Falling Shadow

Sneaky unicorn security pony


Her cutie mark is a stealthbuck

Falling Shadow is a tad lazy and tends to use her talent of stealth to avoid work and unwanted attention. She is naturally talented in magic that allows her to hide etc.

Falling Shadow is curios and has a tendency of doing the opposite of what you tell her. " Do not press " is a almost surefire way to make her press a button.


Falling Shadow was born in a stable. Her foalhood was as many other foalhoods in the stables. Bland booring and without unexpected suprises. You woke up you went to school you got taught age old history and the skills needed to keep the vault running.

Her family had some prewar books and these where her most priced possesions as they allowed escape from the stable’s gray walls and bland atomsphere. In her books she learned about the outsideworld and all the exiting adventures that could be found within it, as a result of the “outside” world she now had painted in her head she often daydreamed about the outside and going on fantastical adventures. This resulted in her sleeping a lot to be able to “experience” her world more fully.

When the day to take her C.A.T test she scored high on security due to her wish to protect ponies from bad things. Altough her real talent turned out to be Stealth as she found out the day when she found a Stealthbuck in a storage facility and figgured out how it worked.

She eventually found out she had an idea for a spell that could make the Stealthbuck reusable, this allowed her to sneak away from work and other unwanted situations to spend time in her fantasy world. The days in the stable was always the same. Always the same routine no suprises.

Which is why she found sleep so .. welcomming it passed the dreadfull atomsphere and made time go by faster… and let her stay in her dreamworld.

She has several arangments with various Stableponies who knows about her sleeping secret and keeps some ofthem under securitys radar in exchange for safe places to sleep.

Outside the stable Falling Shadow is quite energetic and pshyced on the fact that she can now actually help ponies! She can go where she wants and she does not have to what the overmare says no more. Even tough the outside is nothing what she envisoned and full of dreadfull things that wants to kill and maim you or other nasty things she has hope that the outside can be improved. One obstacle at a time

Falling Shadow

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