Poachy Purple

Inventory manager's assistant at a storehouse; secretly a thief. Stole four cakes. And that's terrible.


S: 6, 2
P: 7, 2
E: 3, 1
C: 7, 2
I: 6, 2
A: 10, 3
L: 6, 2
(W): 3, 1

Action points: 11
Carry: 175 lbs
Melee dmg: 1

AC: 18
DT: 1

HP: 38/38
Fort.: 12
Ret.: 18
Will: 20


Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: ‘Goblet Illusion’ (cup, or two faces? WHO KNOWS) (theme: deception) (+15 to Speech when dishonest)

Sent to prison for stealing four cakes. She stole four cakes. That’s as many as four ones. And that’s terrible.

After prison sent to work as an inventory manager’s assistant at a storehouse. Uses her knowledge of the storehouse and sneaking skills to poach valuable goods, selling them to Cloudy Cure.

Dislikes music, spiderses and different opinions.

Likes cake, hurting others, cake, deceiving others, cake, attention and cake.

Poachy Purple

FO:E Test Reechter