FO:E Test

Quick recap of first two summer sessions

Did i mention its quick?

Cecium: just post it
NeoN: We got to the gardens, met up with chainlink, got drunk, did some shopping, met Fiery, spent lots of time discussing what to do, tagged along with a caravan, went to mercys, went to the metro, fought a sniper.. Next session, loot a metrostation, find a secret room, go down a tunnel, stumble upon rangers, spend some time at rangers place, work on some relations, leave and go for another tunnel, meet ants, leave for another tunnel, find reactor, sleep there, wake up to trap going off, have a less fortunate encounter with randoms, run away from big metal clad thing, leave metro, go to mercys, hear about job, end
NeoN: Okay, i think thats it
Cecium: post it



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