FO:E Test

Fallout Session 29/08 " Factory Adventure"

Quick Summary:

Party resumed where we left of at the factory trying to fix it.
Shadow split off from the party to rest and read some of her fictional books while Hardin and Cloudy fixed the factory.
They found out that they needed a ton of Scrap metal, some electronic scrap metal and a flux regulator to repair the factory and that it would becapable of producing Equestrian Assault Rifles and 10mm pistols.

Cloudy and Hardin left the factory to examine the wagonfactory nearby nearly forgetting Shadow in the progress.
Fetched Shadow headed to the other factory.
Shadow snuck in found robot snuck out again. Robot noticed Shadow robot attacked the group no definitive hits but explosion damage did damage Shadow.

Group pulled back to the Ironshod factory and waited for the robot to give up.
The group then searched for other entrances to the factory foun da ventilation shaft that would fit a small pony but not a big pony.
Shadow could enter with easy Cloudy had a slightly hard time and Hardin was a no go.

After some arguing shadow entered, found a control room with a terminal which she unsucesfully attempted to hack. Also looted all the containers in hope of identification cards to fool the security. Was a no go.
Returned to fetch Cloudy and get him in to hack the terminal, found out cloudy was to fat to get in ( bad agi checks )
He decided to sneak in using a stealthbuck to get to the control room door unlocked by Shadow. He then shut down the factory security.

Party enters factory and starts rummaging around searching for a Flux Regulator, none found.

Hardin botched a dismantle check on the wagon painting part of the assembly line nad got “ Magnetized “ to the assembly line and got spraypainted NeoN green.

Hardin then tried washing his face clean with sparklecola creating a sticky but slightly less green mess.
Shadow attempted to stick a cigarette to Hardins face to turn him into a “bright green nicotine unicorn “ failed sneak check got tackled to the ground and he then rubbed his face into hers for revenge.

Party then left the factory searching for another place to enter.

Found a factory with a big apple on. Only one entrance on ground level.

Party used grappling hook to get to the roof, on the roof we found a ventilation shaft that fit us all but hardin only narrowly ( he had ot cart his gear behind him ).

Shadow and Cloudy got trough without problems.
Hardin had a … very bad experience with vents and fans down there swallowing some of his gear.

Party then found themselves in a dark room, party found door, party peeked outside saw turret, party snuck to other side of corridor and started looting rooms in the hopes of finding something to twart the security.

Hardin startedpushign a filing cabinet as a shield against one of the turrets letting us get closer relatively unsinged.

Party took out one of the turrets but then heard a metally clanking noise behind us and realized robots where coming up behind us.
Decided to dart into the unexplored corridor to flee from the robots.
Found a dead end broomcloset.

Party decided to be clever and use stealthbucks to sneak past them the way we originally came.
Shadow made it, the rest not so much.
Combat ensued.
Hardin grappeled the protectaponies to the ground and Cloudy oneshot one of them with a horn attack that caused the protectapony to blow up in his face knocking him out quite severly.

Hardin and Shadow finished the last protectapony off and Hardin then stabilized Cloudy using his knowledge of ducttape to set him “straight “.
Cloudy was then hauled into a employee lounge and laid on a couch to rest and fed a healing potion.

We ended it there



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