Old, rich historian


Appearance: Old Unicorn, graying brown coat with a light gray mane.
Cutie Mark: Scroll held together by a black velvet band.


Papyrus was born in a stable which had a very rich historical archive featureing the same span of history books that one would find in the great libaries of the old world. Name grew up with this history, so when he wandered into the wasteland he made it his mission to gather and collect as many historical artifacts as he could. He spent his early days scavanging by himself, knowing where to search from his old books. Along with the artifacts he aquired(including the hat of Starswirl the Bearded, the cloak and crown of princess Platina, the founding banners of Equestria, Original Wonderbolts uniform), he also scavanged various items of high value to the wasteland. With a combination of wits and a silver tounge he quickly rose to the echonomical elite of the wasteland. As his fortune grew however, his health decayed and he is now reliant on trusted agents, mercenaries and other contractors to continue his collection.
His liver has now started to fail, and he desperatly seeks a cure. Throughout his travels he discoverd the identity of a secret book of miracoulous remedies which is his last hope of survival. He had never seen or heard of the book before, despite his scavanging often led him to libaries in the past. The book was outlawed when the war broke out, and most copies has been either confiscated by the Ministry of Image or been burned. His fortune now dwindling as most of his money are spent in search of this book, a recent raid on a stable has led him to believe that a copy of the book was being transfered to the MoAS hub in Manehatten. Through contacts and spies he learned that this book never reached the MoAS hub, and his last hope is that he might find the wreakage of the booktransport somewhere near Baltimare and that the mystical tome is still preserved.
His daughter Platina is currently out looking for the book, though she has yet to be heard from after she left.


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