FO:E Test

Summer session 3

Rumors said the curator had a job, we were intrigued.

Starting off at Mercys End, the group decided to head to the Museum, because at the end of the last session, we had heard brief mention of a job offering from the Curator. Upon arriving at the museum, we were recognized as “the stable ponies” and let through the palisade with no trouble. Riding our newfound reputation, we got up the tower quickly and inquired about the job.

The Curator wanted us to find some targeting talisman schematics and targeting talismans located at a ministry of wartime technology hub downtown. 300 caps for each of us, plus 50 caps for any actual talismans found. Prices were non-negotiable, though we did try.

We stocked up on food and decided to go by the metro tunnels. Last session, we discovered that they were a fast and relatively safe means of transportation throughout downtown. And we had found a maintenance door leading to a manhole not far form the ministry hub we were headed too.

Upon arriving at the metro station, Shadow snuck ahead and discovered red bars of the EFS. She overheard them complaining about the lack of loot, and went back to inform the rest of the party. She then proceeded to fail a sneak check, alerting the looters, and tried to play it off with imitating a ghoul. It sounded more like the roar of a young Simba, not impressive. However, a second successful speech check, now bluffing that she was a steelranger paladin (Chestnut specifically), they scurried off. We then proceeded into the metro, and went northwards.

We decided to go past the reactor room and look for another exit, hopefully closer to the hub. Shadow was making use of her stealth and went ahead of the group to scout. She eventually spotted red lights in the distance, and the EFS showed red bars. Scouting ahead revealed metal-clad ponies. We decided to avoid confrontation, and went back to the reactor room.

- Not sober enough atm, might finish later
Feel free to edit/finish in my stead



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