Hardin Bolt

Utility work-horse, general purpose technician, earthpony




Stableborn and grown, Hardin is a general purpose utility technician (GPUT) whos day to day responsibility is wokring with the vital workforce that keeps the vault running. From replacing filters in the air ventilation systems to reinforcing reactor plating, he generally maintans, repairs and builds whatever the head engineers says the vault needs.

He generally instills the first impression of beeing a very serious workaholic onto other ponies. This is mostly correct, as he is mostly a very serious worker. However, after a good days work, or with the aid of good company or alcohol, he’s a rather jovial and playfull pony.

He has an exeptional work-ethic, putting very high expectations onto himself, and as a result, onto others. This has a history of causing loud arguments between him, and anypony indulging in lazyness or dodging their duties.

He doesnt have much trouble with authority, and will gladly follow a good leader, so long as the end product works out well. However, he wont follow someone he feels is incompetent, and is not afraid to walk alone. But having grown up in a community of technicans, he will eventually feel the loneliness creep into him.

Hardin Bolt

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