Cloudy Cure

Unicorn pony, doctor and chemist. Workaholic. Doesn't go out much.


Cloudy Cure has lived his whole life in the boring, dull stable, with all the other boring, uninteresting ponies. His mother died when he was very young, followed by his father soon after due to a pipe leak while he was repairing the atrium lighting. After that, he distanced himself from others, trying to not grow attached. Another reason he never really cared for others other than in the workplace is that his work was so much more interesting. The job he has in the stable is the result of a rather large misunderstanding, though.

When he got his cutie mark, the Overmare believed he would be best suited for working in the infirmary, seeing as his cutie mark was a syringe filled with red liquid. What she did not realize was that the cutie mark was the result of “fixing” cigarettes that his friends had “procured”, making the gray dullness of the stable a little bit more colorful.

He does not mind helping ponies, though. Some days he even finds himself enjoying band-aiding scraped knees, treating burns or applying leg braces. His main passion though, is what his cutie mark really means; chemistry. Developing new and exciting drugs is what drives Cloudy, which he does in the privacy of his own room, courtesy of Hardin Bolt, who rerouts the room camera in exchange for medicinal alchohol.

He is not the friendliest pony unless he is on duty in the infirmary, but if in “doctor-mode”, he is very accomodating, as expected of a pony in his employ. He is very good at keeping appearances, and can be very persuasive. He keeps himself distanced and can seem cold and uncaring, which he to certain degrees is, but he is not entirely without a heart. He will speak his mind if he finds it appropriate, and gives snyde and sarcastic comments whenever he feels like it.

He suffers from unexpected side effects from working with so many experimental substances, and therefore gets powerful migraines every so often (crunch: -1 to every stat except luck). When affected by migraines, slipping into “doctor-mode” is far more challenging (requiring charisma check). He is also prone to addiction (twice as likely to roll addiction).

Marederer trait (10% + damage to females (and dialogue stuff!))

Cloudy Cure

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