Cinnamon "Cookie" Toast

Ex-raider chef


Born and raised raider of the small Napalm Clan, Cinnamon and his mother was the sole survivor of a raid staged by the Painspike Clan. They were spared for their ability to fight back and was thus offered a possision amongst the Painspikes. While his mother embraced the ways of their new clan, Cinnamon kept to his ways of using fire against his foes. He eventually became a renowned chef within the Clan and from this got his cutie mark. The other raiders did not agree that it was for cooking however, so they figured he needed a diffrent one. They burnt of his little black cooking pot mark and burnt in it’s palace a single flame symbol. He was not going to use his skills to cook, he was going to use it to kill. For so many years he was forced to witness his own deeds, his foes turned to ash, his “friends” cheering him on.

No more…

Cinnamon "Cookie" Toast

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