Militaristic pegasus with a knick for sneaking around the place.


Stalker, fitting his nickname, is excellent at sneaking up on an opponent, friend, or anyone really, and following them around, and delivering a pacifying blow to them.
He works best unarmed, as he often chooses to disarm his opponents rather than injure them. In his former Airforce duties he often had to preform recon work, scouting out for hostile forces and such.


Born in Thunderhead, this colt always snuck into places where he was not allowed. He often found interesting trinkets in those areas that he took with him.
When he hit the age that his cutie mark should’ve come, it never appeared. Already nicknamed stalker at the time, had a theory on this. His cutie mark was hidden, very much like himself when in the dark.
At the age of 18, Stalker followed in his father’s hoofsteps and enrolled in the Air Force. He quickly made it through bootcamp and up the enlisted ranks, where he got assigned to the 2nd battalion recon squadron. He also breezed through the NCO Academy. At this point was Stalker not only his nickname, but also his military callsign. He reached rank Staff Sergeant and gained command of the squadron.
During one of his recon missions, his squadron got into a heavy firefight on the ground which was doomed to fail, the clouds were to dangerous to fly into, and the only way to retreat was through a heavily irradiated area. Already tired from the firefight his squadron spend too much time in the radiation. As a result his subordinates either died due to the radiation, or a single bullet as the radiation had made them weak.
Stalker blames himself for the death of his men everyday.


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