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Fallout Session 29/08 " Factory Adventure"

Quick Summary:

Party resumed where we left of at the factory trying to fix it.
Shadow split off from the party to rest and read some of her fictional books while Hardin and Cloudy fixed the factory.
They found out that they needed a ton of Scrap metal, some electronic scrap metal and a flux regulator to repair the factory and that it would becapable of producing Equestrian Assault Rifles and 10mm pistols.

Cloudy and Hardin left the factory to examine the wagonfactory nearby nearly forgetting Shadow in the progress.
Fetched Shadow headed to the other factory.
Shadow snuck in found robot snuck out again. Robot noticed Shadow robot attacked the group no definitive hits but explosion damage did damage Shadow.

Group pulled back to the Ironshod factory and waited for the robot to give up.
The group then searched for other entrances to the factory foun da ventilation shaft that would fit a small pony but not a big pony.
Shadow could enter with easy Cloudy had a slightly hard time and Hardin was a no go.

After some arguing shadow entered, found a control room with a terminal which she unsucesfully attempted to hack. Also looted all the containers in hope of identification cards to fool the security. Was a no go.
Returned to fetch Cloudy and get him in to hack the terminal, found out cloudy was to fat to get in ( bad agi checks )
He decided to sneak in using a stealthbuck to get to the control room door unlocked by Shadow. He then shut down the factory security.

Party enters factory and starts rummaging around searching for a Flux Regulator, none found.

Hardin botched a dismantle check on the wagon painting part of the assembly line nad got “ Magnetized “ to the assembly line and got spraypainted NeoN green.

Hardin then tried washing his face clean with sparklecola creating a sticky but slightly less green mess.
Shadow attempted to stick a cigarette to Hardins face to turn him into a “bright green nicotine unicorn “ failed sneak check got tackled to the ground and he then rubbed his face into hers for revenge.

Party then left the factory searching for another place to enter.

Found a factory with a big apple on. Only one entrance on ground level.

Party used grappling hook to get to the roof, on the roof we found a ventilation shaft that fit us all but hardin only narrowly ( he had ot cart his gear behind him ).

Shadow and Cloudy got trough without problems.
Hardin had a … very bad experience with vents and fans down there swallowing some of his gear.

Party then found themselves in a dark room, party found door, party peeked outside saw turret, party snuck to other side of corridor and started looting rooms in the hopes of finding something to twart the security.

Hardin startedpushign a filing cabinet as a shield against one of the turrets letting us get closer relatively unsinged.

Party took out one of the turrets but then heard a metally clanking noise behind us and realized robots where coming up behind us.
Decided to dart into the unexplored corridor to flee from the robots.
Found a dead end broomcloset.

Party decided to be clever and use stealthbucks to sneak past them the way we originally came.
Shadow made it, the rest not so much.
Combat ensued.
Hardin grappeled the protectaponies to the ground and Cloudy oneshot one of them with a horn attack that caused the protectapony to blow up in his face knocking him out quite severly.

Hardin and Shadow finished the last protectapony off and Hardin then stabilized Cloudy using his knowledge of ducttape to set him “straight “.
Cloudy was then hauled into a employee lounge and laid on a couch to rest and fed a healing potion.

We ended it there

Summer session 3
Rumors said the curator had a job, we were intrigued.

Starting off at Mercys End, the group decided to head to the Museum, because at the end of the last session, we had heard brief mention of a job offering from the Curator. Upon arriving at the museum, we were recognized as “the stable ponies” and let through the palisade with no trouble. Riding our newfound reputation, we got up the tower quickly and inquired about the job.

The Curator wanted us to find some targeting talisman schematics and targeting talismans located at a ministry of wartime technology hub downtown. 300 caps for each of us, plus 50 caps for any actual talismans found. Prices were non-negotiable, though we did try.

We stocked up on food and decided to go by the metro tunnels. Last session, we discovered that they were a fast and relatively safe means of transportation throughout downtown. And we had found a maintenance door leading to a manhole not far form the ministry hub we were headed too.

Upon arriving at the metro station, Shadow snuck ahead and discovered red bars of the EFS. She overheard them complaining about the lack of loot, and went back to inform the rest of the party. She then proceeded to fail a sneak check, alerting the looters, and tried to play it off with imitating a ghoul. It sounded more like the roar of a young Simba, not impressive. However, a second successful speech check, now bluffing that she was a steelranger paladin (Chestnut specifically), they scurried off. We then proceeded into the metro, and went northwards.

We decided to go past the reactor room and look for another exit, hopefully closer to the hub. Shadow was making use of her stealth and went ahead of the group to scout. She eventually spotted red lights in the distance, and the EFS showed red bars. Scouting ahead revealed metal-clad ponies. We decided to avoid confrontation, and went back to the reactor room.

- Not sober enough atm, might finish later
Feel free to edit/finish in my stead

Quick recap of first two summer sessions
Did i mention its quick?

Cecium: just post it
NeoN: We got to the gardens, met up with chainlink, got drunk, did some shopping, met Fiery, spent lots of time discussing what to do, tagged along with a caravan, went to mercys, went to the metro, fought a sniper.. Next session, loot a metrostation, find a secret room, go down a tunnel, stumble upon rangers, spend some time at rangers place, work on some relations, leave and go for another tunnel, meet ants, leave for another tunnel, find reactor, sleep there, wake up to trap going off, have a less fortunate encounter with randoms, run away from big metal clad thing, leave metro, go to mercys, hear about job, end
NeoN: Okay, i think thats it
Cecium: post it

A recap so far just bout everything untill easter

Journal of the fallout adventure group


Brashbrawl: A huge bloodred pony wielding a aluminium bat played by Thorfinn Cutiemark: unknown?

Cloudy: A whitegrayish unicorn pony with a brown mane and he is the doctor and glorious leader of he group. Cutiemark a Syringe filled with red liquid, Played by Julian
*Falling Shadow:
a grayish blue unicorn mane with redish mane, likes being steatlhy and kind of thinks of herself as a hero cutiemark: Stealthbuck played by Christian
*Hardin Bolt
: a red earthpony with a orangy mane and moustache, he is the general fix it all of the group, Cutiemark: Unknown, played by Jonas
*Poachy Purple
: a purple manic looking earth pony with a illusion goblet cutie mark, played by Andreas
*Titanium Zemerma
n , a very weird looking zebra red coat and , skin colored stripes? Ish? Black and white mane, wields a rather large sword tha without she goes kind of nuts. Cutiemark: Glyphmark of some sort, played by Haakon

It was a dusty day, and we where heading up a hill of sorts, people had claimed seing flying pegasi in the area and well , we where curios about this so we decided to check it out.

After some searching we found what appeared to be some sort of bunker, we went in and some radroaches starteled us , they where promply smashed by the more skitterish of our team, myself included.

We peeked inside and saw what appeared to be a barricade and then we saw the beam guns aimed at us, shadow snuck outside during this for tactical reasons and the door was slammed shut in her face, leaving her totally unaware of what was going on inside the bunker, it turned out that the pegasi we had discovered where former enclave personell that had defected after being targeted for “accidents” up in the clouds, some former enclave millitary had joined them.

After some tense negotiations it was found out that they needed a water talisman and that they could possibly reward us with some equipment if we got it for them, they gave us the location for a stable and sent us on our way.

So with a new mission we headed towards the location of the stable, as we got there we found a diner, with the stable entrace in the cellar, we where suprised to find that the stable ( Malts Brewery ) was not abandoned as we first had tougth, but was actually a settlement of sorts, that specialized in the production of booze.

The party decided that just plain out destroying this community was not an option, and started trying to find alternatives, buried in some computer files that Hardin/Cloudy managed to repair it was discovered that 3 other stables where nearby, one of them was still Active even, one was Unknown status and one was stated as open.

While the party did this poachy on a mission of her own to get the water talisman of Malts brewery infiltrated the breweries inner workings but due to not having the foggiest idea of what a water talisman looked like had to abort.

The party discovering the stable locations promptly made an arse out of themselves by basically annoucning to the world why we where searching for a water talisman and also that we where helpng pegasi in " x location ".

The party headed to the opened stable first seing as how it was the one where there where the least chance of ruining somepony’s day.

We then next headed towards the unknown stable, despite shadows suggestions of heading to the openend Stable,

The unknown stable turned out to be buried in a landslide, nothing to be done here and we headed towards the still Active stable.

As we got to the active stable we where surpised by seing the door open, stable doors shouldnt be left open like that, and when we peeked inside we saw, a heap of bodies, young bodies they had welcome signs, clearly someone had learned of the location of this stable and gotten here recently,
the EFS* still showed blue bars on it, with many red bars. Shadow proclaimed " Cover me " and rushed down to attempt to save ponies, no one paid attention to this however. Not untill shots where fired , then tye got their arses in gear..

Cloudy discovered that the stableponies had opend the door and welcomed what turned out to be raiders into their stable , only to be brutally gunned down, he put a hefty password on these terminals to prevent us from lerning it and guilt tripping ourselves a lot.

Further down in the stable shadow was pinned down by two raiders but as Hardin, titanium and poachy ( was titanium here at thist ime? I cant rember… , dun think so… ) joined in the fray and made short work of the raiders, once thye where dispatched the party headed furhter down, shadow noticed there where no more blue bars. As we rounded a corner we heard a mad giggling and discovered two raiders gleefully wearing their new hats, hats made out of foal heads. At this point Cloudy injected stampede into Hardin and he went berserk, he turned those two raiders into paste before charging deeper in at way higher speed than the rest of us could keep up with, he there encountered a big big raider and in the ensuing fight defeated him but as he drug wore out he collapsed,

Cloudy managed to stabilize hima nd get him to the medical facility, Shadow cleaned away all the bodies in the stable while sufferig a emotional breakdown, they could have been faster, htye could have been there in time, we could have saved em if we had gone here first… this was our fault.

The next day Hardin was capable of walking again and we found out that the water talisman of the stable was already gone.and the local data on a terminal scrambled.

When we left we met a rather weird zebra called Titanium which joined the party and has followed us since.
We headed back to malts brewery where we got hte information that if anyone had a Water talisman it would be the Curator ath te museum. So the party decided to head there, it was a rather long journey and on the way we found out that the party did not understand the concept of " guard shifts" or what a guard should do during the night as Hardin made a fucking chair during his shift, letting critters crawl all over his friends….

The next day we met some slavers, they did what slavers usually do, opend fire on us, Shadow managed to blow one of their heads off in a fiery explosiont hat doesnt realy make sense and then yelled " RUN FOR YOUR LIVES " and well they legged it. The party then released the slaves before having a long idscussion about what doing with them, in which the slaves just quietly left.

When we reached the "museum " we saw it was a skyscraper, ti had state of the art defensive turrets on the outside, and we hardly got in, we had to lie to get in, it wasnt a good lie. As we where allowed to see the “elusive” curator all our combat gear was confiscated and our zebra friend went catatonic ( paralyzed?… tad uncertain of word ) he had a long talk iwth us about what he wanted us to do in exhange for a water talisman, poachy tried to seduce him and hardin remarked on the turrets concealed in the roof, Cloudy almost went ballistic as we found out he was the one who had dispatched the raiders to the stable we had found.

Shadow didnt do much seing as how trying to plummeth him to death would have been suicidal and she didnt say anyting as what she would have to say would prolly get us all killed anyhow…

int he end the party agreed with his demands he wanted a plot important booksaid to be found in the center of Baltimare, so the party left the museum and started heading in the direction of Baltimare,
here hardin left us for mysterious reasons.

The next day we arrived at a settlement called Mercy’s end where we learned that one of their guard mares had been taken captive by some raiders nearby, without a moment to think we volunteared to rescue her!, the settlers didnt really take us all that seriously, we waited untill nightfall before attempting the rescue attempt, and as we got closer to the raidercamp we saw things where on fire and there whree some chaos already, we engaged the enemy raiders and discovered they had pneumatic weaponary, after dispatching of them ( which was painfull ) we headed to the entrance of the "raider arena camp " ? (cant rember layout 100% but think there where a baseball pitch or something.. there where tents, and a place for spectators to watch ) we see two raiders panicly rush towarsd us before they catch fire as a flaming projectile hits them, one of em goes down instantly, but the other one is still alive as a gray pony with a mohawk with a battle saddled with two flamers on walked towads us, planted his flamers on the wounded raider and said " How do you like my cooking now? " and executed him, he looked at us and went back inside.

We followed warily, we found him but didnt get much out of him, nothing at all in fact, Titanium gave him a hug which surpsingly seemed to work. As we went deeper in we found a yellowish mare with green mane, she was coveredi n blood and bruises and wounds, she was sitting upright but only because she had been nailed to the floor with spikes keeping her up, she was not .. responsive.. we managed to get her free and cloudy made sure she would survive, she was bleeding from her flanks. We started hauling her out of there, but as we got to the exit we saw her. A big pony, talle than titanium she looked down on us, she was covered in leather, her armour had spikes, she mocked us for thinking we could get away from here alive. The ensuing combat was messy, titaniums back was broken as the painspike reaper? Gave her a deadly hug, she was beating us into paste as her son, the gray pony with the flamers came out and blasted her. She immediatly beat him to a paste, and as she turned her attention towards us and started walking towards us gloating, we heard two " Fwomps " and she was hit by flaming projectilse nad went down..

We thanked him for his help and well got the fuck out of there before any more gruesome raiders showed up to beat us to a pulp, back in mercy’s end ponies where godamnd happy about us saving Turpentine the guard pony, we got free board and a free meal not to bad all things considered, we had to stay a few days seing as how Titanums back was broken, but eventually we could leave and headed towards Baltimare proper.

As we got into the city we where engaged by a sniper, we managed to avoid him by taking a different route that ended up with us being in a hotell of sorts , we managed to get down trough a "slope of debris "thats when we heard it, the distnat gunfire that wasnt so distant this time, the screams of dying ponise and the undead .. wheeze of the ghouls. We aproached and saw what looked like a caravan pull away from the subways and into a building. We immediatly sprang into action engaging the ghoul horde, a sizable chunk of them cut offrom the main force and started charging us, Titanium shielded shadow and together the party managed to drop all the ghouls, but it took its toll on our health, once all the ghouls was dead and titanium was in walking condition again we met the “caravan”. We saw that it was not as we had tought, it was a slaver caravan conflicted in what to do and sh ocked we let them leave.. we where told that the leaded of the caravan would put in a good word for us back at their main camp/ settlement, and then they left. We let em go with their slaves, we where to tired, to wounded, to suprised to do anything else….

After some rest we went on with our adventure, going the wrong way due to glorious leadership. Eventually we spotted 3 ponies standing in the middle of the road, they looked very cocky and confident.. their leader started walking towards us and telling us to basicalyl surrender, Titanum spotted the campers in tebuildings and we decided to do a tactical retreat, which we did and in our .. retreat we ran into more raiders, we heard cursing from the one we assumed was what the leader of the raiders, turned out this was a different gang of raiders,

then we saw them, two crazy ass bastards with explosives strapped to their bodies, and iwth te fuses lit, some of us managed to leap out of the way but even the ones who did took massive dammage, Cloudy and Poachy went down instantly, Titanium fled, Shadow managed to drag Cloudy into a building where shadow managed narrowly to stabilize him, it took a lot of healing potions and they where poured down his throat highly inneficcently. Poacht was left out there untill the sounds of the two gangs bashing it down had stopped, shadwo went out to drag poachy in and repeated the "stabilizing procedure " on poachy, shadow then dumped em in a corner before standing watch over the only entrance untill she passed out from exhaustion. In the meantime Titanium was fleeing further and further away, before circling back and going to sleep on the battlefield.

The next day Shadow crawled out, she was hungry and they had no food, the raiders had to have a base nearby ? So she fashioned herself a disguise from the dead raiders and went searching. With some luck she got directions to where to go and managed to infiltrate and steal food, she was detected on her way out and left in a hastry retreat, on her way back she fell into a hole with a bunch of raiders and managed to talk her out of the situation,
when she returned to “camp” she manage to talk Titanium into going to take those raiders out… ofc titanium idnt know this and shadow got shot in the chest and knocked out.

Titanium managed to defeat the raiders and drag Shadow to safety, he woke cloudy and cloudy fixed shadow up rpetty niftly.

The party then headed deeper into baltimare with the uncoscious/comatose poachy on titaniums back. They found the ministry of Image hub and headed inside, rifled trough it searching for the book, not much luck but then we found some terminals, Cloud/titanium managed to activate some kind of alarm that awoke the security system sin te building, ( turets/protectaponies ) we took out the protectaponies, titanium then almost fell of the building an dwas only saved by Cloudy and Shadow using their magic to lift him back up, which drained all their magical capabilites leaving them very very tired indeed. They spent the night there and the next day we took out another protectapony and found a way to fool the turrets (levitating a piece of metal blocking its view )

as we got outside we doubled around where we found a darkish brown unicorn pony with frecles and auburn hair, with a wrench and screwdriver crossed cutie mark called Tin, met us with the plot important book.. she gave ti to us and told us the cart she was fixing needed some parts we could find in a warehouse closeby, the party ( not counting poachy slumped in aforementioned cart ) headed towards the warehouse but wher pinned down by sniperfire, titanium and Shadow headed towards the warehouse without cloudy using their sneaky sneakiness and managed to get the parts.

On their way back shadow gave cloudy a stealthbuck to use and they got back to the wagon which ws now repaired, using the wagon with titanium as hte “puller” we startedour trip out of town
on the way out we where ambushed by fleethoves and a fierce wagonchase commenced. We managed to take most of them out iwthout any casualties ourselves,

when we finally got out we returned to Mercy’s end where we spent the night, the next day we met Hardin Bolt our old companion who had managed to find mercy’s end and was waiting for us there, after some shopping where shadow made an ass out of herselv they started their trip back to the museum, when we arrived we where ushered in while Tin took the cart into their garage, accidentally kidnapping poachy, we delivered the water talisman to the Curator and was promplty chased out…

With the water talisman we had searched for, for a long time we started our journey back towards the bunker, but on our way there we came across a old "rehabiliation " camp and spent the night there. Titanium spent some quality time with some zebra ghouls before the next day initating the massacre of them all.. we also got reunied with Poachy at this location and met a huge bloodred pony called Brashbrawl which we tricked into believing we where Ghoul inspectors, he joined us as a Ghoul inspector of the lowest class and we headed towards the bunker once more, we stopped at malts brewery to spend the nigth and not much of interset happend there except that Cloudy and shadow plotted to have Brash removed and shadow instead found out that Brash was very very…. very stupid and also sweet on her.. so she decided to vouch for him…

They then headed towards the bunker once more where they found out that all the pegasi had left, and only one was left, he gave us their directions and we headed off to find em, before meeting the pegasi who gave us the directions 5 minutes later up the road, and then we saw him again, there where two of him. We engaged the “changelings” in combat and defeated em. We then headed into the badlands in search of the pegasi, found a dead pegasi, looted him, buried him, and continued on our way..

after some time we met a squad of Steel Rangers, sneaking up on them to confirm their intentions was a failure and they kind of took us prisoner, we wherent called that but there was this silent understanding that they wouldnt try to stop us leaving as long as we actually didnt.. they confiscated our water talisman and interrogated us about hte pegasi, before insisting we come with them to find the pegasi.

The next day “escorted” by the steel rangers we headed out into the badlands where we found out that our efs’s didnt work… just as we realized this the ground gave way and we slid into tunnels going deep underground..

we found ourselves in tunnels, we could hear heavy figthing from whence we came but we could nto et back up there, so we headed deeper into the tunnels, we found pegasi, many pegasi, in cocoons. We broke as many as we could out before being attacked by swamrs of changelings, we defated the inital waves and found the queen… she pushed us back, drove us backwards, we ran for our lives, and then we found a blast door… we managed to get inside some kind of reseacch lab where we after quite some time managed to discover pheromones that cuold kill the changelings, aparantly the changelings had been modified to work as shock troops, ( cant really rember … )

Titanium used a "sprayer " to spray the spores on the queen she fought her way into the queens chamber and murderized her, she lost her leg in the process ( ish,… ) we managed to fight our way out with the queen dead the changelings where mostly passive, we regrouped with the stel rangers and retrieved the pegasi, we then managed to get back to base where the pegasi started recieving medical care, Titanium was injected with a syringe of greenish sludge that regenerated her limb, she then fashioned herself an armor made of changeling carapacet, andthats where we finished off ish.


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