:15] Jonas Askeland: “Oh that is so close!” I give her a grin “Never been called Button before, sounds pretty cutesy. You coming off your shift?”
[20:16:16] jesse.boef: [what would i have to roll if i wanna spit ?]
[20:19:24 | Edited 20:21:10] jesse.boef: [well, spit accurately?]
[20:21:38] sneo92: >_[J/H]: The mare swings up a machete and swiftly cuts of Leo’s right pack comes loose. She looks quickly at it and throws it to a small group of ponies off to the side. “Yeah, it wasn’t everything you had.” She holds the machete to Leos neck as the turns to the rest of the ponies, now atleast a dozen, watching. “Help yourselves!” [If you’re aiming for something spesific, do a throwing]
[Christian]: “You’re friend took off chacing tail.” Shadow hears from above.
[Jonas]: “Yeah, just finishing up now, though I’d get me a bite to eat down in the atrium before I changed up.” She turns to head down the other way. “Feel free to tag along.”
[20:22:09] jesse.boef: [wait]
[20:22:09] jesse.boef: [whos yelling help yourselves?]
[20:22:24] sneo92: [Mohawk]
[20:22:31] jesse.boef: [ah]
[20:23:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Well, this was unexpected, do you also have some lube ?”
[20:23:35] jesse.boef: •i snatch the machete, tap leo’s wings, and fly straight up into the sky•
[20:23:35] jesse.boef: [unarmed, i reckon]
[20:23:54] sneo92: [Roll unarmed with a 50 for a disarm.]
[20:24:20] jesse.boef: [73 base skill, becomes 23, rolled 16]
[20:24:51] jesse.boef: [i now have a machete ^^]
[20:26:43] jesse.boef: [fly leo, fly like the wind!]
[20:26:51] Cecium: "wait, dont I know you? " shadow looks puzzled at tin
[20:27:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walk calmly inwards, to the building
[20:28:01] Jonas Askeland: “Dont mind if i do” I trot along besides her “So.. If i’m Button, who are you?” I give her a slightly wry smile
[20:28:36] jesse.boef: [leo, the fuck you doing? you wanna die?]
[20:28:46] Cecium: [ive never actually seen Leo fly .. ]
[20:28:56] jesse.boef: [we just flew…]
[20:29:38] sneo92: >_[J/H]: The mohawked mare looks shocked as Stalker shoots up with her machete. A heap of ponies point their guns up towards Stalker who’s now in the air. As the mohawked Pony grabs on to Leo and presses her metal mohawk, to Leo’s neck. “You’ll regret that, you fucking… SHOO..!” She’s cut of by a lound voice cracking through the place “HOLD IT!” As Stalker sees all the ponies pointing guns up turn towards the burnt out building.
>_[Christian]: The mare looks down at Shadow “Yeah, we met a while ago, now will you leave me alone? And stop looking at me from there!” She gives Shadow another kick before she turns back to her conversation
[20:30:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: i still walk towardsd the building
[20:30:35] jesse.boef: •i look towards the loud voice•
[20:30:49] jesse.boef: [leo, youre being held…]
[20:30:58] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: “I’m Crumble” She says as she walks, “Just your average guardspony”
[Haakon, you are being pinned, you can not walk freely.]
[20:31:10] jesse.boef: [you gonna drag mohawk along?]
[20:31:27] Cecium: "Ah.. real sorry ! ill just leave you alone then " shadow scurries off in search of the showers
[20:31:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ i wanna walk towards the building, what do i need to roll ?]
[20:31:59] jesse.boef: [probably like strength or agil]
[20:32:08] sneo92: [Strength]
[20:33:21] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [54, so i fail at even easy, so gonna try to tickle her with unarmed]
[20:33:32 | Edited 20:33:39] jesse.boef: […]
[20:34:01] jesse.boef: [the ideas of this genius amazes me]
[20:34:19] Cecium: [thats haakon for ya ]
[20:36:51] sneo92: >_[J/H] As Leo tries to start walking, the Mohawked mare drags her mowhaw along Leos shoulder, cutting deeply [6dmg]. She proceedes to tackle Leo to the ground and pins him under her. “Don’t you fucking move, turkey.” She mumbles into Leos ear. From the building a large stalion walks down the few stairs to the ground. He calmly walks over to the group as the ponies give way to him as he approach. He looks up at Stalker, “You, down here, NOW!” He shouts in a voice which causes all precent to wince, some cover their ears.
>_[Christian: Luck Roll]
[20:38:03] Cecium: [30 thus making a medium check ]
[20:38:33] sneo92: [brb]
[20:38:54] jesse.boef: [sorry bro, aint going there]
•i give a salute, then dash higher and away from this place•
[20:41:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Wow, u are feisty, do you always need to cut people and threaten them to get them ? Cause that seems like a bad strategy lady. I can recommend you to a psychologist, to help you with your cutting and metal fetish”
[20:42:09] jesse.boef: [inb4 leo’s death]
[20:42:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: whispers back
[20:42:18] Cecium: [worse things than death ]
[20:43:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ i am not afraid, i am more valuable than all of you]
[20:43:32] sneo92: >_[Christian]: Shadow stumbles around the hallways for a while until she comes by a door, where she can spy through a room and into a muddy, rusty old shower
>_[Haakon]: The mare pushes Leo’s face further down into the mud. “Shut your fucking face, you’re gonna be my lunch, turkey.”
The large Stalion looks up at the quickly dissapearing Stalker, as he calmly says “Shoot him.”
>_[Jesse: Luck Roll]
[20:44:05] Cecium: " Oh thank celestia! A shower!" Starts attempting to make the shower work
[20:44:17] jesse.boef: [21, under 37 hard]
[20:44:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “well then prepare yourself for having luch that is smarter then you, and the fact you will lose the oppertunity of a lifetime”
[20:45:04] jesse.boef: [leo is gonna die the death (anyone playing the walking dead season 1 and afraid of spoilers?)]
[20:46:19 | Removed 20:46:39] jesse.boef: This message has been removed.
[20:46:30] Jonas Askeland: [Yes, havent finished it yet!]
[20:46:42] Jonas Askeland: [Tho ive been at the farm, so its okay]
[20:46:43] jesse.boef: [you did not see]
[20:46:49] jesse.boef: [damn it]
[20:46:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ don’t care about spoilers :P ]
[20:47:02] jesse.boef: [im not gonna retype that]
[20:51:02] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: As Stalker flies off towards the south bullets wisp by his head, one giving his tail a good trim
>_[Haakon]: The mare lifts Leos head to the skies “See that, your buddy abandoned you. You’re all mine now!” The large stalion looks down on the pair. “Buzzsaw, get off him.” He says in a powerful, stern voice. He looks down on Leo, “Where is the rest?” The stalion, now standing nearly twice the height of Leo has a large metal spike sticking from his forhead, making it look like a unicorn horn.
>_[Jonas]: The pair arrives in the atrium and Crumbles shouts at the stalion behind a counter for some food, she sits down at a table. Gesturing for Cotton to sitt opposite to her. “So, Button, or whatever it was. What brings you to the Brewry”
[20:51:05] sneo92: >_[Christian]: As Shadow bursts into the shower room a loud shriek is heard. The mare sitting on the toilet next to Shadow picks up a plunger and smacks Shadow across the face with it “GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!”
[20:51:39] jesse.boef: [thanks, my tail was gettin kinda long]
[20:52:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “See sister”* wink to her* " well my good sir, to whom are thou refering ?"
[20:52:25] jesse.boef: [oh stop speakin ye olde english]
[20:52:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [A man needs his fun]
[20:52:58] jesse.boef: [and it should be areth, or something similar]
[20:53:05] Cecium: Flees shower * shadow starts looking for a unoccupied shower*
[20:53:32] jesse.boef: [hah, shadow got smacked with a toilet rubber]
[20:53:44] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Well if i used olden english in the whole sentence he would not have got what I meant]
[20:54:13] sneo92: >_[Haakon]: The stalion holds up the package “Where is the rest of it?” He throws the pack in front of Leo, spraying a content of Jet inhalers, Rage needles, Buck tablet and small pouches of sorts. “He said there would be twice this.”
[20:54:55] jesse.boef: •i guess when im well out of range, i look for buildings of interest along the route back to the brewery•
[20:55:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Well, then he either lied to you or to me, i would suggest the both of us”
[20:56:33 | Edited 20:56:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “But me and metalhead here could go and check for you ?”
[20:59:22] sneo92: >_[Haakon] The stalion looks at the mare he called Buzzsaw “Maybe we should, send the old geezer a message. Buzzsaw, chain him up.” The mare gives an evil grind as she walks up to Leo “My pleasure” She says as she gives Leo a smack in the face, sending him unconcious.
>_[Jesse, you pass again the buildings which you passed on your way there]
>_[Christian] As much as Shadow tries, she cannot find a working shower.
[20:59:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [man, i had a witty comeback, and then i get’s knocked out]
[21:00:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Not cool]
[21:00:14] jesse.boef: •i decide to head for the ruined buildings•
[21:00:27] jesse.boef: [hah]
[21:00:42] jesse.boef: [shouldve flown]
[21:00:52] Jonas Askeland: “Cotton, it was Cotton. Just passing through really, met up with some nice folk out scavenging and then they got thirsty. Came here to have a drink” I look her in the eye a little more seriously “Then i saw a cute mare at the door, and i’m happy she remembered me despite all the other interesting people coming through” And i get back to a more playful demeanor “Never seen anyone with a neck quite like that, you mustve seen it too?”
[21:01:10] jesse.boef: [neck fetish]
[21:05:13] sneo92: >_[Jesse]:You reach the buildings as the sun starts to set in the distance. The buildings are a small collection of long fallen farmhouse, on the north side the lower half of a silo stands with it’s top colapsed upon it. The entre seccond floor of the farmhouse has colapsed, and the western and southern walls are gone, gaping into the livingroom of the house. A single doorways stands unobstructed to lead into a still intact room.
>_[Jonas, speech check]
[21:05:43] Jonas Askeland: 03
[21:05:47] jesse.boef: [nice]
[21:05:50] Jonas Askeland: [Tagging progression :D]
[21:06:17] jesse.boef: •i check the northern silo•
[21:06:26] Jonas Askeland: [Was already tagged, oh well]
[21:07:37] jesse.boef: [sne sne, whats the machete melee class?]
[21:10:48] jesse.boef: [and, if i sneak up to someone, can i silently kill humanoids(or ponies, whatever ya wanna call em?) in one hit?]
[21:11:05] Cecium: [hahaahah if we could id be op as hell o-o ]
[21:11:13] jesse.boef: [aww]
[21:11:21] jesse.boef: [guess it aint happenin then]
[21:11:38] Cecium: [ unless you can do enough dammage to kill a pony in one blow ]
[21:12:27] sneo92: >_[Jonas] The mare looks away, a red tint comes over her face as she scratches her neck. “Pssth” She scoffs, as the food arrives. “Just eat your food.” She starts eating a bit “Besides, you’d be surprised how little interesting goes on here through the days. Ever since shit started going up to the east what we get is mostly rangers, and they just throw shit wherever they go”
>_[Jesse]: The old silo seems to be nothing but a fallen ruin, long wasted away of any value. [Machete is medium melee]
[21:12:44] sneo92: [And no, insta-kills like that would be very Op as he says]
[21:14:08] jesse.boef: •i sneak to the western wall of the farmhouse, and peek inside•
[21:15:25] Cecium: Shadow stumbles back into the atrium and starts looking around " Cotton! Cotton! wheres the turkeys! I need em to make some rain or somethign! turkeys can do that right? "
[21:15:46] jesse.boef: [hah, if we can find clouds]
[21:16:28] sneo92: >_[Jesse] The livingroom is deolated, the furniture mostly rotted away from exposiure to the elements. The roof has fallen upon the stairs leading to the seccond floor, as well as obstructing a door on the left side of the room. A singe drawer stands on the far wall from where Stalker stands and an open doorway leads further in on the right side of the drawer.
[21:16:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [there are alot of clouds, problem is who is in the clouds]
[21:16:41] Jonas Askeland: [Wait, did i get food too? I dont have money for food O_o]
[21:17:01] sneo92: [Yes, you got a tray of some goopish grub.]
[21:17:17] Jonas Askeland: [Hope i dont hav to pay for this O_o]
[21:17:19] jesse.boef: •i sneak over to the drawer, looking for movement, or trip wires/bomb activation mechanics•
[21:17:58] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: You find no signs of traps
[21:18:21] jesse.boef: •i open and rummage through the drawers•
[21:19:44] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: You find bottle of Sparke Cola and a pre-war summertime dress.
[21:20:12] Jonas Askeland: “Rangers? How do you let them in? Dismantle their entire armor at the gate..?” I give the goop a go
[21:20:45] jesse.boef: [•wears the dress •XD]
•i take the cola and head for the brewery•
[stats of cola plz]
[21:24:43] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: Crumble chows down a large bite of goop “Naah, they show up when they’re on leave, so they don’t come fully armoured and all.” She turns to look at the new arrival “She’s that friend of yours?”
>_[Jesse: Sparkle Cola: has a d12 taste]
[21:25:06] jesse.boef: [cant tell if serious or not]
[21:25:32] sneo92: [You’ll find out, eventually]
[21:25:45] jesse.boef: [sigh…]
[21:26:00] jesse.boef: •i take to the skies, and fly back to the brewery•
[21:27:13] jesse.boef: [or would that cause time conflicts?]
[21:27:26] Cecium: [ prolly time conflicts ]
[21:27:45] Jonas Askeland: Turn head to Shadow “Oh hey, she woke up. Figured she’d be out cold for a while or talking that Tin gal” Give a slightly hesitant look at Crumble “She probably wants something, i’ll be right back” And start off towards Shadow
[21:28:03] sneo92: [We can just screw time paradoxes for now]
[21:28:39] jesse.boef: [cewl, off to brewery i go]
[21:29:25] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: By the time you arrive back at the brewery, it’s dark outside and you feel rather hungry.
[21:29:53] jesse.boef: •i dump my weapons back in the drawers, and head on inside and look for the blind guy•
[21:31:30] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: The ghoul sits where you left him.
[21:32:02] jesse.boef: •i walk up to him•
“done. money, if you please”
[21:33:11] Jonas Askeland: Come up on Shadow “Morning sunshine, diya have a chat with Tin? Said she knew you from somewhere”
[21:33:20] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: The ghoul lifts his hat “Ah, you’re back. Before you get paid, I’ll need the money that my client gave to you.” He says, pleasantly
[21:33:55] Cecium: "Uh.. she told me to bugger off.. uhm.. wheres the turkeys at? I want em to make one of them cloudshower thingies that I read about somewhere.. "
[21:34:10] jesse.boef: “didnt give anything, tried to kill us”
[21:35:37] Jonas Askeland: “Err, they went off to deliver the package from Spaceghoul. And i didnt know they could make showers?”
[21:35:57] Cecium: " spaceghoul? " shadow looks puzzled
[21:36:00] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: “Kill you?” The ghoul says surprised. “You did tell them I sent you, right?”
>_[Haakon]: As Leo starts to come to his senses, he notice he’s being dragged along the ground
[21:36:16] Haakon Grov Melkevik: i look around
[21:36:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: and look at the one/ones dragging me
[21:36:49] jesse.boef: “i said some blind guy, they let us in, gave em the bag, then tried to kill us”
[21:36:58] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, the guy that gave us a job, deliver a package to Rocketfuel. Them having wings and all left to get it done quick”
[21:37:30] Cecium: " Where were they supposed to deliver this package? "
[21:37:48 | Removed 21:39:02] Cecium: This message has been removed.
[21:39:14] Jonas Askeland: “A stadium up north east”
[21:39:40] Cecium: “stadium… stadium….” starts flicking trough pipbuck navigational map
[21:40:14] Cecium: [Do I put 2+2 together and get that they went to THAT stadium?]
[21:41:04] jesse.boef: [2+2 is 4, not that stadium]
[21:41:20] Cecium: [ figgure of speech ]
[21:41:29 | Edited 21:41:33] jesse.boef: [:P]
[21:41:44] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: “So you just… handed it over?” The ghoul cocks his head. “You didn’t even ask for the money before you handed it over?” The ghoul rubs his face with his hoof before he gives a long sigh “I guess I should send someone more experienced next time. Thank you for trying, but I’m not gonna pay for that you lost the merchendice.” He says eventually and leans back in his chair
>_[Haakon] Leo is being dragged by a pony who has a rubber tyre strapped around his waist, further forward a pony with a familiar looking metal mohawk.
[21:41:51] sneo92: [That’s up to you, Christian]
[21:42:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “was it a pleasure sister ?”
[21:42:14 | Edited 21:42:29] jesse.boef: •i slam the table•
“then you and i are gonna have some trouble”
[21:42:27] Cecium: [rolled on it ]
[21:42:37] Cecium: " They went to THAT stadium Cotton? " points at map
[21:42:46 | Edited 21:42:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “cause dragging me along have to be inconvinient for you”
[21:43:00] Jonas Askeland: “Eh, i guess? I’d have to ask spaceghoul. He might still be at the bar?”
[21:43:44] Jonas Askeland: “His directions were something along the lines of ballpark stadium, up nort-east, if you hit mercys you’ve gone too far”
[21:45:14] Cecium: "Uh.. Great… Cotton.. we need to go save them..Thats a fricking painspike nest! Those are NOT nice guys! " turns paler as she thinks of the last time she was there
[21:46:28] sneo92: >_[Jesse] The bar suddenly goes quiet around you two. “No, then I’m going to call the guards and you will be less gracefully escorted out of here. You screwed the job up, no pay.”
>_[Haakon] The party halts. Buzzsaw heads back to Leo and looks down on him. “You open your mouth one more FUCKING time, and I’ll rip your jaw from your face! You’re lucky Ironhorn showed up or you’d be a nice little turkey dinner by now.” She turns away and head back to the front “Keep going!” She shouts at the others. “And make sure you drag him over those rocks!”
[21:47:52] jesse.boef: “you and i are gonna have a little talk then”
•i drag him outside, covering his mouth•
[21:49:07] Jonas Askeland: “I.. Uh.. Hm, that doesnt sound nice. Bu they’re good fighters, they should be fine till we get there” I glance back at Crumble “Lemme just say a quick goodbye before we leave”
[21:50:32 | Edited 21:50:48] Jonas Askeland: Trot up to Crumble “Hi again, sorry to cut this short but a friend of mine’s gotten himself into some trouble and i need to go. You work here yeah? I’ll come back some other time, hope you’ll greet me with Cotton and not Button then” Big smile, hasty retreat
[21:52:41] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: As you start to pull the ghoul out his eyes and other cavities light up and your hooves go warm as your pip-buck geigercounter starts clicking violently. The other patrons get up or take a step back as they see what’s going on. From behind the counter Single Malt says “Let him go, boy.” as he holds up a shotgun.
>_[Jonas]: You hear a low “Bye..” as you turn to run away.
[21:53:09] Jonas Askeland: [FUU
[21:53:33] jesse.boef: “for fucks sake!”
•i kick him against the wall and head outside alone•
[21:53:35] Cecium: [real sorry bout that ]
[21:53:55] Jonas Askeland: Turn on a dime, give her a small kiss, run off again
[21:54:42] sneo92: >_[Due timefuckery, we’re gonna do a quick paradoxything, and fix this real quick!]
[21:54:53] Jonas Askeland: [Suddnely time feels weird]
[21:55:25] sneo92: >_As Cotton and Shadow walk towards the bar, they turn a corner and bump into Stalker as he’s making his way out, just beyond the bar door.
[21:55:57] Cecium: [ does stalker have a ticking hostage or not? ]
[21:56:03] jesse.boef: [no
[21:56:07] jesse.boef: kicked him away]
[21:56:29] Cecium: " Stalker! phew yer alive.. wheres leo? "
[21:56:50] jesse.boef: “fuck knows”
•i quickly say and walk past em•
[21:58:21] Jonas Askeland: “You lost him?”
[21:58:44] jesse.boef: “yap”
•continuing to head outside•
[21:59:30] sneo92: >_As Stalker keeps walking outwards, a guard rushes past and sticks a head into the bar door. From the outside, you caan barely make out a few words. “Problem…raiders…. hostage…”
[21:59:41] Cecium: starts heading towards the exit remembering to pickup gear on the way out
[22:00:28] Jonas Askeland: Make sure to get gear, good plan
[22:00:30] jesse.boef: •i stop, and walk back to the guard• “need help, ill help blast em for compensation?”
[22:02:12] sneo92: >_The guard turns and heads back down the hall, past Stalker. “You can help blast em if need be, but good luck getting anyone to pay you for staying alive!”
[22:02:19] sneo92: [is everyone heading outside now?
[22:02:29] Jonas Askeland: [yes?]
[22:02:30] Cecium: [ Yeah stalker storming outside without telling us where Leo is <.>< ]
[22:02:45] Jonas Askeland: [As i understand it, we’re following him]
[22:02:52] jesse.boef: •i start moving back outside•
[22:03:06] jesse.boef: [can we end this early? got stuff to do now]
[22:03:16] sneo92: [Ending pretty soon]
[22:06:14] sneo92: >_As te group makes their way outside, they see a bunch of guards sitting behind various bits of cover. Further down the road, you can see two ponies standing in the road. One has a Metalic mohawk and the other one is a familiar looking, chained up pegasus. As the group shows up, the mohawked mare pushes the chained pegasus and shouts “Hey look it’s your pals!” She pulls a shotgun and puts it to Leo’s head. “If you want his brains kept in his head you better get our fucking goods!” [LAST POSTS]
[22:06:35] jesse.boef: “wait, that wasnt all?”
[22:06:56] jesse.boef: “for fucks sake, ill figure somethin out”
[22:07:11] Jonas Askeland: Look horrified at Stalker “What did you do?”
[22:07:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “So, metalhead, how about a nice movie before dinner?”
[22:07:57] Cecium: “You let him get captured by PAINSPIKES?” quiet angry mumbling as levitates out stealthbuck
[22:09:06] sneo92: >_[END SESSION]

The Brewery!

[18:54:19] sneo92: Gentlemen!
[18:54:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Gentle Man
[18:54:51] jesse.boef:
[18:57:09] sneo92: Bit of a heads up, I’m entering my pre-exam periods these days so not sure how much work I’ll get to put into these sessions. Gonna have to take it a bit as it comes but we might risk having more time inbetween. Other than that it will probably be a bit of a short session today as I have a ton of stuff on my plate right now
[18:57:44] Cecium: Here!
[18:57:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: accepted
[18:58:28] Jonas Askeland: Present
[18:59:42] sneo92: alright, since we’ve got all hands on deck we can jump straight in!
[19:01:58] sneo92: >_Our group find themselves outside the old garage that sits on top of the entrance to The Brewery. The day is well past noon as the guards of various caravans relax by their cargo.
[19:02:38] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, is this another tradehub then?”
[19:03:28] Cecium: "Something like that, they booze! all sorts of goody goddness " * Shadow smiles as she starts trotting towardsa the entrance*
[19:05:24] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe i can earn some on small doctoring work..” I murmur by myself, and trot along with Shadow
[19:05:43] jesse.boef: i copy the rest and enter
[19:06:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: swaggers in
[19:09:44] sneo92: >_The garage is empty save for some old carrige parts that are rusted beyond reccognicion, in the far left corner a lage hole leads down to a stairwell which in turn leads to a rocky tunnel. As the group walks further down you see the large, cog-shaped door in the end, with two high-tech turrets on each side, and three armed ponies standing guard. As the group approach one of them steps forwards and lifts his hoof. “Your lead, if ya please” He says as he gestures towards a pony sitting by a series of cabinets along the right wall.
[19:10:45] Cecium: " Want my ammo? "
[19:10:45] jesse.boef: “the what now?”
[19:13:11 | Edited 19:13:57] sneo92: He shakes his head with a sigh “Your guns, y’all ain’t getting in here as long as yer packing. Now hand em over to Crumbles over there” He again gestures to the mare by the cabinets, who in turn get up and opens a cabinet with her magic
[19:13:40] jesse.boef: [we are guns eh?] i walk over to the cabinet and dump my weapons
[19:14:15] Jonas Askeland: I levitate out my pistol and smg “So, you like give us a receipt or are you really good with faces?”
[19:15:42] sneo92: The mare scoffs “The traders who come by here these days are old timers, I know most of them.” She eyes the group “And it’s not like you guys are particuarly low-key”
[19:16:14] Jonas Askeland: “Aw, you’ll make me blush, not exactly hard to forget your face either”
[19:16:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Well i am honored”* takes weapon to the cabinet*
[19:16:29] Jonas Askeland: [I do hope she’s good looking]
[19:16:35] sneo92: Jonas: [speech check]
[19:16:44] Cecium: " Just dont lose em will ya?, " Levitates out all my guns and hands em over
[19:16:53] Cecium: [deliberatly not handing over my baton ]
[19:17:05] Jonas Askeland: [21 under 64]
[19:20:10] sneo92: >_ [Jonas, perception check] The mare scoffs and looks away “Can it, smoothtalker” She levitates Shadows weapons, tuggng the batton out of her belt. “I we ment all kinds of weapons, kid.” After dropping the weapons in the cabinet, her horn glows as a field of magic passes over you all. “They’re clean” She nods to the other guard, who sits back down on a crate next to one of the turrets.
[19:21:05] Jonas Askeland: [55 over easy 45]
[19:21:16] Cecium: " Oh, Totally forgot about that old stick" * enters the Brewery*
[19:21:55] jesse.boef: i follow along and enter
[19:21:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Is there a lot of gross income here ?”
[19:24:22 | Edited 19:24:28] sneo92: >_[Jonas and Haakon]The mare sits and digs in the dirt a bit with her hoof before she’s startled to by Leo’s question. “Huh? I get my pay, that’s pretty much as far as I care. Ask Single Malt, he’s got that sort of stuff sorted.”
[Jesse and Cecium] The old stable hallways split up as you enter, one left and one right. Some homemade signs are set up to point at “Bar” to the left, and “Infirmary” to the right.
[19:25:02] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "Peculiar"* walks in*
[19:25:37] Cecium: Shadow starts heading towards the bar looking more and more exited the closer she gets
[19:26:03] jesse.boef: i proceed towards the bar as well
[19:26:38] Jonas Askeland: I give a big smile to the mare “Well dont forge me then!” And i turn to follow the others
[19:31:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “This place smells”
[19:31:51 | Edited 19:32:11] sneo92: >_The hall continues forwards before ending at a door with a sign above it which reads Cafeteria, cruedly scratched and painted over. Inside a few ponies sit around some scattered tables, most talking in hushed voices. Some mellow music playes over the radio ( ) as some ponies look put to view the arrival of the gang. In the far end of the room there is a bar with a single stalion behind it.
[19:31:53] jesse.boef: “eh, ive been in worse areas”
[19:32:17] jesse.boef: [that voice XD]
[19:33:05] sneo92: [Louis Armstrong is a hero :3]
[19:33:16] Cecium: heads on over to the bar and eyes the menu
[19:35:53] sneo92: >_Cecium: As you trot over to the bar, you reccognize the stalion behind it. You don’t see any menu as the stalion turns to face his customers. “Howdy, what can I.. hey, I know you. Yer that stable filly who was around here a while back!” He looks around, spotting the new arrivals. “Made some new friends, have we?”
[19:36:39] jesse.boef: i slowly walk over to the bar, trying to overhear the conversations in the room as i walk by
[19:36:45] Cecium: " Yup, trying to get drunk now.. though dont rember the prices on stuff round here " looks frustrated
[19:37:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Have to go afk a bit, have to pick up some groeries for my brothers birthday, will not take long]
[19:37:10] Jonas Askeland: “Yes she has! Hi, i’m Cotton Grass, nice to meet you!”
[19:39:05] sneo92: >_[We’ll autopilot Haakon while he’s away.] “Howdy, Cotton, always nice to see a new face ‘round here. That’s five caps a glass for the Murkwater Whiskey, and fifteen for the Single Malts Special.”
Jesse: [Perception check]
[19:39:12] jesse.boef: 38
[19:41:54] sneo92: >_Jesse: You pass a table with what looks like a small group of traders “You know they’re coming, we might as well skip this area while we can.” One says, obviously louder than he inteded, “Aye, we should get to the Gardens and work northwards from there, anything south of downtown is a lottery wether it’s the raiders, Rangers or crazies that get you first.”
[19:43:10] Jonas Askeland: "Do you take bits? I’m kinda low on caps, but i’d love to try your special! And what makes it the “Special”?"
[19:43:33 | Edited 19:43:48] Cecium: " Ill take one Murkwater whiskey Malt, Also you got any news on whats been happening nearby ? " pays for drink
[19:44:03] jesse.boef: i lean on the table “sounds like you folks are in some trouble”
[19:44:23] Jonas Askeland: [Aggresive investigation, i like it O_o]
[19:44:52] Jonas Askeland: [Also conjures up a very cowboy-y image in my head..]
[19:45:09] Cecium: [thats not aggresive investigation not enough guns aimed at peoples heads for that ]
[19:45:13 | Edited 19:45:25] jesse.boef: tips cowboy hat
[19:49:43] jesse.boef: [ill brb, gonna grab a drink and some snackoos :3]
[19:50:20 | Edited 19:50:41] sneo92: >_Jonas and Christian: “One Murkwater coming up!” He ducks under his counter and brings up a glass and a bottle. As he pours you see the liquid is far to dark and murky to be propper whiskey, it’s clear where it got it’s name. He pushes the glass to Shadow and says “Five caps then, m’am! Bits? Hah, yer a funny one! Sorry, but only caps go through here. Maybe you can talk to Lil’ Till down the hallway, maybe you can do some tradin’ with her. It’s special cause it’s brewed with actual ingredients, appart from the wastelands stuff that goes in there” He gestures at Shadows drink “I mean it’s safe and all, but… well, let’s just say compared to the good stuff, it tastes as it looks.”
Jesse: The traders recoils back from the sudden intrusion. “What the..? Who the hay do you think you are, evesdropping on pones like that? But yes, we are in trouble, we all are! All of Baltimare is pretty much bucked.” The traders share a small laugh.
[19:52:43 | Edited 19:52:53] Cecium: " Cheers! " * attempts to shot the vile drink *
[19:53:06] jesse.boef: “i cant control what i hear, and ive seen as much. where you lot headed?”
[19:53:08] Jonas Askeland: I eye Shadows drink “Yeeeaah, excuse me for a bit then as i scrounge up the caps” I give him a slightly forced smile and slink away down the hallway in question
[19:56:19] jesse.boef: [im stupid :/]
[19:56:24] jesse.boef: [scratch my words]
[19:56:33] jesse.boef: [im stupid again…]
[19:56:36 | Edited 19:56:39] jesse.boef: [dont scratch em]
[19:58:08] sneo92: >_Jesse: The stalion leans back in his chair “Well that’s the question,” He gestures to the mare next to you “We wanna head North, get the hell away from this place. But she thinks it’s still worth hanging around down here, despite all the ponies who wanna either kill us, take our shit or run off with us.” The teal mare who wanted to stay leans forwards and talks loudly “If you can get on the good side of the Museum I KNOW we’ll turn a hell of a profit! There’s so few of us down here these days we can charge whatever we want! And them crazies still buy all the guns and ammo you can throw at them.”
[19:59:02] jesse.boef: i turn to the mare “and whatll happen when they got their first shipment? theyll just shoot you with em”
[20:01:38 | Edited 20:02:50] sneo92: >_Christian: “News? You’ve got to have heard about the crazies, don’t ya? They’re pushing the raiders out of the city to ‘secure it’ they say. But I get enough ponies traveling through here to have heard what they do. They want us all to live under their weird spell, turns em from who they were I tell ya.” The drink tastes like propper sludge
Jesse: The mare tilts her head back and fourth “If you catch them in the wastes, sure. But if you get to Mercy’s or the Museum it’self, they try to keep their apperence up. ’Sides, for now they still seem to need the supplies we get them. They have the demand, I intend to bring the supply!”
[20:03:23] Cecium: " Well when last ah went trough the Downtown area the curator’s ponies hadnt gotten far and honestly didnt seem like much of a threat?" " tries desperatly to finish off the sludge
[20:03:28] jesse.boef: “crazies’ll be crazies. it doesnt matter where you find em, theyll just shoot you when they dont have use for you.”
[20:04:00 | Edited 20:04:05] jesse.boef: “and when they get their guns, you just become useless”
[20:07:10 | Edited 20:08:28] sneo92: >_Jesse: The mare leans over the table “As long as she has the goods, a trader is never useless. Now what was it you wanted, again?” She says with some annoyance clear in both eyes and voice
>_Christian: “Things changed when the Rangers showed up next to em, tried to stronghoof their way in here as well. But they didn’t quite like it when I threatened to ban all their grunts.” Single Malt looks positivly smug at the thought. “They say they’ve goten pretty far in now, though that pushes the raiders out this way” You feel the booze taking it’s effect, as the muddy taste hid the taste of alcohol very well.
[20:09:13] jesse.boef: “if youre adamant about going towards the crazies, i bet youll want some extra protection for the way over there.”
[20:09:31] Cecium: " Ban their grunts? you mean they drink here? " swirls last remainder of goopy booze before going bottoms up " Another one! "
[20:11:30 | Edited 20:13:40] sneo92: >_Jesse: “A pair of extra hooves might be useful, I suppose. Though I’m not leaving for another few days, meeting a friend of mine here and goodness know when” She looks away and lower her voice a bit “or if…” She shakes her head slightly “When he’ll be here. So untill I get word from him I’ll hang around here.”
>_Christian: “One more, coming up!” With a trained hoof he poors Shadow another drink in a flash “Yeah some of the grunts show up durigh their leaves. They mostly come by on their way either too or from the Badlands, so it’s not often but boy do they spend when they do!”
[20:12:54] jesse.boef: “doesnt seem like youre sure. if you want i can look around for a while, see if i can find this friend of yours”
[20:13:12] Jonas Askeland: I return to the bar with a defeated expression “It was worth a try, gimme a murkwater”
[20:15:40 | Edited 20:16:19] sneo92: >_Jesse: The stalion trader leans in “Leave the poor filly alone, she got…” He’s cut off by the mare “Drop it, Cartwheel. I’ll find you if I decide I’ll leave soon, and if he’s not here in a while, I might take you up on that search offer. But for now, it’s fine.”
[20:17:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Looks at the pooltable with lust
[20:18:10] jesse.boef: “me and my folk will be here for a while too, we’ll probably hang around the place. shouldnt be hard to find me”
[20:18:17] Cecium: keeps drinking the murkwater whiskey while listening to the voices in vicinity
[20:18:19] sneo92: >_Jonas/Christian: “One Murkwater for the gent!” Single Malt ducks once again under his counter, brining up a glass and pours a shot off goop into it. “Couldn’t pry Lil’ Till for any caps eh?” He laughs to himself “That’ll be five caps”
[20:19:35] sneo92: >_Jesse: The mare leans back into her chair “Yeah, you’re not exacty low profile” She shoots a look at your wings. “I’ll find you if I need you.”
>_Haakon: [Perception]
[20:20:40 | Edited 20:21:00] Jonas Askeland: I give him his caps “Yeah, guess its been a while since the conversion rate was anything to write home about.. Say, i saw a sign for a clinic, you got some good doctoring going on here or do you reckon i could make some quick caps setting up shop myself? Or do you think they’re possibly understaffed at the moment?”
[20:20:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [78 over easy 66]
[20:22:32] jesse.boef: “guess it pays to stand out once in a while. well, im off fellas.” i tap the table and walk to the bar
[20:24:25] sneo92: >_Haakon: The pooltable looks decrepid, the cloth is torn and the cues are strewn about, craked. Many of the balls are missing and the few that are still around are either faded or have been replaced with 8balls.
>_Jonas: “I think they’re fine over there, but I guess you could ask Sayonara if she needs an extra pair of hooves. But tell her it’s coming out of her pay, if so.”
[20:24:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: looks at the barman" do you have a Computer Station ?"
[20:25:28] jesse.boef: i stand next to shadow “so whats goin on here?”
[20:25:48] sneo92: >_He looks surprised at Leo “I think the last one we had that’s not restricted got hit during the last Ranger brawl, sorry.”
[20:26:57] Cecium: " im getting drunk spypony " giggles as she levitates the second glass up and takes a big gulp of it
[20:28:10] jesse.boef: i look to the bartender “you dont happen to keep tabs, do ya?”
[20:29:19 | Edited 20:29:30] Cecium: " sho, stalker! you know a mare named… whassername.. ooh! Starligth!? " takes another gulp
[20:29:26] sneo92: >_He lifts an eyebrow “Even if I took you for a honourable sort, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever walk through those doors again, so that’s a no buddy.”
[20:30:36] jesse.boef: “figured as much, worth a shot though” i turn to shadow “matter of fact, i do”
[20:31:25] Jonas Askeland: I sip some of my drink, testing the water. And i look across the room for telltale signs of injuries or sickness amongst the ponies in the bar
[20:32:02] sneo92: >_Jonas [perception]
[20:32:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Sits in a corner and studies the people and the room
[20:32:21] Cecium: " I remember her saying that enclave bad and yer.. yer enclave no? so are you a bad pony? " drawls drunkinly and hicups
[20:32:21] Jonas Askeland: 32
[20:32:58 | Edited 20:33:04] Jonas Askeland: I look over at Shadow, down to my drink, and then over to the barkeep “How many of these has she had?”
[20:34:26] sneo92: >_The drink tastes of foul of mud. As you look around, see most of the ponies look in decent health, considering you’re in the wasteland. As you look around, you notice a pony sitting on the far end of the bar seems to be looking at you
[20:34:58] jesse.boef: “im a soldier for the enclave. and for that, i follow orders. theres a difference between my opinions and brass decisions”
[20:35:31] sneo92: >_[whomever at the bar, perception]
[20:35:39] jesse.boef: 19
[20:35:56] Cecium: [ 39 under medium ]
[20:36:01] Jonas Askeland: 90
[20:36:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [do i count?]
[20:36:12] sneo92: >_[are you at the bar?]
[20:36:17] jesse.boef: [hes in a corner]
[20:36:24] sneo92: >_[then no]
[20:36:31] Jonas Askeland: I look back quizzically, do i recognize the pony?
[20:36:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [in a corner and studies the room]
[20:37:19] sneo92: >_Jesse: You notice Single Malt looks at you as you mention the enclave, perking an ear
[20:37:47] jesse.boef: i look back to malt “somethin wrong?”
[20:39:14] sneo92: >_Jonas: The pony has a widebrimmed hat low on his brow and a brown trenchcoat tucked up his neck, it’s hard to even see him so you cannot reccognize him
>_Jesse: Singlemalt jumps and returns to his business of washing a glass “Oh! No no” He hushes his voice down “Just not often you hear about Enclave around here, might wanna be a bit more careful where you throw that stuff around”
[20:39:57] jesse.boef: “i noticed already. almost had a bit of trouble with folks from… who were those folks again shadow?”
[20:40:05] Jonas Askeland: I move over to sit with the hat pony “Nice hat”
[20:40:31 | Edited 20:40:49] Cecium: " Uh? chainlink! yesyes" hicups and consumes more goop
[20:40:42] jesse.boef: “him, probably”
[20:42:54] sneo92: >_Jonas: He tips his hat backwards, revealing a set of pale, white eyes and a face which is decrepid and rotten. He speaks with a voice rough as sandpaper “Much appreciated, son. What brings you around here?”
>_Jesse: “Huh, I can imagine. Barbed Wire was always a bit suspicous.” He laughs to himself.
[20:43:28 | Edited 20:43:31] jesse.boef: “and who might barbed wire be?”
[20:45:12 | Edited 20:45:55] sneo92: >_Jesse/Christian: “Barbed Wire? You had troubles with Chainlink and you don’t know who Barbed Wire is? Boy are you in for a ride, Wire is very protective of his little brother, and when you’re messing with the biggest Slave Baron in the region you better be watching your tails.”
[20:46:21] jesse.boef: “slavery eh? and when youre surrounded pretty much 3 to 1 you dont go asking personal questions”
[20:46:45] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, you almost look like you’re mid op” I say with slight bewilderment and fascination “Oh! Sorry, havent run into a lot of ghouls!” I apologise as i catch myself “I’m a doctor, kinda just wandering around looking for work, i’m pretty much broke right now” I finish with a weak smile
[20:48:26] sneo92: >_Jesse: “Heh, I see that” He returns to his glass cleaning duties
>_Jonas: The ghoul smiles “Well atleast you had the decency to say sorry. Those kids by the bar your friends?”
[20:49:24] Cecium: " Soo, Stalker when was last time you saw starlight? "
[20:49:42] jesse.boef: “never, nor am i interested”
[20:49:51] Jonas Askeland: “Oh yes, just met the lot really, but i think we’re getting pretty tight” I say with a big smile
[20:51:01] Cecium: " but you said you knew her? " looks very confused as she takes a final sip of the goop *
[20:51:15] jesse.boef: “word gets around”
[20:51:29] sneo92: >_Jonas: The ghoul returns the smile, revealing rotten and moldy teeth, as a small cloudy puff eminates from his cheek. “How nice. Looked like earlier one of you’re friends was pretty interested in getting a job of sorts, I might have a small something for you if you’re interested”
[20:52:44] Cecium: " Well last time I saw her she was with the steelrangers, plus a whole load of other pegasi… how come you not drinkin stalker? dont like booze? "
[20:52:59] Jonas Askeland: *With a glint in my eyes and an empty wallet i perk up
“That might sound good, what kinda job are you talking about?”
[20:53:10] jesse.boef: “like i already said, flat busted”
[20:53:41] Cecium: " Oh, heh I didnt notice sorry " " HEY MALT! two more drinks! " smiles widely
[20:55:34] sneo92: >_Jonas: The Ghouls gives a crooked smile. “Just a simple delivery job, it’s not even far.” He says as he fishes up a brown pack. “I need you to take this to a ballpark just by the edge of downtown, a bit east of here. Nice and simple.”
>_Christian/Jesse: “Two drinks for the filly and her company!” Once again he ducks and fishes up a fresh glass which he places firmly in front of Stalker and quickly fills the two. “That’ll be ten caps, hun.”
[20:56:04 | Edited 20:56:12] Cecium: pays up and passes one of the drinks to stalker starts gulping down goop
[20:56:22] jesse.boef: “that came unexpected. thanks shadow” i take a swig of the drink… or goop
[20:57:06] sneo92: >_Jesse: The murk tastes like you’re drinking mud. But after not long you feel the alcohol going to your head, this is strong stuff.
[20:57:38] Jonas Askeland: “Is that so, and what would you be paying the four of us for this nice and simple job then?” I say, stressing the words “nice and simple” as i look him square in the eyes
[20:59:08] jesse.boef: “this, this is exactly my style” i laugh and dump the rest down my throat
[20:59:10 | Edited 20:59:47] sneo92: >_Jonas: The ghoul laughs to himself “Does one hundred caps sound sensible? His eyes are so pale you have dificulties telling if he even sees”
[21:00:48] Jonas Askeland: “Is that per pony then or are you trying to tell us that 25 caps each is worth the travel?”
[21:02:21] sneo92: >_"A day or so walk isn’t hardly worth more, wouldn’t you say? You can choose amongst yourself how to split it, that’s not my problem. Besides, I don’t think all of you need to go"
[21:02:53] jesse.boef: i put the glass on the counter "ill go see what cott’ns up to. probably see ya another time malt. i pat shadow on the back and walk to cotton. “and whats goin on here?”
[21:04:11 | Edited 21:04:15] sneo92: >_Jonas/Jesse: The Ghoul perks up “Ah, your inquirous friend. We’re just working with an agreement, a little job I’d like for you to handle for me.”
[21:04:30] jesse.boef: “wonderful. what does this job involve?”
[21:05:49 | Edited 21:06:04] sneo92: >_Jesse/Jonas: The ghoul smiles widely “Like I’m telling your friend, it’s a simple delivery job.” He taps a brown satchel lying on the table.
[21:06:31] jesse.boef: “things are often harder than they seem. why dont ya tell me a bit more about it” i pull up a chair
[21:06:54] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, we were also discusing the pricepoint” I say to Stalker and then turn to the ghoul again “This a pressing matter then? Dont see you trying for any of the traders or anything”
[21:08:05] jesse.boef: [leo is rather quiet, hes behavin like me at parties :D]
[21:08:19] Jonas Askeland: [Isnt this a party? ^]
[21:08:29] jesse.boef: [kinda yeah]
[21:08:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Leo does not have an interest here]
[21:08:58] jesse.boef: [wait, no. i dont even show up at parties XD]
[21:09:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [just looking at people]
[21:09:05 | Edited 21:09:12] sneo92: >_Jesse/Jonas: The ghoul leans in, resting his elbows on the table. “The traders are far to busy with their routes and bulks to handle such a small delivery. I got the deal set already, all you have to do is go the meeting point, deliver the goods, get my money and get back here.” He rests a hoof on the bag. “It’s only half a day walk or so.”
[21:09:55] jesse.boef: “and what would i be transporting?”
[21:10:43] Jonas Askeland: I start the process of a slightly elaborate act to get to asking him about the contents of the package, but Stalker beat me to it
[21:10:56] jesse.boef: [heh]
[21:11:18] Jonas Askeland: [Lovely difference in how we go about this ^
[21:12:02] sneo92: >_He simply taps the bag “This. You don’t need to worry about what’s in it, it will be out of your hooves by the time it’s opened. And judging by the sound of you, I don’t think it’s content would even interest you.”
[21:12:51] jesse.boef: “youd be surprised. i need to know wether i should run or fight when the need arrises, in case if this package is fragile.”
[21:13:23 | Edited 21:13:48] jesse.boef: “or, if they explode when they come into contact with live bullets”
[21:13:55] sneo92: >_The ghoul laughs “Oh it’s nothing breakable, but both I and the buyer would perfer if it’s not riddled with bullets by the time it gets there.”
[21:13:57] Jonas Askeland: I look to stalker, then back to the ghoul and just nod, this is making sense
[21:14:54] Jonas Askeland: [Tho i intended that to go before the ghoul right now, its not a confirmation on taking the job or anything]
[21:15:26] jesse.boef: “and whats the price my friend here is talkin about then”
[21:16:01] Jonas Askeland: “He said 100 caps, but i’m sure he can do better” I shoot the ghoul a glance
[21:17:12] sneo92: >_The ghoul flashes a crooked smile “Such an easy job, if you keep a good pace you’ll be back here by tomorow morning if you leave soon.”
[21:17:39] Jonas Askeland: “So we take this to someone, and come back here to you in the morning is it?”
[21:18:13] sneo92: >_The ghoul nods “That’s about it, yes”
[21:18:39] Jonas Askeland: “Then what the buck arent you telling me, you could make that walk yourself and save yourself a hundred caps”
[21:18:56] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks over to the ghoul" and who is the recipient ?
[21:19:09] jesse.boef: [i doubt you can hear from across the room…]
[21:19:28] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [i am pretty perceptive]
[21:19:28] jesse.boef: [i may be wrong, but yah]
[21:20:00] Jonas Askeland: [You been making perception checks on the side?]
[21:20:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ i can if sneo wants me to]
[21:20:41] jesse.boef: [then do ask him first, before ya assume its not needed]
[21:21:09] Jonas Askeland: [Sneo would point it out if he needs to, so can just try]
[21:21:21] sneo92: >_The ghoul turns to Cotton and waves a hoof in front of his face “Perhaps this could be a bit of a hint? The buyer is a personal contact of mine, a bit of a friend you could say.” The ghoul smiles [I’ll allow it this time, but do ask in the future, Haakon]
[21:21:49] Cecium: starts snoring loudly over at the bar
[21:21:55] jesse.boef: […]
[21:21:59] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [well i assume when i study the room i can pick up on this]
[21:22:05] jesse.boef: [you cant hold your liquor :P]
[21:22:51] jesse.boef: “that isnt really an answer. why dont you make this trip yerself?”
[21:23:06] Cecium: [stablepony , dont get a lot of booze in teh stables ]
[21:23:13] Jonas Askeland: “This smells kinda rotten, no offence, so i’d like it if you sweetened the deal some”
[21:23:31] jesse.boef: [talk about rotten in front of rotface… dem balls]
[21:23:45] Jonas Askeland: [There may be some offence]
[21:24:01] jesse.boef: [stable life seems horrible 0.o]
[21:24:03 | Edited 21:24:36] sneo92: >_The ghouls smile dissapear, as he turns to Stalker “I’m blind, you idiot. It makes trecks across the wastes a bit hazzardous when a slightly to high drop could be the end of me”
[21:24:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “we’ll do it”
[21:24:56 | Edited 21:24:58] jesse.boef: “fair enough. unless cotton has a problem, im up for it”
[21:25:03] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “and i assume u are a being of your word”
[21:25:15] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, we will? Cant i haggle some more?”
[21:25:29] jesse.boef: “like i said, unless you have a problem.”
[21:25:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “against a being that is rotten and blind?”
[21:26:09] jesse.boef: i drag leo off “how bout you just shush?”
[21:26:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " The truth can never be shushed"
[21:26:36] Jonas Askeland: “Hey now, thats probably not his fault, and can you blame me? I couldnt even afford the good booze, and i wanted to try the good booze”
[21:26:51] jesse.boef: “there are multiple paths to the truth”
[21:27:03] jesse.boef: “and one of those is silence”
[21:27:17] sneo92: >_The ghoul sits still “…are you all done?”
[21:27:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “We’ll do it, like i said”
[21:27:45] jesse.boef: “not so hasty, let cotton talk”
[21:27:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: I take the bag
[21:28:05 | Edited 21:28:55] Jonas Askeland: I face the ghoul “I guess we’ll do the job, but i’ll have to check on Shadow there to see if she has to sleep that off or if we can drag her along right now”
[21:30:00] sneo92: >_The ghoul raises his head towards Leo “Thank you, after I lost my eyes everyhing became such a hazzle. And in times like these it’s hard to find anypony willing to take any stray job. The buyer is held up in the old stadium to the north east, just follow the border of the city and you’ll spot it.” He leans back with a smile “I’ll be here when you get back.”
[21:30:30] jesse.boef: i walk over and lean on the table with cartweel & co. “looks like ill be off for a while. should be back t’morrow mornin”
[21:31:02 | Removed 21:31:50] Cecium: This message has been removed.
[21:31:08] jesse.boef: [folk i met here]
[21:31:16] jesse.boef: [cartwheel and company]
[21:31:17] Jonas Askeland: “So who we meeting? Any name or something to make sure we dont hand it over to the wrong pony?”
[21:32:59] sneo92: >_Jesse: The traders nod and the teal pony speaks up “Yeah, I don’t know about these fellas, but I’ll probably be here until then.”
>_Jonas: “Ask for Rocketfuel, if she’s not around anymore, just ask for whomever’s in carge.”
[21:33:54] Jonas Askeland: “Alright, and who’s it from? In all the haggling i never got your name”
[21:34:39] jesse.boef: i walk back to the group
[21:35:15] sneo92: >_The ghoul smiles “Actually, that’s a good question, but the clients just know me as Spaceghoul. Never quite figures why they chose that name.” He chuckles to himself.
[21:36:13] Jonas Askeland: “Spaceghoul? Nice name, dont reckon i’ll ever forget that. My names Cotton, nice doing business with you”
[21:36:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “How old are you ?”
[21:36:44] jesse.boef: i walk over to shadow actually and shake her a bit. “wake up, got business to do”
[21:36:46] Jonas Askeland: “Now if you’ll just excuse me for a minute, i need to check on my blackout drunk friend over there, and we then we can get right back to this”
[21:36:46] sneo92: >_The ghoul smiles “The pleasure has been all mine. Now you better be off, you can make still make it there before sunset.”
[21:37:05 | Edited 21:37:07] jesse.boef: [beat ya to it again :D]
[21:37:28] Cecium: " Another five minutes mom, dont wanna go on guard duty now…. snores again "
[21:37:31] sneo92: >_"Be careful out there." The ghoul pulls his hat back down, concealing most of his face
[21:37:40] Jonas Askeland: I trot over to shadow and start poking her, if that fails i’ll ask for some water to give her a surprise facewash with
[21:37:54] Jonas Askeland: Oh, i also grab the package
[21:38:11] jesse.boef: i just grab shadow and shake er harder
[21:38:17] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I have already taken that jonas]
[21:38:29] Jonas Askeland: [Oh, my bad]
[21:39:52] Cecium: " Im awake already ! argh!" looks at stalker " Ey, why you spinning so much? " starts slowly falling in the direction of stalker
[21:40:15] jesse.boef: i let her drop to the floor, and hold cotton back should he react
[21:40:37] Cecium: " Gravity ….. sucks….. starts snoring again "
[21:40:38] Jonas Askeland: I am held back
[21:40:49] Jonas Askeland: But now i cant help but smirk
[21:40:52] jesse.boef: “lets leave er, more money for us”
[21:41:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yea, if this barrel of fun wants to sleep, let her sleep”
[21:41:19] Jonas Askeland: “What? We cant do that, she’s like part of our gang now”
[21:41:35] jesse.boef: “shes dead drunk, she’ll just delay and or get us killed”
[21:42:08] Jonas Askeland: “Well by that sentiment the two of you should be able to make the trip the fastest alone, wings and all that”
[21:42:25] jesse.boef: “actually, not a bad point”
[21:43:06] jesse.boef: “me and leo will split 40/40, youll get 20. sound okay?”
[21:43:25] Jonas Askeland: “Hey, without me there would be no job in the first place!”
[21:43:34] jesse.boef: “exactly, thats why ya get 20”
[21:43:36 | Edited 21:43:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “which is why u get 20”
[21:44:24] Jonas Askeland: “Thats not cool, gimme 30 and you split the remaining 70?”
[21:44:35] jesse.boef: “deal”
[21:44:42] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty then!”
[21:44:52] Jonas Askeland: “Off you go then, i have a drunkard to play with”
[21:44:58] jesse.boef: i walk back to the ghoul “where is the dropoff point?”
[21:46:05] jesse.boef: [heh, ya sounded just like someone i know. also says alrighty all the time]
[21:46:11 | Edited 21:46:26] sneo92: >_The ghoul looks startled at the sudden return "Oh, didn’t I tell you, the north east, get to the edge of Downtown and follow it eastwards and you’ll find it. It’s a large ballpark stadium, and if you reach Mercy’s or the ocean, you’ve gone to far.
[21:46:33] jesse.boef: [can i mark the locations on my pipboy?]
[21:46:44] jesse.boef: [or whatever the pony version is called]
[21:46:55 | Edited 21:47:13] sneo92: >_[he cannot do that, I’m afraid, and we don’t have quest magic here. but it really is a “you can’t miss it” thing
[21:47:06] jesse.boef: [but based on his description]
[21:47:07] Jonas Askeland: [Pipbuck]
[21:47:30] sneo92: >_[Didn’t I send the map last tim?
[21:47:42] Cecium: [you did ]
[21:47:44] jesse.boef: [yeah, only has the facility i blew up]
[21:47:48 | Edited 21:47:57] Cecium: [I have mine in front of me here : 3 ]
[21:48:12] jesse.boef: [can we download shadows map onto ours?]
[21:48:38] sneo92: >_[Oh right, I’ll have it updated by the end of the session. That you could, if you had a connection coupling :3]
[21:48:49] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Want to try to use SCIENCE to get the map co ordinates]
[21:48:54] Cecium: [and hte technical knwo how ]
[21:48:56] jesse.boef: [wait!]
[21:49:11] Jonas Askeland: I go to Leo and drag him out of earshot from the ghoul “Be careful tho, not sure i’m buying his blind story.. Which makes this even more rotten than his face. I’ll try to keep an eye on him here, see if he slips up”
[21:49:14] jesse.boef: [nvm]
[21:49:38] jesse.boef: “where would downtown be?”
[21:49:45] sneo92: >_[though, none of you know that Shadow has a more updated map]
[21:50:08] Cecium: [ im doing the I have 19 locatiosn on my map dance ]
[21:50:27] jesse.boef: [teach me that dance once :P]
[21:50:32] sneo92: >_Jesse: The ghoul raises an eyebrow “Not from around these parts, eh? Just head noth and a bit east and you’ll see it soon enough.”
[21:50:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [28 under 68 if science, but if outdoorpony then 28 under 38]
[21:51:23 | Edited 21:51:33] sneo92: >_Leo brings up his pipbuck, and afer a quick discussion with the ghoul you manage conclude to what coordinates it must be.
[21:52:00] jesse.boef: “alright, should be enough directions. until tmorrow then” i walk outside to the gun cabinet
[21:52:08] sneo92: >_[it might be a bit before I have it fully updated, I’ll have it sent soon]
[21:53:04] sneo92: >_[LAST POSTS AFTER THIS] The guards sit where they did when you entered, only giving you a quick glance before returning to their conversations.
[21:53:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: goes out and fetches my gun
[21:53:56] jesse.boef: i grab my guns as well
[21:54:05] Cecium: Snores loudly
[21:54:17] Jonas Askeland: I try to prop up Shadow in a stool and enjoy my drink and evening, wondering when the cute guard mare gets off her shift
[21:54:45] sneo92: >_[AAAND CUT!]

Journey to Brewery

>_You all stand before the burning wreck of the Medical Centre, three silouetts look over you from a nearby rock formation about 100-150 meter away. They seem to be talking amongst themslves
[19:24:03] Cecium: * Shadow checks her E.F.S *
[19:24:28] sneo92: >_[Cecium: It is clear, the ponies are out of it’s range]
[19:24:35] Cecium: [mmkay just making sure ^ ]
[19:25:27] Cecium: glances over at the pegasi " So what you reckon we should do then? mysterious turkey… "
[19:25:42] jesse.boef: [were the bodies i found in the same direction as those 3?]
[19:26:24 | Edited 19:26:35] sneo92: >_Jesse: The bodies are littered in their general direction, but they cover a large area stretching to either side
[19:27:15] jesse.boef: “They may be survivors of a recent massacre, found a lot of dead personnel that way”
[19:27:37] Cecium: " Huh, maybe we should investigate? "
[19:28:09 | Edited 19:28:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Let’s”
[19:28:18] jesse.boef: “Give me a moment, ill get within efs range”
[19:28:37] Cecium: "Sure, ill wait here then. you scout ahead "
[19:28:47] jesse.boef: i fly up high and towards the 3 until efs displays markers
[19:28:51] Cecium: sits down and levitates out a sparkle cola and consumes said sparkle cola
[19:29:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “share”
[19:29:22] Cecium: " you want some? "
[19:29:29] jesse.boef: [apparently thats bold now…]
[19:29:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yea, i’m thirsty”
[19:30:05] Cecium: " You can have some if you tell me why you two are here " Smiles
[19:30:46] sneo92: >_Jesse: You see the ponies not reacting much to your aproaching but they are clearly watching you. As you get an odd 50 meters away, three blue(or whatever colour you have) EFS bars pop up ahead of you. At the same time a few other bars also pop up in other directions, also blue.
[19:31:12] jesse.boef: i fly back “friendly”
[19:31:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i am sent on a top secret mission to subjugate the rest of the ponies, but that may be a lie” smiles
[19:31:41] jesse.boef: “Leo, lets not go into detail”
[19:31:44] Cecium: groans " Godamnd mysterious turkeys, fine have a bottle of sunset sarsparilla… "
[19:32:21] Cecium: starts walking in direction of silohuetes " Godamnd turkeys … explosions… " groans loudly
[19:32:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: whispers “relax”
[19:32:57 | Edited 19:33:25] jesse.boef: i follow behind her(forgot…)
[19:33:02] Cecium: [her ]
[19:33:39] jesse.boef: [this bold thing is annoyin]
[19:34:28] sneo92: >_As you approach, you see the three ponies are two earth ponies and a unicorn. The Blue bars soon appear as well as those around you. You can hear som rummaing going on around you from the stray bars.
[19:34:45] Cecium: " Uhm, Hi! hello? "
[19:34:53] Cecium: *aproaches carefully

[19:35:33] sneo92: >_The middle one lifts a hoof in a halfway wave “Who the buck are you? Did you blow up that place?”
[19:35:49] Cecium: " No, I did not, I was leaving when the whole place just exploded on me "
[19:35:52] jesse.boef: “My fault” i raise a hoof
[19:36:25] Cecium: " You! YOU EXPLODED THAT PLACE? " *shakes with anger
" Oh celestia am I .. oh shit.. he wont like this at all " looks nervous
[19:37:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Is there a problem ?”
[19:39:29] sneo92: >_The middle earth pony makes his way down from the rock, approaching the group. His coat is a light Purple, with a windswept mane of a deepercolour. “There is one problem, but you don’t look like the old coot’s ponies so I’m guessing this wasn’t a tactical choince on his end. No the problem, my dear pegasus, is that this whole trip…” He casts a look over his shoulder “..and all those ponies, went to waste.”
[19:40:13] Cecium: " Old coot’s? "
[19:40:59] Cecium: "Ya`ll mean the curator? "
[19:42:30] sneo92: >_He looks over Shadow “See you didn’t crawl from the Stable last night, yes I mean the Curator and his band of crazies. We were here to secure the med facility, but his band showed up just a few minutes later. Things went bad.”
[19:43:19 | Edited 19:44:24] Cecium: " So, whom do you lot work for then? if not the curator I mean? "
[19:46:36] sneo92: >_He turns back towards his companions “If you don’t know already it’s none of your business.” As soon as he’s turned you hear some comotion by some rocks to your right. A voice shouts from behind the rocks just as a mustard coloured pony with a green mane sticks his head out. “Hey bro, you’re gonna want to have a look at this!” He looks over at the party, his eyes eventually landing on Shadow. “Oh hey, it’s that stablefilly! That job didn’t quite work out, then?”
[19:47:44] Cecium: goes red " No.. it kinda .. err.. exploded… " " You lot fighting the curator now? "
[19:49:16] sneo92: >_The stalion makes his way down to the group “Heh, so it seems, as of today we’re officially at war, ain’t that right big brother?” He shouts after the growning stalion. He lets out a sigh before turning back “Yes, The Gardens are now officially at war, I’m affraid.”
[19:50:42] Cecium: "Oh! I did secure some things from that place btw Chainlink!, couple of datafiles and whatnot, might be of value to somepony! "
[19:52:00] Jonas Askeland: I scoot over to Stalker and whisper “Heeey.. Do you have any idea what they’re talking about? Or like.. Who?”
[19:52:25] jesse.boef: [chirpy one is back :D] “no clue” i whisper back
[19:52:43] Jonas Askeland: “Hmm.. I’mma go ask”
[19:53:40] sneo92: >_Chainlink coots his head “Oh? Bring it by the Gardens one day and we’ll see what Hacksaw can make of it. And I’ll see if I can’t get you compensated for the trouble anyway, even if it didn’t quite work out” Chainlink sheepishly scratches his ear as his brother interjects “We only payed for jobs done, not for jobes tried, Chainlink.”
[19:54:23] Jonas Askeland: I walk up to Shadow and ask smilingly “Hey Shadow, wanna introduce me to your friends here?”
[19:55:23] Cecium: " Sure!, Chainlink this is cotton medical pony I met scavening the clinic . Cotton! this is chainlink.. he kinda is one of the ponies running the gardens "
[19:55:48] sneo92: >_Chainlink reaches out a hoof “Nice to meet ya!”
[19:55:58] Jonas Askeland: “Hiya Chainlink! Nice to meet you!” Shake hoof vigorously
[19:57:13] Jonas Askeland: “So i’m kinda new in town and trying to get my bearings, whats the gardens?”
[19:57:39] Jonas Askeland: “I couldnt help but overhear you saying something about a war too, whats up with that?”
[19:59:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: glares at Chainlink
[20:01:04 | Edited 20:02:12] sneo92: >_The gruff stalion walks back to the group after confering to some of his companions. "The Gardens is the largest gathering of scum and villainy in Baltimare, but it’s also the biggest and safest trade hub on this side of Fillydelphia. The “war” my brother is being so talkative about…" He gives Chainlink a shooty look “…is the only resistance being put against the Curator taking over Baltimare and turning us all into his crazed servants.”
[20:02:17] Jonas Askeland: “Crazed servants? Oh! And my name is Cotton!” Scoot over to shake his hoof too “Nice to meet you!”
[20:04:35] sneo92: >_The stalion looks at Cottons hoof. “Charmed” He says flatly before walking over to Chainlink “So what was it you wanted me to see?” Chainlink snaps back to the situation as he blurts loudly “Oh, right! Those powerarmoured fellows? They were Rangers alright, to clean and they still had their marbles all together. Looks like you were right about the old coot getting their support.”
[20:05:48] Jonas Askeland: I turn back to Shadow “These the guys you were working for then?”
[20:06:32] Cecium: whispers " I needed the caps and well.. didnt know nothing about no war.. " looks flustered " Was in the gardens to trade some things for supplies.. and well they offered a job.. simple scouting job.. "
[20:06:49] Cecium: still whispering " Dont entirly trust them so could we please leave soon? "
[20:08:49] jesse.boef: i fly over to the 2 other guys “rangers, youre in for one hell of a fight if thats the case”
[20:10:40] sneo92: >_The two stalions look at Stalker “You’re damned right about that” The purple one says “We’re gonna need some heavy firepower if we want to stand a chance against that…” He rubs his chin
[20:10:40] Jonas Askeland: “Oh sure, i’m not keeping you. But this whole situation is kinda strange and might be better to get some info straight from the source instead of secondhand rumors”
[20:11:17] jesse.boef: “look around here, maybe they were carrying a part of that firepower you need” i start rummaging through the fallen ones
[20:11:30] Jonas Askeland: “And hey, you know anything about that curator guy they mentioned?”
[20:11:50] jesse.boef: [i found new friends :D, i like these guys]
[20:12:25] Cecium: " well, the curator.. touchy subject that… id rather not talk to much about him right now.. "
[20:13:11] sneo92: >_Chainlink look across the battlefield “We’re already looting what we can, but there’s not gonna be closely enough to what we need. If the full force of the Steel Rangers hit us we’re skewerd like a molerat at dinnertime. We’ll need to find…. something”
[20:13:42] jesse.boef: “you lot have a map of the area?”
[20:14:03] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, alright. Sooo.. Lets go check out what the others are up to then?” I start walking towards the others
[20:14:18] Cecium: follows Cotton
[20:14:41] sneo92: >_Chainlink shakes his head"Don’t carry one with me, but don’t you have one on those things?" Chainlink points at Stalkers PipBuck
[20:14:53] jesse.boef: [does it?]
[20:14:56] * sneo92 sent Map Others.png *
[20:15:11] jesse.boef: [allright then]
[20:15:25] sneo92: >_[Welcome to the sandbox, gentlemen!]
[20:15:59] jesse.boef: “it does. does not hold sufficient information for me right now, i need a more detailed one”
[20:16:02] Jonas Askeland: [Weee, i get my shovel and make a castle]
[20:16:10] jesse.boef: [brb, 1~2 mins]
[20:17:31] jesse.boef: [back]
[20:17:48] sneo92: >_Chainlink leans against his brother, who only grunts “I don’t know Big Brother, how are we gonna figure this one out?” The older brother looks over to the others “You lot still looking for jobs there?”
[20:18:15] Cecium: " Uh.. I suppose? always need caps… "
[20:18:20] jesse.boef: i shout to leo “can we afford a detour?”
[20:18:40] Jonas Askeland: “Ehee.. Cant say i have a lot of caps to my name right now..” Smiling sheepishly
[20:18:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i guess i can squeeze it in our timetable”
[20:19:06] Jonas Askeland: “Wow Leo, you sound organized”
[20:19:22 | Edited 20:19:30] jesse.boef: “youve got my services. Staff sergeant stalker, airforce, 2nd battalion recon squadron” salutes
[20:19:43] Jonas Askeland: “And you look pretty stiff”
[20:19:44] Cecium: looks confused " Air force? "
[20:20:12] jesse.boef: “yes, airforce”
[20:20:31] Cecium: " You with the enclave? "
[20:20:38] sneo92: >_The stalon eyes up Stalker “Air force? You’re actual Eclave folks?” He waves over some other ponies from the area
[20:20:45] Jonas Askeland: “Is that something you do with your wings?”
[20:20:53] Jonas Askeland: “The air force thing?”
[20:21:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “It is connected to our wings yes”
[20:21:55] Jonas Askeland: “Huh, will you show me sometime?” I ask with a big grin
[20:22:07] jesse.boef: “perhaps cotton”
[20:22:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “show him?”
[20:22:29] Jonas Askeland: “Cool, i cant wait” grinning
[20:22:40] jesse.boef: “no, nows not the time leo”
[20:23:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no, i don’t get the question he had”
[20:23:15] jesse.boef: “oh”
[20:23:21] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “show him an airforce or you flying?”
[20:23:28] sneo92: >_The Bigger of the two steps up right close to Stalker “Now what business does the enclave have around here, all of a sudden?” You notice a few well armed ponies aproaching from all around.
[20:23:43] Cecium: takes a few steps back
[20:23:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “out for a stroll”
[20:23:49] jesse.boef: “that information can not be shared”
[20:25:48] sneo92: >_He steps up and towers over Stalker “You’re not in your all safe could-town no more, featherbrain. If you don’t wanna say why you’re here we’ll squeeze it out of you soon enough”
[20:26:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i told you, you buffon”
[20:26:20] jesse.boef: “recon boys are safe everywhere”
[20:26:22] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “I am out for a stroll”
[20:26:30] Jonas Askeland: “Woah, hey there!” I try to squeeze in between them
[20:27:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “For a big brute you sure fill your job description”
[20:27:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: shouts " Can we get someone with some brainpower here"
[20:27:31] jesse.boef: [XD]
[20:27:42] jesse.boef: [hats off to you]
[20:27:59] Cecium: [well. good luck with this flying ones ]
[20:28:07] Jonas Askeland: “YES! BRAINPOWER RIGHT HERE!”
[20:28:10] jesse.boef: “leo, ill handle the talking, no need for you to get mixed up in this”
[20:28:30 | Edited 20:28:39] Jonas Askeland: I look Leo right in the eyes and hiss through my teeth “Shut up!”
[20:28:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks away " IMBECILES, Plebs, ignorant hillbilly’s"
[20:29:04] jesse.boef: [ DONT FORGET GITS!]
[20:29:35] sneo92: >_The stalion walks over to Leo “Got some nerve walking up in our lands talking like that, turkey. Now why don’t you tell me the purpose of your stroll before I have my pals test out our new toys” He nudges his head towards a pony who seems very happy about his new flamer. There are now quite a lot of ponies all around you, watching the spectacle
[20:30:10] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Oh the new XP3000, it is said to produce blue flames occasionally”
[20:30:38] Jonas Askeland: “Eheheeee.. Sooo.. Yeeeah..” I turn to face the big, now suddenly much more scary pony “Look, no need to get uppity about all this, right? You said you might have a job for us?”
[20:31:45] Jonas Askeland: “And if i’m getting you right, then i suppose you dont care much for who gets a job done so long as it gets done, right?”
[20:32:57] sneo92: >_"I might, but I don’t make a habit of giving jobs to enclave spies" He says eyes locked with Leo’s “Now I’ll give you one last chance to tell me what you’re really doing here, before things get ugly”
[20:33:21 | Edited 20:33:51] jesse.boef: “spies, hah. brass has no interest in ground walker business”
[20:34:01] Cecium: Shadow facehoofs really really really hard in the background
[20:34:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "Like i said earlier, i am out for a stroll, and that stroll is for examining the plant life, because there ain
[20:34:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “ain’t alot of plants up there”
[20:34:42] Jonas Askeland: “He did seem mighty interested in the spores and stuff we saw in the clinic!”
[20:34:45] sneo92: >_[Haakon: Speech check, please]
[20:34:57] Jonas Askeland: [Can i support somehow?]
[20:35:13] Cecium: [ the assisted roll thingie no? ]
[20:35:26] sneo92: >_[I can’t even recall how that worked]
[20:35:28] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [35 of 37]
[20:35:38 | Edited 20:35:40] jesse.boef: [nice]
[20:35:43] Jonas Askeland: [YOU HAVE TERRIBLE SPEECH! O_o]
[20:35:46] Cecium: [ think he rolled and if he got a sucess it was a +10 or something ]
[20:35:55] Jonas Askeland: [Aaaaah, you’re gonna get us killed O_o]
[20:35:57] jesse.boef: [dude, my speech is 12]
[20:36:08] Jonas Askeland: [WHY HAVE YOU NO WORDS!]
[20:36:20] jesse.boef: [i have fists, those count for me]
[20:36:26] jesse.boef: [well… hooves]
[20:36:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [can i dazzle him with plant names ?]
[20:37:52] Jonas Askeland: [I have terrible fists turns out, hope we dont have to have conversations like that]
[20:38:02] jesse.boef: [73 fists ^
[20:42:26] sneo92: >_"Plants, huh? Well you’ve come to the wrong town. Yeah I have a job for you, more like a standing offer, really. Any bit of heavy weaponry or explosives you can get us, we’ll pay you. If you can find us a good supply of that stuff, we’ll pay you real good." He steps down from Leo and looks to the rest of you. Other than that, I’ll be very appreciative if you come across any info on the Curraors business while you lumber around." He nudges his head at his men as they stand down. “You birdies ought to be more careful, not everypony around here are as sensible as some of us. We need to get out of here, find Chainlink in The Gardens if you decide to follow through on the job offer. He’ll get things sorted.” He turns to leave as the others start packing and follow the same way as their leader. Chainlink lags back a few secconds “I’ll see you around, don’t get yourself killed, alright?” He waves as he to heads westwards.
[20:43:32] Jonas Askeland: I put a hoof to Leos muzzle
[20:43:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: looks at the others " i guess you can call me a gardener" Winks
[20:43:40] Cecium: sigh of relief
[20:44:10] Jonas Askeland: “Did you like.. Not see their guns Leo..? They were hella big!”
[20:44:19] Jonas Askeland: “And i am not inclined to be burning again anytime soon”
[20:44:22] Cecium: " And they outnumbered us .. A LOT…. "
[20:44:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Grow a pair”
[20:44:41 | Edited 20:44:44] jesse.boef: i continue to search among the fallen, see if anything of value was left behind
[20:44:49] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " if u let them bully you, you will never succed in life"
[20:45:40] sneo92: >_Jesse: [You find some empty food packets and a total of 6 small pistol bullets]
[20:45:57] Jonas Askeland: “What? Maybe you should go down a size in balls, cuz theres such a thing as beeing foolhardy”
[20:46:06 | Edited 20:46:14] Cecium: " Jeez.. I need a drink…. " starts walking south " You comming cotton?"
[20:46:07 | Removed 20:46:11] Cecium: This message has been removed.
[20:46:33] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “you just had a drink”
[20:46:41] jesse.boef: i grab the bullets and return to leo “what do you wanna do?”
[20:46:59] Cecium: " something stronger than a sparkle cola… , imma head to single malts.. really really really need a drink after all this.. mess.. "
[20:47:18] Cecium: starts trotting off towards Single Malt’s
[20:47:35] Jonas Askeland: “Single malts? Think we can find some big guns there?”
[20:47:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “this interesting enough, let’s follow these plebs”
[20:47:54] Cecium: " Probably not.. is mostly a bar.. former stable lots of booze, is fun! "
[20:48:22] jesse.boef: “roger” i stick to shadow “i heard booze?”
[20:48:33] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, guess i could go for a drink”
[20:48:51] Cecium: Glares at Stalker " Yes booze, you know that tasty stuff that makes you forget bad things "
[20:49:01] jesse.boef: “perfect, lead on”
[20:49:42] Cecium: " Well it will take a while.. I mean its not exaclty right down the street "
[20:50:11] jesse.boef: “doesnt matter, we’ll forget it when were there anyway”
[20:50:11] sneo92: >_It is currently getting darker, as the sun is setting beyond the cloud cover
[20:50:20] jesse.boef: [huraay, night]
[20:50:42] Cecium: " Suppose we ought to set up camp somewhere before it gets to dark to see our hoofs "
[20:51:11] jesse.boef: “if you think thats necessary”
[20:51:22] Cecium: " Well at this rate we wotn get there by morning.. "
[20:51:55] Jonas Askeland: “Know of anywhere we can hold up for the night?”
[20:52:15] Cecium: " Nope! some random building I suppose.. " keeps an eye out
[20:52:44] jesse.boef: i fly up high and look for any new buildings
[20:54:40] sneo92: >_The outskirts of Baltimare streches before you as you start walking the motorway south. There is a suburbian area to your right, and at the brink of the eastern horison you can see some rural buildings dotting the landscape. You spot a small building close to a large intersection which lies a good distance ahead of you.
[20:54:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “but cotton, that is physically impossible”
[20:55:20] Jonas Askeland: “Beg your pardon?”
[20:55:27] jesse.boef: i fly back down “plenty of choices, pick your fancy”
[20:55:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " i cannot get smaller balls"
[20:55:56] Jonas Askeland: “Really? I’m a doctor you know”
[20:56:03] Jonas Askeland: “I can work wonders”
[20:56:22] Cecium: snickers " well stalker the closer the better really.. is getting late ish "
[20:56:40] jesse.boef: [sneo, which is the closests?]
[20:56:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i don’t think that is a wonder”
[20:56:52] sneo92: >_[The one straight ahead, down the road]
[20:57:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “and the fact that u cannot make mine smaller, u can only exchange them with some smaller ones, like yours”
[20:57:40] jesse.boef: “zip the testicle talk boys, and focus”
[20:58:09] Cecium: Turns on pipbuck radio to drown out testicle talk
[20:58:22] Cecium: starts trotting down the road towards the closest building
[20:58:33] Jonas Askeland: “EY! Its not your manhood thats beeing insulted!” I grin and look Leo straight in the eyes “You wanna do this then?”
[20:58:36 | Edited 20:58:40] sneo92: >_ The radio plays a nice, upbeat song [ ]
[20:58:46] jesse.boef: i stick close to shadow and listen in on the music
[20:59:11] jesse.boef: [okay that song is pure no]
[20:59:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “good cotton, now try that behavior against brutes next time”pats cotton on check then follows shadow
[20:59:42] jesse.boef: [are earbuds still a thing post-apocalipse?]
[20:59:52] Jonas Askeland: “I.. What?” Looking bewildered
[21:00:41] jesse.boef: i repeadiatly scan the environment as we walk
[21:01:38] Jonas Askeland: “Thats quite the way to wiggle outta comparing nuts, huh”
[21:01:59] jesse.boef: “zip it cotton!”
[21:02:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "u really think it was really about that "?
[21:03:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “and it is just chit chat, mr doctor”
[21:03:28] Jonas Askeland: “Cant say i’ve ever been lectured on nutting up quite like that before, i was almost hoping i’d get you outta your pants there for a sec” I wink at Leo
[21:04:06] sneo92: >_The highway is erily quiet as you walk further southwards. The darkness creeps up as you after a good hour walk reach a small building just off the side of the highway. A large sign hangs over the entrance, it reads “Pony Joes Doughnuts” In big, bold flowy pink letters. A few tables are strewn around in the front of the building, accompanied by old and decrepid chairs, which are clearly no longer usable by anyone.
[21:04:07] jesse.boef: i stop and glare at cotton as he walks by
[21:04:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “well, if that was your intention, saying u want to cut my balls ain’t the best approach”
[21:05:10] Cecium: checks E.F.S " imma just .. peek inside real quick and make sure its safe.. can you guys .. be quiet and wait here please? " heads inside sneaky like
[21:05:19] Jonas Askeland: “Alright alright, i get it, i’ll leave your nuts on”
[21:05:27] jesse.boef: i check the roof of the place
[21:07:28] sneo92: >_Shadow: THe EFS is clean, inside there are more tables and chairs, they share the state of those outside. The old counter has been cleared off and the glasses and bottles behind the counter are broken and scattered across the shelves.
>_Jesse: The roof is clear, somewhat rusty from the years, but there’s not much to see.
[21:07:55] jesse.boef: i fly back down. “roof secure”
[21:07:59] Cecium: Yells " The place seems clear you guys! "
[21:08:18] Cecium: starts cleaning out glass behind counter to make a sleeping area for myself
[21:08:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “now we can yell”
[21:08:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks in
[21:08:42] jesse.boef: i head inside and search around
[21:09:47] Jonas Askeland: I head inside and, assuming there is a counter, go behind it and start looking for anything to loot
[21:09:50] sneo92: >_Jesse: [perception check]
[21:10:02] jesse.boef: 19
[21:10:50] sneo92: >_Jesse: You rummage through the building, while it seems like your regular diner, you come across a little switch under the counter. As you flip it a panel opens on the wall behind you and a safe is revealed.
[21:11:08] jesse.boef: “neat.” i attempt to pick the lock
[21:11:22] jesse.boef: [11 to 65]
[21:12:43] sneo92: >_With a click, the safe swings open and inside you find Two syringes of Med-X, a Dash inhaler, a pack of Sugar Bombs and a bottle of Grasseaster Gin.
[21:13:07] jesse.boef: [i dont know what most of those things do, but im takin it all] takes all the stuff
[21:13:40] Jonas Askeland: [Its all medicine and a bit of food]
[21:13:48] Cecium: Shadow yawns as she starts rummaging trough her saddlebags looking for something to eat
[21:14:37] Cecium: "mmmhmmm. snack apple cakes! " levitates out a box and starts munching on them *
[21:15:07] sneo92: >_You all feel slightly hungry as you finally get to sit down for a bit.
[21:16:00] Jonas Askeland: *I gey myself a can of cram and chew.. Mmmmm bland food.."
[21:16:31] jesse.boef: *i eat the found sugar bombs
[nice timing ^^]
[21:17:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I wanna search for food using outdoorspony]
[21:17:37] Cecium: " So, tomorow we will reach The brewery, pretty big settlement.. probably more news there and possible jobs and whatnot… "
[21:17:55] Cecium: " it is a tad closer to the curator though.. "
[21:18:02] jesse.boef: “ill station on the roof, keep a lookout”
[21:18:19 | Edited 21:18:26] Cecium: " You cant stay up there all night can you Stalker?.. "
[21:18:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yes he can”
[21:18:36] jesse.boef: “military recon training. been awake longer than you can imagine”
[21:18:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “he’s done it before”
[21:18:51] jesse.boef: i fly on to the roof and sit on the ledge, scanning the area
[21:19:24] sneo92: >_[staying up all night will make you take fatigue penalties]
[21:19:32] jesse.boef: [which are ?]
[21:19:36] Jonas Askeland: [Bad]
[21:19:40] Cecium: [very bad ]
[21:19:47] sneo92: >_ [ ]
[21:19:49] jesse.boef: [gimme numbers, then ill decide if its bad]
[21:20:00] jesse.boef: [oh boy]
[21:20:08] jesse.boef: [5- death…]
[21:20:17] jesse.boef: [a bit extreme…]
[21:20:24] sneo92: >_[that will include no sleep or food for a few days]
[21:20:32] Cecium: [ Yup, was down on 3 once….. knocked me into a coma ]
[21:20:57] Cecium: [ cuz -4 to all stats… and if you reach 0 in a stat you go comatose / something fitting to the stat that reaches 0 ]
[21:21:15] jesse.boef: [ill become unable to speak at fatigue one :C]
[21:21:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [15 over 38 on outdoorspony to look for food]
[21:21:42] Jonas Askeland: [You would literally have no words O_o]
[21:21:55] jesse.boef: *scratch that, ill sleep along in the building

[21:22:17] Cecium: " Ill take first watch then.. who do I wake for the second watch? "
[21:22:25] jesse.boef: “right here”
[21:22:37] Cecium: "mmkay try and get some sleep then "
[21:23:01] Cecium: hides near the entrance at a vantage point and keeps an eye out
[21:23:25 | Edited 21:23:28] jesse.boef: “want on the roof for height advantage ?”
[21:23:47] Cecium: " No thanks "
[21:24:27] jesse.boef: i stash myself in a corner and sleep sittin down i guess
[21:24:54] Jonas Askeland: “You guys just wake me up whenever my shift comes along, i’m getting real tired” I go and cozy up behind the counter
[21:25:56] sneo92: >_As Shadow takes up a watch posisions, the other doze off into the night. [now brb, bathroom break!]
[21:26:06] Cecium: [run gm run! ]
[21:26:06] jesse.boef: [food break!]
[21:29:38] jesse.boef: [back]
[21:30:44] jesse.boef: [sneo, poop faster!]
[21:30:54] sneo92: >_[HHNNNNNGG]
[21:31:03] sneo92: >_[Just a few logistics and we’ll be back at it.]
[21:31:25] jesse.boef: [sneo types while pooping, shitbucket confirmed]
[21:31:42] Jonas Askeland: [Gming is serious business, sacrifices must be made]
[21:31:53] jesse.boef: [sneo is lvl 100col at GM]
[21:32:40] sneo92: >_Cecium[Perception check]
[21:32:51] Cecium: 18
[21:33:38] sneo92: >_For just a seccond you think you spot a white pony walking along the highway, but as soon as you realized what you were looking at, the pony was gone.
[21:34:27] Cecium: scratches head " huh… well thats…. odd….. "
[21:35:24] Cecium: sneaks over to highway to investgate a tad closer
[21:35:37] sneo92: >_[perception check]
[21:35:59] Cecium: 27
[21:36:32] sneo92: >_You can only hear the faint sounds of gunshots and explosions coming from the downtown area
[21:37:15] Cecium: heads back to the pony joe’s " Clearly just a … optical illusion or something.. yeaah… "
[21:38:02] sneo92: >_The rest of your shifts passes without any disturbance
[21:38:49] Cecium: wakes Stalker with a kick because its his turn to stand guard, then trots over to where I prepared my sleeping spot and bunkers down there
[21:39:24] jesse.boef: i tap myself on the head twice and fly onto the roof, and setup shop there
[21:39:58] sneo92: >_The night is quiet at the occational insect makes a sound from the grass [perception check]
[21:40:06] jesse.boef: 48
[21:41:06] sneo92: >_A few hours pass as you eventually hear the clopping of hooves to the east. From what you can make out there are quite a few ponies aproaching.
[21:42:13] jesse.boef: checks EFS to the east
[21:43:05] sneo92: >_After a little while, 6 blue bars appear to the east as the sound grows louder
[21:43:53] jesse.boef: i sneak back inside the building and wake everyone up “6 confirmed targets inbound from the east”
[21:44:12] Jonas Askeland: “They coming for us?”
[21:44:15] Cecium: “Targets?”
[21:44:43] jesse.boef: “EFS reports friendly, let them pass, may not be for us.”
[21:45:22] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, okay..” I draw my smg anyways and sit down behind the counter
[21:45:44] Cecium: levitates assault rifle out and takesk cover behind the counter
[21:45:50] jesse.boef: i setup behind the counter with pistol at the ready
[21:46:04] Cecium: [ and then GRENADES EVERYWHERE ]
[21:46:21] jesse.boef: [leo still present?]
[21:46:36] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [yes]
[21:46:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: just lays down with gun in hand
[21:49:09] sneo92: >_As the sounds grow closer, you can hear the creaking of a cart wheel. You can see a light being shone through the windows of the diner as the hoofsteps sounds like they are right outside. A voice rings out “Alright boys, we’ll camp out here.” A female voice pipes up immediately “Hey!” quickly followed up by another, male voice “Oh stop it, it only counts if you have your own bits!”
[21:49:35] jesse.boef: [well shit]
[21:50:00] Cecium: whispers " ill go and urr.. take a look then? I mean they dont sound .. bad? "
[21:50:13] jesse.boef: “go for it”
[21:50:25] Cecium: sneaks closer
[21:50:38] jesse.boef: [how does one sneak closer when all there is is a counter?]
[21:50:53] Cecium: [ with a -70 penalty ]
[21:51:08] sneo92: >_[You are inside a building, hiding behind a counter. Closer would be to te windows of the diner.]
[21:51:11] jesse.boef: [heh, if ya make it ill be surprised]
[21:51:25] Cecium: [well windows means no penalty :D ]
[21:51:33] Cecium: [rolled a 21 under 80 ]
[21:51:40] jesse.boef: [last time i checked, windows are transparant]
[21:52:05] sneo92: >_[There is a small bit of wall bellow the windows]
[21:52:17] jesse.boef: [fair enough]
[21:52:31] Cecium: sneaks over to the windows and peeks outside at the group of ponies
[21:53:59] sneo92: >_Outside sist four ponies and a Brahmin. The ponies are getting fire ready while the two heads of the brahmin argues loudly about what defines gender. Three of the ponies are decenly armed while the other looks less armed and more dressed for travel.
[21:54:31] Cecium: Clears throat " uhm could you lot be a tad more quiet? trying to sleep in here "
[21:54:42] Cecium: [ BOO! ]
[21:56:26] sneo92: >_The ponies stare at the head, dumbfounded for a seccond or so. Before they hop to with a jolt and scramble for their weapons. One of them shouts in a shaky voice “Who.. who’s in there? Show yourselves!”
[21:56:56] Cecium: " Promise not to shoot me? "
[21:57:07] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [no]
[21:57:16] Jonas Askeland: I whisper to Stalker “I’mma go and talk too”
[21:57:22] jesse.boef: “hold up”
[21:58:01] jesse.boef: “lets see how things work out how they are”
[21:58:13] Jonas Askeland: “They sound shaky, they’d be scared if i come outta nowhere after they’ve talked to Shadow”
[21:58:28] jesse.boef: “and scared people shoot”
[21:58:42] Jonas Askeland: “Alright..” I stay my ground
[21:59:23] sneo92: >_The ponies look at eachother quckly before ne of the heads of the Brahmin shouts “Sure hon, we won’t shoot you! Come on you knobheads, do you really think somepony who asks so nicely are here to kill you?”
[21:59:40] jesse.boef: [talking two headed cow…]
[21:59:58] Cecium: " Well depends on the ponies.. some outright unpleasant ponies round these here parts "
[22:00:09] Cecium: " but sure since you asked so nicely "
[22:00:15] Cecium: steps into the light
[22:02:40] sneo92: >_The left head of the Brahmin cocks his head “You never know, sis, they could be like that Lady Painspike. She’s said to be real nice before she kills ya, and she will kill ya. Never left anyone alive!” The other head looks flatsly at her brother “If she never left anypony, how’d they know she’s so nice?” The other head loses himself to his thoughs, as the traveldressed pony steps up “Hey I reccognize you, you escorted me to the Gardens a bit back, didn’t you?”
[22:03:31] Cecium: " Oh its you!, Yes yes I did "
[22:03:39] Cecium: " You heading that way now? "
[22:05:00] sneo92: >_He sits by the newly formed fire "Yeah, we just dropped off another weapons shipment at the Museum, they’re still buying like madmares down there. What brings you back to this neck of the woods, then? And did you say ‘we’? Are there more of you?
[22:05:39] Cecium: " yeah some of my friends be hiding in the back creepy pegasi "
[22:06:03] jesse.boef: i pop out “just making sure you werent gonna shoot”
[22:06:03] Cecium: " Oh! and you ought to be carefull if you head towards the gardens. lots of battling up north it seems "
[22:06:53] Jonas Askeland: I pop out too “Hello!”
[22:06:53] sneo92: >_He leans in “Battling? The Gardens finally went to hell on those crazies, then?”
[22:07:10] Cecium: " Apparantly so, though a tad unsure on whom the crazies are.. "
[22:07:31] sneo92: >_The left brahmin head smiles and waves at the two new apperences while the right one still scolds him for his narrow view on gender definitions.
[22:07:38] jesse.boef: i holster my pistol
[22:07:38] Jonas Askeland: I go outside and stand next to shadow
[22:08:12] Jonas Askeland: Oh, right, i put away the smg
[22:08:30] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, what about Leo?”
[22:08:40] Jonas Askeland: “Didnt you wake him too?”
[22:08:41] Cecium: " Prolly fell asleep… "
[22:08:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i wanna sleep”
[22:09:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “introduce me in the morning”
[22:09:44] jesse.boef: i walk outside and fly back on the roof, returning to scanning the area
[22:10:22] sneo92: >_The merchan leans back “The crazies are the Museum soldiers, they run around as if they’d never been to the wasteland. All real happy and shit. Buck knows what’s happened to them, but they sure ain’t themselves anymore. Old Currator use them to form his little army, claim’s he’ll liberate Downtown from the raiders.”
[22:10:55] Cecium: " Neaaat….. so how far they gotten? "
[22:12:30] sneo92: >_"I think they actually got a bit into town, they claim they got to a subway station before a wave of ghouls pushed them back. Though I never cared to go up and investigate myself. Though there is a lot of mechendise coming form Mercy’s End these days."
[22:13:02] Cecium: " Huh thats interesting " yawns " can we talk more in the morning? really .. really sleepy "
[22:14:43] sneo92: >_The trader laughs a bit “Yeah, that sounds might clever. I’ll have my fellows on guard, it’s what they’re paid for afterall. See ya in the morning, then.” The trader unpacks a bedroll and makes himself comfy as he drifts off. One of his guards takes up a watch as the others follow the traders example and gets some sleep.
[22:15:04] Cecium: trots of to sleeping spot
[22:15:42] jesse.boef: i talk to the guard on watch from the roof “want a vantage point?”
[22:15:59] Cecium: starts recharging stealthbuck before going to bed
[22:16:12] sneo92: >_The gueard looks sceptically at the pegasus “I’d prefer to keep my hooves on the ground, thanks.”
[22:16:39] jesse.boef: “your call” i sit back on the ledge scanning the area
[22:16:44] Jonas Askeland: I lick my wounds a bit with some magic
[22:18:10] sneo92: >_The rest of the night passes without much incident. Eventually the trading party wakes up and starts packing up their things.
[22:18:41] jesse.boef: i wake up the rest of my group. “rise and shine ladies”
[22:19:14] Cecium: grumbles mildly before levitating breakfast out of my saddlebags
[22:19:28] Cecium: " Sugar apple bombs.. yaay "
[22:20:00] Cecium: "Still better than cram " smiles as she munches down teh sugary goodness
[22:20:15] Jonas Askeland: I hear that and sadly eat my cram..
[22:20:22] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “you talk to much in the morning”
[22:21:07] Jonas Askeland: I go over my equipment, checking that everything is in place and in order
[22:21:55] sneo92: >_All your equipment is still in place
[22:23:17] sneo92: >_The merchant sticks a head into the diner “We’ll be off then, good luck on your travels, and be careful if you’re headed north. The crazies’ move into downtown has been making the raiders more desperate. Buh-bye, then!”
[22:23:33] Cecium: “bye!” waves him off
[22:23:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [brb]
[22:23:55 | Edited 22:24:01] Cecium: " So lets get started then shall we? long day of walking ahead of us!"
[22:24:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [bck]
[22:24:43] Jonas Askeland: “So what do we have waiting for us at Single malts?”
[22:24:56] jesse.boef: “booze, thats all i know and thats all i need”
[22:25:20] jesse.boef: [just realised… no money :C]
[22:25:30] Cecium: " Is a stable, transformed into bar, mostly serve booze meeting grounds.. suppose we could find news and possible work there "
[22:25:36] Cecium: [You poor sucker you! hah! ]
[22:26:03] jesse.boef: [will work for booze]
[22:26:45] sneo92: >_The circkets chrip in the grass
[22:26:57] Cecium: starts walking towards the brewery
[22:27:03] jesse.boef: sticks with shadow
[22:27:10] Jonas Askeland: Follow the pack
[22:27:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: flies a bit
[22:27:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [is gonna circle over]
[22:30:07] sneo92: >_You continue to walk southwards as Shadow leads the way towards the Brewry. The day grows to early afternoon as you reach the small shed which is makred with a hoofpained sing. “Single Malt’s Brewery” Outside a few carts are stationed with some armed ponies chatting while they guard their respective carts. [Last posts after this fellas]
[22:30:39] jesse.boef: [i got nothin]
[22:30:44] Cecium: heads on inside
[22:31:03] Jonas Askeland: Stick on Shadow, seems to be her turf
[22:31:42] sneo92: >_[END SESSION]


[14.07.2014 19:04:40] sneo92: no so far, no
[14.07.2014 19:05:19] sneo92: I’ll give him until 1920 or something, then we’re kicking off with his character on auto mode
[14.07.2014 19:22:15] sneo92: and with that, not gonna bother waiting anymore so Leo will be on autopilot until he comes around
[14.07.2014 19:22:28] sneo92: maps will pop up here
[14.07.2014 19:25:37] sneo92: >_The party find themselves inside the halways of the old Medical Station. A rancid smell fills the hallways, originating from the rotten corpse of the goulified abomination lying dead on the floor.
[14.07.2014 19:26:23 | Edited 19:26:32] Cecium: [Wasnt there more than one corpse?]
[14.07.2014 19:26:39] sneo92: >_[There is a pile of ash next to the corpse]
[14.07.2014 19:27:04] Cecium: "So.. Continue onwards? " shadow reloads her gun
[14.07.2014 19:27:19] Jonas Askeland: I walk over and poke it a bit, doublecheck that its dead and see if it has anything of interest i might take
[14.07.2014 19:27:26] jesse.boef: “lead the way then”
[14.07.2014 19:27:43] Jonas Askeland: “Onwards sounds good, just gonna take one quuuick looksie..”
[14.07.2014 19:27:50] Cecium: stamps hoof impatiently
[14.07.2014 19:27:59] sneo92: >_Jonas: The body is definitly lifeless
[14.07.2014 19:28:01] Jonas Askeland: “I’ll be quick!”
[14.07.2014 19:28:24] Jonas Askeland: [Also boring and without items of note?]
[14.07.2014 19:28:35] Jonas Askeland: Assuming its boring, i trot up to shadow
[14.07.2014 19:28:54] Cecium: " Okay, lets get goin! " trots forward
[14.07.2014 19:29:09] jesse.boef: follows behind shadow
[14.07.2014 19:30:08] sneo92: >_Jonas: [Sorry, didn’t readit all] You find a Pre-War Bit and an old ID which belonged to a “Nurse Pineseed”
[14.07.2014 19:30:26] Jonas Askeland: [Interesting!]
[14.07.2014 19:30:30] Jonas Askeland: Grab both!
[14.07.2014 19:30:40] Jonas Askeland: THEN proceed to follow shadow
[14.07.2014 19:30:58] sneo92: >_Continuing down the hallway you reach a solid metal door
[14.07.2014 19:31:08] Cecium: [The one I had slammed in my face last time? ]
[14.07.2014 19:31:16] sneo92: >_[Yes]
[14.07.2014 19:31:24] jesse.boef: [hah]
[14.07.2014 19:31:27] Cecium: Shadow takes a peek inside
[14.07.2014 19:34:04] sneo92: >_ Opening the door you see that beyond it lies a room which contains a large, metal table in the centre, with a wheeled strecher by the side of it. On the wall on your right you see a series of cabinets, while on the right you see what looks like a lot of square hatches. On the table in the centre you see piles of knives and similar tools used for cutting and sawing
[14.07.2014 19:34:22] Cecium: [no living moving things in sight? ]
[14.07.2014 19:34:29] sneo92: >_[no]
[14.07.2014 19:34:50] Cecium: Shadow starts trotting towards the cabinets with the clear intent to rummage trough them
[14.07.2014 19:35:18] jesse.boef: i walk around the room, making sure there are no living things
[14.07.2014 19:35:53] Jonas Askeland: I step inside the room, and then i bring up the nurse ID i just found and examine it, is it a keycard? Does it have a magnet strip?
[14.07.2014 19:38:41] sneo92: >_Shadow: You find a bottle of Buck tablets, two rolls of healing Bandages, a syringe of Med X
Jesse: While there’s blood splattered across large parts of the floor you find no traces of anything living.
Jonas: The card has a picture of a light pink earthpony next to where her name, date of birth and other details are listed. On the back there is a series of registration numbers and the old and faded mark of Robronco Security Solutions.
[14.07.2014 19:39:01] sneo92: >_[might be slightly gone, getting phonecall]
[14.07.2014 19:39:51] Jonas Askeland: “Robronco Security solutions.. I might have a keycard here!”
[14.07.2014 19:40:16] jesse.boef: “good find” i proceed to check the square hatches
[14.07.2014 19:40:43] Jonas Askeland: “Anything interesting in the cabinets?”
[14.07.2014 19:40:56] Cecium: " Some medically stuff, just what im here for! "
[14.07.2014 19:41:16] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, me too coincidentally”
[14.07.2014 19:41:23] Cecium: " oh?, who dun hired you? "
[14.07.2014 19:41:44] Jonas Askeland: “Myself, gotta stay stocked up and i heard this place might be good”
[14.07.2014 19:41:55] Cecium: " ah, im fetching it for somepony "
[14.07.2014 19:42:20] Jonas Askeland: “Soo.. You got like a quota to meet or something then..?”
[14.07.2014 19:42:38] Jonas Askeland: “I’d be happy to take any excess ones you might stumble upon, if you’re inclined to share”
[14.07.2014 19:43:04] Cecium: "Think im paid per unit I bring in, tough not gonna hand him all my healing supplies… need em now that on my own "
[14.07.2014 19:44:24] sneo92: >_Jesse: Opening one of the hatches you’re met with a foul stench of rotting flesh. Inside the hatch you see a pile of rotten bodyparts stewn around with no apperent purpose
[14.07.2014 19:44:37] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty, guess i wont be able to trump no contract prices in a trade. But doctoring is my living, so i’m not akin to sharing any i find with you unless you’re hurting and needing. Just to get that out there..”
[14.07.2014 19:45:11 | Edited 19:45:22] jesse.boef: i close the hatch faster than i opened it, and check a different one
[14.07.2014 19:45:54] sneo92: >_The same prosess repeats itself, everything from hooves to wings seem to have been stuffed into the hatch
[14.07.2014 19:47:29] jesse.boef: i take a bodypart close to me, and see if my EFS starts to jitter more than usual
[14.07.2014 19:48:37] sneo92: >_As you touch the forehoof closest to you, it gives a small jerk of life and your EFS noice peak for just a moment.
[14.07.2014 19:49:13 | Edited 19:49:15] jesse.boef: “well thats one mystery solved”
[14.07.2014 19:49:39] Jonas Askeland: “Are those corpses? Smells like corpses”
[14.07.2014 19:49:51] jesse.boef: “partial corpses”
[14.07.2014 19:49:57] Jonas Askeland: “Ick..”
[14.07.2014 19:49:58] jesse.boef: “a lot of em”
[14.07.2014 19:50:07] Jonas Askeland: “Nothing interesting in there then?”
[14.07.2014 19:50:10] Cecium: " yucky… looks sick
[14.07.2014 19:50:30] jesse.boef: “unless youre into necrophilia or necromancing, nothing interesting here”
[14.07.2014 19:50:50] Jonas Askeland: “Haaah.. Yeah no, i prefer em lively”
[14.07.2014 19:51:05] jesse.boef: i close the hatch and look for a new way to go further in
[14.07.2014 19:51:09] Jonas Askeland: I check out the collection of cutlery, if anything is in good condition i’m inclined to take it
[14.07.2014 19:52:57] sneo92: >_Jesse: There are no doors but the one you entered from
>_Jonas: The knives are a collection of various scalples and bonesaws, while a bit dusty they look like they are in decent contidion [perception check]
[14.07.2014 19:53:35] Cecium: [where there any other exits from this room? ]
[14.07.2014 19:53:49] Jonas Askeland: 20
[14.07.2014 19:55:50] sneo92: >_Cecium: The only door you see is the one you entered from
Jonas: While sorting through the knives you realize these should have been dulled and rusted from laying here for so many years. As you ponder this you notice that the table itself is not nearly as dusty as the reception counters and table were
[14.07.2014 19:56:48] Cecium: " Well, this is obviusly a blindway… so we need to get back to the reception " starts walking back the way we came
[14.07.2014 19:57:19] jesse.boef: backtracks to the reception
[14.07.2014 19:57:44] Jonas Askeland: “Guys, i dont know if this is cause for any alarm but..”
[14.07.2014 19:58:02] jesse.boef: “say it”
[14.07.2014 19:58:21] Jonas Askeland: I bring out a scalpel from my bags and compare it with one from the table
[14.07.2014 19:58:24 | Edited 19:58:47] Cecium: " what?" " more moving bones? "
[14.07.2014 19:59:17] Jonas Askeland: “This is an old, but well kept scalpel, and these knives here are ancient, and not maintained at all i assume.. Yet the condition they’re in doesnt add up”
[14.07.2014 19:59:51] jesse.boef: “wanna get to the point where it may cause alarm?”
[14.07.2014 20:00:15] Jonas Askeland: “Now i might be inclined to chalk that up to some sorta pre-war quality knives, but its uncanny is all”
[14.07.2014 20:00:28] Jonas Askeland: “Just figured i’d share”
[14.07.2014 20:00:42] Jonas Askeland: I take the nice knives
[14.07.2014 20:01:04] sneo92: >_Jonas: You get 3 scalpels and a bonesaw
[14.07.2014 20:02:04] jesse.boef: i proceed going back to the reception
[14.07.2014 20:02:10 | Edited 20:02:36] Cecium: Follows Stalker
[14.07.2014 20:02:28] Cecium: [is joke]
[14.07.2014 20:02:30] Jonas Askeland: Tag along!
[14.07.2014 20:03:14] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe this place is in use? Could be those knives have actually been maintained by somepony”
[14.07.2014 20:03:38] jesse.boef: “could be. keep sharp until we fully searched this place”
[14.07.2014 20:03:40] sneo92: >_The reception is as quiet as it used to. The dust still lingers in dark, moist room.
[14.07.2014 20:03:41] Cecium: "Maybe that freaky thing "
[14.07.2014 20:03:53] jesse.boef: i look for new ways to go
[14.07.2014 20:03:55] Cecium: checks the other door that was in there
[14.07.2014 20:05:32] sneo92: >_Cecium: The seccond door leads to what looks like an auditorium. There is a series of desks and chairs set in front of a podium which has a alrge white board behind it. Next to the white board is another door.
[14.07.2014 20:06:02] Cecium: "Imma just go in here and .. check it out "
walks over to random desk and checks it out
[14.07.2014 20:06:19] jesse.boef: i proceed to the next door and peek inside
[14.07.2014 20:06:36] Jonas Askeland: “Oh! I’m coming with you!”
[14.07.2014 20:06:41] Jonas Askeland: Tag after shadow
[14.07.2014 20:06:58] Jonas Askeland: “Cant let you have first dibs on all the goodies? ^^”
[14.07.2014 20:07:12] Cecium: " yer welcome to walk first if ya wanna "
[14.07.2014 20:07:48] sneo92: >_ Christian: When you enter the room you notice that the floor around the desks is littered with skeletons [perception, please].
Jesse: Peeking in you see the next room to be a sort of meeting room. with a large round table in the middle surrounded by chairs.
[14.07.2014 20:08:24] Cecium: 66
[14.07.2014 20:09:04] sneo92: >_Jonas:[If you’re going with Shadow you can also do the perception]
[14.07.2014 20:09:19] jesse.boef: i enter the meeting room and look around the table for anything interesting
[14.07.2014 20:09:19] Jonas Askeland: 26
[14.07.2014 20:12:11] sneo92: >_Jesse: On top of the table there is a whole mess of officiall looking documents. There are two skeletons leaning against eachother on the far end of the table [perception check, please]
Jonas: When looking over the skeletons, you notice that many of them have a slight missalirnent of their bones. Some have to many, some have to few and many of them are oddly placed and disfigured
[14.07.2014 20:12:21] jesse.boef: 36
[14.07.2014 20:12:57] sneo92: >_Jesse: Upon looking over the skeletons you notice a small red light coming off from behind them.
[14.07.2014 20:13:31] Jonas Askeland: I head on over to the bones and start examining them with my doctoring knowledge
[14.07.2014 20:13:49] sneo92: >_Jonas: [med check, please]
[14.07.2014 20:13:50] jesse.boef: i draw my gun and take to the air, attempting to get a better look at the light
[14.07.2014 20:14:01] Cecium: [was there anything in the random desk I was checking out? ]
[14.07.2014 20:14:19] Jonas Askeland: [97.. T_T]
[14.07.2014 20:14:42] Jonas Askeland: [ATLEAST THATS A MARK FOR PROGRESSION!]
[14.07.2014 20:16:07] sneo92: >_Jesse: The small red light shines from behind the skeletons. Taking to the don’t give you a better view on the source.
>_Jonas: Looking over the disfigurment you start to wonder if there might have been a handicap convention going on.
>_Christian: The desk is dusty and plain
[14.07.2014 20:17:12 | Edited 20:17:28] jesse.boef: i slowly fly to and over the skeletons, keeping my eyes on the light
[14.07.2014 20:17:56] Cecium: walks over to the whiteboard and takes a looksie at it
[14.07.2014 20:18:17] Jonas Askeland: Unless it becomes relevant, i’ll keep that knowledge to myself
[14.07.2014 20:18:25] Jonas Askeland: I too want to examine the whiteboard
[14.07.2014 20:20:02 | Edited 20:20:08] sneo92: >_Jesse: The light remains static, only flickering when it passes the bones of the skeletions
>_Christian and Jonas: There are faint traces of writing on the whiteboard, but you can only manage to make out bits of the headline “Cuti..ox”
[14.07.2014 20:20:46] jesse.boef: [real hard to figure out cuti..ox ^] i try to trace the source of the light
[14.07.2014 20:21:07] Cecium: [so hard ]
[14.07.2014 20:21:25] Jonas Askeland: [Hey now, that might be all kinds of wrong and we’ll fuck up cuz we’re set on that idea]
[14.07.2014 20:21:34] Jonas Askeland: [But i see what you’re getting at]
[14.07.2014 20:21:41] Cecium: " Cutie….. sox? …. someone had c ute socks? "
[14.07.2014 20:21:46 | Edited 20:21:54] Cecium: [shadow is not a smart pony ]
[14.07.2014 20:21:55] sneo92: >_[I am the master of riddles, can’t you tell!? :V] Approaching the skeletons you see the light is comng from a small panel of sorts.
[14.07.2014 20:22:15] jesse.boef: i approach the panel and open the lid [if there is a lid]
[14.07.2014 20:22:58] jesse.boef: [cutie fox? nickname for a girl ya love?]
[14.07.2014 20:23:48] Jonas Askeland: I want to go over my knowledge of medical conditions that start with cutie, and end with sox, maybe these were handicapped medical researchers, constrained only in body and not in mind!
[14.07.2014 20:24:16] sneo92: >_The lit is wide open, as it was clear that this pannel was supposed to be concealed. Closer inspection shows that it is a small terminal connected to a lever
[14.07.2014 20:24:35] sneo92: >_Jonas: [med check]
[14.07.2014 20:24:49] Jonas Askeland: [54 under 66]
[14.07.2014 20:25:13] jesse.boef: i take a look at the files on the table, see if theyre linked to the panel
[14.07.2014 20:27:14] sneo92: >_Jonas: You realize the text is most likely reffering to the old condition known as Cutie Pox, and that it is VERY rare to have bone-altering effects. So rare, in fact, you have never even heard of it!
>_Jesse: The documents seem to be listing an assortment of financial mumbojumbo as well as what you understand as patient statistics.
[14.07.2014 20:27:56] Cecium: yawns starts looking around the area close to whiteboard
[14.07.2014 20:28:09] jesse.boef: i yell back to the 2 “watch it, something might be happening!” then i pull the lever on the panel
[14.07.2014 20:28:23] Jonas Askeland: “Something what?”
[14.07.2014 20:28:28] sneo92: >_Cecium: [perseption]
Jesse: The lever doen’t budge
[14.07.2014 20:28:37] jesse.boef: “sod it! nevermind!”
[14.07.2014 20:28:42] Cecium: O_O
[14.07.2014 20:28:45] Cecium: 05
[14.07.2014 20:28:46] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, okay!”
[14.07.2014 20:28:57] jesse.boef: i look into the panel, see if the lever is obstructed
[14.07.2014 20:29:16] Jonas Askeland: “You know, maybe they were studying cutiepox?”
[14.07.2014 20:29:23] Cecium: " whatnow? "
[14.07.2014 20:29:36] Jonas Askeland: “Only illness i can think of that might fit the title”
[14.07.2014 20:29:59] Jonas Askeland: “And this beeing an auditorioum in a medical facility i imagine they might have been having a lecture?”
[14.07.2014 20:30:40] sneo92: >_Cecium: You notice that on the backside of the podium there lies a book.
>_Jesse: The lever seems clear, but as you blow up some dust you notice the terminal screen is reading “invalid access”
[14.07.2014 20:30:53] Cecium: takes a look at the book
[14.07.2014 20:30:57] jesse.boef: “anyone a tech head?!”
[14.07.2014 20:31:03] Jonas Askeland: “Its an ancient illness, only ever read about it”
[14.07.2014 20:31:18] jesse.boef: “oh cotton! get over here!”
[14.07.2014 20:31:40] Jonas Askeland: “I’ll be right over!”
[14.07.2014 20:31:49] Jonas Askeland: I go to the terminal and try to access it
[14.07.2014 20:32:30] jesse.boef: “use that card with the red light, maybe its a scanner”
[14.07.2014 20:32:56] Jonas Askeland: I comply, nurse card to red light
[14.07.2014 20:33:46] sneo92: >_Cecium: The book is labled “Perplexing Pony Plagues”
>_Jonas: As you take the card to the terminal the red light switches to green and the screen reads “Access Granted”
[14.07.2014 20:33:57] Jonas Askeland: “Voila!”
[14.07.2014 20:34:07] jesse.boef: i point to the lever “you wanna do the honours?”
[14.07.2014 20:34:14] Jonas Askeland: I tap away at the terminal, whats on this thing?
[14.07.2014 20:34:21] Cecium: pockets book trots over to cotton and Stalker
[14.07.2014 20:34:41] Jonas Askeland: "Is that the “something” you talked about?"
[14.07.2014 20:35:03] jesse.boef: “yeah. lever mayve done something, but it was jammed. maybe now it works”
[14.07.2014 20:35:10] sneo92: >_Jonas: It’s a miniterminal, the screen is single line and there are only three buttons bellow it. tapping around gives up screens with a whole lot of abreviations you can’t quite figure out.
[14.07.2014 20:35:39] Jonas Askeland: “Well the terminal isnt very interesting anyways, maybe you’re right about the switch tho, give it a pull?”
[14.07.2014 20:35:52] Cecium: stares at lever
[14.07.2014 20:35:53] jesse.boef: pulls the lever again
[14.07.2014 20:37:15] sneo92: >_As Stalker brings the lever down the sound of heavy mashinery fills the room. You all notice the floor on the far side of the room slides sideways into the wall to reveal a staircase leading downwards.
[14.07.2014 20:37:33] Cecium: " iinteerestiiing "
[14.07.2014 20:37:35] jesse.boef: “perfect” i proceed down the stairs
[14.07.2014 20:37:42] Cecium: *follows stalker

[14.07.2014 20:37:48] Jonas Askeland: “OY!”
[14.07.2014 20:37:54] Jonas Askeland: I dart along
[14.07.2014 20:39:45] sneo92: >_The stairwell is built mostly in steel girders, the cieling is to low to stand fully upright and you are forced to duck to make your way down. The walls are ligned with fluorecent lighting which runs down the entirety of the stairwell. At the bottom there is a short hallway before a large steel blast door blocks your way. The door is marked with a large purple star surrounded by smaller white ones.
[14.07.2014 20:40:08] Cecium: [iiinteereeeestiiiiiiing]
[14.07.2014 20:40:18] jesse.boef: i proceed to the door and look for a way to open it
[14.07.2014 20:40:34] jesse.boef: [twilight lead scientist on cutiepox ?]
[14.07.2014 20:40:48] Cecium: [ministry of arcane science logo ]
[14.07.2014 20:40:54] jesse.boef: [oh]
[14.07.2014 20:41:02] Cecium: checks EfS
[14.07.2014 20:41:15] sneo92: [which is also Twilight cutiemark, yes]
[14.07.2014 20:41:30] jesse.boef: [so i might still be right!]
[14.07.2014 20:41:54] sneo92: >_ Cecium, you still get static on your EFS, but you notice that there is a signifigantly higher concentration ahead of you
[14.07.2014 20:42:11] sneo92: >_Jesse: The door controlls are readily available on the side of the door
[14.07.2014 20:42:19] Cecium: " Uhm.. efs is going crazier than normal "
[14.07.2014 20:42:23] jesse.boef: [can we hold for a minute, brb]
[14.07.2014 20:42:32] sneo92: >_[GAME PAUSED]
[14.07.2014 20:42:44] Jonas Askeland: [Is that a que for silly talk?]
[14.07.2014 20:43:11] sneo92: [someone’s getting infeccted~~ someone’s getting infeccted~~]
[14.07.2014 20:43:26] Jonas Askeland: [AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!]
[14.07.2014 20:43:27] Cecium: [paraasiiitiiiteeeeees ]
[14.07.2014 20:44:25] jesse.boef: [done]
[14.07.2014 20:44:26] sneo92: [oh I’m just kidding… maybe]
[14.07.2014 20:44:30] sneo92: >_[GAME RESUMED]
[14.07.2014 20:44:47] jesse.boef: i draw my gun again “best get ready for a fight”
[14.07.2014 20:44:56] Cecium: eyes stalkers gun
[14.07.2014 20:45:25] Jonas Askeland: Eyes own gun, submachineguns are flashy O_o
[14.07.2014 20:45:33] Cecium: " uhm, is that the biggest gun you have stalker? "
[14.07.2014 20:45:55] jesse.boef: “wether something is big does not make it better”
[14.07.2014 20:45:56] Cecium: [also what gun is it <→< ]
[14.07.2014 20:46:04 | Edited 20:46:06] jesse.boef: [ehm, 1 sec]
[14.07.2014 20:46:14] jesse.boef: [small pistol]
[14.07.2014 20:47:20] Cecium: hoves out hunting shotgun " You reckon you could use this? its a mite bigger and .. well… could work well down here "
[14.07.2014 20:47:47] jesse.boef: “keep it”
[14.07.2014 20:47:56] Cecium: " oh well, if yer sure "
[14.07.2014 20:48:10] Cecium: holsters hunting shotgun and hovers out assault rifle
[14.07.2014 20:48:15] Jonas Askeland: “You’re a bit of a walking arsenal, arent you?”
[14.07.2014 20:48:21] jesse.boef: i put my hoof on door controls “everyone ready?”
[14.07.2014 20:48:34] Cecium: " Ive collected a few guns yes, they do a mare good. " " Ready! "
[14.07.2014 20:48:50] Jonas Askeland: “I bet they do, remind me not to piss you off too much”
[14.07.2014 20:49:06] Jonas Askeland: “All ready here”
[14.07.2014 20:49:17] jesse.boef: i activate the door controls to open the door
[14.07.2014 20:49:20] Jonas Askeland: Aim gun down towards door
[14.07.2014 20:49:36] Cecium: aims gun towards door
[14.07.2014 20:50:33] Jonas Askeland: “So.. If there is somepony alive on the other side.. We’re not a kill first ask them what this place is later kind of attitude.. Right?”
[14.07.2014 20:50:55] jesse.boef: “no, make sure theyre hostile and then shoot to kill”
[14.07.2014 20:51:30] Jonas Askeland: “Good! Havent had much success asking dead ponies complicated questions..”
[14.07.2014 20:51:46] sneo92: >_The door opens with a whirr of mashinery. The room beyond is lit in an erie green glow which originates from a series of glass tubes lined along the wall. You see no imediate movment.
[14.07.2014 20:52:07] jesse.boef: i slowly proceed into the room, scanning for any movement, gun pointed forward
[14.07.2014 20:52:16] Cecium: take up position on his flank
[14.07.2014 20:52:45] Jonas Askeland: Follow suit behind shadow
[14.07.2014 20:54:57] sneo92: >_ Upon entering the room you see that the tubes along the walls are large vats filled with a green liquid. Floating in the liquid you can see there are limbs floating, connected to the base of the vats by thick cabling. The centre of the room is an open space around 3 meters wide, while the hallways leads further along to another steel door
[14.07.2014 20:55:19] jesse.boef: i proceed to the next door
[14.07.2014 20:55:21] Cecium: shadow’s ears flatten " This place is downright spooky.. "
[14.07.2014 20:55:24] Cecium: follows
[14.07.2014 20:55:33] jesse.boef: “damn right it is. i dont like this one bit”
[14.07.2014 20:55:43] Jonas Askeland: I slink right up to a tube and stare, jaw a lower
[14.07.2014 20:55:52] Jonas Askeland: I examine the limbs
[14.07.2014 20:56:11] jesse.boef: “cotton, we can look at limbs later. lets make sure this place is secure first”
[14.07.2014 20:56:47] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah yeah, its just.. This shit is insane..”
[14.07.2014 20:56:56] sneo92: >_Jesse and Christian: Next to the door controlls you find a terminal with a green glow eminating from the screen.
[14.07.2014 20:57:05] Cecium: walks over to terminal and takes a looksie
[14.07.2014 20:57:30] jesse.boef: i stand at the door
[14.07.2014 20:58:03] jesse.boef: [someone got a .bat]
[14.07.2014 20:58:11] Jonas Askeland: [Oooooh!]
[14.07.2014 20:58:24] sneo92: >_Jonas: The tube you examined contained a hind leg [perception]
[14.07.2014 20:58:28] Cecium: starts reading on terminal
[14.07.2014 20:58:40] Jonas Askeland: 66
[14.07.2014 20:58:47] jesse.boef: “whats it say?”
[14.07.2014 20:59:01] sneo92: >_[if you want the .bat you can go ahead and examine the termial as well]
[14.07.2014 20:59:10] Cecium: starts reading whats on it loudly
[14.07.2014 20:59:16] jesse.boef: [nah, dont want your virus :P]
[14.07.2014 20:59:59] * sneo92 sent Medical Center Research terminal.bat *
[14.07.2014 21:00:12 | Edited 21:00:32] sneo92: >_[since it’s read out loud, here’s for anyone to read though only Cecium can access the actions]
[14.07.2014 21:00:33] Jonas Askeland: [Aww, would be more fun if shadow relayed it]
[14.07.2014 21:00:44] jesse.boef: [but it would be a lotta work tho]
[14.07.2014 21:00:53] Cecium: [cant copypaste from it <→<]>_[people who don’t wanna read can excuse it by not paying attention to shadow ^
[14.07.2014 21:01:15] Cecium: [aand its way over shadows understanding so she is prolly going all " booring booring, hydra.. booring booring pegasi wing regrowth ]
[14.07.2014 21:01:27] jesse.boef: “lets not mess with that until we cleared the next room”
[14.07.2014 21:01:57] Cecium: downloads research data
[14.07.2014 21:02:08] Jonas Askeland: [Right click on the top window border and select edit/mark, now you can grab a selection for copying]
[14.07.2014 21:02:18] Cecium: [oh <→< ]
[14.07.2014 21:02:30] Jonas Askeland: [Tho, you gotta press enter instead of ctr+c]
[14.07.2014 21:02:42] jesse.boef: [yeah, thats CMD 101]
[14.07.2014 21:03:23] Cecium: [ or you could read the logs yourself <→< takes no time at all ^ ]
[14.07.2014 21:03:37] sneo92: >_[lazy fucker >_>]
[14.07.2014 21:03:46] Jonas Askeland: [READING!]
[14.07.2014 21:04:32 | Edited 21:04:34] jesse.boef: [can we get going… im bored already…..]
[14.07.2014 21:04:56] Cecium: "Hey cotton, imma delete the research data unless you want it
[14.07.2014 21:04:56] jesse.boef: [i wanna shoot stuff]
[14.07.2014 21:04:57] Cecium: "
[14.07.2014 21:05:20] Cecium: * deletes research data after cotton gets it ( if he does )* walks over to Stalker *
[14.07.2014 21:06:00] Jonas Askeland: “Ah! I want it!”
[14.07.2014 21:06:04] Jonas Askeland: *Download the data

[14.07.2014 21:06:37] Cecium: peeks trough door
[14.07.2014 21:06:41] Jonas Askeland: “Why would you want to discard years of research like that?”
[14.07.2014 21:06:47] jesse.boef: [door is still closed…]
[14.07.2014 21:07:02] Cecium: " now its one of a kind and on my pipbuck! "
[14.07.2014 21:07:27] jesse.boef: “ready for the next room?”
[14.07.2014 21:08:11] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, so you can have exclusive access to the research data? Are you planning on selling it?”
[14.07.2014 21:08:29] Cecium: " Why not? prolly lots of ponies interested in it "
[14.07.2014 21:09:27] Jonas Askeland: “I guess.. I guess i cant argue with that”
[14.07.2014 21:09:29] jesse.boef: “if youre done talkin, id like to get going now” i say, mildly annoyed
[14.07.2014 21:09:38] Jonas Askeland: “Right, sorry”
[14.07.2014 21:09:44] Jonas Askeland: Walk over to stalker
[14.07.2014 21:09:59] jesse.boef: i open this door as well
[14.07.2014 21:10:48] sneo92: >_The door opens into another stairwell which continues downwards and sircles around to the left. At the bottom there is another door
[14.07.2014 21:11:10] jesse.boef: “so many doors…” i say walking down the stairs and getting ready on the door
[14.07.2014 21:11:38] Jonas Askeland: I hum a little to test the acoustics
[14.07.2014 21:11:39] Cecium: " And so many things behind the doors , freaky mysterious gooey science .. " ears folded down
[14.07.2014 21:12:02] Jonas Askeland: “And such intersting science! Limb regrowth!”
[14.07.2014 21:12:21] Jonas Askeland: “Could you imagine if there was a better alternative to hydra? A mass produced and potentially cheap one?”
[14.07.2014 21:12:56] Cecium: slams door open " Im tired of this place, wanna hurry "
[14.07.2014 21:13:25] jesse.boef: “now theres something i can agree with” [its door controls, not one ya can swing open, as far as i know]
[14.07.2014 21:13:38] Cecium: [then I slam the controlls enthustiastically ]
[14.07.2014 21:13:53] jesse.boef: [one does not simply slam the controls]
[14.07.2014 21:14:04] Cecium: [this mare does ]
[14.07.2014 21:14:05] jesse.boef: [itll break T_T]
[14.07.2014 21:14:19] Cecium: [ this is pre war equestrian egnineering! ]
[14.07.2014 21:14:23] jesse.boef: [remind me to never let you around my electronics]
[14.07.2014 21:15:16] sneo92: >_The room contains more vats on the sides and at the end of it is a series of computers and terminals As Shadow ruses into the door, she is struck by a rasping voice, yelling “NOOO!! WHERE IS IT?! WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?! WHERE IS IT?!”. She quickly spots the shape of a pony rushing back and fourth between the terminals.
[14.07.2014 21:15:51] jesse.boef: i walk forward and train my gun on the pony “hold it right there!”
[14.07.2014 21:16:03] Cecium: " Howdy there fellow "
[14.07.2014 21:16:32] Jonas Askeland: “Ah! Talk first! TALK FIRST!”
[14.07.2014 21:17:03] jesse.boef: [this was a really unified entry…]
[14.07.2014 21:17:20] Cecium: [whatcha expect, we aint the army ]
[14.07.2014 21:17:26] jesse.boef: [we looked like a disfunctional police group, everyone saying something different]
[14.07.2014 21:17:30] sneo92: >_The pony stops, and stares at the group. You can see that his flesh is rotten and his eyes are white and glassy. His left chin is missing and you can easily see straight into his gullet. He furrows his eyes “You… did you do this?!” he yells as he gestures at the terminas.
[14.07.2014 21:17:43] jesse.boef: “we didnt touch a thing”
[14.07.2014 21:17:48] Cecium: " Do what? "
[14.07.2014 21:18:34] jesse.boef: [wait wait wait]
[14.07.2014 21:18:46] jesse.boef: [his left chin? we have multiple chins?]
[14.07.2014 21:18:53] sneo92: >_He slams his hooves to the teminals “MY RESEARCH! It is gone, all gone! Did you delete it? I know the terminal up there is connected, what did you press?!” He makes is way around and marches angrily at the group
[14.07.2014 21:18:59] sneo92: [cheek*, sorry]
[14.07.2014 21:19:35] jesse.boef: “oh that, yeah shadow did that”
[14.07.2014 21:19:41] Cecium: [<→<]>_His glassy eyes lock at Shadow as he steps close, grabing her colar with his hooves. “Do you have any idea what you have done?!” He shouts in her face, his beath stinks of rot as spit and bile strikes shadows face “Year of research, right down the drain!” He lets go as he pushes shadow away from him and turns back towards the terminals “There has to be a backup around here somewhere…”
[14.07.2014 21:22:17] jesse.boef: “there is, on her pipbuck”
[14.07.2014 21:22:27] Cecium: Shoots angry stare at stalker
[14.07.2014 21:22:55] jesse.boef: i whisper to shadow “do ya wanna live or do ya wanna keep the data?”
[14.07.2014 21:24:19] sneo92: >_The stalion looks up again. “You have it? You took it and then deleted it?! Are you sympethizers? How did you get in here? Where are my staff?!”
[14.07.2014 21:24:39] jesse.boef: “we have found no staff. presumably killed before we arrived”
[14.07.2014 21:25:59] Cecium: Shadow dissapears
[14.07.2014 21:26:17] jesse.boef: [can i still pull her back by the neck?]
[14.07.2014 21:26:29] jesse.boef: [pleaaase]
[14.07.2014 21:26:31] Cecium: [cant see me boi ]
[14.07.2014 21:26:32] Jonas Askeland: I move over to stand next to stalker
[14.07.2014 21:26:50] sneo92: >_ “They’re dead?! What happened, who are you?!” The stalion doesn’t seem to be able to focus as he now scurries from terminal to terminal
[14.07.2014 21:27:33] jesse.boef: “we are just explorers looking around for anything useful. we have not killed any of your staff. we dont know what happened before we arrived here”
[14.07.2014 21:27:59] Jonas Askeland: I whisper to Stalker “I think maybe this ghoul is long gone.. Trapped in the past or something.. You’ve heard stories like that right?”
[14.07.2014 21:28:27 | Edited 21:28:50] jesse.boef: “i have not, and if he is as you say, we fix that when it comes up” i whisper back
[14.07.2014 21:29:25] sneo92: >_The stalion stops in his tracks, looks up at the group with his glassy eyes “You’re lying, you killed them, stole my data and are giving it to the zebra scum!” He quickly graps a beam pistol from under the desk and points it at the group “I can tell you this old pony will not go easily to traitors!”
[14.07.2014 21:29:52] Jonas Askeland: Look slightly incredously at stalker “Where you raised under a rock or something? Cuz i were and even i’ve heard tales of aAAHH! He’s got a gun!”
[14.07.2014 21:30:39] jesse.boef: “i understand that you may think that, trust me i do. but we are not who you think we are, we dont know any zebra that you speak of”
[14.07.2014 21:30:55] Jonas Askeland: “Look! We’re not zebras! We’re just prospectors that happened upon this place!”
[14.07.2014 21:31:24] Jonas Askeland: “The world has changed a lot since you were last outside i presume! Please calm down and listen to us!”
[14.07.2014 21:31:28] sneo92: >_[Jonas, Jesse, Speach checks plese!]
[14.07.2014 21:31:35] Jonas Askeland: [Cheers ^
[14.07.2014 21:31:53] jesse.boef: [48 to 12, no way that ever succeeds]
[14.07.2014 21:31:58] Jonas Askeland: [Fucking 5!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:06] jesse.boef: [AWESOME]
[14.07.2014 21:32:13] Cecium: [win!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:16] sneo92: [is that a crit?]
[14.07.2014 21:32:25] jesse.boef: [CRITICAL HIT WITH WORDS!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:25] Cecium: [unless jonas DUMPED His luck again yes ]
[14.07.2014 21:32:27] Jonas Askeland: [AND I DID NOT DUMP LUCK! ITS A CRIT!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:40] jesse.boef: [HE IS PHOENIX WRIGHT, SHOUTING OBJECTION!]
[14.07.2014 21:33:21] sneo92: >_The stalion lowers the pistol. “Prospectors…? What do you mean, changed?” The old pony says with a shivering voice
[14.07.2014 21:33:39] jesse.boef: i lower my pistol as well, and let cotton do the talking
[14.07.2014 21:33:55] jesse.boef: [yay for being lazy]
[14.07.2014 21:34:11] Jonas Askeland: “You’ve been in here since the bombs fell havent you? Maybe even before that.”
[14.07.2014 21:34:19] jesse.boef: [can i still drag shadow back by her neck?]
[14.07.2014 21:34:27] Cecium: [do you even know where shadow is? ]
[14.07.2014 21:34:49] sneo92: >_Jesse: [You can not see shadow anywhere around you, she litterally dissapeared]
[14.07.2014 21:35:04] Jonas Askeland: “Its been hundreds of years since the war ended, both sides went all out and most of the world above was destroyed”
[14.07.2014 21:36:11] sneo92: >_"Destroye..? I… how did this happen? It can’t be, I’m still here, and my staff, they’ve been bringing me subjects!" he gestures to the side of the room towards a door partially concealed by vats
[14.07.2014 21:36:54] Jonas Askeland: “I dont know the details, but if you’ve got a terminal that has todays date you’ll see for yourself its been a long time”
[14.07.2014 21:38:55] Jonas Askeland: “And as for why you’re still here, you’ve suffered a phenomenom of massive radiation, and its changed your body. We call it ghoulification, and as a result you’ve ended up with this half-rotting body of yours that feeds of radiation and is practically immortal”
[14.07.2014 21:39:09] sneo92: >_[speech check, please]
[14.07.2014 21:39:18] jesse.boef: [inb4 failure]
[14.07.2014 21:39:23] Jonas Askeland: [66 over 62]
[14.07.2014 21:39:28] jesse.boef: [called it]
[14.07.2014 21:39:36] Jonas Askeland: [FUUUU-!]
[14.07.2014 21:40:40] sneo92: >_The ghoul graps his head “No, no this can’t be. That is impossible!” He swipes his hooves over a terminal top, swiping the things on top to the floor as he sits down with his head in his hooves “No… no…no…”
[14.07.2014 21:41:21] Jonas Askeland: *I walk over to him

[14.07.2014 21:41:29] Cecium: [GIVE HIM A HUG! ]
[14.07.2014 21:41:56] Jonas Askeland: “I guess this is a lot to take in.. And i’m sorry your world just came crashing down on you”
[14.07.2014 21:42:29] Jonas Askeland: “But the fact of the matter is that there is no war anymore, and the old world is in ruins”
[14.07.2014 21:44:03] Jonas Askeland: “Not everyone died tho, as evident by me and my companions here, and a new world is happening. And if i understand things right, you’re doing some amazing research down here arent you?”
[14.07.2014 21:44:25] jesse.boef: [now its rather companion… shadow wussed out]
[14.07.2014 21:44:35] Cecium: [tempted to lock you guys in here ]
[14.07.2014 21:44:37] Jonas Askeland: [I’mma get you for that]
[14.07.2014 21:46:18] sneo92: >_The stalion gives of a sob “If you want to call it that, it’s unatural… The MoAS never considered that, to them it’s only numbers. A soldier loses a leg? Get him a new one and send him back to the front, they said. Only numbers, not ponies.”
[14.07.2014 21:47:18] Jonas Askeland: “But you’re making the legless walk again? Right? I read some on the terminal, giving flight back to pegasi who’ve lost their wings?”
[14.07.2014 21:48:43] Jonas Askeland: “Its a harsh world out there now, and someponies are still inclined to be fighting eachothers. I’ve seen my fair share of wounded and wished i had more ways to help them. This limb regrowth stuff could be amazing!”
[14.07.2014 21:50:43] Jonas Askeland: “Its kinda silly, there is no great war no more but still ponies find things to fight for and innocents get caught in the crossfire. And loosing a limb nowadays might mean the death of you. The only medicine i know is hydra, but its got a habit of nasty sideffects”
[14.07.2014 21:51:54] jesse.boef: [my fingers smell like ass]
[14.07.2014 21:52:05] Jonas Askeland: [You know why]
[14.07.2014 21:52:15] Cecium: [TMI]
[14.07.2014 21:52:18] sneo92: >_"I know the side effects far to well…" The stalion looks towards the pistol again
[14.07.2014 21:52:22] jesse.boef: [no, i don… okay i do]
[14.07.2014 21:52:33] jesse.boef: [which pistol, his energy, or mine?]
[14.07.2014 21:52:38 | Edited 21:52:44] sneo92: >_[his own]
[14.07.2014 21:54:21] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, medical innovation isnt exactly all that common nowadays. The best we get is pre-war stuff”
[14.07.2014 21:54:54] Jonas Askeland: “You a doctor or a scientist?”
[14.07.2014 21:55:41] sneo92: >_The stalion perks up at the sudden question “Uhh, both I guess. I used to be a doctor before the MoAS roped me into all this research… They promised so much.”
[14.07.2014 21:57:31] Jonas Askeland: “Heh, i wouldnt know what they were all about. But then you know your way around treating a pony? Doctors are always in high demand, you might do some good topside”
[14.07.2014 21:57:57] Jonas Askeland: “Its kept my belly decently fed ever since i left the stable”
[14.07.2014 21:58:34] sneo92: >_"No." He says shaprly “I can’t leave, I couldn’t leave him..” He casts a quick look towards the back of the room
[14.07.2014 21:58:57] Jonas Askeland: “Whats keeping you down here then?”
[14.07.2014 21:59:06] jesse.boef: i walk over to the 2 talking
[14.07.2014 21:59:22 | Edited 21:59:38] Jonas Askeland: [Do feel free to interject, this is kinda nervewrecking O_o]
[14.07.2014 21:59:37] Cecium: [I feel its best not to walk out since he is mad at me ]
[14.07.2014 21:59:50] jesse.boef: [hey, i dont wanna risk being shot, i only have 12 speech or so]
[14.07.2014 21:59:51] sneo92: >_"That’s none of your business!" He snaps at Cotton. “Now give me the copy of my research and leave me alone!”
[14.07.2014 22:00:17] jesse.boef: “we would like to, but as you may have seen shadow has pulled a magic act and left us”
[14.07.2014 22:01:13] Jonas Askeland: “Sure, but you’ve been at this for 200 years, what results have you gotten?”
[14.07.2014 22:02:01] Jonas Askeland: “Hey yeah, where did Shadow go?”
[14.07.2014 22:02:05] sneo92: >_He gets up and steps closer “Look around you! I have the production going, all I need is the stabalizing!” he says frantically! “Now my research, if you please!”
[14.07.2014 22:02:24] jesse.boef: “shadow, come out!”
[14.07.2014 22:02:38] Jonas Askeland: “Alright alright, but do you need some help? Do you think you could actually make this work?”
[14.07.2014 22:03:17 | Edited 22:03:25] sneo92: >_"Of course I can make it work! I have to make it work… I can always use new subject…" his voice lowering to a near growl…
[14.07.2014 22:03:46] jesse.boef: i eye cotton for a second, giving a cautious look
[14.07.2014 22:04:19] Jonas Askeland: “Alright, but tell me how, heck i’ll even record it, and maybe we can bring in more scientists?”
[14.07.2014 22:04:32] Jonas Askeland: I glance back at you with a cautious look too
[14.07.2014 22:04:43] Cecium: steps out from shadow
[14.07.2014 22:04:59] Cecium: " You want your copy? , here take it " ears flatten and eyes widen in fear
[14.07.2014 22:05:43 | Edited 22:06:04] Jonas Askeland: “I’m all for seeing this work completed, but i mean.. Two hundred years is a long time, i reckon some fresh perspectives could go a long way?”
[14.07.2014 22:06:26] sneo92: >_As Shadow steps out he rushes towards her, grabing her hoof. “My reasearch! Come here!” He drags her towards his terminals and pushes Shadow against it. “Put it back in, fix it!”
[14.07.2014 22:06:36] Cecium: Complies
[14.07.2014 22:06:45] Jonas Askeland: “Easy there! We want to help!”
[14.07.2014 22:07:09 | Edited 22:07:14] sneo92: >_He procedes to look up at Cotton. “Sure, just step into the room over there.” He says with a low voice while gesturing towards a door on the left
[14.07.2014 22:07:39 | Edited 22:08:10] jesse.boef: i put my hoof on cotton’s shoulder and whisper “this smells fishy”
[14.07.2014 22:08:51] Jonas Askeland: I try to soeak low enough for ghoul not to hear and say to Stalker “Like a dock town, but the research..”
[14.07.2014 22:09:17] Jonas Askeland: “Whats in the room? I wanna start documenting to help speed up the research”
[14.07.2014 22:09:41] jesse.boef: i pull cotton back for a moment “this research may be on your life. are you willing to risk that?”
[14.07.2014 22:10:14] Jonas Askeland: “Not a chance, but maybe he’s salvagable..?”
[14.07.2014 22:10:25] Cecium: " uhm, I gave you what you wanted, can we leave now please? " Slight trembling
[14.07.2014 22:10:30] jesse.boef: “dont push your luck here”
[14.07.2014 22:11:07] Jonas Askeland: “Heh, yeeeeaaah.. I might be past that already.. Just be ready in case he snaps”
[14.07.2014 22:11:29 | Edited 22:11:58] Jonas Askeland: “So, never got your name?” I say to the ghoul and start walking over to him
[14.07.2014 22:12:45] jesse.boef: [there is a file without extension with name “nu” on my desktop… i call sneo hacked me]
[14.07.2014 22:12:45] Cecium: trembles a lot
[14.07.2014 22:13:31] Jonas Askeland: I try to shoot Shadow a reassuring glance, pretending ive got more control and confidence than i really do
[14.07.2014 22:14:38 | Edited 22:15:18] sneo92: >_The stalion gestures towards a door on your left “Doctor Poppy Field, now please step in here” He takes Cotton to the door, opens it and gestures for Cotton to step inside as he turns to the others. “We’ll just be a minute.”
[14.07.2014 22:15:20] Jonas Askeland: Slight panic glance back at Stalker!
[14.07.2014 22:15:35] jesse.boef: “might i ask what youre gonna do in there?”
[14.07.2014 22:15:44] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty Dr. Field, whats in here then?”
[14.07.2014 22:16:09] jesse.boef: [i really dont like this :C]
[14.07.2014 22:16:18] Cecium: [me neither ]
[14.07.2014 22:16:22] Jonas Askeland: I’m not stepping into the door alone
[14.07.2014 22:16:27] sneo92: >_The doctor looks at Cotton “You said you wanted to help with the reseach, didn’t you? Well this is my lab!”
[14.07.2014 22:17:02] sneo92: >_[speech check, for whomever is listening]
[14.07.2014 22:17:11] Jonas Askeland: “That sounds nice, you gonna show me around then? I’m afraid i wouldnt know what half of these things are, stable lab beeing pretty small and all that”
[14.07.2014 22:17:14] jesse.boef: [4!]
[14.07.2014 22:17:17 | Edited 22:17:19] jesse.boef: [WOOOH]
[14.07.2014 22:17:34] Jonas Askeland: [75 over 62, less wooh]
[14.07.2014 22:17:48] Cecium: [61 .. of 61 ]
[14.07.2014 22:17:58] jesse.boef: [fortune favours the brave :D]
[14.07.2014 22:18:26] Jonas Askeland: [Says the one NOT standing at the potential door of doom!]
[14.07.2014 22:18:36] sneo92: >_Jesse/Christian: You can tell by the voice of the doctor things are not quite as they should
[14.07.2014 22:18:56 | Edited 22:18:59] jesse.boef: “doc, might i ask what is about to happen in that room?”
[14.07.2014 22:19:26] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, and do we like need labcoats..? Or any special equipment..?”
[14.07.2014 22:19:37] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe some sterlization..? Wanna keep the lab clean, right?”
[14.07.2014 22:19:53] Cecium: “Cotton, could you come over here for a moment, I .. uh… have a ouchie!”
[14.07.2014 22:19:55] Jonas Askeland: Panic glances intensify
[14.07.2014 22:20:08] jesse.boef: [ouchie… really?]
[14.07.2014 22:20:19] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, did you run off and hit yourself on something?! I’ll be right over!”
[14.07.2014 22:20:21] Cecium: [ well I dont know <→< character is kind of terrified ]
[14.07.2014 22:20:24] Jonas Askeland: I move towards shadow
[14.07.2014 22:20:51] jesse.boef: [i need to stop smelling my fingers :/]
[14.07.2014 22:20:57] Jonas Askeland: “Goodness shadow, the things you do when we arent looking..”
[14.07.2014 22:21:06] Cecium: glares at cotton
[14.07.2014 22:21:23 | Edited 22:22:14] sneo92: >_The doctor looks back at Stalker “Two medical proffessionals will be discussing medical progress for the good of the people, natrually!” Turning back to Cotton “I’m sure this lab really exeeds anything VaultTec could dish up, we’re funded directly through MoAS and recieving suplemental equipment from the MoIA!” The ghoul grabs Cottons arm as he’s turning. “Come now.” He says with a grin as he starts walking through the door.
[14.07.2014 22:21:46] Jonas Askeland: [fuck]
[14.07.2014 22:21:47] jesse.boef: “doctor. before i send one of my men in that room, id like to know what is about to happen.”
[14.07.2014 22:22:05] jesse.boef: [cotton is male… right?]
[14.07.2014 22:22:12] Jonas Askeland: [Aye]
[14.07.2014 22:22:30] Jonas Askeland: “Infact, Stalker over there is quite bright himself, maybe we’d benefit from his presence too? And Shadow too! Absolutely!”
[14.07.2014 22:22:45] Jonas Askeland: “Lets all tag along, shall we?” PANIC GLANCES INTENSIFY
[14.07.2014 22:23:05] jesse.boef: “doctor, please answer my question”
[14.07.2014 22:23:48] sneo92: >_The doctor looks around, slightly befuddled “The more the marrier, but are these medical professionals? Do you know your way around a laboritory? I guess we can use the extra hooves. Come along, then!”
[14.07.2014 22:24:07] jesse.boef: “please stop avoiding my question”
[14.07.2014 22:24:08] Jonas Askeland: [NOT SURE THIS IS A GOOD IDEA! OH GOD]
[14.07.2014 22:24:19] jesse.boef: [i have a plan!]
[14.07.2014 22:24:26] Cecium: [oh look, a character avoiding questiosn :P ]
[14.07.2014 22:25:07] sneo92: >_He looks annoyed at Stalker "I’ve told you already, we’re going to discuss medical science in hopes for bringing the project along! Now come on, you’re acting like you’re off to the butchers’
[14.07.2014 22:25:25] jesse.boef: “let me get this straight. we are gonna discuss things only?”
[14.07.2014 22:26:08] Jonas Askeland: “Eeeehehehee.. Yeeeeah, because that would be weird in a facility cultivating limbs and with your aforementioned need for test subjects.. Riiight..?” I say meekly
[14.07.2014 22:26:08] sneo92: >_"Well we might look at some funny numbers and such as well, maybe even pour one liquid into another and watch them change colour." He says oozing with sarcasm
[14.07.2014 22:26:49] jesse.boef: “i see, we will only discuss science then. could we not do them here then? since everyone is already here”
[14.07.2014 22:27:23] sneo92: >_The doctor gasps “But science is done in labs!” He speaks as if speaking to a todler, still pulling Cotton towards the door.
[14.07.2014 22:28:07] jesse.boef: i walk close with the doctor “this place seems like a big lab to me, is it not?” i say, putting a hoof on the docs shoulder, attemping to keep him in one place
[14.07.2014 22:29:47] sneo92: >_The doctor flattens his look at stalker “All my documents and equipment is in there, little soldiercolt, now hush and let the big ponies talk.” He focibly drags Cotton into the room.
[14.07.2014 22:30:02] Jonas Askeland: [fu-]
[14.07.2014 22:30:35] jesse.boef: “one more question though, if i may?”
[14.07.2014 22:32:45] sneo92: >_The room is indeed a laboritory, containing large ammount of advanced science equipment none of you have even heard about. There are smaller vats located on counters and shelves containing tissue samples of various organs. On the right wall you see another door while on the far side you see a vat that seems to be on display containing a pony eye. The doctor looks over his shoulder as he walks with Cotton and speaks in an annoyed voice. “Yes what is it?”
[14.07.2014 22:33:02] jesse.boef: “who are you doing this for?”
[14.07.2014 22:33:38] sneo92: >_ [Stalker, perception check]
[14.07.2014 22:33:48] jesse.boef: [92…flm]
[14.07.2014 22:34:07] sneo92: >_He turns to Stalker “I have my reasons.” He says flatly.
[14.07.2014 22:34:12] Jonas Askeland: [You see about as much as the eye in the vial, i’d guess]
[14.07.2014 22:34:45] jesse.boef: i gaze into the back of the room “who is… ‘him’ ?”
[14.07.2014 22:34:46] Cecium: [ HE IS THE EYE IN THE VIAL O_O ]
[14.07.2014 22:35:41] sneo92: >_The doctor turns back to the lab “That is none of your busines” he says quickly before turning to Cotton “Now what do you make of these samples, then?” Leading him towards the shelves of samples
[14.07.2014 22:35:58 | Edited 22:36:26] jesse.boef: i walk kinda fast to the back of the room
[14.07.2014 22:36:17] Jonas Askeland: I eye the samples and give it my best
[14.07.2014 22:36:23] Jonas Askeland: [Medicine or science?]
[14.07.2014 22:36:38] Jonas Askeland: “What am i looking at?”
[14.07.2014 22:36:54 | Edited 22:37:01] Cecium: shadow lurks around hte edges of the room trying not to be the center of focus
[14.07.2014 22:37:50] sneo92: >_[medicine] “There are the samples from the rejected subjects, perhaps you can figure out why they were rejected.”
>_[The rest of you, stealth checks]
[14.07.2014 22:38:03] jesse.boef: [45 to 65]
[14.07.2014 22:38:19] jesse.boef: [stalker, doin what he was made for ^]
[14.07.2014 22:38:24] Jonas Askeland: [19 under 66]
[14.07.2014 22:38:27] Cecium: [65 under 80]
[14.07.2014 22:40:12] jesse.boef: [everyone succeeded, yaay]
[14.07.2014 22:40:21] Jonas Askeland: [This confuses the GM]
[14.07.2014 22:40:33] jesse.boef: [confusement, yaay]
[14.07.2014 22:40:39 | Edited 22:40:54] Cecium: [Dont jinx it you two ! ]
[14.07.2014 22:41:00] sneo92: >_Stalker and Shadow lurk around the back of the room, The doctor clearly to occupied with Cotton
>_Jonas: You can see that the samples have had typical organ rejection symptoms, this is not something you know a fix for, but your mind starts bumbling around some possible solutions for this particular cae
[14.07.2014 22:41:15] jesse.boef: i try to find ‘him’
[14.07.2014 22:41:31] Jonas Askeland: “Ah, rejection. Yeah i can imagine thats an issue”
[14.07.2014 22:42:03] Jonas Askeland: “What have you done to try and work around it? Dont want to waste time cooking up solutions you’ve already tried”
[14.07.2014 22:42:18] sneo92: >_Jesse, you skulk around the room, finding only various medical equipment and the like, there is however a door leading to a room you haven’t entered yet
[14.07.2014 22:42:28] jesse.boef: i creep into the door
[14.07.2014 22:42:30] Jonas Askeland: “I assume you’ve tried:” And i regale him with whatever ideas i just had
[14.07.2014 22:42:56] sneo92: >_The doctor looks at you with glee “Certainly, come with me! I have the results in here” He grabs Cottons arm and makes for the door
[14.07.2014 22:44:17] Jonas Askeland: A bit too preoccupied with considering solutions, i go along with it
[14.07.2014 22:45:43] sneo92: >_Jesse: As you enter the room, you find a bloodsoaked surgical room with a table in the middle. The table has multiple straps on it which are just as bloodsoaked as the rest. The sides of the room is filled with bloody surgical equipment as well as a few vats containing a variety of organs. Just as you manage to take in what the room really is, the doctor and Cotton steps in.
>_Jonas: As you are led into the room, you get only a seccond to take in what you’re looking at before you feel a prick in your neck and you start to feel dizzy.
[14.07.2014 22:46:35] jesse.boef: pin the doctor against the wall and subdue his arms
[14.07.2014 22:46:40] Jonas Askeland: “I, ah.. Oh..”
[14.07.2014 22:46:47] sneo92: >_[unarmed check]
[14.07.2014 22:46:48] Cecium: [Ponies have arms O_O ]
[14.07.2014 22:47:08] jesse.boef: [6 to 69, awesome!]
[14.07.2014 22:48:44] sneo92: >_Jesse:[Perception check]
[14.07.2014 22:49:00] jesse.boef: 79
[14.07.2014 22:49:20] jesse.boef: [lucks gotta run out sometime i suppose :/]
[14.07.2014 22:49:52] Jonas Askeland: [We still have some hope in Shadow, right? RIGHT?]
[14.07.2014 22:49:58] Cecium: [ z z z z ]
[14.07.2014 22:50:21] sneo92: >_The doctor looks surprised for a minute at the pony assulting him, before he simply grins as a glow eminates from his skull as you can barely see the stubble of a horn. You feel a prick in your neck as you also start to feel dizzy
[14.07.2014 22:50:21] Cecium: [ill make sure to loot your bodies! ]
[14.07.2014 22:50:38] Cecium: [please tell me I heard this <→< ]
[14.07.2014 22:50:52] sneo92: >_Shadow: [perception check, if you please]
[14.07.2014 22:50:54] jesse.boef: i attempt to smash his horn in a last ditch effort
[14.07.2014 22:51:05] Jonas Askeland: “Eyh.. Shaths naht naishe..” I slurr
[14.07.2014 22:51:05] Cecium: [OH GODAMNFUCKIT ]
[14.07.2014 22:51:11 | Edited 22:51:25] sneo92: >_Jesse:[unarmed with a -35 to your skill]
[14.07.2014 22:51:25] Cecium: [74 under.. 52.. for a easy<→< ]
[14.07.2014 22:51:33] jesse.boef: [18, wooh :D]
[14.07.2014 22:51:43] Jonas Askeland: [Oooh!]
[14.07.2014 22:51:48 | Edited 22:52:09] Cecium: [ yer being daterugged! wooh is not the usual response! ]
[14.07.2014 22:52:04] jesse.boef: [it is if you like it >: D]
[14.07.2014 22:52:12] Jonas Askeland: [To his horn smashing, i already commented that it was not nice to drug us]
[14.07.2014 22:52:21] Jonas Askeland: [Well okay then]
[14.07.2014 22:52:58] sneo92: >_Stalker gives the Doctors head a smack and a syringe dangles to the floor. The doctor falls to the floor as Cotton loses conciousness and Stalkers world is in a total blur.
[14.07.2014 22:53:31] jesse.boef: “shoot the doc now!”
[14.07.2014 22:53:31] Cecium: shadow keeps on doing what she was doing, which is being facinated by that eye
[14.07.2014 22:53:38] Cecium: [did you shout that? ]
[14.07.2014 22:53:44] jesse.boef: [yes]
[14.07.2014 22:53:47] Jonas Askeland: [BUT ALL THE COMMOTION!]
[14.07.2014 22:53:56] Cecium: [FAILED A EASY PERCEPTION CHECK <→< ]
[14.07.2014 22:54:02] Cecium: [Sneo did I hear him shout? ]
[14.07.2014 22:54:08 | Edited 22:54:20] Jonas Askeland: [I imagine it comes out as “sooof dhe daaacthaaaah”]
[14.07.2014 22:54:29] sneo92: >_[you would hear something along those lines, yes]
[14.07.2014 22:54:33] jesse.boef: [that sounds rasta ^
[14.07.2014 22:54:50] Cecium: charges sneakily to the door and peeks in with assault rifle at the ready
[14.07.2014 22:54:56] Jonas Askeland: [Instant rasta injection, when we wake up we have dreads and a need for weed]
[14.07.2014 22:55:06] jesse.boef: [sneaky charge, seems legit]
[14.07.2014 22:55:11] jesse.boef: [and ill get the weed, im dutch!]
[14.07.2014 22:55:13] Cecium: [silent running perk ftw ]
[14.07.2014 22:55:49] sneo92: >_Shadow: You peek in as Stalker falls to the floor, unconcious. Cotton lays flat on his face and the doctor is on the ground rubbing his head.
[14.07.2014 22:56:18] Cecium: I shoot him. a lot
[14.07.2014 22:56:22] Jonas Askeland: [It is what it looks like]
[14.07.2014 22:56:23] jesse.boef: [sooof dhe daaacthaaaah!]
[14.07.2014 22:56:57] Cecium: [49 to 78]
[14.07.2014 22:58:00] sneo92: >_The bullets of the assultrifle rips into the doctor, tearing up blood and gore [roll me some damage!]
[14.07.2014 22:58:07] Cecium: [ rolled a 9 dammage + whatever Degrees of sucess that is ]
[14.07.2014 22:58:26 | Edited 22:58:33] jesse.boef: [i wish i was concious to see the gore :C]
[14.07.2014 22:59:12] Cecium: [inb4 losing this battle ]
[14.07.2014 22:59:30] Jonas Askeland: [That would be.. Interesting..? O_o]
[14.07.2014 22:59:33] jesse.boef: [you better not]
[14.07.2014 23:00:18] sneo92: >_The doctor fights his way to his hooves “You will not interupt my research again!” He picks up the syring with his hooves and lunges at shadow. He stabs the syringe into shadows chest. [you feel dizzy]
[14.07.2014 23:00:23] sneo92: >_[the dice are NOT with you today o.o]
[14.07.2014 23:00:33] jesse.boef: [if anyone is interested, my fingers still smell like ass]
[14.07.2014 23:00:52] Jonas Askeland: [And after he’s done with us, goodness knows what wont be!]
[14.07.2014 23:01:00] jesse.boef: [XD]
[14.07.2014 23:01:15] jesse.boef: [hes gonna rub his rotten ass all over us O-O)
[14.07.2014 23:01:24] sneo92: >_[shadow turn]
[14.07.2014 23:01:42] Jonas Askeland: [It all comes down to this then]
[14.07.2014 23:01:51] Jonas Askeland: [Do something clever]
[14.07.2014 23:01:51] jesse.boef: [inb4 loss]
[14.07.2014 23:02:19] Jonas Askeland: [Its a sedative, you got any psycho? Might counteract it..?]
[14.07.2014 23:02:31] jesse.boef: [im already lights out]
[14.07.2014 23:03:02] jesse.boef: [plus i dont have shit]
[14.07.2014 23:03:27] sneo92: >_[I think someone is slightly stressed :3]
[14.07.2014 23:03:43] jesse.boef: [indeciveness ^]
[14.07.2014 23:04:17] Cecium: [I aim at him for 3 ap, and then I fire a single burst of assault rifle at him ]
[14.07.2014 23:04:53] Cecium: [ rolled 07! out of 78 ] [
[14.07.2014 23:04:59] Cecium: [ 19 dammage + dos ]
[14.07.2014 23:05:01] jesse.boef: [awesooome]
[14.07.2014 23:05:10] jesse.boef: [now kill!]
[14.07.2014 23:05:11] Jonas Askeland: [Fuck him up! Before he doe us!]
[14.07.2014 23:05:11] Cecium: [I wish I had more luck <→< ]
[14.07.2014 23:05:30] jesse.boef: [KILL HIM! HES A CRIMINAL!]
[14.07.2014 23:05:33] Cecium: garbles incoheviasly
[14.07.2014 23:05:51] jesse.boef: dreams about ponies while unconcious
[14.07.2014 23:06:29] sneo92: >_The ghouls head pops in a cacophony of brains and gore as Shadows world spins out and she falls uncious.
[14.07.2014 23:06:31] Jonas Askeland: I think i might be dreaming about legs.. Walking by themselves.. Staging a coup on Luna..? O_o
[14.07.2014 23:06:55] jesse.boef: we wait till we wake up… i guess?
[14.07.2014 23:07:06] Cecium: dreams of bloodwings
[14.07.2014 23:07:09] sneo92: >_[everyone roll an endurance check, please]
[14.07.2014 23:07:25] Cecium: [82 <→< ]
[14.07.2014 23:07:26] jesse.boef: [3 SUCK IT]
[14.07.2014 23:07:27] Jonas Askeland: 47
[14.07.2014 23:08:19] sneo92: >_Stalker opens his eyes again, his head aching. Your stomach growls as you get up and see te other laying around you
[14.07.2014 23:08:32] jesse.boef: [now inb4 my next rolls all 100 :C]
[14.07.2014 23:08:44] Jonas Askeland: [100 for hillarity]
[14.07.2014 23:09:14] jesse.boef: i slap the others awake, at least attempt to
[14.07.2014 23:09:57] sneo92: >_Cotton responds to the slapping, while Shadow remains unconcious
[14.07.2014 23:10:16] jesse.boef: “eh she deserves to be knocked out for a while”
[14.07.2014 23:10:27] Cecium: [BIIIIIIIITCH]
[14.07.2014 23:10:33] Jonas Askeland: “Stahp.. Stahp.. STA- OH!”
[14.07.2014 23:10:39] jesse.boef: [shouldntve disappeared :P]
[14.07.2014 23:10:48] Jonas Askeland: “Hi Stalker, were we not killed?”
[14.07.2014 23:10:54] Jonas Askeland: Kinda baffled
[14.07.2014 23:11:01] jesse.boef: “guess not”
[14.07.2014 23:11:25] jesse.boef: i look around for anything edible
[14.07.2014 23:12:03] sneo92: >_Jesse: You don’t see anything that looks like you’d want to eat it
[14.07.2014 23:12:17] jesse.boef: [if i want to eat shadow, can i?]
[14.07.2014 23:12:30] Cecium: wink wink
[14.07.2014 23:12:42] sneo92: >_[…no comment]
[14.07.2014 23:12:55 | Edited 23:12:57] jesse.boef: [answer the question…]
[14.07.2014 23:13:20] sneo92: >_[what is stopping you?]
[14.07.2014 23:13:26] Jonas Askeland: I step out of the room and find shadow, and check her vitals to make sure she’s okay
[14.07.2014 23:13:28] Cecium: [does he hav the cannibal perk? ]
[14.07.2014 23:13:51] jesse.boef: i settle to eat one of my field rations
[14.07.2014 23:14:12] sneo92: >_Jonas: Shadow is alright
[14.07.2014 23:14:50] Jonas Askeland: “She’s fine, maybe we should let her rest up”
[14.07.2014 23:15:25] jesse.boef: when done eating, i snatch the docs energy weapon from his desk
[14.07.2014 23:16:02] sneo92: >_JEsse: you get an energy pistol with 10 Spark Packs (counts as 10 shots)
[14.07.2014 23:16:17] Jonas Askeland: I’ll eat some too, but in the main room, dont eat in a lab
[14.07.2014 23:16:49] sneo92: >_Those in the main room, perception checks
[14.07.2014 23:16:58] Jonas Askeland: 47
[14.07.2014 23:16:59] Cecium: [Unconscious still ]
[14.07.2014 23:17:04] jesse.boef: [93… awww]
[14.07.2014 23:17:34] sneo92: >_ [and there was nothing]
[14.07.2014 23:17:49] Jonas Askeland: When done eating, i intend to go back into the lab and start looking around for anything of use (loot)
[14.07.2014 23:18:05] jesse.boef: i go back into the back room, and continue my search for ‘him’
[14.07.2014 23:18:23] sneo92: >_[back room as in the first room?]
[14.07.2014 23:18:32] jesse.boef: [where we got drugged]
[14.07.2014 23:18:36] jesse.boef: [full of blood room]
[14.07.2014 23:20:06] sneo92: >_Jonas: you find much medical equipment you either don’t know what does or is to bolted down to carry along, there is however a cabinet mared with three pink butterflies.
>_Jesse: The room is clearly a surgical theatre containing mashines that, if connected, would go “PING” as well as tools a plenty for both opening and closing ponies.
[14.07.2014 23:20:16 | Edited 23:20:19] sneo92: >_Shadow starts waking up
[14.07.2014 23:20:30 | Edited 23:20:33] jesse.boef: “cotton, maybe youre interested in this!”
[14.07.2014 23:20:30] Cecium: "ugh,.. where am I?.. did I get him? "
[14.07.2014 23:20:38] Jonas Askeland: Check dat MoP cabinet!
[14.07.2014 23:21:02] Cecium: attempts to stand up
[14.07.2014 23:21:17] Jonas Askeland: “Hi Shadow, sorry to say we were all killed and are now in the afterlife”
[14.07.2014 23:21:37] Cecium: looks down at corpse of ghoulie
[14.07.2014 23:21:43] Jonas Askeland: “Its mostly the same really, except he’s dead here”
[14.07.2014 23:21:59] Cecium: facehoofs
[14.07.2014 23:22:05] Jonas Askeland: I give you a deadpan look
[14.07.2014 23:22:14] jesse.boef: “cotton, youre not kidding anyone, now get in here”
[14.07.2014 23:22:16] sneo92: >Jonas: You find a pouch containing some sort of dust you haven’t seen before, two empty syrignes, a healing potion and a tin of Party Time Mintals
[14.07.2014 23:23:41] Cecium: " Can we leave now? "
[14.07.2014 23:24:03] Cecium: " Pretty please?, this place is driving my mane nuts " looks around nervous like * *Glances at eye
[14.07.2014 23:24:24] jesse.boef: “wont be long”
[14.07.2014 23:24:32] Jonas Askeland: “I get you, buy we still gotta look for supplies”
[14.07.2014 23:24:40] Jonas Askeland: I walk over to Stalker
[14.07.2014 23:24:45] Jonas Askeland: “Whatcha need?”
[14.07.2014 23:25:06] jesse.boef: “maybe youre interested in all this” points to machinery and medical tools
[14.07.2014 23:25:50] Jonas Askeland: “Oh wow, i think i know that one.. It goes PING
[14.07.2014 23:25:56] jesse.boef: i walk out the room and into the lab where the doc brought cotton, and search around for stuffz
[14.07.2014 23:26:44] Jonas Askeland: I examine the equipment briefly
[14.07.2014 23:26:58] sneo92: >_Jesse:You find a lot of medical equipment you can only guess what does
[14.07.2014 23:27:28] jesse.boef: i walk back into the main room and examine the docs desk
[14.07.2014 23:27:31] Cecium: * I head for the door in the room we met the ghoulie in and await there*
[14.07.2014 23:27:52] sneo92: >_Jonas: It is all pretty standard surgical equipment
>_Jesse and Christian, [perception check]
[14.07.2014 23:28:06] Jonas Askeland: I walk back to the others
[14.07.2014 23:28:10] jesse.boef: [69, sex thing!]
[14.07.2014 23:28:15] Cecium: [45 ]
[14.07.2014 23:28:48] sneo92: >_Jesse: underneeth the desk you find a switch
[14.07.2014 23:28:48] Jonas Askeland: “Its just operating equipment, nothing we could take down and sell or anything”
[14.07.2014 23:28:59] jesse.boef: “guys, found a switch”
[14.07.2014 23:29:33] Jonas Askeland: “Gonna flip it?”
[14.07.2014 23:29:44] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, where is it and what do you think its gonna do?”
[14.07.2014 23:29:49] jesse.boef: “guess so, stand clear of any walls”
[14.07.2014 23:29:57] jesse.boef: “underneath this desk”
[14.07.2014 23:30:04] Jonas Askeland: I jump to the centre of the room
[14.07.2014 23:30:10] Cecium: takes cover
[14.07.2014 23:30:19] jesse.boef: flicks switch
[14.07.2014 23:30:43] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, under a desk? You dont think its some sorta emergency alarm.. Or.. Self destruct sequence or anything?”
[14.07.2014 23:31:01 | Edited 23:31:09] jesse.boef: “hope not, too late now” i say, kinda evil/crazy tone in my voice
[14.07.2014 23:31:15] sneo92: >_As you flip the switch the wall behind the desk makes a rumbling sound as it lifts. Beyond it you can see the faint shimmer of another vat. There is a switch on the inside on the left side of the door marked “lights”
[14.07.2014 23:31:30] Cecium: stares
[14.07.2014 23:31:38] jesse.boef: “lets not flick that lights switch… cotton light it up”
[14.07.2014 23:31:40] Jonas Askeland: “Whats that..?” I walk over
[14.07.2014 23:31:50] Jonas Askeland: Magic light bulb ho!
[14.07.2014 23:32:00] Cecium: " you need more lights over there? "
[14.07.2014 23:32:05 | Edited 23:32:11] jesse.boef: [gotta love a walking flashlight ^
[14.07.2014 23:32:18] sneo92: >_As your light comes close to the vat, you can barely make out the face of a blue unicorn stalion inside the vat.
[14.07.2014 23:32:22] Cecium: [makes for such a nice indicator for where to aim ]
[14.07.2014 23:32:38 | Edited 23:32:41] jesse.boef: “i guess this is ‘him’”
[14.07.2014 23:32:44] Jonas Askeland: “Him?”
[14.07.2014 23:32:51] Cecium: " Who is this him? "
[14.07.2014 23:33:06] jesse.boef: “the colt the doc was talking about. he said he couldnt leave because of ‘him’”
[14.07.2014 23:33:27] Jonas Askeland: “Thats what kept him? Who is this guy?”
[14.07.2014 23:33:38] Jonas Askeland: I try to get a look at his cutiemark
[14.07.2014 23:33:48] jesse.boef: i check the terminal on the docs desk
[14.07.2014 23:34:10] Cecium: "Freaky… do we have to … yknow.. stick around? "
[14.07.2014 23:34:20] sneo92: >_It’s to dark to determine the cutiemark
>_The terminal only has the option to pruge tanks
[14.07.2014 23:34:21] Cecium: " cuz this is just downright scary .. "
[14.07.2014 23:34:21] jesse.boef: “for now, yes”
[14.07.2014 23:34:43] jesse.boef: “hhm, purge tanks… wanna try it guys?”
[14.07.2014 23:35:10] Jonas Askeland: “That could mean all tanks, even the the ones doing limb.. Transport.. I guess”
[14.07.2014 23:35:37] jesse.boef: “its the only option we have right now”
[14.07.2014 23:35:45] Cecium: " Doesnt mean thats what we should do? "
[14.07.2014 23:36:12] Jonas Askeland: “Not that i imagine i matters much now” Look to shadow “You shot the only guy who knew the research”
[14.07.2014 23:36:27] Cecium: " He drugged you! "
[14.07.2014 23:36:29] Cecium: " And me… "
[14.07.2014 23:36:43] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, i’m not blaming you, just saying the research is kinda lost”
[14.07.2014 23:36:46] jesse.boef: “shadow did the right thing, apart from ditching us in the start”
[14.07.2014 23:36:50] Jonas Askeland: “Unless we can find something in here”
[14.07.2014 23:37:02] Cecium: " You ratted me out ! and that made a ghoul kick me over! "
[14.07.2014 23:37:09] Cecium: " last time I met a ghoul it chewed on me! "
[14.07.2014 23:37:20 | Edited 23:37:22] jesse.boef: “i did not rat you out. people like that you dont lie to”
[14.07.2014 23:37:36] Cecium: " You didnt have to lie, could have just not said anything "
[14.07.2014 23:37:46] jesse.boef: “and stand in a standoff?”
[14.07.2014 23:37:57] jesse.boef: “thatd just make him angrier”
[14.07.2014 23:37:58] Cecium: " Could have calmed him down without letting his anger get a target ! "
[14.07.2014 23:38:08] Cecium: Groans in desperation and trotts of towards the entrance
[14.07.2014 23:38:16] Jonas Askeland: “The guy was pretty far gone anyways, i dont think it mattered much in the end”
[14.07.2014 23:38:27] Cecium: turns on pipbuck radio
[14.07.2014 23:38:29] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma hit the lights, i wanna take a proper look”
[14.07.2014 23:38:35] Jonas Askeland: I hit the lightswitch
[14.07.2014 23:38:41] sneo92: >_Christian: There is a nice tune playing
[14.07.2014 23:38:51 | Edited 23:39:01] Cecium: * Shadow humms to the tune*
[14.07.2014 23:38:56] Jonas Askeland: [Reception down here? Neat]
[14.07.2014 23:39:11] jesse.boef: [we are 2 stories below ground, no way]
[14.07.2014 23:39:27] Jonas Askeland: [Equestrian engineering]
[14.07.2014 23:39:30 | Edited 23:39:32] jesse.boef: [i call hax]
[14.07.2014 23:40:04] Jonas Askeland: [Unless its something.. More.. SINISTER! DUM-DUM-DUUUM]
[14.07.2014 23:40:19] jesse.boef: [wired radio!]
[14.07.2014 23:40:35] jesse.boef: [OH MY GOD ITS SO EVIL]
[14.07.2014 23:41:01] sneo92: >_As you tun on the light, the entirety of the roon is lit. You see the Pony floating in the vat, his horn is connected to a cable running upwards, and his wings are held out wide by another set of cables. His eyes are closed as he floats peacefully in the vat.
Next to the vat there is a controll panell with a large, caged lever marked “RELEASE” as well as a similar lever marked “PURGE”.
[14.07.2014 23:41:32 | Edited 23:41:36] jesse.boef: “alicorn huh”
[14.07.2014 23:41:40] Jonas Askeland: “Wait what?”
[14.07.2014 23:42:00] jesse.boef: “this is getting more interesting by the minute”
[14.07.2014 23:42:04] Jonas Askeland: “Are wings more common here i Baltimare or something..?”
[14.07.2014 23:42:32] jesse.boef: “maybe…”
[14.07.2014 23:42:36] Jonas Askeland: I tap on the glass
[14.07.2014 23:42:42] Jonas Askeland: “You think he’s still alive?”
[14.07.2014 23:43:00] jesse.boef: “one way to find out” looks to release lever
[14.07.2014 23:43:21] Jonas Askeland: I look for movement in his muscles, breathing particularily
[14.07.2014 23:43:41] sneo92: >_You notice nothing [med check]
[14.07.2014 23:43:57] Jonas Askeland: [14 under 66]
[14.07.2014 23:44:28] sneo92: >_You conclude that if he is ment to be alive, he’ll get what nourishment he’d need throug the cables.
[14.07.2014 23:44:58] Jonas Askeland: [Now i imagine him all matrix style, with no muscles if we wake him up]
[14.07.2014 23:45:36] sneo92: >_[Also, we are nearing the end of the session. Time to start thinking of your final actions]
[14.07.2014 23:45:56] Jonas Askeland: [TO PURGE, OR NOT TO PURGE!]
[14.07.2014 23:46:02] jesse.boef: [i call purge]
[14.07.2014 23:46:12] jesse.boef: [i wanna hit that…. sooo baaad]
[14.07.2014 23:46:25] Jonas Askeland: [Thats a bit harsh, he’s had no chance defend his position]
[14.07.2014 23:46:42] Cecium: [its a freaky abomination alicorn thingie O_o ]
[14.07.2014 23:46:46] jesse.boef: [he might be hostile, since we killed the doc]
[14.07.2014 23:46:49] jesse.boef: [that was likely a friend]
[14.07.2014 23:46:56] Cecium: [ or a captor ]
[14.07.2014 23:46:59] Jonas Askeland: [Granted, last time i gave some strange pony some trust we got drugged and almost died]
[14.07.2014 23:47:11] jesse.boef: [purge! purge! purge!]
[14.07.2014 23:47:16] Cecium: [we all agree you dont have the common sense of a foal yes ]
[14.07.2014 23:47:21] Jonas Askeland: [Sheesh, butchers]
[14.07.2014 23:47:43] Jonas Askeland: I knock on the glass somemore
[14.07.2014 23:47:45] Cecium: [make up your mind you two, let him out or purge ]
[14.07.2014 23:47:53] Cecium: [you got to pound harder to smash it open ]
[14.07.2014 23:48:11] Jonas Askeland: “I really dont wanna just.. Pull the plug”
[14.07.2014 23:48:20] jesse.boef: “i do”
[14.07.2014 23:48:45] Jonas Askeland: “Well, what harm has he done us? We’ve no right to just murder the guy?”
[14.07.2014 23:48:57 | Edited 23:48:59] jesse.boef: “his doctor friend maybe?”
[14.07.2014 23:49:02] Jonas Askeland: “Granted, we dont have any obligations either”
[14.07.2014 23:49:08] Jonas Askeland: “Could be a captive for all we know”
[14.07.2014 23:49:25] Cecium: Shadow yells " Guys, im leaving now, im not staying down here anymore! ill wait for you outside where I can get some fresh air.. " starts walking
[14.07.2014 23:49:31] jesse.boef: “if he was could bring him when we asking him to come with us”
[14.07.2014 23:49:34] jesse.boef: “copy!”
[14.07.2014 23:49:35] Jonas Askeland: “Seeing as most everypony else gets cut up i guess this might be his most succesfull work?”
[14.07.2014 23:50:13] Jonas Askeland: “Ah, you sure about that shadow? I get you dont like it down here but isnt it best we stick together?”
[14.07.2014 23:50:56] Jonas Askeland: “Look, pulling the plug is probably going to kill him, it just saves you the bullet”
[14.07.2014 23:51:05] jesse.boef: “then its settled”
[14.07.2014 23:51:21] Jonas Askeland: “Why not release him, have a chat if we can, and if you’re still keen on murder then you could just shoot him then”
[14.07.2014 23:51:40] jesse.boef: “i dont want him to drug us with his mind. im tired of this”i initiate the purging program on the terminal
[14.07.2014 23:52:30] Jonas Askeland: “What? You’re so scared of things you only have baseless accusations for that you’re just gonna outright murder him?”
[14.07.2014 23:52:40] Jonas Askeland: “We could might as well leave him alone!”
[14.07.2014 23:53:05 | Edited 23:53:34] sneo92:
Purge sequense intiated
All Bio-Tanks will be drained and pruged by
Incineration starting, please stay clear of the
Bio-Tanks during process.
Bio-Tank 3, leakage detected
Risk of Fuel Tank ignition,
Please evacuate the area immediately!

[14.07.2014 23:53:09] jesse.boef: “not scared, just cautious”
[14.07.2014 23:53:21] Jonas Askeland: “AW FUCK!”
[14.07.2014 23:53:25] Jonas Askeland: “GET OUT!”
[14.07.2014 23:53:27] jesse.boef: i grab cotton and fly him outta the building
[14.07.2014 23:53:48] Jonas Askeland: I gladly comply
[14.07.2014 23:54:01] jesse.boef: (if i meet shadow on the way, i grab her too)
[14.07.2014 23:54:20] sneo92: >_Jesse [gimme a strength check, then]
[14.07.2014 23:54:41] jesse.boef: 38
[14.07.2014 23:54:52] sneo92: >_[what’s your strength again?]
[14.07.2014 23:55:12] jesse.boef: [7, 59/45/31]
[14.07.2014 23:55:43] sneo92: >_As you fly outwards, you garb Cotton with you, however trying to grab shadow leaves you stumped as the wheigt becomes to much for you
[14.07.2014 23:56:01] Jonas Askeland: “ITS GONNA BLOW SHADOW! RUN!”
[14.07.2014 23:56:03] Jonas Askeland: I leg it
[14.07.2014 23:56:20] sneo92: >_[Agi checks, everyone]
[14.07.2014 23:56:35] Jonas Askeland: [Sheeeit]
[14.07.2014 23:56:39] jesse.boef: 48
[14.07.2014 23:56:46] Jonas Askeland: 82
[14.07.2014 23:56:48] Cecium: 32
[14.07.2014 23:56:49] jesse.boef: [damn]
[14.07.2014 23:56:57] jesse.boef: [its been nice knowing you]
[14.07.2014 23:57:44] Jonas Askeland: [Write my name on a stone and put it next to the wreckage]
[14.07.2014 23:58:35] jesse.boef: [inb4 the facility doesnt even blow up]
[14.07.2014 23:58:48] Jonas Askeland: [Shuuush, you’re killing the suspense]
[14.07.2014 23:58:49] Cecium: [rocks fall everyone dies }
[14.07.2014 23:59:39] jesse.boef: [sneoooo]
[14.07.2014 23:59:46] jesse.boef: [cameaaane]
[00:00:01] sneo92: >_The group run for the exit, Shadow taking the lead with Stalker close behind. Cotton however is lagging behind. Below you you can hear the rumble of explosions as a wave of air starts moving up the tunnels. As Shadow and Stalker exit the building, they realize Cotton is no longer behind them. The fire bursts from the door and window, no sign of Cotton.
[00:00:37] Cecium: " Cotton? .. Cotton! "
[00:00:47] Cecium: " Where the buck are you ?!?"
[00:00:58] jesse.boef: “even if he survives, explosions are too loud.”
[00:01:13] Cecium: ignores pegasi
[00:01:19] Cecium: starts looking forCotton
[00:01:47] jesse.boef: i fly up high, looking for danger that might be coming from the resulting explosions
[00:03:09] sneo92: >_Fire engulfs the doors, entering will be very risky
[00:03:29] Cecium: checks EFS
[00:03:38] sneo92: >_You see one blue bar
[00:03:57] Cecium: levitates out medx syringe and injects it into myself
[00:04:18] Cecium: Ties healing bandages around muzzle to act as impromptu smoke.. proteciton.. thingie
[00:04:23] Cecium: Charges in to search for Cotton
[00:04:41] jesse.boef: [can i get # enemies incoming?]
[00:06:05] sneo92: >_JEsse: [perception check]
>_Christian: You run in, fire licking your hide as you enter the reception. The furniture is burning vigouusly as the skeletons are turned to ash in the inferno.
[00:06:19] jesse.boef: [fucking 1]
[00:06:21] jesse.boef: [WOOOW]
[00:06:31] Cecium: “Cotton!, Cotton!” chases that blue bar
[00:07:18] sneo92: >_Jesse: You see, across the landskape, a myriad of fresh, pony corpses. It has clearly been a firefight going on here.
Christian: Perception and endurance checks
[00:08:04] Cecium: 24 26
[00:08:22] jesse.boef: i fly back down to the door, and await shadows return
[00:09:21 | Edited 00:09:25] sneo92: >_christian: You manage to find the direction of the bar in the firey chaos and make your way to the auditorium, where there is a heap of desks in one end of the room. the outermost ones are on fire. This is the direction you see the blue bar
[00:10:04] Cecium: keeps pushing forward " COTTON! Godammnit Cotton!*
[00:10:30] sneo92: >_The blue bar is clearly somewhere in the pile of desks.
[00:10:43] Cecium: starts digging it out
[00:11:04] sneo92: >_[Endurance chekcsk, please]
[00:11:12] Cecium: 49
[00:11:27] Cecium: [which is a fail]
[00:11:44] sneo92: >_The fire buffet you, as you can’t seem to make any progress [take 3 fire damage]
[00:12:13] Cecium: screams in pain keeps trying to dig cotton out
[00:12:41] sneo92: >_[more endurance, please!]
[00:12:49] Cecium: 56
[00:13:26] sneo92: >_The fire rages on! [take 3 more damage]
[00:14:10] Cecium: More screams of pain * *bites teeth together " GODAMNIT COTTON! YOU STILL HAVE MY GUN!" Keeps diggin cotton out
[00:14:21] Cecium: [99…..]
[00:14:29] jesse.boef: [is only doing it for the gun…]
[00:14:29] Cecium: [ Rip ]
[00:14:34] jesse.boef: [XD]
[00:14:38] Cecium: [Totally! only doing it for the gun ]
[00:14:43] Jonas Askeland: [Might need your wings in here]
[00:14:55] jesse.boef: [might not wanna burn my wings off]
[00:15:15] sneo92: >_As shadow tries to dig out, parts of the roof falls on top of the whole shebang. [take 6 fire damage]
[00:15:33] jesse.boef: [do i hear the roof collapsing?]
[00:16:05] sneo92: >_Jesse: All you hear is the comotion of a building burning and falling appart. You probably heard it but it would be hard to dicern
[00:16:34] jesse.boef: i check the building for easier entry points then
[00:16:56] sneo92: >_The only point of entry you find is the door and the windows
[00:16:58] Cecium: grits teeth Tries to dig him out even more *
[00:17:08] Cecium: 007
[00:18:42] sneo92: >_Shadow: You manage to clean away the rubble and eventually you spot a badly singed hoof in the mess as you dig out the lifeless body of cotton
[00:19:01] Cecium: *Curses loudly as I pour a healing potion down his throat and then I drink one of my own

[00:19:05] Cecium: starts dragging him out
[00:19:20] sneo92: >_[Endurance check]
[00:19:35] Cecium: 41
[00:19:55] Cecium: [ how much did healing potion heal bttw <→< ]
[00:20:04] sneo92: >_[I don’t know your values. 15 health]
[00:20:11] Cecium: [ made an easy one ]
[00:20:28] sneo92: >_You make it to the reception, but the fires in there stops you for a bi
[00:20:41] sneo92: >_[take 3 damage]
[00:20:48] jesse.boef: [can i see em?]
[00:20:56] Cecium: [keeps pushing]
[00:21:00] sneo92: >_Jesse: Not yet, to much smoke
[00:21:06] Cecium: 21makes a hard one
[00:21:20] sneo92: >_You finally burst out into the open!
[00:21:35 | Edited 00:21:48] Cecium: tries to slap Cotton awake
[00:22:17] sneo92: >_The slaps brings some inches of life to Cotton
[00:22:34] jesse.boef: i look impressed, and concerned at the same time “probably inhaled smoke”
[00:22:56] Cecium: tries to use the limtied medical knowledge she has
[00:23:23] Cecium: [69 to 23 ]
[00:23:41] Jonas Askeland: I slowly blink an eyelid and lazily glide my eye around, not fixating on anything
[00:24:29] sneo92: >_Christian: You realize he is in a bad state, but you notice him opening an eye and that it’s a good sign
[00:24:39] Cecium: Pours other healing potion down there
[00:25:20] Cecium: " Snap out of it! Im not losing another one! " is bawling
[00:25:37] Cecium: [ also nothing personal jesse ]
[00:25:45] jesse.boef: [i know ^]
[00:25:48] Cecium: [ character is just .. kinda really angry ]
[00:25:53] jesse.boef: [im just laughing at being called a turkey]
[00:26:04] Cecium: [worse thigns might happen, you have been warned ]
[00:26:15] jesse.boef: shrugs
[00:26:23] Jonas Askeland: My eyes snap into focus
[00:27:36] Jonas Askeland: I grab Shadows head and kiss her square on the mouth, then proceed to wretch myself and cough violently
[00:27:56] Cecium: freezes in place *
[00:28:08] jesse.boef: *i look shocked, by the recent turn of events

[00:28:15] jesse.boef: [boy that escalated quickly]
[00:28:35] Jonas Askeland: [Saved my life damnit]
[00:28:35] Cecium: [That seemed pretty normal if you ask me <→< ]
[00:28:40] Cecium: [ being saved out from certain death? ]
[00:28:49] Jonas Askeland: [Literally, i was dying]
[00:29:17] sneo92: >_[Last posts, then perceptions, please]
[00:29:18] jesse.boef: [not somethin i would do. then again im just one of many crazy people]
[00:29:27] jesse.boef: 16
[00:29:31] Jonas Askeland: 45
[00:29:32] jesse.boef: [im on fire today]
[00:29:36] jesse.boef: [no pun intended]
[00:29:40] Jonas Askeland: [Me too!]
[00:29:43] Cecium: “Why the buck did you not help turkey!” [29 ]
[00:29:50] Cecium: [me three ]
[00:30:12] jesse.boef: “im not a field medic. plus i still have a different reason”
[00:30:22] jesse.boef: “one that does not concern you”
[00:30:25] Cecium: " And what reason is that !"
[00:30:28] Cecium: " Answer ! "
[00:30:51] jesse.boef: i remain silent
[00:30:59] Jonas Askeland: “Hey, you guys, i’m fine, really..” Coughing between every word
[00:31:04] sneo92: >_As the building burns on, you (whoever made a medium check) spots silouettes of ponies watching from a nearby rock as darkness settles on the area.
[00:31:19] jesse.boef: “oh shit…”
[00:31:20] Cecium: " Godammnit .. we will take this later Stalker… But I aint done with you! "
[00:31:28] sneo92: >_[END SESSION]
[00:31:56] Cecium: [phew that was intense <→< ]
[00:31:58] sneo92: well that ended on a note
[00:32:09] jesse.boef: waaay to close for comfort
[00:32:10] Jonas Askeland: I’d say that went pretty well
[00:32:17] Cecium: yup
[00:32:25] jesse.boef: at least no one died, yet
[00:32:34] sneo92: also, congratulations for first unsolicited murder ^

[00:32:43] Jonas Askeland: Hooray!
[00:32:46] Jonas Askeland: Or wait, not really
[00:32:48] jesse.boef: is that my title now?
[00:32:52] Cecium: “Murderer”
[00:32:56] jesse.boef: unsolicited murderer ?
[00:33:01] jesse.boef: i like it
[00:33:02] Jonas Askeland: Nr. 1 Unsolcitated murderer
[00:33:12] Jonas Askeland: We should make you a medal
[00:33:15] jesse.boef: well, im off takin a shower. wash this ass off my fingers
[00:33:30] sneo92: Buh bye, then!
[00:33:39] jesse.boef: sneo, ill message ya when im availible
[00:33:53] sneo92: Do, we’ll fix some progressions and such
[00:34:06] Jonas Askeland: Do we roll those post session now or after rest?
[00:34:18] Cecium: post session would be..
[00:34:22] Cecium: wisest or else you might forget <→<
[00:34:30] sneo92: we can do post session, so just poke me on steam with what you get and we’ll call it at that
[00:34:37] Jonas Askeland: Copy
[00:34:56] sneo92: also, Brit gives the entire group a slap for muder of Ikeacorn
[00:35:09] Cecium: I know he does
[00:35:12] Jonas Askeland: Ikeacorn?
[00:35:23] Cecium: male alicorns dont exist afterall
[00:35:26] Jonas Askeland: Oh, derp
[00:36:50] Cecium: saving transcript now
[00:38:16] sneo92: ah well, no new character introduction this session then
[00:38:36] Cecium: Is sad


[19:00:55] sneo92: Rollcall!
[19:01:01] Cecium: rolls over
[19:01:05] Jonas Askeland: HERE!
[19:01:08] jesse.boef: ‘l,mhj vguch’;
[19:01:09] jesse.boef: ’
[19:03:13] sneo92: maps and such will appear here
[19:04:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: here
[19:05:00] sneo92: okay, all present and accounted for! if there’s anything else before we get this stuff a’rolling contact me on steam
[19:05:07] sneo92: which reminds me, there is one thing
[19:07:46] sneo92: As a quick reminder, here are the how-to when it comes to text formating, if we can call it that
[19:08:56] sneo92: >_The arrow/underscore indicate GM talk, “Use this form when your character speaks” Use asterisks when describing actions and similar, [anything mecanical or otherwise out of game stuff gets square brackets]
[19:09:36] sneo92: so unless there’s anything else, I say we get stuff going!
[19:10:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Wohoo]
[19:14:10] sneo92: >_The clouds are lying heavily over the wasteland an early afternoon. The wind blows through the dead shrubberly and dust is swiveled into the air by the occational gust. The silence is only broken by a lonely set of hoofsteps moving down a cracked and broken highway. A lime green pony is walking up the south road leading to the local Ministry of Peace facility on the southwestern end of Baltimare Downtown. Meanwhile a purple Unicorn mare stalks her way through the wasteland, heading for the same facility from the west, oblivious to the pair of Pegasi approaching the Medical Centre from only a few hundred meters to her north.
[19:17:52] sneo92: >_The green unicorn Stops to take a breath as he arrives at the main gate, as he notices the Purple mare approaching the building to his left. The pegasi catch a glimse of the pair as they notice eachother and are left staring for just a few seccons. [aaand GO!]
[19:18:14] Cecium: stares at lime green pony checks E.F.S
[19:18:40] sneo92: >_[Cecium: Your efs is green]
[19:18:57] Cecium: " Uhm, Howdy! what brings you out to these ere parts ? "
[19:19:09] Jonas Askeland: “Oh hi there!”
[19:19:40] jesse.boef: i drag the other pegasus with me to the ground
[19:19:43] Jonas Askeland: “Scavenging, heard there was a chance for some medical supplies out here”
[19:19:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “umpfh”
[19:20:06] Cecium: " Oh, thats a coincidence, im actually here looking for supplies of my own! "
[19:20:18] Jonas Askeland: Literally beaming!
[19:21:12] Jonas Askeland: “Thats fantastic! You going for this facility too then? We could go together!”
[19:21:25] Jonas Askeland: “My names Cotton, Cotton Grass, whats yours?”
[19:21:51] Jonas Askeland: Trot towards you and reach for a hoofshake
[19:22:11] Cecium: " Names Shadow, and err. sure I suppose we can go together, " " shakes hoof meekly
[19:23:18] jesse.boef: “stay here, ill check things out”. i start sneaking up to the 2
[19:23:40] sneo92: [roll a stealth check, that’s a d100]
[19:23:42] Cecium: " We should prolly get going, all sorts of raiders in the vicinity "
[19:23:56] Jonas Askeland: Looking around, taking in surroundings. Gauging distance to the MoP facility
[19:24:09] Cecium: starts walking off towards facility
[19:24:13] Cecium: scans E.F.S
[19:24:44] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, you have a lot of trouble with raiders round these parts?”
[19:24:51] Jonas Askeland: Trot alongside Shadow
[19:25:02] jesse.boef: 80
[19:25:55] Jonas Askeland: “Baltimare seemed pretty calm so far, but i havent been here for long yet”
[19:26:00] Jonas Askeland: “You from around these parts?”
[19:26:55] sneo92: >_As The pegasus makes his way towards the two others, he uses a rock to steady himself. As he puts his wheight onto the rock, it suddenly moves from underneeth him as the ground next to him errupts and a Radscorpion screeches and flails it’s tail. Stalker is tossed back from the force as the beast readies itself for battle.
[19:27:27] sneo92: [roll a d100 initative]
[19:27:44] jesse.boef: 91
[19:27:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 19
[19:27:46] Cecium: "Yeah, pretty hectic round these here parts, lost one of my friends just to the north of here a week ago.. " turns quikcly to noise
[19:27:55] Cecium: 17
[19:28:05] Cecium: [32*]
[19:28:20] Jonas Askeland: [59+15=74]
[19:29:07] jesse.boef: [oh, actually 121]
[19:29:34] sneo92: >_Stalker, being mid air from the force of the scorpion uses his wings to flip mid air and lands decicivly on his hooves. ready for combat. [Jesse, you start off the combat!]
[19:31:43] jesse.boef: i draw my pistol and fire a round at the body of the scorpion
[19:32:18] sneo92: [roll a d100 against gun skill
[19:32:35] jesse.boef: [57 rolled, 60 skill]
[19:33:41] sneo92: >_The bullet strke the carapace of the scorpion and ping off it’s hard shell.
[19:36:04] jesse.boef: i take to the air, and position myself away from the other pegasus
[19:40:24] jesse.boef: [end turn]
[19:40:33] sneo92: [Neon turn]
[19:40:53] Jonas Askeland: “OH SWEET CELESTIA YOU HAVE WINGS!”
[19:42:41] Jonas Askeland: I draw my pistol and aim for the scorpion, aim for 1AP and fire twice
[19:43:37] Jonas Askeland: [47 over 45 and 87 over 45]
[19:44:04] sneo92: >_Both bullets go wide over the Scorpion, wizzing away into the wasteland
[19:44:12 | Edited 19:44:17] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[19:44:26] sneo92: [Cecium turn]
[19:45:24] Cecium: draws my hunting rifle and takes aim on the radscorpion for 3 Ap, then fires once
[19:45:48] Cecium: [75 under 78]
[19:46:59] sneo92: >_The lound bang of the huntingrifle rings across the wasteland as the bullet, once again pings of the hard armour of the roaring creature
[19:47:14] Cecium: [End of Turn]
[19:47:47] sneo92: [Haakon turn]
[19:48:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: stands up, looks a bit annoyed, then shoots
[19:48:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [2 shots]
[19:48:28] sneo92: [roll em]
[19:48:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [18 over 48 and 58 over 48]
[19:50:20] sneo92: >_The first beam of the pistol singes the side of the scorpion, leaving a mark and letting of a stench of burnt flesh. The seccond beam flashes right above the scorpion
[19:50:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [9 dam pluss the extra dam for having more successes]
[19:51:12] sneo92: >_[it’s one dos, so 12 damage
[19:51:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [eoT]
[19:54:34] sneo92: >_The scorpion snaps it’s claws and swings it’s tail after the pegasus before realizing it is out of reach, it swings to the side and charges for the two ponies shooting at it from th road. With great speed it attemts to grasp for Cotton with it’s claws.
[19:55:33] sneo92: >_As it catches Cotton unprepared it grabs a leg with one claw and his neck with the other, clamping and twisting them around [12dmg]
[19:55:55] sneo92: >_[Jesse turn]
[19:56:26] Jonas Askeland: I scream a little
[20:01:16] jesse.boef: i fly over to the scorpion and land beside it, aim for 2 and fire once.
[20:01:29] sneo92: [roll it with a 10 to your gunskill]
[20:01:37] jesse.boef: [43 to 70]
[20:03:00] sneo92: >_Taking the shot from nearly point blank causes the shell of the scorpion to fracture as the bullet plants itself into the scorpion. [roll some damage]
[20:03:46 | Edited 20:03:48] jesse.boef: [2
[20:05:02] sneo92: [all done?]
[20:05:32] jesse.boef: i spend 1ap for an evasive stance
[shows over]
[20:05:49] sneo92: [roll a d100 against evasion skill]
[20:06:18] jesse.boef: [97 to 42]
[20:08:03] sneo92: >_While shuffling his hooves to take a defensive stance, Stalker gets caught in a plant root and is caught off balance. [you take -5AC until the start of your next turn]
[20:08:09] sneo92: [Neon Turn]
[20:08:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [mark for exp?]
[20:08:54] sneo92: [yes, thank you Haakon]
[20:09:21] Jonas Askeland: I wriggle myself free from the scorpion and plant my gun on its shell, aim for 5 and fire
[20:10:41] sneo92: [make a strength check to get loose]
[20:11:22] Jonas Askeland: [26, thats under medium (which is 30)]
[20:11:45] sneo92: >_Wigling around gets you out of the grasp of the scropion [that’s 2 AP spent]
[20:12:11] Jonas Askeland: Now free, aim for 3 and fire
[20:12:52] Jonas Askeland: [12 under 60]
[20:13:32] Jonas Askeland: [4 damage]
[20:13:57] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[20:14:26] sneo92: >_The scorpion rears back after recieveing a bullet to it’s face, causing it’s internal juices to flow down it’s face.
[20:14:37] sneo92: [cecium turn]
[20:15:31] Cecium: shadow swaps the hunting rifle out with a Hunting shotgun and takes aim for 1Ap before unloading it into the radscorpion
[20:16:05] Cecium: (50 under 78+5 ( due to aiming ) )
[20:16:33] Cecium: [19 dammage]
[20:17:17 | Edited 20:17:36] sneo92: >_The heavy shell of the hunting shotgun pierces deep into the body of the scorpion, cuasing it to roll to it’s side before it spasms out and dies. [end combat]
[20:17:59] Cecium: "Who the HAY are you ponies? " takes a few steps back adn keeps a wary eye on Stalker
[20:18:21] jesse.boef: “does it matter?”
[20:18:26] Cecium: " Kinda! "
[20:18:41] Jonas Askeland: “Also bleeding! Ow..”
[20:18:48] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts walking towards the building
[20:18:58] jesse.boef: “do explain then”
[20:19:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Are you coming ?”
[20:19:10] Jonas Askeland: I start healing myself
[20:19:34] Cecium: " Who the hay are you guys! One moment its just me and cotton here and then suddenly you two make a load of commotion and anger a random radscorpion! "
[20:19:37] Cecium: glares at stalker
[20:20:00] Jonas Askeland: “OH! Are we all going the same way!?”
[20:20:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " seems so"
[20:20:18] Jonas Askeland: “Serendipity!”
[20:20:31] Jonas Askeland: “My names Cotton, this here’s Shadow, whats your names?”
[20:20:49] Jonas Askeland: Also having a hard time not looking at your wings
[20:20:54] jesse.boef: “ya can call me stalker”
[20:21:16] Jonas Askeland: Scoot right on over for the hoofshake
[20:21:24] Jonas Askeland: “Hi Stalker! Nice to meet you!”
[20:21:46] jesse.boef: ignores the hoofshake
[20:21:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: I am Leo the Angel, world class scientist, and proprietor of robots"
[20:22:05] Jonas Askeland: *Pretend i was just stroking my mane, good save!

[20:22:27] jesse.boef: “right, you know who we are, content?”
[20:22:36] Jonas Askeland: “Oh wow, that sounds fascinating!”
[20:22:54] Jonas Askeland: “Actually, i’mma just go get that poison gland of the scorpion!”
[20:23:05] Jonas Askeland: Run over and start hacking it off
[20:23:11] jesse.boef: [HAAX]
[20:23:28] Cecium: sighs “fiiine.. suppose you dont wanna share who the hay you are just yet then…”
[20:23:28] sneo92: >_[Neon: Medicine check, if you please]
[20:23:53] Jonas Askeland: [27 under 66]
[20:24:08] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “oh a Leiurus quinquestriatus, interesting”
[20:24:27] Jonas Askeland: “A whatta now?”
[20:24:42] jesse.boef: “exactly? what are ya yappin about leo?”
[20:24:43] sneo92: >_Cotton wastes no time in cutting open the poison gland from the scorpion
[20:24:50] Cecium: looks entirly baffled by fancy speech
[20:24:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Leiurus quinquestriatus”
[20:24:58] Jonas Askeland: Scoop that right into my bags
[20:25:03] jesse.boef: “ehm… in english now?”
[20:25:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “it is the name of this Arachinda”
[20:25:46] Jonas Askeland: “I had no idea, thanks for sharing”
[20:26:18] Jonas Askeland: “But hey, are you all here for that clinic?”
[20:26:44] Cecium: " yes, yes I am doing a… job for a aquaintance of me "
[20:26:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Yes we are here for the Facility”
[20:27:30] Jonas Askeland: “Splendid! We can all go together then!”
[20:27:45] Cecium: starts walking towards facility
[20:27:54] Jonas Askeland: “I’m a traveling doctor by trade, so i’ll be no burden on you”
[20:27:59] Cecium: " oooh neaaat "
[20:30:18] sneo92: >_The large sign on the building reads in large faded letters “Batlimare Medical Center and Clinic”. The building is a two story, red brick building with very few windows. The door hangs halfway open, but shows no sing of having being used for many years as dust and moss has overtaken it.
[20:30:40] Cecium: trots on over to door and tries to push it open
[20:31:18 | Edited 20:31:46] sneo92: >_The door slides open before quickly screetching to a halt as the rusty hinges grind against eachother
[20:32:02] Cecium: " Gimme like, 5 minutes kay? " darts inside sneakily to recon
[20:34:36] sneo92: >_As Shadow takes a step inside, the dust on the floor around the door is thrown into the air. A thick layer of dust and moss covers the floor, you can barely make out the dark outlines of a reception. There is a receptionists desk on the far side of the room, two doors in the far right corner and a sofa and table and some couches directly to your right
[20:35:00] Jonas Askeland: Looks at the pegasi
[20:35:05] Jonas Askeland: “So.. Are we gonna wait or..?”
[20:35:12] jesse.boef: “apparently”
[20:35:17] Cecium: trots over to reception and checks it out
[20:35:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no”
[20:35:33] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks in
[20:35:36] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty then!”
[20:35:40] jesse.boef: follows leo inside
[20:35:44] Jonas Askeland: Trots along inside
[20:38:48] sneo92: >_Shadow: You rummage around on the desk, brushing aside a bunch of documents you can not dicern the purpose for. There are two blown out terminals, next to one of which there’s a stained and nearly worn out picture of a young mare and a Stalion on a beach, smiling. There is a pencil layed on the chair and a pack of Snack Apple Cakes in one of the drawers.

>_The rest: You can barely make out the room silouetes, and make out the sound of scoffling paper from behind the desk straight ahead
[20:39:16] Cecium: grabs the snack apple cakes
[20:39:19] Haakon Grov Melkevik: turns on light
[20:39:37] Jonas Askeland: I cast some basic light
[20:39:47] sneo92: [can I get perception rolls, please?]
[20:40:01] Jonas Askeland: 99
[20:40:09] jesse.boef: 2
[20:40:15] Cecium: 14
[20:40:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [49, manages easy and medium]
[20:42:45 | Edited 20:43:12] sneo92: >_Jonas: You spot two skeletons lying in the couches, and you could have sworn one of them just moved.

>_Haakon: You see a strange lump lying on the ground by the doors. It is covered in moss and dust so you can’t make out what it is.

>_Cecium and Jesse: You also notice this lump, and you can’t help but feel like it has the distinct shape of a pony hind leg. As you consider this, you hear a faint thud from further into the building
[20:43:12] Jonas Askeland: “WOW! DID YOU SEE THAT?!”
[20:43:22] Jonas Askeland: I shine my light right at the skeletons
[20:43:33] jesse.boef: “can it, keep yer voice down”
[20:43:47] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, sorry O_o”
[20:43:49] Cecium: " Godammnit you guys irritated sigh was five minutes to much to ask for? "
[20:44:02] Jonas Askeland: whispering “But i saw the skeleton move!”
[20:44:03] sneo92: >_The Sceletons are of two ponies lying in eachothers arms
[20:44:53 | Edited 20:45:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Stalker, can you check out the mossy thing ?”
[20:45:15] jesse.boef: “light that thing up, will ya?”
[20:45:19] Cecium: walks over to the skeletons and pokes one em lightly with my shotgun
[20:45:20] Jonas Askeland: still whispering “Imma go check on those skeletons”
[20:45:35] Jonas Askeland: [Can i medicine it up to realise i’m beeing an idiot?]
[20:45:41] sneo92: [no]
[20:45:51] Jonas Askeland: [okay.. T_T]
[20:46:08] Cecium: " These look pretty dead to me Cotton.. "
[20:46:12] jesse.boef: kicks the mossy thing
[20:46:32] Jonas Askeland: “Then how did it move..” i muse to myself
[20:46:54] Cecium: " maybe it didnt? "
[20:47:17] Jonas Askeland: “Nono, pretty sure i saw it move! Although i cant explain it..”
[20:47:41] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe they’re magical bones? O_o”
[20:47:41] Cecium: shrugs " seen some pretty disturbing things lately but ah dont reckon skeletons can move… "
[20:47:43] sneo92: >_The dust is blasted into the air by the kick, leaving a light fog of dust in the room. As the moss gives way and the lumb rolls over, you can see that it is indeed the hindleg of a pony. It is covered in a lavender fur with no cutiemark on the flank.
[20:47:44] jesse.boef: “thats an effect of darkness cotton. youll see movement where there is none”
[20:48:11] Jonas Askeland: “I.. Well.. I suppose..”
[20:48:12] sneo92: >_[Perception roll, Jesse]
[20:48:20] jesse.boef: 75
[20:48:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Checks the terminals
[20:48:41] Jonas Askeland: I take one of the ribbones, just to be sure
[20:49:13] Cecium: looks a tad disgusted by Cottons behaviour
[20:49:19 | Edited 20:49:30] sneo92: >_The terminals are blasted out. Nither working
[20:49:31] Jonas Askeland: [Are you beeing obvious about that disgust?]
[20:49:51 | Edited 20:49:55] jesse.boef: “possible live one here guys” steps back from the moss
[20:50:03] Cecium: [nah just facial expression, and less regards for you ]
[20:50:15] Jonas Askeland: “Where? Is it alive?”
[20:50:22 | Edited 20:50:24] Jonas Askeland: I trot on over
[20:50:24] jesse.boef: “possibly, light it up”
[20:50:33] Jonas Askeland: “WAIT!”
[20:50:51] Jonas Askeland: “What if its not hostile?!”
[20:50:55] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma go take a look”
[20:51:08] jesse.boef: “i never said it was, now shine yer light”
[20:51:46] Jonas Askeland: "Oh, right, i just thought.. With “light it up”.. And.. Okay.."
[20:51:54] Jonas Askeland: I shine some light on the thingy
[20:52:17] Jonas Askeland: What am i looking at?
[20:52:37] jesse.boef: “pony”
[20:52:47] jesse.boef: “more specificly, the hindleg of one”
[20:53:19] Jonas Askeland: I reach out to touch it, to check for heat
[20:54:16] sneo92: >_As you touch the leg, it spams out as if kicking lightly. The brief touch you had felt like you’d touch a normal pony’s leg
[20:54:38] Cecium: " Did.. did that thing just move? "
[20:54:45] Jonas Askeland: “Okay.. Thats not really.. Right..”
[20:54:46] jesse.boef: “yeah”
[20:55:22] Jonas Askeland: I flip the leg over and inspect it, seeing of my medical knowledge can shine some light on it
[20:55:32] Jonas Askeland: [Cue roll medicine?]
[20:55:47] Jonas Askeland: [82 over 66.. T_T]
[20:56:13] sneo92: >_Looking at the leg, all you can determine is that it is infact a healthy pony leg.
[20:56:28] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [can i also try with my medicine ?]
[20:56:43] sneo92: [you can try to inspect it as well
[20:57:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [nope, overshoot]
[20:57:38] Jonas Askeland: “Well, all i can really say is that its a perfectly healthy pony leg, as i would expect to find attached to a perfectly healthy pony”
[20:57:57] jesse.boef: “remove the moss, see if thats the case then”
[20:57:58] Cecium: " Thats just.. creepy… "
[20:58:16] Jonas Askeland: I scrape the moss off it
[20:58:51] sneo92: >_Underneeth the moss there is naught but more leg, the coat is slightly more dirty as it has remnants of Moss in it
[20:59:18] Jonas Askeland: “This is quite extraordinary, do you reckon theres more pony parts lying around that we can assembly into a full pony?”
[20:59:48] Cecium: " Uhm…"
[21:00:10] Jonas Askeland: “Or maybe theres a pony around here looking for its leg..”
[21:00:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts looting
[21:00:55] jesse.boef: follows leo around as hes looting
[21:01:03] Jonas Askeland: “Altough.. I am curious..” I cast some light healing magic on the leg
[21:01:25] sneo92: >_You find some moldy magasines at the table, and See above for wat christian found/took on the desk
[21:01:43] sneo92: >_The leg doesn’t seem to react to the healing magic
[21:01:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [btw luck of 8]
[21:02:08] Jonas Askeland: I lug the leg over my back, i’m bringing this
[21:02:41] sneo92: >_The leg starts kicking around more frantically
[21:03:03] Cecium: " okaay, lets get moving then ah reckon? "
[21:03:11] Cecium: opens one of the doors
[21:03:31] Jonas Askeland: I’ll drag the leg if it misbehaves
[21:04:27] sneo92: >_You open the left door and it leads to a hallway streching further down. There are two doors on the left side of the hallway, and beyonds these the hallways turns left around a corner
[21:04:45] Cecium: glances at E.F.S
[21:05:13] sneo92: >_The E.F.S. gives you some scattered readings, sometimes showing blue, sometimes red
[21:05:45] Cecium: " okaay.. EFS is on the fritz…. just mine or yours too?" glances at the rest of the ponies *
[21:05:58] jesse.boef: *walks over to cecium and checks efs too

[21:06:07] sneo92: >_You all get these blips
[21:06:22] Jonas Askeland: [Is the leg red?]
[21:06:30] jesse.boef: “EFS is bugged”
[21:06:42] jesse.boef: “we’ll need a visual for this one”
[21:06:48] sneo92: >_[Jonas: You can’t make out a steady blip to determine if the leg even has one]
[21:06:53] Cecium: " well, greaaaat "
[21:07:29] Jonas Askeland: “By the way, did anyone check for a building layout in the reception area?”
[21:07:39] Cecium: holsters the hunting shotgun and pulls out a assault rifle
[21:08:22] Cecium: " Shadow trots over to the first door on the left, then pushes a ear to it to check if anything is on the other side "
[21:08:46] sneo92: >_[Cecium: You hear nothing]
[21:08:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [i wanna calibrate my P.I.P, WITH SCIENCE]
[21:09:03] Cecium: opens door partially and peeks inside with the gun pointed forward
[21:09:37] sneo92: >_[Haakon: give me a science roll with a -75]
[21:10:03] jesse.boef: i walk up to shadow with my pistol drawn, ready to help out
[21:10:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crit with a 6, but skill is -10]
[21:11:20] sneo92: >_Cecium: You can hardly make out what seems to be an office, it has a few chairs and an examination bed in a corner. There is a desk on the far side with bookshelves next to it. A fliling cabinet stands next to it
[21:11:51] sneo92: >_Haakon: You manage to get you EFS to stop blipping out, but you don’t get any dots at all
[21:12:00] Cecium: enters the office carefully and starts rifling trough filing cabinet and desk if the room is clear
[21:13:09] jesse.boef: i walk to the 2nd door on the left side, and slowly open the door with my gun at the ready
[21:15:01] sneo92: >_Cecium: You find a few coffecups on the desk and in one of the drawers you find a tin of mintals, the filing cabinet contains a pair of clippboards and some pre-war bits.

Jesse: The room you enter is nearly equivalent to the one you entered with Shadow. [perception check]
[21:15:17] jesse.boef: 30
[21:16:51 | Edited 21:17:15] sneo92: >_In the dim light, you can barely make out a trail in the dust on the floor, the floor itself is stained in blood which goes from the door to a tipped over examination bed in a corner
[21:18:04] jesse.boef: i walk back to the room shadow is in “shadow, possible contact 2nd room, lets check it out”
[21:18:37] Cecium: " sure thing " falls in behind Stalker
[21:19:06] Jonas Askeland: I tag along behind you two
[21:19:24] jesse.boef: i creep inside the 2nd room, gun trained a little above the examination bed “behind the tipped bed”
[21:20:23] Cecium: "levitates out the prewar bit I looted and drops it over the other side "
[21:20:37 | Edited 21:20:43] Jonas Askeland: I wait out in the hallway, just by the door
[21:21:07] sneo92: >_The coin makes a click which resonates through the halls of the brick building
[21:21:30] jesse.boef: “can ya levitate the bed?”
[21:22:20] Cecium: " Eh, sure thing not fast tough.. " lifts it with levitation [its not to heavy is it? ]
[21:22:56] jesse.boef: i get low to the floor, and i peek underneath the lifted bed
[21:23:58] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma just go check something out”
[21:24:04] sneo92: >_Jesse: As the bed lifts up, you can see another leg laying on the floor in a small pool of blood.
[21:24:15] jesse.boef: “might wanna check this out first”
[21:24:40] jesse.boef: “another leg, in a puddle of blood”
[21:24:54] Cecium: "makes you woinder where the rest of the pony is…. "
[21:25:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "huh"*walks over*
[21:25:33] jesse.boef: “as long as its seperated, it wont be much danger, thats all i care about”
[21:25:46] jesse.boef: stows my pistol
[21:27:00] jesse.boef: i search around the place for anything of use
[21:27:16] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I check if the legs are the same]
[21:29:13] sneo92: >_Jesse: You find some clipboards in the filing cabinet, while in the desk you find a bottle cap and a box of Small Pistol ammo containing 4 bullets
>_Haakon: This is a foreleg, as compared to the last one which was a hindleg. It also has an open wound where the leg should have been connected.
[21:29:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [same colour ?]
[21:29:49] jesse.boef: i grab the pistol bullets and leave the room
[21:29:50] sneo92: >_This one is green
[21:29:57] Jonas Askeland: I come back to the room
[21:30:40] Jonas Askeland: “Guys, theres something pony-like shuffling about round the corner of the hallway”
[21:30:58] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma go check it out, watch the leg”
[21:31:02] Haakon Grov Melkevik: follows
[21:31:08] Jonas Askeland: I leave the leg with the group and shuffle down the hallway
[21:31:08] Cecium: " eh, ill go with you.. "
[21:31:20] jesse.boef: “the leg aint going anywhere” draws my gun and goes down with the rest
[21:31:43] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, well if everyone is going that way i’ll bring the leg then..”
[21:31:52] Jonas Askeland: *Carry leg

[21:31:52] Cecium: "what about the other leg? "
[21:31:58] Cecium: " the one we found in there? "
[21:32:02] Jonas Askeland: “Other leg?”
[21:32:11] Cecium: " Found one in that there office "
[21:32:23] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, well.. Then excuse me!”
[21:32:29] Jonas Askeland: “And beware of the corner!”
[21:32:35] Jonas Askeland: I go to examine the other leg!"
[21:33:17] Cecium: " uhm, okay suppose ill go take a look at that there shuffling creature then "
[21:33:18] sneo92: >_[is everyone still Following cotton, or are you moving down the hallway regardlesS?
[21:33:26] Cecium: *wanders down hallway
[21:34:38] sneo92: >_Cecium: As you round the corner you see a silouette of a pony who shambles in sircles in the middle of the hallway while occationally flailing a hoof around
[21:35:06] Cecium: *stares at with suprise

[21:35:23] Cecium: (E.F.S still useless? ]
[21:35:31 | Edited 21:35:42] Jonas Askeland: I wanna check the other leg like i did the first, medicine skill to determine whats happened
[21:35:56] sneo92: >_[EFS still gives a bunch of random gittering]
[21:36:07] Jonas Askeland: [Medicine of 85.. _]
[21:36:07] Cecium: checks where Leo and Stalker went off to
[21:37:16] Jonas Askeland: I go to rejoin the others, dead leg is not as interesting
[21:37:27] sneo92: >_LEo and Stalker are still in the hallway by the door
[21:37:58] sneo92: >_[Jesse had to run, so we’re going with him following Leo closely
[21:38:21] Cecium: " ey, cotton, you think we should try and talk to it? "
[21:38:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Lead on”
[21:38:38] Jonas Askeland: “Sure, watch the leg”
[21:38:44] Cecium: " You going to talk to it? "
[21:38:51] Jonas Askeland: “Well.. Yeah?”
[21:39:04] Cecium: " okay, but can you please let me just edge a tad closer to take a look at it? "
[21:39:31] Jonas Askeland: “Sure, i’ll wait”
[21:39:46] Cecium: activates stealthbuck and steps closer to investigate it at close range
[21:42:26] sneo92: >_As you approach it, you see that this was once a mare, she is dressed in ripped and mangled nurces clothing. However her body is riddled with lumps and soars, by the root of one of the forelegs she has what looks like a stump. A thin, insectoid looking apendige dangles lazily form her head and down the left side of her face
[21:43:03] Cecium: edges back fast
[21:44:00] Cecium: " That thing… oh luna that thing, frantic breathing thats not a pony no more, looked like it had some kind of insect leg or somthing in its head!"
[21:44:36] Jonas Askeland: “Wat”
[21:44:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Interesting”
[21:44:47 | Edited 21:44:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks closer
[21:44:59] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, Leo, you know much about insects?”
[21:45:10] Cecium: keeps gun aimed at the shape
[21:45:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “greetings”
[21:47:00] sneo92: >_As Leo approach the creature, it snaps to locking it’s eyes onto him. It gives off a snarl as it attempts to charge at Leo, but as it gives off speep it’s fore legs falls off with a wet pop. It falls to te ground, snarling at Leo
[21:47:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I try to talk to the shape]
[21:47:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “CAN
[21:47:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “YOU
[21:47:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “SPEAK
[21:47:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “??”
[21:48:03] sneo92: >_The creature snarls and bites after Leo, showing no response to what is being said
[21:48:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “fascinating”
[21:48:58 | Edited 21:49:08] Jonas Askeland: “For sure! But i also think it wants to eat your face, so lets step back here for a sec!”
[21:49:25] Cecium: frantic breathin in the background *
[21:49:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Radtiation, or disease” *Talks to himself

[21:50:30] Jonas Askeland: “Could be parasitic! Still looks angry tho!”
[21:50:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “True”
[21:50:58] Cecium: " Why dont we just put it out of its misery! "
[21:51:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “NO!”
[21:51:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “WE cannot”
[21:51:31] Jonas Askeland: “Errr, maybe we can just leave it alone..?”
[21:51:50] Cecium: " and let it suffer like this? "
[21:52:10] Haakon Grov Melkevik: We must study it"
[21:52:10] sneo92: >_[Perception checks, please]
[21:52:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 61
[21:52:26] Jonas Askeland: 32
[21:52:51] Cecium: 10
[21:53:58] sneo92: >_As you stand there, the creature snarling at you, Shadow and Cotton can hear sounds coming from further in. The sounds are erratic and violent
[21:54:30] Jonas Askeland: “Leo.. I really dont think this is the time to do science”
[21:54:48] Cecium: " eh.. you guys stay here ill go take a look at what that is…. if I come back running and screaming…. follow my example please! "
[21:54:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “nonsense”
[21:54:52] Jonas Askeland: “Lets just head on back and see if there are any other rooms we can loot”
[21:55:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “you go on ahead”
[21:55:10] Cecium: sneaks ahead
[21:55:28] Jonas Askeland: Struggles internally
[21:55:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: *Checks E.F.S
[21:57:06] sneo92: >_Shadow: As you move ahead, the hallways goes around another corner and from there it leads further down the hall and ends in a door. You can now clearly hear the sounds coming from the door as they seem to be getting louder.

>_Leo: You have one red bar on your EFS
[21:57:21] Cecium: checks if the door is unlocked
[21:57:44] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [is it Stumpy ahead of me ?]
[22:01:18 | Edited 22:01:50] sneo92: >_Haakon: No.

>_Shadow: As you approach the door, it is suddenly smashed in as a large, form charges out and slams you to the floor. The quick glimse you get is that of a pony, but it was unaturally large and you seem to make out a strange pattern to it’s hoofsteps as you are left slightly dazed on the floor. After knocking you over, it continues to charge down the hall
[22:02:11] Cecium: " Oh horseapples… charges after it "
[22:02:32] Jonas Askeland: “Leo! Those are not good noices! I’m taking leggy here and backtracking a bit!”
[22:02:39] Jonas Askeland: I move back towards the reception
[22:02:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Fine”
[22:03:16] Haakon Grov Melkevik: follows cotton
[22:04:05] sneo92: >_As you finish your sentance you see a large hulking creature round the corner as it makes it charges directly for you. Leo, it caches you and stops you to the ground.
[22:04:18] sneo92: [4 damage]
[22:04:33 | Edited 22:04:40] Jonas Askeland: “AAAAAH!” flailing, and pointing
[22:04:43] sneo92: [Jonas turn]
[22:04:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “AAAAAh, stalker get him”
[22:06:19 | Edited 22:06:58] Jonas Askeland: I try to collect myself and start casting dystaxia on the creature
[22:06:30] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [initative?]
[22:07:05] sneo92: [Turnorder is Jonas, you then christian]
[22:07:57] Jonas Askeland: 70
[22:08:34] sneo92: >_The magic surrounds the creature’s ponylike head, then vanishes as your horn fizzles out
[22:09:36] Jonas Askeland: I retreat back towards the room with the bleeding leg
[22:10:03] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:10:29] sneo92: >_[Haakon Turn]
[22:10:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: takes gun to the head of the beast“Don’t touch me”
[22:11:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [2 shots]
[22:11:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [35 over 48 and 28 over 48]
[22:12:58] sneo92: >_The first shot simply makes a mark on the creatures head, while the seccond one blasts off half it’s face. The creaure recoils a bit but remains stading [roll damage on one of them]
[22:13:01] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [2 3 on the first, 11 +6 on the second]
[22:13:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [so 11
6 dam then]
[22:13:21] sneo92: [got iy]
[22:13:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Eot]
[22:13:47] sneo92: [Cecium turn]
[22:14:43] Cecium: steps around corner to get within shooting range
[22:15:17] Cecium: shadows horn glows a pale lime green as she casts a spell on the abomination
[22:15:50] Cecium: [01 caster check ]
[22:16:14] Cecium: [EOT]
[22:16:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [what spell was it ?]
[22:18:20] sneo92: >_A large pair of hoofcuffs appear around the creatures fore hooves. It wrangles for a bit, before raring up the cuffed hooves, revealing a third forehoof behind them, and brings them down on Leo again. [10 damage]
[22:18:56] sneo92: [Jonas turn]
[22:20:59] Jonas Askeland: I get back within range, draw my gun and line up my sights for 2 ap, then fire
[22:21:28] Jonas Askeland: [93, its a fantastic miss]
[22:21:32] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:21:45] sneo92: >_[Haakon turn]
[22:22:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [aim for 1 point then shoots 2 times again]
[22:22:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [38 over 58]
[22:22:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [11 damage]
[22:23:03] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [eot]
[22:23:48] sneo92: >_The beams singe off one of the forelegs which were hoofcuffed, as the hulking abomination only roars at you
[22:23:53] sneo92: [christian turn]
[22:24:19] Cecium: shadow aims the assault rifle at the abomination for 3 ap then fires a burst at it
[22:24:49] Cecium: [34 under 78+15 ]
[22:25:20] Cecium: [32 dammage ]
[22:25:43] sneo92: >_The bullets rip into the hindleggs of the abomination, tearing on of them off.
[22:26:00] Cecium: [eot]
[22:27:09] sneo92: >_The giant is strugling to keep on his hooves, but as it roads the other creature has now managed to wiggle it’s way over to Leo and bites him in the hoof to the point blood is drawn. [1dmg]
[22:27:16] sneo92: [Jonas turn]
[22:27:51] Jonas Askeland: Leo looks like he’s hurting, so i’ll send some good feelings his way, two light heals
[22:28:36] Jonas Askeland: [Heal for 9hp]
[22:28:50] Jonas Askeland: I edge a little bit closer too
[22:28:52] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:29:01] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [shoots again]
[22:29:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [08 over 58 and 42 over 58]
[22:29:48] sneo92: >_[That’s a hit on the first shot]
[22:30:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [7 or 14, then 25 extra?]
[22:30:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [eot ]
[22:32:28] sneo92: >_[so a 14+15=29]
[22:32:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [yea]
[22:33:08] sneo92: >_As the final blast of beams srike the creature, it begins to glow as it is violently turned into a pile of ash
[22:33:27] sneo92: >_[cecium turn]
[22:33:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: smacks stumpy away
[22:34:15] Cecium: " Leo? want me to shoot that thing? "
[22:34:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no”
[22:35:03] Cecium: ends combat
[22:35:05] sneo92: >_Stumpy is still biting on to Leo, just smaking it off would be painful
[22:35:48] sneo92: >_Stumpy bites down hard once more on Leos leg. [7 dmg]
[22:36:00 | Edited 22:36:10] Jonas Askeland: Trot over and shoot stumpy
[22:37:25 | Edited 22:37:37] sneo92: >_ The bullet is planted firmly in Stumpy’s head, cracking the skull which causes the front parts of her head to detach. The body falls limp to the floor as the jaw is still attached to Leos leg, both now lifeless
[22:37:49] Jonas Askeland: “Come on now, it’s time to let go”
[22:38:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: checks the ash
[22:38:16] Jonas Askeland: Reload my gun
[22:38:17] Cecium: trots back to the door I had slammed in me
[22:39:00] sneo92: >_Amongs the ashes you can find a few screws, appart from that there’s some scrap of clothing but nothing dicernable
[22:39:12] Cecium: " Oi, Cotton! "
[22:39:26] Jonas Askeland: “Yes?” Trot along thataways!
[22:39:42] Cecium: " Is that the biggest piece you have? gestures to cottons gun "
[22:39:44] Jonas Askeland: “Also, tag along Leo, and how are you feeling?”
[22:40:09] Jonas Askeland: “Well, biggest firearm i have atleast”
[22:40:10] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i’m damaged”
[22:40:21] Jonas Askeland: “But yeah, i’m not carrying any larger weapons than that”
[22:40:30] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “can’t u see the hoof prints and bitemarks?”
[22:40:33] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, hang on, this is my specialty!”
[22:40:59] Jonas Askeland: Cast two light heals on Leo
[22:41:09] Jonas Askeland: [Heal for 6]
[22:41:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yea, we’ll follow”
[22:42:00] Cecium: " Oi, Cotton you think you could handle this kind of gun? Floats out 10mm Smg "
[22:42:23] Cecium: " its got a tad more kick than that small thing tough "
[22:42:27] Jonas Askeland: “You good Leo? Or do you want me to zap you again?”
[22:42:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “again”
[22:42:52] Jonas Askeland: “Never used one of those before, i’ll try it”
[22:43:05] Jonas Askeland: “Tho these use a lot of ammo, right?”
[22:43:14] Cecium: " hah, tell me about it *looks annoyed
[22:43:25] Cecium: " Ill loan it to you and some of my ammo aswell! "
[22:43:36] Cecium: floats over the smg and 60 bullets for it
[22:43:43] Jonas Askeland: [Zap-zap, two light heals for 10 total]
[22:44:03] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, thanks a lot Shadow O_o”
[22:44:28] Cecium: " just shoot the baddies with it okay? "
[22:44:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: checks the corpse of stumpy, with medicine
[22:45:04] sneo92: >_As logistics are finishing up, we are nearing the end of tonights session, fellas. Do your final things for toninght
[22:45:20] sneo92: >_[roll a medicine chekc, Haakon]
[22:45:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [rit with a 03]
[22:45:59] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crit*]
[22:47:02] Jonas Askeland: I fetch the good leg
[22:48:14] sneo92: >_You examine the body and find that it is a ghoulified pony. The clothing are old nurses scrubs, so she was likely to be a worker of this place before the war. Her body is bloated on certain areas, though it’s hard surfaces. By her left forelegg there are two sores which looks like it was a severed limb. You notice her coat is the same green as the leg you found in one of the room
[22:49:05] sneo92: >_[aaan END SESSION]

First SkypeText Session

[19:12:20] sneo92: [but with that, let’s get this going!]
[19:12:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I am very ready]
[19:13:57] sneo92: >_The party is standing in an old shot out building. The three ponies that was saved earlier are sitting in a corner, tending to their own. The building is a small barracks used by factory workers before the war.
[19:14:17] Cecium: looks around
[19:15:29] sneo92: >_The room you are in is on the first floor, there used to be one above, but it is gone. There are some stained and torn beds strewn around, and a table with some molded playing cards on top. Two sceletons rests against eachother towards the wall.
[19:15:42] Jonas Askeland: [Question! If i want to ask questions about the world around me or to the gm specifically (i.e, am i in the same room as someone), do i do it in [] brackets or can i do it in plaintext?]
[19:16:19] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Walks casually around the room, and chewing on food
[19:16:36] sneo92: [That would be in brackets]
[19:16:40] Cecium: [Did Titanium ever get out of that collar?]
[19:16:45] sneo92: [yes]
[19:17:11] sneo92: [that includes questions about the map as I’m drawing it]
[19:17:25] Cecium: [How did we get here? seeing as how last I rember we where kinda charging towards the people we saved’s home.]
[19:17:43] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Retcon?]
[19:18:13] sneo92: [You didn’t engage combat, as far as I recall. And for the purporse of going phew we’ll do it like this. The building is on your way back to the town]
[19:18:23] Cecium: [Rokai]
[19:18:38] Cecium: Shadow starts making sure every firearm she has is loaded and ready
[19:18:48] Jonas Askeland: [What time of day is it?]
[19:19:08] sneo92: [Afternoon, Your chronometers read 17:35]
[19:19:22] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Titanium sees Shadow " are you scared ?"
[19:20:25] Cecium: glances at Titanium " A bit yes… you would be too if you got blown up a couple of hours ago, and then help up to a cage full of snarling bloodwings! "
[19:21:07] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “……………..” * tilts head* " don’t be"
[19:21:20] Julian (RestrainedMadness): sighs “Enough with the bickering. Anyone hurt?”
[19:21:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “hah”
[19:22:03] Jonas Askeland: Eyeing the lot of you, looking for injuries
[19:22:26] Jonas Askeland: Also not looking perfectly healthy myself
[19:22:47] Julian (RestrainedMadness): starts doing mini-physicals to inspect possible damage
[19:22:50 | Edited 19:24:33] Cecium: " I feel, okay… not super but im not that bad off "
[19:22:57] Cecium: [ missing 9 hp ]
[19:24:52] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Keeps inspecting
[19:25:06] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [THIS MEANS GIVE ME YOUR HP, GUYS]
[19:25:10] Jonas Askeland: “Cloudy, i got a bit shot up last time”
[19:25:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [full]
[19:25:28] Jonas Askeland: [Upon closer inspection, i am just about halfway down on my hp, missing 32]
[19:26:01] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Damn, Hardin! Why didn’t you let me know sooner?”
[19:26:11] Julian (RestrainedMadness): checks saddlebags
[19:26:17] Jonas Askeland: “Not a good time, obviously”
[19:26:40] Jonas Askeland: “Go ahead now tho, it kinda hurts.. _’”
[19:27:14] Jonas Askeland: Trying not to let the pain show
[19:27:22] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Is there ever a good time?” shakes head “Regardless, we only have one roll of healing bandages left, and one healing potion.” frowns “Not sure how long they’re gonna last at this rate..!”
[19:27:40] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Applies healing bandage to Hardin
[19:28:19] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Hardin’s healed for 16 hp]
[19:28:33] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Feeling any better?”
[19:28:54] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, thanks”
[19:29:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Lifts the changeling skull, and taking a big sniff " Ahhhh"
[19:29:29] Jonas Askeland: O_o
[19:29:32] sneo92: >_The air smells a bit rancid
[19:29:47] Cecium: glances over to the ponies we saved " err, how are you feeling? "
[19:30:26] sneo92: >_One of the ponies looks over at you, “We’re alright, a bit shook up but we’ll be fine”
[19:30:46 | Edited 19:31:04] Cecium: "oh, allright then, thats good.. "
[19:31:28] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Can you all walk?”
[19:32:09] sneo92: >_"Yes, yes we’ll be fine. Though I’m not sure where we’ll go, now that Red Eye has taken our home"
[19:32:29] Julian (RestrainedMadness): checks pipbuck map
[19:33:01] Julian (RestrainedMadness): inspects for “friendly” towns
[19:33:53] sneo92: >_You are currently in the southern end of the Factory Complex, The factory town is just a bit north of you.
[19:35:18] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Frown deepens “We’re pretty much out in nowhere…” looks at the collection of ponies “We are going to try to find away to…” looks for words “Fix the Red Eye situation here. If we make it, town’s a quick trot from here, and you’ll be fine.”
[19:35:23] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “If we don’t make it…”
[19:35:30] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Let’s not discuss that.”
[19:35:48] Cecium: nods " Ill go check it out if thats fine with you guys? they wont see me most likely "
[19:35:59] Cecium: " Unless someone runs into the street making a scene again "
[19:36:05] Cecium: glares at Hardin and Cloudy
[19:36:07] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " Run" stares at other ponies "Then run
[19:36:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [meant to be said after julian]
[19:36:49] Cecium: [ ah, now it makes sense:P ]
[19:36:54] Jonas Askeland: [Wait, did titanium start running or did you emphasise your point with a second sentence?]
[19:37:04] Cecium: [emphathise I think ]
[19:37:09] sneo92: >_The ponies look at Titanium “But run WHERE? Everywhere we go there’s somethng that wants to kill us”
[19:37:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i did not say stop”
[19:37:49] Cecium: Shadow gets up and starts making her way to the exit of the building
[19:38:02] sneo92: >_The pony shakes his head “You’re insane”
[19:38:17] Jonas Askeland: “Hold up Shadow, i’m coming with you” start following
[19:38:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: fastens changeling skull helmet, and walks away
[19:38:35] Cecium: " Hardin, if you come with me then they will defintly notice us both "
[19:38:50] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Furrows eyebrow It’s medically inadvisable to run without stopping. For now you should be alright here." looks towards Shadow and Hardin “Hardin, you stay here! Shadow’s far less likely to get detected than you are”
[19:39:52] Jonas Askeland: “You’re not going all alone, i’ll lag behind some”
[19:40:05] Cecium: " this is behind some "
[19:40:20] Cecium: " I mean, its not far Hardin! "
[19:40:32] Cecium: [how far is it in minutes aproxmilately Sneo? ]
[19:41:00] sneo92: [It would be aprox a 5min jog]
[19:41:04] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Ponders for a second “Then again, when you left on your own last time, Shadow, that didn’t end too well. Maybe we should stay back and provide fire support, should you need it”
[19:41:35] Cecium: facehoofs " The reason it didnt go so well when I went on my own last time is because you two got detected ! "
[19:42:26] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “There’s a crapton of ponies with guns out there! We can’t lose you!”
[19:42:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “well, it’s settled then we will keep away, but still inside range to hear gunshots”
[19:43:02] Cecium: "Yeah, here is fine, if I get detected ill leg it here faster than.. well fast! and they will run into a ambush of 6 ponies! "
[19:44:25] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “That’s probably the best idea. The building layout would make it difficult to detect where the gunshots are coming from, and we REALLY wouldn’t want to start running in the wrong direction. You’re quick, Shadow. You should be fine.”
[19:44:39] Cecium: " Exactly! " Heads out door
[19:45:03] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Just don’t die, or I’ll kill you.”
[19:45:14] sneo92: >_You stand in a rundown street, the camp is to your left, and the town to your right
[19:45:24] Jonas Askeland: Narrows brow “I dont like this”
[19:45:47] Cecium: pokes head inside " If im not back within 40 minutes, well.. err.. yeah… "
[19:45:56] Cecium: Starts sneaking off to the right
[19:46:06] Jonas Askeland: “40 minutes?! That is way too long!”
[19:46:14] sneo92: [Shadow: Stealth check, please]
[19:46:15] Cecium: [Rolled an 11 ]
[19:46:17] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no it is not”
[19:46:23] sneo92: [thank you]
[19:46:35] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “We’ll say 20.”
[19:46:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " she said 40, and then left"
[19:47:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “there is no use of u wanting 20”
[19:47:20] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Yes, but we don’t have to follow what she said.”
[19:47:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “well yes, we can follow and almost assure that she will get caught”
[19:48:14] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “We’re not doing that. She had a point; the last time we did that, she almost got killed-”
[19:48:28] sneo92: >_Shadow creeps along the corner of the strees, hoping over and under rubble to make sure she’s not detected. You eventually get to the corner where you can see the Factory. There are now cages lined outside and slavers are coralling ponies into them, There are two corpses on the pavment in front of the factory
[19:48:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " So that means we wait"
[19:48:58] Cecium: observes point
[19:49:34] sneo92: >_You count a total of 5 Slavers and 9 captives.
[19:49:58] Cecium: [Anything special bout the slavers? gear and whatnot? ]
[19:50:43] sneo92: >_The slavers are carrying various weaponry, ranging from assult rifles to pump action shotguns. They are all barded in Red Eye’s army Uniforms
[19:51:44] sneo92: [How long are you gonna watch them?]
[19:51:50] Cecium: [5 minutes ]
[19:51:59] Cecium: [Then I head back]
[19:53:39] sneo92: >_ It takes the slavers a few minutes to fill and lock the cages. After a while, two more slavers come out, one of them a familiar looking Griffon. They have with them one more pony in chains. The pony in chains is a large Buck wearing a heavy looking set of armour. It looks a bit like Steel Ranger armour, but it’s clearly been modified to some extent.
[19:54:56] sneo92: >_ The last cage is locked up, but the armoured pony is not in any of them. As the cages starts rolling away, the griffon pulls out a revolver and puts it to the pony’s head. The gray Pony is executed on the spot.
[19:55:08] Cecium: heads back lickety split
[19:56:07] sneo92: [stealth check with -10]
[19:56:15] sneo92: [no wait, no negative]
[19:56:34] Cecium: 74
[19:56:38] Cecium: [sucess]
[19:57:00] sneo92: >_Shadow: You run back as fast as your hooves will send you
[19:57:48] Cecium: skids in door " They shot him! They fricking shot that big buck wearing that funky armour!, and they are taking the other captives away! And there was this big metalclad griffin there! "
[19:58:07] Jonas Askeland: Checks chronometer
[19:58:26] sneo92: 17:58
[19:59:15] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Are they heading out?”
[19:59:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “any good locations to hide or set an ambush?”
[19:59:37] Cecium: " They where taking the captives away yes! "
[19:59:58] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Alright, Titanium might be onto something. How many were there?”
[20:00:36] Cecium: "7, including the griffon, they where headed north, tough I cant imagine them getting that fast with the wagons "
[20:00:52] Cecium: checks pipbuck map
[20:00:56] Jonas Askeland: “Seven armed ponies..?”
[20:01:06] Cecium: "6 armed ponies and a griffon "
[20:01:27] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Hardin, do you still have that dynamite, or did I imagine you having that?”
[20:01:39] Cecium: looks for positions that would be suitable for ambush in the direction the slavers where headed
[20:01:41] Jonas Askeland: “I uh.. Hang on”
[20:02:37] sneo92: >_Shadow: The industrial Complex streches far to the north, there are corners galore along the road that leads northwards
[20:03:23] Jonas Askeland: Ruffles around in inventory “No, best i can do for explosives is a missile”
[20:03:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Can’t we use that then?”
[20:03:52] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Hmm. How good are you with a rifle, Shadow?”
[20:03:59] Jonas Askeland: “Not without some work or a trick to it”
[20:04:19] Cecium: "err, pretty good, but we cant dawdle here for to long! every minute we spend gabbing they get closer to wherever they are going! "
[20:04:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “How stable is the missile?”
[20:04:22] Jonas Askeland: I might be able to rig it somehow"
[20:04:52] Jonas Askeland: [How stable is a missile..? I imagine its pretty stable?]
[20:05:03 | Removed 20:06:02] Jonas Askeland: This message has been removed.
[20:05:25 | Edited 20:05:40] sneo92: [It’s pretty stable, missiles use digital means of arming their warheads]
[20:05:25] Jonas Askeland: [AH! Skype formatting fuckup]
[20:05:40] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "What if we shoot the warhead? And Hardin, you’ve seen the construction of those cages; are they strong enough to, say, endure a rain of small to medium sized chunks of concrete?
[20:05:44] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "
[20:06:38] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “We’ll talk on the way there, let’s run!”
[20:06:58] Cecium: starts legging it
[20:07:28] Julian (RestrainedMadness): runs “We need to catch up to them, first of all. Find some way to flank them, and hopefully use the missile to make things easier for us”
[20:07:52] Jonas Askeland: Grumbles internally, and runs along
[20:07:59] Cecium: running " What if a few of us runs ahead of the others opening fire on them and then withdrawing to lead them into an ambush ? "
[20:08:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts running “Hardin, can u use the pipuck to arm it?”
[20:08:28] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “They wouldn’t leave the convoy, they’re too smart for that, I think.”
[20:08:33] Jonas Askeland: “They had a griffin no? Can you hid an ambush from that?”
[20:08:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Cause if u an we can throw it towards them or place it closer to the tents”
[20:08:49] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Inside a building, quite likely”
[20:08:59] Cecium: " Just hide in a building or something, a few potshots at them to pull em back, I mean either they go for it or they dont "
[20:10:13] sneo92: >_You start running northwards, soon passing the factory where there are now 3 bodies in the streeet. You can eventually spot the carriges rolling ever northwards
[20:10:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Marks location on map
[20:10:45] Julian (RestrainedMadness): looks for a parallel street
[20:10:48] Jonas Askeland: Glances at bodies, looking for weapons
[20:11:00] Cecium: loads Armored piercing bullets into the hunting rifle, still moving north
[20:11:28] sneo92: >_Hardin: The bodies are not armed
Cloudy: There are streets cutting both left and right
[20:11:57] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “They’re bound to spot us if we just run behind them; let’s cross over to the left!”
[20:12:24] Jonas Askeland: Cut left
[20:12:30] Julian (RestrainedMadness): cuts left as well
[20:12:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [what side is the sun ?]
[20:12:47] Cecium: " You guys do that, ill sneak up behind them and when you guys open fire ill attack em from the rear! "
[20:12:51] sneo92: [left, it’s starting to set]
[20:13:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [k]
[20:13:28] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Fine, but be careful, and don’t do anything overtly stupid!”
[20:13:37] Cecium: " Willdo "
[20:13:42] Jonas Askeland: “Get out at once if they see you!”
[20:13:42] Cecium: Sneaks off at full speed
[20:13:50] Julian (RestrainedMadness): loads small rifle with AP ammo
[20:13:51] Cecium: [Rolls stealth check ]
[20:13:58] Cecium: 23
[20:14:59] sneo92: >_Shadow: You sneak up on them and maintain medium distance from the convoy. You see there are two ponies walking behind the carriges, talking idley
[20:16:13] sneo92: >_The others dart off o the side and run along the parelleling street. You can barly make out where the caravan is as you pass by them
[20:16:33 | Edited 20:16:55] Cecium: [ Can I see the griffin? ]
[20:16:47] sneo92: [No]
[20:17:06] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Let’s run a little farther up, and set up in a building overlooking the convoy”
[20:17:11] Julian (RestrainedMadness): pants
[20:17:25] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, i want some elevation”
[20:17:29] Jonas Askeland: “And keep up!”
[20:17:57] Julian (RestrainedMadness): pants more, but maintains speed
[20:18:22] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [are we ahead yet?]
[20:18:30] Cecium: loads regular bullets since I cant see the Armored beast
[20:18:54] sneo92: [You pass the convoy, yes]
[20:19:24] Julian (RestrainedMadness): looks for buildings capable of being entered to our right
[20:20:28] sneo92: >_You find a two story building that has it’s North side colapsed, but it’s enterable by it’s south side
[20:20:51] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "Two stories enough for you, Hardin?
[20:20:51] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "
[20:21:20] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, this should do” Dart inside
[20:21:27] Julian (RestrainedMadness): follows
[20:21:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: following
[20:22:26] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "Wait!
[20:22:28] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "
[20:22:59] sneo92: >_The building is an old concrete office building, just past the door a stair well is straight ahead and a hallways goes to the left, where it eventually ends due to fallen rubble
[20:23:06] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Titanium, stay around the corner from here. You’re our close-quarters ace-in-the-hole!”
[20:23:36] Haakon Grov Melkevik: grunting in compliance
[20:24:10] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “I doubt they’ll be expecting a claymore-wielding zebra guarding the entrance!”
[20:24:45] Cecium: checks efs
[20:24:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Nobody does”
[20:24:51] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Legs it upstairs
[20:26:30] Haakon Grov Melkevik: prepares sword
[20:26:40] sneo92: >_Upstairs there are Offices lining the East wall, fruther northwards in the hallway the roof is gone and the interior of the building is exposed to the enviroments
[20:27:28 | Edited 20:27:44] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Let’s stay underneath the ceiling. That griffon will probably choose the worst time to show its ugly face.”
[20:28:42] Jonas Askeland: Looks for a piece of collapsed wall or window to hide behind that lets me face my weapon onto the road
[20:29:04] Julian (RestrainedMadness): does the same
[20:29:41] Jonas Askeland: Also, this beeing an office, look for desks and cabinets
[20:30:05] sneo92: >_Along the East side of the wall, the windows are mostly intact, but further north you will find broken down wall.
[20:30:24] Jonas Askeland: [is it under the open roof?]
[20:30:46] sneo92: [It’s not under roof]
[20:30:59] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Are the windows able to open?]
[20:31:12] sneo92: [You can try, I suppose]
[20:31:33] Julian (RestrainedMadness): CAREFULLY and SLOWLY tries to open a window
[20:31:45] sneo92: >_The window opens gently upwards
[20:31:54] Jonas Askeland: “They might see that..”
[20:32:33] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “It’s just so that we have something to shoot out of. That small gap shouldn’t be noticable unless they were looking right at it.” [I hope]
[20:32:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [and shards of glass do shine in the sun]
[20:33:15] sneo92: [the sun is behind you now]
[20:33:34] Jonas Askeland: [Are there more windows in the same room?]
[20:34:11] sneo92: [2 pr room]
[20:34:34] Jonas Askeland: I set up in the same fashion as cloudy, in the same room
[20:35:13] Julian (RestrainedMadness): I support my rifle’s barrel on the window sill, but make sure it doesn’t portrude from the window itself
[20:35:56] Jonas Askeland: [Is this a stealth ckeck..? And if so, am i still neongreen? Cant remember if we got that washed off]
[20:36:27] Cecium: [we got it off you]
[20:36:40] sneo92: [the convoy is to far behind to see you sliding up the windows
[20:36:51] sneo92: [so no, no stealth checks]
[20:36:57] Jonas Askeland: [cheers]
[20:37:30] Julian (RestrainedMadness): whispers “And now we play the waiting game..!”
[20:38:32] sneo92: >_As you sit by the windows, you eventually see two ponies walking by.
[20:38:53] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Are they Red Eye-ponies?]
[20:39:22] sneo92: [yes]
[20:39:48] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [And the convoy?]
[20:39:49] Jonas Askeland: [How are they armed?]
[20:40:30] sneo92: [The first are armed with an assult rifle, the seccond with a Varmint rifle
[20:40:46] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Are they in range to hear whispers?]
[20:40:58] Jonas Askeland: “Dont shoot, lets wait for a bigger target”
[20:41:30] Jonas Askeland: [I didnt think to account for that, so i just went ahead]
[20:42:31] Julian (RestrainedMadness): takes aim at the one with the assault rifle anyway
[20:43:01] sneo92: After a while, the first Carrige arrive, being pulled by a slaver with a Hunting Shotgun on his back
[20:44:11] sneo92: >_After the First carrage the seccond one passes by, accompanied by the armoured griffin
[20:44:35] Julian (RestrainedMadness): I take aim at the griffon
[20:44:39] Jonas Askeland: [Any more ponies in sight?]
[20:45:26] sneo92: >_Eventually, the final two at the rear passes
[20:45:51] Jonas Askeland: [nono, as in, any more in sight when we saw the griffin?]
[20:46:03] sneo92: The Griffon and the one pulling the carrige
[20:46:16] Jonas Askeland: [k]
[20:46:26] Jonas Askeland: “Griffin”
[20:46:56] Jonas Askeland: I light him up
[20:47:12] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Looks down the barrel and gives the trigger a gentle squeeze
[20:47:27] sneo92: [Roll for attack, 10 skill for aimed shots]
[20:48:01] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [61, miss by 2]
[20:48:17] Jonas Askeland: [58 under 67]
[20:50:03] sneo92: >_The first Rifle shot passes just over the Griffin, making him duck as the LMG rounds ricorchet off his armour.
[20:50:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: waiting for grifphon to do somehting, then she will charge
[20:50:52] Jonas Askeland: [Take aim for remaining AP i guess?]
[20:50:54] Cecium: as shots where just fired opens up on the rear ponies ( right one )
[20:51:07] sneo92: [Titanium: You are posissioned in back, aren’t you?]
[20:51:17] sneo92: [Roll it, christian]
[20:51:33] Cecium: [takes aim for 3 ap thats +30 no? ]
[20:51:38] sneo92: 15
[20:52:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [kinda]
[20:52:10] sneo92: [also, gimme your roll under your skill, so I can work with AC and such]
[20:52:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [diagonally backwards i guess]
[20:52:26] Cecium: [kk 86 under 98]
[20:52:32] Jonas Askeland: [Do you want bonuses accounted for or raw?]
[20:52:39] Cecium: [
15 bonus ]
[20:52:47] sneo92: [bonuses accounted for, please]
[20:53:30] Cecium: [so 86 under 113 ]
[20:54:14] sneo92: >_The bullet rip into the startled Slavers legs and rump [Roll dmg with 0 DoS]
[20:54:25] Cecium: 12
[20:55:10] sneo92: [Julian, your turn]
[20:55:48] sneo92: >_The startled group start scanning around for you, and by the time they figure out where it came from you get a chance to fire again
[20:56:14] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [I aim up another shot for 4 AP, then use my last AP to ENABLE MYSELF TO FUCKING FIRE AGAIN NEXT ROUND ARGH AP]
[20:56:25] sneo92: [Jonas]
[20:57:00] Jonas Askeland: [Do i get bonuses for aiming up for 2 ap last round?]
[20:57:13] sneo92: 10, yes]
[20:57:41] Jonas Askeland: [Aim for 2 AP and send another volley right at the griffin]
[20:58:10] Jonas Askeland: [50 under 107]
[20:58:29] sneo92: [AP?]
[20:58:55] Jonas Askeland: [Wait, i just counted the 4ap as +40 O_o its 50 under 87! And down to 0 AP]
[20:59:21] sneo92: [Armour piercing?]
[20:59:37] Jonas Askeland: [Does it beeing 7,62 count? No special ammo]
[20:59:55] sneo92: [only count if you have spesific AP ammo]
[21:00:03] Jonas Askeland: [Standard ammo]
[21:00:35] sneo92: >_The seccond volley raveshes the Griffon, barly penetrating the weak points of the armour [Roll dmg with 0DoS]
[21:01:42] Jonas Askeland: [I have actually misplaced my bag of dice (save some sets of d100), would you mind rolling whilst i search for it?]
[21:01:52] sneo92: [will do]
[21:03:38] sneo92: >_The griffin is hit for 32 whooping damage!
[21:03:46] Cecium: [and the crowd goes wild! ]
[21:03:53] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Daym, son!]
[21:03:54] Jonas Askeland: [Wow, cheers O_o]
[21:04:21] sneo92: >_You can see blood seeping from the bulletholes
[21:04:41] sneo92: [That’s 6d8 for ya]
[21:05:06] sneo92: [Titaniums turn]
[21:05:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: start galloping towards the griffin, then jumps towards him with the sword forward
[21:06:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crit]
[21:06:15] sneo92: >_The Griffon, in pain from the shots, Pries his eyes open on the sight of the Armoured Zebra
[21:06:20] sneo92: [yikes]
[21:06:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [06 under 100]
[21:06:34] Cecium: [ouchy]
[21:06:35] sneo92: [Double up your damage roll, then]
[21:07:03] sneo92: [and do consult the Quick refference sheet for fully updated weapon damage and such]
[21:07:55] Jonas Askeland: [Consulting and adjusting]
[21:08:24 | Edited 21:08:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [can’t see the quick reference sheet]
[21:08:46] Julian (RestrainedMadness):
[21:09:14] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [owait, you meant you’re not ‘allowed’?"
[21:09:36] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [can she it now]
[21:09:41 | Edited 21:09:56] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Excellent]
[21:09:43 | Removed 21:10:03] Julian (RestrainedMadness): This message has been removed.
[21:09:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 22 DAM
[21:10:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [i think]
[21:11:02] Haakon Grov Melkevik: chops him again
[21:11:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [35 under 100]
[21:12:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [17 dam]
[21:13:26] sneo92: >_ First slash cust a big gash in the Griffons armour and the soft flesh underneeth, and the seccond blow lands well into the neck of the Griffon halfway decapitating him. A gush off blood showers from his exposed artery as he gives a final lurch and falls over dead.
[21:13:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Hello again Birdy
[21:13:47] Jonas Askeland: [More wildness from crowd]
[21:14:20] sneo92: [New rule, annouce ending your turn please]
[21:14:56] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [end of turn]
[21:15:21] sneo92: [christian]
[21:15:33] Cecium: [is there any cover for me to take here? ]
[21:15:40] Cecium: [also did I see the birdbrain go down?]
[21:16:26] sneo92: [you did not see it, there’s a carrige in the way. But you did see Titanium hop out. There is negligable cover here]
[21:17:01] Cecium: I take aim at the same pony I shot last time for +3Ap Open fire’
[21:17:49] Cecium: [21 under 113]
[21:18:07] Cecium: [ how many DoS is that ? ]
[21:18:21] sneo92: 7
[21:18:41] sneo92: [3×7 is 21]
[21:19:03] Cecium: [ Ty, was uncertain on how much dammage a dos was worth<,><,>_The seccond round from the Hunting Rifle fire tears the ponies right leg off, he falls to the grown howling in pain
[21:19:53] Cecium: [hunting rifle ]
[21:20:37] Cecium: End turn
[21:20:38] Cecium: []
[21:22:06] sneo92: >_ The ponies who still stand are in a mild panic, while ones in from run behind the cages for cover, those straped into the carriges hurry to untangle themselves. Those who ran behind the cages start shooting between the bars of the cage
[21:23:10] sneo92: [those in the buildings get a +10 AC bonus
[21:23:54] sneo92: >_The volley of the assult rifle rips against the flashes from the LMG, the bullets shatter the window above Hardin and rips into his face and head
[21:24:01] sneo92: [What’s your AC?]
[21:24:08] Jonas Askeland: [with cover, 26]
[21:24:38 | Removed 21:25:00] Julian (RestrainedMadness): This message has been removed.
[21:24:48 | Removed 21:24:56] Julian (RestrainedMadness): This message has been removed.
[21:25:18] sneo92: >_The bullets tear into your face, and damages you for 10hp
[21:25:37] Jonas Askeland: [T_T]
[21:26:06] sneo92: >_ The shots from the Varmint Rifle strikes the building wall twice
[21:26:42] sneo92: >_ The slaver in the back has noticed the mare behind him, and turns to fire
[21:27:22] sneo92: The hunting shotgun Blasts a series of Buckshot right over Shadow’s head
[21:27:54] sneo92: >_The forward strapped fellow is now free and turns his hunting Rifle to the building
[21:28:27] sneo92: >_The bullet Smashes the window over Cloudy, but goes over his head
[21:29:00] sneo92: >_The pony standing next to Titanium levitates the Griffons Revolver, and tries to shoot for Titanium
[21:29:34] sneo92: [AC?]
[21:29:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 28
[21:30:38] sneo92: >_The revolver sings loudly as the bullet plants itself decivily in Titaniums chest [25 damage]
[21:31:05] sneo92: [Cloudy, you’re up]
[21:31:18] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Who’s nearby?]
[21:31:51] Julian (RestrainedMadness): *switches to snub-nose and fires at P3

[21:32:19 | Edited 21:32:30] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [7 under 49]
[21:32:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Fuck yea]
[21:33:50] sneo92: >_The bullet strikes the Pony in front of the first carrige in the shoulder as he screams
[21:33:51] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [CLOUDY, CLOUDY,
[21:34:12] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [ENd of turn]
[21:34:17] Jonas Askeland: [CROWD IS SO WILD RIGHT NOW!]
[21:34:19] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [derp]
[21:34:24] sneo92: [perhaps damage would be a nice ting]
[21:34:37] Cecium: [cloudy hit, that is all that is important, he doesnt need to do dammage ]
[21:34:41] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [8 MOTHERFUCKING DAMAGE]
[21:34:44] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [yea julian, damage]
[21:34:54] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [I AM SMART SHUT UP GUYS]
[21:35:10] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [STOP BULLYING ME :’((((]
[21:35:29] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [END OF TURN DAMMIT]
[21:36:01] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [is ok now, relax u hit the bad person]
[21:36:01] sneo92: [Hardin up]
[21:36:32] Jonas Askeland: Blink glass and whatnot outta my eyes, take aim for 2 points and shoot the fuck that shot titanium
[21:37:06] Jonas Askeland: [Oh wait, aim for 1, cuz of revised skill requirement on gun O_o]
[21:37:29] Jonas Askeland: [28 under 72]
[21:38:22] sneo92: >_The LMG tear into the scared unicorn, wandering from legs and upwards
[21:38:40] Jonas Askeland: [A wooping 39 damage O_o]
[21:38:48] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [DAYM SON]
[21:39:32] sneo92: >_As the bullets travel up, his ribcage is torn open and splits his chest with a sizable cut from the shoulder and down. He falls over gargleing blood
[21:39:44] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[21:39:57] sneo92: [Titaniun]
[21:40:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [gonna double chop a dude]
[21:40:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: slowly walks towards him
[21:40:38] sneo92: [Define “a dude”]
[21:40:48] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [a person]
[21:40:56] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [35 u 100]
[21:41:13] sneo92: [There are more than one person present]
[21:41:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [dude that shot me]
[21:41:29] sneo92: is dead
[21:41:44] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ok, looks for next biggest]
[21:42:16] sneo92: >_The closest to you is the one who is hiding behind the carrige, with a varmint Rifle
[21:42:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ 7 damage on first attack, a 1 and a 2 on dice]
[21:42:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crit]
[21:42:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [03 under 100]
[21:43:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [26 da]
[21:43:12] sneo92: sweet
[21:43:51 | Edited 21:44:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Titanium starts singing a exotic song
[21:43:56] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [end of turn]
[21:44:30] sneo92: >_The blade swings across the sides of the Slaver, cutting his leg up really badly. He falls over in pain
[21:45:20] sneo92: [shadow]
[21:45:34] Cecium: [Titanium is not attacking hte guy im attacking right? ]
[21:45:44 | Edited 21:45:49] sneo92: [no, he’s on P2]
[21:45:48] Cecium: [Kk]
[21:46:18] Cecium: [aims for +2AP and shoots the guy im engaging ]
[21:46:41] sneo92: [P6?]
[21:46:48] Cecium: [40 under 108]
[21:46:51] Cecium: [ the guy who shot at me ]
[21:47:31] sneo92: >_The bullet strikes the Pony in his neck, causing major bleeding
[21:47:34] Cecium: [15dam +Dos]
[21:47:49] Cecium: [no idea on his armour so just doing it like that ]
[21:47:59] sneo92: [is good]
[21:48:41] Cecium: “DROP YOUR WEAPON OR ILL SHOOT YOU SOME MORE” [ spend on 1Ap on that] [speech check= 25 under61]
[21:49:04] Cecium: [EoT]
[21:49:59] sneo92: >_The pony in the back puts a hoof to his neck, and shouts in a panic “FUCK YOU, BITCH!!” as he fires the shotgun nearly blindly
[21:50:16] sneo92: >_The round goes very, very wide.
[21:51:07] sneo92: >_The pony in the front of the caravan shoots up at the windows with his hunting Rifle
[21:51:49] sneo92: >_The bullet flies into the window and meagerly pings of Cloudy armour
[21:51:59] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [armored healbus fuckyeah]
[21:52:16] Jonas Askeland: [Pretty happy you have that thing]
[21:52:26] sneo92: >_the two behind the carrige turns to Titanium and shoots
[21:53:31] sneo92: >_The shot of the varmit rifle goes wide, while The assult rifle tears into Titaniums hide
[21:54:18] sneo92: >_The shots stikes hard into Titanuims chest. [23(!)dmg]
[21:54:32] sneo92: [Can everyone announce their AC, please?]
[21:54:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [3 hp left, and 28 ac]
[21:54:48] Cecium: 17
[21:54:49] Jonas Askeland: [26, counting +10 cover]
[21:54:54] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [36 without cover]
[21:55:29] sneo92: [Cloudy]
[21:55:39] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Am I in range to heal Titanium?]
[21:55:54] sneo92: [No, you’re a bit to far out]
[21:56:35] Julian (RestrainedMadness): Cloudy jumps out the window
[21:56:46] sneo92: [Med agility check]
[21:57:02] Julian (RestrainedMadness): 45 over 25
[21:57:08] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crowd goes wild, but is not ready for crowd surfing]
[21:57:42] sneo92: >_As you land, your ankle is mildly sprained. [take 2dmg]
[21:59:37] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [How difficult of a throw check is it to throw a healing potion to Titanium?]
[22:00:05] sneo92: [it would be a thrown check, with bonuses if Titanium activly tries to catch
[22:00:44] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Titanium!” Cloudy shouts “Catch!”
[22:00:54] Julian (RestrainedMadness): throws healing potion
[22:01:13] sneo92: [fyi, Cloudy can’t toss]
[22:01:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: tries to grab
[22:01:23] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [60 over 17. Good luck.]
[22:01:24] sneo92: [
20 for catching]
[22:02:21] sneo92: >_The bottle flies through the air, but Titanium has no chance of catching it by far. The potion crashes into the ground and is shattered.
[22:03:01] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [could i theoretically shout oh shit poison ?]
[22:03:17] sneo92: [you could, yes. Talking is free actions]
[22:03:43] Julian (RestrainedMadness): I start running towards Titanium, but try to stay in cover behind the cage
[22:03:48] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [eot]
[22:04:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “oh shit POISON
[22:04:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: screams Titanium
[22:04:49] sneo92: [Jonas]
[22:05:22] sneo92: >_You see the ponies ahead of you miding the little puddle of liquid laying a few meters away. They look a bit shaken
[22:05:23] Jonas Askeland: [Judging from map, there are two ponies north of titanium and two ponies at the back of caravan?]
[22:05:59] sneo92: aye
[22:06:46] Jonas Askeland: [How many AP to jump down, draw hammer, and get behind northmost pony?]
[22:07:16] sneo92: [2 for jump, 1 for change of weapon, 2 to chagre]
[22:08:00] Jonas Askeland: [And there are ponies inside the front cage?]
[22:08:03] sneo92: [yes]
[22:09:06] Jonas Askeland: I jump out the window and charge at the northmost pony
[22:09:47] Jonas Askeland: [If med agility, 25 under 45]
[22:09:56] sneo92: [is good!]
[22:10:11] sneo92: >_You are now up in his face
[22:10:40] Jonas Askeland: I smack his face upside down with my hooves, dropping the lmg to the ground if i have to
[22:11:12] Jonas Askeland: [15 under 98]
[22:11:21] sneo92: [Smack dat]
[22:11:27] Jonas Askeland: [8 damage]
[22:11:46] Jonas Askeland: And i smack him AGAIN!
[22:12:11] Jonas Askeland: [51 under 98]
[22:12:40 | Edited 22:13:58] sneo92: >_Hardin takes up a boxing stance and begins to pummel the face of the Slaver
[22:13:11] Jonas Askeland: [Slave? Aww..]
[22:13:17] Jonas Askeland: [10 damage]
[22:14:44] sneo92: >_The final upperhook sends the Slaver into a dizzy daze
[22:15:07] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:15:14] sneo92: [Titanium]
[22:16:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " Cloudy run away from the poison"* then starts running towards cloudy and will pick him up and run into a building*
[22:16:52] sneo92: [before you do that, make a d20 fo conciousness
[22:17:12 | Edited 22:17:22] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 3
[22:17:24] sneo92: >_Titanium falls unconcious over
[22:17:55] sneo92: [I finally remembered the concoiusness rolls!]
[22:18:05] Cecium: [huzzah<→<]>_Hardin: The pony resist little, but mumbles “Heey, that’s mine….” before he falls to his rump
[22:48:19] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Titanium jolts up with a smile *
[22:48:26] sneo92: >_Shadow: do a Medicine roll
[22:48:43 | Edited 22:48:56] Cecium: [94 over 16]
[22:48:52] sneo92: [Last I checked, that was over]
[22:48:58] Jonas Askeland: [wat]
[22:49:00] Cecium: [force of habit]
[22:49:11 | Edited 22:49:24] sneo92: >_Shadow: You can’t find any signs of life on the pony as he continues to bleed
[22:49:24] Cecium: "Cloudy!, some help over here! "
[22:49:34] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “I’m on it!”
[22:49:36] Julian (RestrainedMadness): *runs over

[22:49:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [brb bathroom]
[22:49:47] sneo92: [Cloudy, med roll]
[22:49:58] Jonas Askeland: I keep the dazed one at gunpoint
[22:49:59] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [43 under 82]
[22:50:37] sneo92: >_Cloudy: You find a very weak pulse, as you can see bellow the pony that he has lost a LOT of blood. Manage to stop the bleeding.
[22:50:49] sneo92: >_Hardin: The pony seems to be coming to, a bit.
[22:51:04] Jonas Askeland: “Dont. Fucking. Move”
[22:51:32] sneo92: >_As he comes to, he looks down the barrel. “Oh no..”
[22:51:46] Cecium: [did huntingrifle pony get away?]
[22:51:53] Jonas Askeland: [What weapon did he have? Cuz thats the one im using]
[22:51:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Loots Birdie
[22:52:03] sneo92: [Hunting Rifle]
[22:53:07] sneo92: [Birdie has two Revolvers, one on the ground and one still in it’s holster, he has 15 rounds extra. You also find a key, and a Hoofdrawn picture of a pony
[22:53:25] sneo92: You also find 34caps]
[22:53:54] Julian (RestrainedMadness): I check my efs
[22:54:01] Cecium: [ I want to loot the guy cloudy is helpin ]
[22:54:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [sweet]
[22:54:19] sneo92: >_You see two red dots to the East, where the fellows ran off to
[22:54:32] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Still red. Hmm..]
[22:54:58] Jonas Askeland: [We did just murder their crew, i can imagine they have some hostile intent]
[22:55:25] sneo92: >_Shadow: You find a Hunting Shotgun with 2 shells in the clip, while the pony carries 10 spare shells. You also find 15caps and a packet of sigarets
[22:55:26] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Think we should chase them?”
[22:55:33] Cecium: grabs
[22:56:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [was that affected by luck btw ]
[22:56:33] sneo92: [the money roll was]
[22:57:05 | Edited 22:58:01] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Is the pony I’m helping stable?]
[22:57:05 | Edited 22:57:30] Cecium: Starts unlocking slavecages with picklocking
[22:57:13] sneo92: [on another note, we will be calling the session after the post-battle stuff]
[22:57:30] Jonas Askeland: I call out to shadow “Shadow! This guy should have ammo for you”
[22:57:43] Cecium: Is blisfullydistracted by the call of sweet sweet ammo
[22:57:54] sneo92: >_Cloudy: The pony would start bleeding again if you left him, so he’s not exactly sable
[22:58:23] sneo92: >_Shadow, Roll lockpick for each lock, and count lost bobby pins
[22:58:35] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Is the town free of Red Eye’s men, now?]
[22:58:44] sneo92: [You don’t know that]
[22:59:11] Cecium: [46 under 56 on first cage ] [54 under 56 on other ]
[22:59:24] Cecium: [also how much ammo did hte huntingrifle guy NeoN pointed out have? ]
[22:59:28] Julian (RestrainedMadness): I stare into the eyes of the pony I’m helping “Where are they taking them?”
[22:59:37] sneo92: >_Shadow: You unlock the cages, to the cheering of those inside
[22:59:51] Jonas Askeland: [Also, from the first attack to the end of combat, two hours exactly passed]
[22:59:51] sneo92: >_Cloudy, the pony is still unconcious
[22:59:58] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Oh.]
[23:00:03] sneo92: [yeah, that took it’s sweet time!]
[23:01:18] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “We should wait until this one wakes up and question him, then try to liberate the town, if we can. Are you with me?”
[23:01:32] Cecium: " yesyes"
[23:01:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Not exactly like that”
[23:02:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " we’ll carry them back where we know it’s safe"
[23:02:18] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Of course”.
[23:02:26] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Everyone ready to get a move on?”
[23:02:37] Jonas Askeland: “Hey, what about this guy?”
[23:02:45] Cecium: loots "this guy
[23:02:49] sneo92: >_Slaver: “Yeah, what about me?”
[23:02:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: picks up a slaver
[23:03:04] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “He comes too.”
[23:03:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Hardin, gag him”
[23:03:36] Jonas Askeland: “Shadow, gag him”
[23:03:49] sneo92: >_Shadow: You get 8 Hunting Rifle rounds, and 5caps
[23:03:56] Cecium: [ did he have anything else? ]
[23:04:08] sneo92: [nothing of interest]
[23:04:18] Cecium: [ anything to gag him with?]
[23:04:20] Jonas Askeland: [Guess the rifle i’m carrying]
[23:04:32] sneo92: [nope]
[23:04:50] Cecium: tears piece of cloth of dead slaver
[23:04:55] Cecium: gags conscious fellow
[23:04:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: drops Slaver, walks over to birdie
[23:05:08] Haakon Grov Melkevik: gets feather, then gag the slaver
[23:05:30] sneo92: >_The slaves gags on the cloth, as you tie him up
[23:06:06] Jonas Askeland: I eject any remaining rounds from the rifle and hand them to shadow
[23:06:19] sneo92: [there are 3 rounds]
[23:06:37] Cecium: [ im guessing the assault rifle users got away? ]
[23:07:00] Jonas Askeland: [Also, what happened to mr disabled battlesaddle?]
[23:07:08] Jonas Askeland: [Or is that the bleeding mess?]
[23:07:18] sneo92: [He is the bleeding mess, yes]
[23:07:56] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “I’d vote we leave this place for somewhere a bit more …discreet.”
[23:08:14] Jonas Askeland: “What of the slaves? Where do they go?”
[23:08:34] Cecium: " They come with us to the other ones we helped "
[23:08:44] Jonas Askeland: “Good”
[23:08:45 | Edited 23:08:56] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “They’re from here, aren’t they? We’ll bring them with us, like Shadow says.”
[23:09:00] Jonas Askeland: “Then lets just head back there?”
[23:09:04] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Yes.”
[23:09:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: checks the carriages before we leave
[23:09:40] Julian (RestrainedMadness): [Can I make makeshift bandages from the slavers’ clothes?
[23:09:42] Julian (RestrainedMadness): ]
[23:10:03] sneo92: >_Titanium The cages are very basic ones
Cloudy: Yes you can
[23:10:37] Julian (RestrainedMadness): makes makeshift bandages and bandages the wounds of the bleeding mess
[23:11:08] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [checking for food and personalia, incase that was not clear]
[23:11:14] sneo92: >_The Bleeding slaver is now stable
[23:11:39] sneo92: >_There are nothing inside the carriges
[23:12:04] Julian (RestrainedMadness): looks to the slaves “Are you guys alright? Can you walk?”
[23:12:44] sneo92: >_One of the slaves takes a step forward. “Yeah, I think we’re all in decent shape. We’ll be fine”
[23:13:41] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “Good. We’ll be walking a little bit back towards town. We’re not sure it’s safe yet, but there is a place we think is safe between here and there.”
[23:14:46] sneo92: >_"We were the last they pulled out, so I think these were the last of Red Eyes ponies."
[23:15:20] Julian (RestrainedMadness): frowns “Do you know where they took them?”
[23:16:19] sneo92: >_"I guess they took them north, back to Fillydelphia. Poor souls going back to that hellhole" She looks away, with pain in her eye.
[23:17:47] Julian (RestrainedMadness): “How many ponies has Red Eye got fighting for him there?”
[23:18:35] sneo92: >_The ponies start walking, and the one you’re talking to huffs “Haven’t you heard of Red Eye’s army? He’s got thousands!”
[23:18:49] Cecium: O_O
[23:19:24] Julian (RestrainedMadness): furrows brow “We’re gonna struggle against thousands. Thousands’ a lot more than four.”
[23:19:41] sneo92: [We’ll be calling it soon, so make final posts before we end it on your way back to town[
[23:19:53] Cecium: scared expression " Thousands?, Thousands of ponies, and we let some of them go, ohgods.. "
[23:19:53] sneo92: >_"Hah, ya think?"
[23:19:54] Jonas Askeland: I examine the griffons armor quickly, does it look like a pony could wear it?
[23:19:56] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “only thousand, too bad for him”
[23:20:25] sneo92: >_Hardin: No, not by a long shot
[23:20:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [or the slightly bigger equine, the zebra]
[23:20:36] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [???]
[23:20:42] sneo92: [‘fraid not]
[23:21:14] Julian (RestrainedMadness): "Alright, all we can do for now is to make sure you’re alright and the town’s safe."
[23:21:32] Jonas Askeland: Examine some more, could i bastardize it into parts and make a new armor, like i did for cloudy?
[23:21:59] sneo92: >_"Safe?! Hah, there’s the joke of the century!"
[23:22:11] sneo92: >_Hardin, possibly, but it would take a lot of work and tools
[23:22:22] sneo92: But with that, this session ends!

Fallout Session 29/08 " Factory Adventure"

Quick Summary:

Party resumed where we left of at the factory trying to fix it.
Shadow split off from the party to rest and read some of her fictional books while Hardin and Cloudy fixed the factory.
They found out that they needed a ton of Scrap metal, some electronic scrap metal and a flux regulator to repair the factory and that it would becapable of producing Equestrian Assault Rifles and 10mm pistols.

Cloudy and Hardin left the factory to examine the wagonfactory nearby nearly forgetting Shadow in the progress.
Fetched Shadow headed to the other factory.
Shadow snuck in found robot snuck out again. Robot noticed Shadow robot attacked the group no definitive hits but explosion damage did damage Shadow.

Group pulled back to the Ironshod factory and waited for the robot to give up.
The group then searched for other entrances to the factory foun da ventilation shaft that would fit a small pony but not a big pony.
Shadow could enter with easy Cloudy had a slightly hard time and Hardin was a no go.

After some arguing shadow entered, found a control room with a terminal which she unsucesfully attempted to hack. Also looted all the containers in hope of identification cards to fool the security. Was a no go.
Returned to fetch Cloudy and get him in to hack the terminal, found out cloudy was to fat to get in ( bad agi checks )
He decided to sneak in using a stealthbuck to get to the control room door unlocked by Shadow. He then shut down the factory security.

Party enters factory and starts rummaging around searching for a Flux Regulator, none found.

Hardin botched a dismantle check on the wagon painting part of the assembly line nad got “ Magnetized “ to the assembly line and got spraypainted NeoN green.

Hardin then tried washing his face clean with sparklecola creating a sticky but slightly less green mess.
Shadow attempted to stick a cigarette to Hardins face to turn him into a “bright green nicotine unicorn “ failed sneak check got tackled to the ground and he then rubbed his face into hers for revenge.

Party then left the factory searching for another place to enter.

Found a factory with a big apple on. Only one entrance on ground level.

Party used grappling hook to get to the roof, on the roof we found a ventilation shaft that fit us all but hardin only narrowly ( he had ot cart his gear behind him ).

Shadow and Cloudy got trough without problems.
Hardin had a … very bad experience with vents and fans down there swallowing some of his gear.

Party then found themselves in a dark room, party found door, party peeked outside saw turret, party snuck to other side of corridor and started looting rooms in the hopes of finding something to twart the security.

Hardin startedpushign a filing cabinet as a shield against one of the turrets letting us get closer relatively unsinged.

Party took out one of the turrets but then heard a metally clanking noise behind us and realized robots where coming up behind us.
Decided to dart into the unexplored corridor to flee from the robots.
Found a dead end broomcloset.

Party decided to be clever and use stealthbucks to sneak past them the way we originally came.
Shadow made it, the rest not so much.
Combat ensued.
Hardin grappeled the protectaponies to the ground and Cloudy oneshot one of them with a horn attack that caused the protectapony to blow up in his face knocking him out quite severly.

Hardin and Shadow finished the last protectapony off and Hardin then stabilized Cloudy using his knowledge of ducttape to set him “straight “.
Cloudy was then hauled into a employee lounge and laid on a couch to rest and fed a healing potion.

We ended it there

Summer session 3
Rumors said the curator had a job, we were intrigued.

Starting off at Mercys End, the group decided to head to the Museum, because at the end of the last session, we had heard brief mention of a job offering from the Curator. Upon arriving at the museum, we were recognized as “the stable ponies” and let through the palisade with no trouble. Riding our newfound reputation, we got up the tower quickly and inquired about the job.

The Curator wanted us to find some targeting talisman schematics and targeting talismans located at a ministry of wartime technology hub downtown. 300 caps for each of us, plus 50 caps for any actual talismans found. Prices were non-negotiable, though we did try.

We stocked up on food and decided to go by the metro tunnels. Last session, we discovered that they were a fast and relatively safe means of transportation throughout downtown. And we had found a maintenance door leading to a manhole not far form the ministry hub we were headed too.

Upon arriving at the metro station, Shadow snuck ahead and discovered red bars of the EFS. She overheard them complaining about the lack of loot, and went back to inform the rest of the party. She then proceeded to fail a sneak check, alerting the looters, and tried to play it off with imitating a ghoul. It sounded more like the roar of a young Simba, not impressive. However, a second successful speech check, now bluffing that she was a steelranger paladin (Chestnut specifically), they scurried off. We then proceeded into the metro, and went northwards.

We decided to go past the reactor room and look for another exit, hopefully closer to the hub. Shadow was making use of her stealth and went ahead of the group to scout. She eventually spotted red lights in the distance, and the EFS showed red bars. Scouting ahead revealed metal-clad ponies. We decided to avoid confrontation, and went back to the reactor room.

- Not sober enough atm, might finish later
Feel free to edit/finish in my stead

Quick recap of first two summer sessions
Did i mention its quick?

Cecium: just post it
NeoN: We got to the gardens, met up with chainlink, got drunk, did some shopping, met Fiery, spent lots of time discussing what to do, tagged along with a caravan, went to mercys, went to the metro, fought a sniper.. Next session, loot a metrostation, find a secret room, go down a tunnel, stumble upon rangers, spend some time at rangers place, work on some relations, leave and go for another tunnel, meet ants, leave for another tunnel, find reactor, sleep there, wake up to trap going off, have a less fortunate encounter with randoms, run away from big metal clad thing, leave metro, go to mercys, hear about job, end
NeoN: Okay, i think thats it
Cecium: post it

A recap so far just bout everything untill easter

Journal of the fallout adventure group


Brashbrawl: A huge bloodred pony wielding a aluminium bat played by Thorfinn Cutiemark: unknown?

Cloudy: A whitegrayish unicorn pony with a brown mane and he is the doctor and glorious leader of he group. Cutiemark a Syringe filled with red liquid, Played by Julian
*Falling Shadow:
a grayish blue unicorn mane with redish mane, likes being steatlhy and kind of thinks of herself as a hero cutiemark: Stealthbuck played by Christian
*Hardin Bolt
: a red earthpony with a orangy mane and moustache, he is the general fix it all of the group, Cutiemark: Unknown, played by Jonas
*Poachy Purple
: a purple manic looking earth pony with a illusion goblet cutie mark, played by Andreas
*Titanium Zemerma
n , a very weird looking zebra red coat and , skin colored stripes? Ish? Black and white mane, wields a rather large sword tha without she goes kind of nuts. Cutiemark: Glyphmark of some sort, played by Haakon

It was a dusty day, and we where heading up a hill of sorts, people had claimed seing flying pegasi in the area and well , we where curios about this so we decided to check it out.

After some searching we found what appeared to be some sort of bunker, we went in and some radroaches starteled us , they where promply smashed by the more skitterish of our team, myself included.

We peeked inside and saw what appeared to be a barricade and then we saw the beam guns aimed at us, shadow snuck outside during this for tactical reasons and the door was slammed shut in her face, leaving her totally unaware of what was going on inside the bunker, it turned out that the pegasi we had discovered where former enclave personell that had defected after being targeted for “accidents” up in the clouds, some former enclave millitary had joined them.

After some tense negotiations it was found out that they needed a water talisman and that they could possibly reward us with some equipment if we got it for them, they gave us the location for a stable and sent us on our way.

So with a new mission we headed towards the location of the stable, as we got there we found a diner, with the stable entrace in the cellar, we where suprised to find that the stable ( Malts Brewery ) was not abandoned as we first had tougth, but was actually a settlement of sorts, that specialized in the production of booze.

The party decided that just plain out destroying this community was not an option, and started trying to find alternatives, buried in some computer files that Hardin/Cloudy managed to repair it was discovered that 3 other stables where nearby, one of them was still Active even, one was Unknown status and one was stated as open.

While the party did this poachy on a mission of her own to get the water talisman of Malts brewery infiltrated the breweries inner workings but due to not having the foggiest idea of what a water talisman looked like had to abort.

The party discovering the stable locations promptly made an arse out of themselves by basically annoucning to the world why we where searching for a water talisman and also that we where helpng pegasi in " x location ".

The party headed to the opened stable first seing as how it was the one where there where the least chance of ruining somepony’s day.

We then next headed towards the unknown stable, despite shadows suggestions of heading to the openend Stable,

The unknown stable turned out to be buried in a landslide, nothing to be done here and we headed towards the still Active stable.

As we got to the active stable we where surpised by seing the door open, stable doors shouldnt be left open like that, and when we peeked inside we saw, a heap of bodies, young bodies they had welcome signs, clearly someone had learned of the location of this stable and gotten here recently,
the EFS* still showed blue bars on it, with many red bars. Shadow proclaimed " Cover me " and rushed down to attempt to save ponies, no one paid attention to this however. Not untill shots where fired , then tye got their arses in gear..

Cloudy discovered that the stableponies had opend the door and welcomed what turned out to be raiders into their stable , only to be brutally gunned down, he put a hefty password on these terminals to prevent us from lerning it and guilt tripping ourselves a lot.

Further down in the stable shadow was pinned down by two raiders but as Hardin, titanium and poachy ( was titanium here at thist ime? I cant rember… , dun think so… ) joined in the fray and made short work of the raiders, once thye where dispatched the party headed furhter down, shadow noticed there where no more blue bars. As we rounded a corner we heard a mad giggling and discovered two raiders gleefully wearing their new hats, hats made out of foal heads. At this point Cloudy injected stampede into Hardin and he went berserk, he turned those two raiders into paste before charging deeper in at way higher speed than the rest of us could keep up with, he there encountered a big big raider and in the ensuing fight defeated him but as he drug wore out he collapsed,

Cloudy managed to stabilize hima nd get him to the medical facility, Shadow cleaned away all the bodies in the stable while sufferig a emotional breakdown, they could have been faster, htye could have been there in time, we could have saved em if we had gone here first… this was our fault.

The next day Hardin was capable of walking again and we found out that the water talisman of the stable was already gone.and the local data on a terminal scrambled.

When we left we met a rather weird zebra called Titanium which joined the party and has followed us since.
We headed back to malts brewery where we got hte information that if anyone had a Water talisman it would be the Curator ath te museum. So the party decided to head there, it was a rather long journey and on the way we found out that the party did not understand the concept of " guard shifts" or what a guard should do during the night as Hardin made a fucking chair during his shift, letting critters crawl all over his friends….

The next day we met some slavers, they did what slavers usually do, opend fire on us, Shadow managed to blow one of their heads off in a fiery explosiont hat doesnt realy make sense and then yelled " RUN FOR YOUR LIVES " and well they legged it. The party then released the slaves before having a long idscussion about what doing with them, in which the slaves just quietly left.

When we reached the "museum " we saw it was a skyscraper, ti had state of the art defensive turrets on the outside, and we hardly got in, we had to lie to get in, it wasnt a good lie. As we where allowed to see the “elusive” curator all our combat gear was confiscated and our zebra friend went catatonic ( paralyzed?… tad uncertain of word ) he had a long talk iwth us about what he wanted us to do in exhange for a water talisman, poachy tried to seduce him and hardin remarked on the turrets concealed in the roof, Cloudy almost went ballistic as we found out he was the one who had dispatched the raiders to the stable we had found.

Shadow didnt do much seing as how trying to plummeth him to death would have been suicidal and she didnt say anyting as what she would have to say would prolly get us all killed anyhow…

int he end the party agreed with his demands he wanted a plot important booksaid to be found in the center of Baltimare, so the party left the museum and started heading in the direction of Baltimare,
here hardin left us for mysterious reasons.

The next day we arrived at a settlement called Mercy’s end where we learned that one of their guard mares had been taken captive by some raiders nearby, without a moment to think we volunteared to rescue her!, the settlers didnt really take us all that seriously, we waited untill nightfall before attempting the rescue attempt, and as we got closer to the raidercamp we saw things where on fire and there whree some chaos already, we engaged the enemy raiders and discovered they had pneumatic weaponary, after dispatching of them ( which was painfull ) we headed to the entrance of the "raider arena camp " ? (cant rember layout 100% but think there where a baseball pitch or something.. there where tents, and a place for spectators to watch ) we see two raiders panicly rush towarsd us before they catch fire as a flaming projectile hits them, one of em goes down instantly, but the other one is still alive as a gray pony with a mohawk with a battle saddled with two flamers on walked towads us, planted his flamers on the wounded raider and said " How do you like my cooking now? " and executed him, he looked at us and went back inside.

We followed warily, we found him but didnt get much out of him, nothing at all in fact, Titanium gave him a hug which surpsingly seemed to work. As we went deeper in we found a yellowish mare with green mane, she was coveredi n blood and bruises and wounds, she was sitting upright but only because she had been nailed to the floor with spikes keeping her up, she was not .. responsive.. we managed to get her free and cloudy made sure she would survive, she was bleeding from her flanks. We started hauling her out of there, but as we got to the exit we saw her. A big pony, talle than titanium she looked down on us, she was covered in leather, her armour had spikes, she mocked us for thinking we could get away from here alive. The ensuing combat was messy, titaniums back was broken as the painspike reaper? Gave her a deadly hug, she was beating us into paste as her son, the gray pony with the flamers came out and blasted her. She immediatly beat him to a paste, and as she turned her attention towards us and started walking towards us gloating, we heard two " Fwomps " and she was hit by flaming projectilse nad went down..

We thanked him for his help and well got the fuck out of there before any more gruesome raiders showed up to beat us to a pulp, back in mercy’s end ponies where godamnd happy about us saving Turpentine the guard pony, we got free board and a free meal not to bad all things considered, we had to stay a few days seing as how Titanums back was broken, but eventually we could leave and headed towards Baltimare proper.

As we got into the city we where engaged by a sniper, we managed to avoid him by taking a different route that ended up with us being in a hotell of sorts , we managed to get down trough a "slope of debris "thats when we heard it, the distnat gunfire that wasnt so distant this time, the screams of dying ponise and the undead .. wheeze of the ghouls. We aproached and saw what looked like a caravan pull away from the subways and into a building. We immediatly sprang into action engaging the ghoul horde, a sizable chunk of them cut offrom the main force and started charging us, Titanium shielded shadow and together the party managed to drop all the ghouls, but it took its toll on our health, once all the ghouls was dead and titanium was in walking condition again we met the “caravan”. We saw that it was not as we had tought, it was a slaver caravan conflicted in what to do and sh ocked we let them leave.. we where told that the leaded of the caravan would put in a good word for us back at their main camp/ settlement, and then they left. We let em go with their slaves, we where to tired, to wounded, to suprised to do anything else….

After some rest we went on with our adventure, going the wrong way due to glorious leadership. Eventually we spotted 3 ponies standing in the middle of the road, they looked very cocky and confident.. their leader started walking towards us and telling us to basicalyl surrender, Titanum spotted the campers in tebuildings and we decided to do a tactical retreat, which we did and in our .. retreat we ran into more raiders, we heard cursing from the one we assumed was what the leader of the raiders, turned out this was a different gang of raiders,

then we saw them, two crazy ass bastards with explosives strapped to their bodies, and iwth te fuses lit, some of us managed to leap out of the way but even the ones who did took massive dammage, Cloudy and Poachy went down instantly, Titanium fled, Shadow managed to drag Cloudy into a building where shadow managed narrowly to stabilize him, it took a lot of healing potions and they where poured down his throat highly inneficcently. Poacht was left out there untill the sounds of the two gangs bashing it down had stopped, shadwo went out to drag poachy in and repeated the "stabilizing procedure " on poachy, shadow then dumped em in a corner before standing watch over the only entrance untill she passed out from exhaustion. In the meantime Titanium was fleeing further and further away, before circling back and going to sleep on the battlefield.

The next day Shadow crawled out, she was hungry and they had no food, the raiders had to have a base nearby ? So she fashioned herself a disguise from the dead raiders and went searching. With some luck she got directions to where to go and managed to infiltrate and steal food, she was detected on her way out and left in a hastry retreat, on her way back she fell into a hole with a bunch of raiders and managed to talk her out of the situation,
when she returned to “camp” she manage to talk Titanium into going to take those raiders out… ofc titanium idnt know this and shadow got shot in the chest and knocked out.

Titanium managed to defeat the raiders and drag Shadow to safety, he woke cloudy and cloudy fixed shadow up rpetty niftly.

The party then headed deeper into baltimare with the uncoscious/comatose poachy on titaniums back. They found the ministry of Image hub and headed inside, rifled trough it searching for the book, not much luck but then we found some terminals, Cloud/titanium managed to activate some kind of alarm that awoke the security system sin te building, ( turets/protectaponies ) we took out the protectaponies, titanium then almost fell of the building an dwas only saved by Cloudy and Shadow using their magic to lift him back up, which drained all their magical capabilites leaving them very very tired indeed. They spent the night there and the next day we took out another protectapony and found a way to fool the turrets (levitating a piece of metal blocking its view )

as we got outside we doubled around where we found a darkish brown unicorn pony with frecles and auburn hair, with a wrench and screwdriver crossed cutie mark called Tin, met us with the plot important book.. she gave ti to us and told us the cart she was fixing needed some parts we could find in a warehouse closeby, the party ( not counting poachy slumped in aforementioned cart ) headed towards the warehouse but wher pinned down by sniperfire, titanium and Shadow headed towards the warehouse without cloudy using their sneaky sneakiness and managed to get the parts.

On their way back shadow gave cloudy a stealthbuck to use and they got back to the wagon which ws now repaired, using the wagon with titanium as hte “puller” we startedour trip out of town
on the way out we where ambushed by fleethoves and a fierce wagonchase commenced. We managed to take most of them out iwthout any casualties ourselves,

when we finally got out we returned to Mercy’s end where we spent the night, the next day we met Hardin Bolt our old companion who had managed to find mercy’s end and was waiting for us there, after some shopping where shadow made an ass out of herselv they started their trip back to the museum, when we arrived we where ushered in while Tin took the cart into their garage, accidentally kidnapping poachy, we delivered the water talisman to the Curator and was promplty chased out…

With the water talisman we had searched for, for a long time we started our journey back towards the bunker, but on our way there we came across a old "rehabiliation " camp and spent the night there. Titanium spent some quality time with some zebra ghouls before the next day initating the massacre of them all.. we also got reunied with Poachy at this location and met a huge bloodred pony called Brashbrawl which we tricked into believing we where Ghoul inspectors, he joined us as a Ghoul inspector of the lowest class and we headed towards the bunker once more, we stopped at malts brewery to spend the nigth and not much of interset happend there except that Cloudy and shadow plotted to have Brash removed and shadow instead found out that Brash was very very…. very stupid and also sweet on her.. so she decided to vouch for him…

They then headed towards the bunker once more where they found out that all the pegasi had left, and only one was left, he gave us their directions and we headed off to find em, before meeting the pegasi who gave us the directions 5 minutes later up the road, and then we saw him again, there where two of him. We engaged the “changelings” in combat and defeated em. We then headed into the badlands in search of the pegasi, found a dead pegasi, looted him, buried him, and continued on our way..

after some time we met a squad of Steel Rangers, sneaking up on them to confirm their intentions was a failure and they kind of took us prisoner, we wherent called that but there was this silent understanding that they wouldnt try to stop us leaving as long as we actually didnt.. they confiscated our water talisman and interrogated us about hte pegasi, before insisting we come with them to find the pegasi.

The next day “escorted” by the steel rangers we headed out into the badlands where we found out that our efs’s didnt work… just as we realized this the ground gave way and we slid into tunnels going deep underground..

we found ourselves in tunnels, we could hear heavy figthing from whence we came but we could nto et back up there, so we headed deeper into the tunnels, we found pegasi, many pegasi, in cocoons. We broke as many as we could out before being attacked by swamrs of changelings, we defated the inital waves and found the queen… she pushed us back, drove us backwards, we ran for our lives, and then we found a blast door… we managed to get inside some kind of reseacch lab where we after quite some time managed to discover pheromones that cuold kill the changelings, aparantly the changelings had been modified to work as shock troops, ( cant really rember … )

Titanium used a "sprayer " to spray the spores on the queen she fought her way into the queens chamber and murderized her, she lost her leg in the process ( ish,… ) we managed to fight our way out with the queen dead the changelings where mostly passive, we regrouped with the stel rangers and retrieved the pegasi, we then managed to get back to base where the pegasi started recieving medical care, Titanium was injected with a syringe of greenish sludge that regenerated her limb, she then fashioned herself an armor made of changeling carapacet, andthats where we finished off ish.


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