Spell Progression Suggestion Theory Thingamajigg

basically im suggesting a system where over time and with lots of checks one can learn / invent new spells.

Basic idea so far is that per spellrank the final spell is decides how many sucessfull checks you have to do.

Initiatl suggestion is
Rank 1 = 10
Rank 2 =20
Rank 3 = 30
Rank 4 =40
Rank 5 =50

each check will be a roll based on your casterattribute check unsure on DC, but each check will require expended mana to make any difference at all. each "check attemtp " will drain the same ammount of mana as the final spell would do once you cast it.

So every check on a rank 1 spell would need 2 mana, rank 2, 4 mana and so forth.

This would ensure that learning a new spell would take a consiadrble ammount of time especially if you are unable to dedicate all your time and efforts on it. Id also suggest to add a check " limit " on each day preventing low ranking spells to be learnt speedily.

Exploit suggestion: Shadow could try learning a lvl 1 spell, it would require 10 sucessfull checks and each one would need 3 mana on 10 checks that would take her 30 mana if all the checks suceeded, she has a 50 base mana allowing her to learn a rank 1 spell in one day.

Suggestion on Fix: prevent more than 3-4 checks a day unless the entire day is dedicated to learning the new spell ( aka thats all she does all day )


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