Kind, Enclave doctor


Pegasus, Female
Appearance: White coat, ice blue mane (well kept), Clean!
Cutie Mark: A single shining star
Apperel: Doctors clothing


Starlight was born in to a well respected pegasus family. She was a bright young filly who exelled at school and came out top of her class at the medical university. She discovered her talent for helping the sick and wounded after a horrible carrige accident, in which she saved her fathers life by holding on to an oozing wound. From that day on she was certain she did not want anyone else to lose their loved ones, like she nearly did. She found work with the Enclave military as a doctor serving at the various outposts built to send scouts to the world below. It was working here Starlight discovered that the land below was not only inhabited by savage raiders and monsters. Listening in to the scouts conversations, she learned there were sane ponies down there, societies, hope! After not long she yearned to get down there and help these ponies. Starlight started to involve herself in political parites who wished the cloud cover opened, and for the Encalve to get down there and actually do some good. This kind of involment was not kindly looked upon by her superiours and she quickly found herself harrased at work, and watched while of duty. When she quit her job at the Enclave military outpost the survailance intensified, she could hardly take a bath without being watched by spies or hidden cameras. Her involvement with the political movement were on the other hand not hampered. Starlight would often go to meetings, attend peaceful demonstrations and political debates.
One day, when the movement had gather a signifigant amount of support, Enclave soldiers stormed the homes of many prominent individuals of the movement. Starlight was lucky, she was not at home when the raids occured. She was attending a political meeting where her party intended to gain the support of some of the big corporations of the Enclave society. When she and her coleauges were warned of the raids that had occured, she rounded up as many of her friends and other supporters of the cause and decided to flee for the surface. Along with the fleeing ponies came a few soldiers who shared their ideas, one of whom was Gust. Upon reaching the surface of the wasteland, they all truly was what kind of land it had become. The few who decided to go back were shot as they neared the cloud cover, sending a clear message to those who remained.
The band proceeded to wander the wasteland, at the mercy of the raiders, slavers and monsters of the wastes as well as Enclave strike groups, their numbers quickly dwindled. After a few days of trecking the wasteland, the group of outcasts found an old, abandoned bunker in which they hoped to find shelter.


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