FO:E Test


[14.07.2014 19:04:40] sneo92: no so far, no
[14.07.2014 19:05:19] sneo92: I’ll give him until 1920 or something, then we’re kicking off with his character on auto mode
[14.07.2014 19:22:15] sneo92: and with that, not gonna bother waiting anymore so Leo will be on autopilot until he comes around
[14.07.2014 19:22:28] sneo92: maps will pop up here
[14.07.2014 19:25:37] sneo92: >_The party find themselves inside the halways of the old Medical Station. A rancid smell fills the hallways, originating from the rotten corpse of the goulified abomination lying dead on the floor.
[14.07.2014 19:26:23 | Edited 19:26:32] Cecium: [Wasnt there more than one corpse?]
[14.07.2014 19:26:39] sneo92: >_[There is a pile of ash next to the corpse]
[14.07.2014 19:27:04] Cecium: "So.. Continue onwards? " shadow reloads her gun
[14.07.2014 19:27:19] Jonas Askeland: I walk over and poke it a bit, doublecheck that its dead and see if it has anything of interest i might take
[14.07.2014 19:27:26] jesse.boef: “lead the way then”
[14.07.2014 19:27:43] Jonas Askeland: “Onwards sounds good, just gonna take one quuuick looksie..”
[14.07.2014 19:27:50] Cecium: stamps hoof impatiently
[14.07.2014 19:27:59] sneo92: >_Jonas: The body is definitly lifeless
[14.07.2014 19:28:01] Jonas Askeland: “I’ll be quick!”
[14.07.2014 19:28:24] Jonas Askeland: [Also boring and without items of note?]
[14.07.2014 19:28:35] Jonas Askeland: Assuming its boring, i trot up to shadow
[14.07.2014 19:28:54] Cecium: " Okay, lets get goin! " trots forward
[14.07.2014 19:29:09] jesse.boef: follows behind shadow
[14.07.2014 19:30:08] sneo92: >_Jonas: [Sorry, didn’t readit all] You find a Pre-War Bit and an old ID which belonged to a “Nurse Pineseed”
[14.07.2014 19:30:26] Jonas Askeland: [Interesting!]
[14.07.2014 19:30:30] Jonas Askeland: Grab both!
[14.07.2014 19:30:40] Jonas Askeland: THEN proceed to follow shadow
[14.07.2014 19:30:58] sneo92: >_Continuing down the hallway you reach a solid metal door
[14.07.2014 19:31:08] Cecium: [The one I had slammed in my face last time? ]
[14.07.2014 19:31:16] sneo92: >_[Yes]
[14.07.2014 19:31:24] jesse.boef: [hah]
[14.07.2014 19:31:27] Cecium: Shadow takes a peek inside
[14.07.2014 19:34:04] sneo92: >_ Opening the door you see that beyond it lies a room which contains a large, metal table in the centre, with a wheeled strecher by the side of it. On the wall on your right you see a series of cabinets, while on the right you see what looks like a lot of square hatches. On the table in the centre you see piles of knives and similar tools used for cutting and sawing
[14.07.2014 19:34:22] Cecium: [no living moving things in sight? ]
[14.07.2014 19:34:29] sneo92: >_[no]
[14.07.2014 19:34:50] Cecium: Shadow starts trotting towards the cabinets with the clear intent to rummage trough them
[14.07.2014 19:35:18] jesse.boef: i walk around the room, making sure there are no living things
[14.07.2014 19:35:53] Jonas Askeland: I step inside the room, and then i bring up the nurse ID i just found and examine it, is it a keycard? Does it have a magnet strip?
[14.07.2014 19:38:41] sneo92: >_Shadow: You find a bottle of Buck tablets, two rolls of healing Bandages, a syringe of Med X
Jesse: While there’s blood splattered across large parts of the floor you find no traces of anything living.
Jonas: The card has a picture of a light pink earthpony next to where her name, date of birth and other details are listed. On the back there is a series of registration numbers and the old and faded mark of Robronco Security Solutions.
[14.07.2014 19:39:01] sneo92: >_[might be slightly gone, getting phonecall]
[14.07.2014 19:39:51] Jonas Askeland: “Robronco Security solutions.. I might have a keycard here!”
[14.07.2014 19:40:16] jesse.boef: “good find” i proceed to check the square hatches
[14.07.2014 19:40:43] Jonas Askeland: “Anything interesting in the cabinets?”
[14.07.2014 19:40:56] Cecium: " Some medically stuff, just what im here for! "
[14.07.2014 19:41:16] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, me too coincidentally”
[14.07.2014 19:41:23] Cecium: " oh?, who dun hired you? "
[14.07.2014 19:41:44] Jonas Askeland: “Myself, gotta stay stocked up and i heard this place might be good”
[14.07.2014 19:41:55] Cecium: " ah, im fetching it for somepony "
[14.07.2014 19:42:20] Jonas Askeland: “Soo.. You got like a quota to meet or something then..?”
[14.07.2014 19:42:38] Jonas Askeland: “I’d be happy to take any excess ones you might stumble upon, if you’re inclined to share”
[14.07.2014 19:43:04] Cecium: "Think im paid per unit I bring in, tough not gonna hand him all my healing supplies… need em now that on my own "
[14.07.2014 19:44:24] sneo92: >_Jesse: Opening one of the hatches you’re met with a foul stench of rotting flesh. Inside the hatch you see a pile of rotten bodyparts stewn around with no apperent purpose
[14.07.2014 19:44:37] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty, guess i wont be able to trump no contract prices in a trade. But doctoring is my living, so i’m not akin to sharing any i find with you unless you’re hurting and needing. Just to get that out there..”
[14.07.2014 19:45:11 | Edited 19:45:22] jesse.boef: i close the hatch faster than i opened it, and check a different one
[14.07.2014 19:45:54] sneo92: >_The same prosess repeats itself, everything from hooves to wings seem to have been stuffed into the hatch
[14.07.2014 19:47:29] jesse.boef: i take a bodypart close to me, and see if my EFS starts to jitter more than usual
[14.07.2014 19:48:37] sneo92: >_As you touch the forehoof closest to you, it gives a small jerk of life and your EFS noice peak for just a moment.
[14.07.2014 19:49:13 | Edited 19:49:15] jesse.boef: “well thats one mystery solved”
[14.07.2014 19:49:39] Jonas Askeland: “Are those corpses? Smells like corpses”
[14.07.2014 19:49:51] jesse.boef: “partial corpses”
[14.07.2014 19:49:57] Jonas Askeland: “Ick..”
[14.07.2014 19:49:58] jesse.boef: “a lot of em”
[14.07.2014 19:50:07] Jonas Askeland: “Nothing interesting in there then?”
[14.07.2014 19:50:10] Cecium: " yucky… looks sick
[14.07.2014 19:50:30] jesse.boef: “unless youre into necrophilia or necromancing, nothing interesting here”
[14.07.2014 19:50:50] Jonas Askeland: “Haaah.. Yeah no, i prefer em lively”
[14.07.2014 19:51:05] jesse.boef: i close the hatch and look for a new way to go further in
[14.07.2014 19:51:09] Jonas Askeland: I check out the collection of cutlery, if anything is in good condition i’m inclined to take it
[14.07.2014 19:52:57] sneo92: >_Jesse: There are no doors but the one you entered from
>_Jonas: The knives are a collection of various scalples and bonesaws, while a bit dusty they look like they are in decent contidion [perception check]
[14.07.2014 19:53:35] Cecium: [where there any other exits from this room? ]
[14.07.2014 19:53:49] Jonas Askeland: 20
[14.07.2014 19:55:50] sneo92: >_Cecium: The only door you see is the one you entered from
Jonas: While sorting through the knives you realize these should have been dulled and rusted from laying here for so many years. As you ponder this you notice that the table itself is not nearly as dusty as the reception counters and table were
[14.07.2014 19:56:48] Cecium: " Well, this is obviusly a blindway… so we need to get back to the reception " starts walking back the way we came
[14.07.2014 19:57:19] jesse.boef: backtracks to the reception
[14.07.2014 19:57:44] Jonas Askeland: “Guys, i dont know if this is cause for any alarm but..”
[14.07.2014 19:58:02] jesse.boef: “say it”
[14.07.2014 19:58:21] Jonas Askeland: I bring out a scalpel from my bags and compare it with one from the table
[14.07.2014 19:58:24 | Edited 19:58:47] Cecium: " what?" " more moving bones? "
[14.07.2014 19:59:17] Jonas Askeland: “This is an old, but well kept scalpel, and these knives here are ancient, and not maintained at all i assume.. Yet the condition they’re in doesnt add up”
[14.07.2014 19:59:51] jesse.boef: “wanna get to the point where it may cause alarm?”
[14.07.2014 20:00:15] Jonas Askeland: “Now i might be inclined to chalk that up to some sorta pre-war quality knives, but its uncanny is all”
[14.07.2014 20:00:28] Jonas Askeland: “Just figured i’d share”
[14.07.2014 20:00:42] Jonas Askeland: I take the nice knives
[14.07.2014 20:01:04] sneo92: >_Jonas: You get 3 scalpels and a bonesaw
[14.07.2014 20:02:04] jesse.boef: i proceed going back to the reception
[14.07.2014 20:02:10 | Edited 20:02:36] Cecium: Follows Stalker
[14.07.2014 20:02:28] Cecium: [is joke]
[14.07.2014 20:02:30] Jonas Askeland: Tag along!
[14.07.2014 20:03:14] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe this place is in use? Could be those knives have actually been maintained by somepony”
[14.07.2014 20:03:38] jesse.boef: “could be. keep sharp until we fully searched this place”
[14.07.2014 20:03:40] sneo92: >_The reception is as quiet as it used to. The dust still lingers in dark, moist room.
[14.07.2014 20:03:41] Cecium: "Maybe that freaky thing "
[14.07.2014 20:03:53] jesse.boef: i look for new ways to go
[14.07.2014 20:03:55] Cecium: checks the other door that was in there
[14.07.2014 20:05:32] sneo92: >_Cecium: The seccond door leads to what looks like an auditorium. There is a series of desks and chairs set in front of a podium which has a alrge white board behind it. Next to the white board is another door.
[14.07.2014 20:06:02] Cecium: "Imma just go in here and .. check it out "
walks over to random desk and checks it out
[14.07.2014 20:06:19] jesse.boef: i proceed to the next door and peek inside
[14.07.2014 20:06:36] Jonas Askeland: “Oh! I’m coming with you!”
[14.07.2014 20:06:41] Jonas Askeland: Tag after shadow
[14.07.2014 20:06:58] Jonas Askeland: “Cant let you have first dibs on all the goodies? ^^”
[14.07.2014 20:07:12] Cecium: " yer welcome to walk first if ya wanna "
[14.07.2014 20:07:48] sneo92: >_ Christian: When you enter the room you notice that the floor around the desks is littered with skeletons [perception, please].
Jesse: Peeking in you see the next room to be a sort of meeting room. with a large round table in the middle surrounded by chairs.
[14.07.2014 20:08:24] Cecium: 66
[14.07.2014 20:09:04] sneo92: >_Jonas:[If you’re going with Shadow you can also do the perception]
[14.07.2014 20:09:19] jesse.boef: i enter the meeting room and look around the table for anything interesting
[14.07.2014 20:09:19] Jonas Askeland: 26
[14.07.2014 20:12:11] sneo92: >_Jesse: On top of the table there is a whole mess of officiall looking documents. There are two skeletons leaning against eachother on the far end of the table [perception check, please]
Jonas: When looking over the skeletons, you notice that many of them have a slight missalirnent of their bones. Some have to many, some have to few and many of them are oddly placed and disfigured
[14.07.2014 20:12:21] jesse.boef: 36
[14.07.2014 20:12:57] sneo92: >_Jesse: Upon looking over the skeletons you notice a small red light coming off from behind them.
[14.07.2014 20:13:31] Jonas Askeland: I head on over to the bones and start examining them with my doctoring knowledge
[14.07.2014 20:13:49] sneo92: >_Jonas: [med check, please]
[14.07.2014 20:13:50] jesse.boef: i draw my gun and take to the air, attempting to get a better look at the light
[14.07.2014 20:14:01] Cecium: [was there anything in the random desk I was checking out? ]
[14.07.2014 20:14:19] Jonas Askeland: [97.. T_T]
[14.07.2014 20:14:42] Jonas Askeland: [ATLEAST THATS A MARK FOR PROGRESSION!]
[14.07.2014 20:16:07] sneo92: >_Jesse: The small red light shines from behind the skeletons. Taking to the don’t give you a better view on the source.
>_Jonas: Looking over the disfigurment you start to wonder if there might have been a handicap convention going on.
>_Christian: The desk is dusty and plain
[14.07.2014 20:17:12 | Edited 20:17:28] jesse.boef: i slowly fly to and over the skeletons, keeping my eyes on the light
[14.07.2014 20:17:56] Cecium: walks over to the whiteboard and takes a looksie at it
[14.07.2014 20:18:17] Jonas Askeland: Unless it becomes relevant, i’ll keep that knowledge to myself
[14.07.2014 20:18:25] Jonas Askeland: I too want to examine the whiteboard
[14.07.2014 20:20:02 | Edited 20:20:08] sneo92: >_Jesse: The light remains static, only flickering when it passes the bones of the skeletions
>_Christian and Jonas: There are faint traces of writing on the whiteboard, but you can only manage to make out bits of the headline “Cuti..ox”
[14.07.2014 20:20:46] jesse.boef: [real hard to figure out cuti..ox ^] i try to trace the source of the light
[14.07.2014 20:21:07] Cecium: [so hard ]
[14.07.2014 20:21:25] Jonas Askeland: [Hey now, that might be all kinds of wrong and we’ll fuck up cuz we’re set on that idea]
[14.07.2014 20:21:34] Jonas Askeland: [But i see what you’re getting at]
[14.07.2014 20:21:41] Cecium: " Cutie….. sox? …. someone had c ute socks? "
[14.07.2014 20:21:46 | Edited 20:21:54] Cecium: [shadow is not a smart pony ]
[14.07.2014 20:21:55] sneo92: >_[I am the master of riddles, can’t you tell!? :V] Approaching the skeletons you see the light is comng from a small panel of sorts.
[14.07.2014 20:22:15] jesse.boef: i approach the panel and open the lid [if there is a lid]
[14.07.2014 20:22:58] jesse.boef: [cutie fox? nickname for a girl ya love?]
[14.07.2014 20:23:48] Jonas Askeland: I want to go over my knowledge of medical conditions that start with cutie, and end with sox, maybe these were handicapped medical researchers, constrained only in body and not in mind!
[14.07.2014 20:24:16] sneo92: >_The lit is wide open, as it was clear that this pannel was supposed to be concealed. Closer inspection shows that it is a small terminal connected to a lever
[14.07.2014 20:24:35] sneo92: >_Jonas: [med check]
[14.07.2014 20:24:49] Jonas Askeland: [54 under 66]
[14.07.2014 20:25:13] jesse.boef: i take a look at the files on the table, see if theyre linked to the panel
[14.07.2014 20:27:14] sneo92: >_Jonas: You realize the text is most likely reffering to the old condition known as Cutie Pox, and that it is VERY rare to have bone-altering effects. So rare, in fact, you have never even heard of it!
>_Jesse: The documents seem to be listing an assortment of financial mumbojumbo as well as what you understand as patient statistics.
[14.07.2014 20:27:56] Cecium: yawns starts looking around the area close to whiteboard
[14.07.2014 20:28:09] jesse.boef: i yell back to the 2 “watch it, something might be happening!” then i pull the lever on the panel
[14.07.2014 20:28:23] Jonas Askeland: “Something what?”
[14.07.2014 20:28:28] sneo92: >_Cecium: [perseption]
Jesse: The lever doen’t budge
[14.07.2014 20:28:37] jesse.boef: “sod it! nevermind!”
[14.07.2014 20:28:42] Cecium: O_O
[14.07.2014 20:28:45] Cecium: 05
[14.07.2014 20:28:46] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, okay!”
[14.07.2014 20:28:57] jesse.boef: i look into the panel, see if the lever is obstructed
[14.07.2014 20:29:16] Jonas Askeland: “You know, maybe they were studying cutiepox?”
[14.07.2014 20:29:23] Cecium: " whatnow? "
[14.07.2014 20:29:36] Jonas Askeland: “Only illness i can think of that might fit the title”
[14.07.2014 20:29:59] Jonas Askeland: “And this beeing an auditorioum in a medical facility i imagine they might have been having a lecture?”
[14.07.2014 20:30:40] sneo92: >_Cecium: You notice that on the backside of the podium there lies a book.
>_Jesse: The lever seems clear, but as you blow up some dust you notice the terminal screen is reading “invalid access”
[14.07.2014 20:30:53] Cecium: takes a look at the book
[14.07.2014 20:30:57] jesse.boef: “anyone a tech head?!”
[14.07.2014 20:31:03] Jonas Askeland: “Its an ancient illness, only ever read about it”
[14.07.2014 20:31:18] jesse.boef: “oh cotton! get over here!”
[14.07.2014 20:31:40] Jonas Askeland: “I’ll be right over!”
[14.07.2014 20:31:49] Jonas Askeland: I go to the terminal and try to access it
[14.07.2014 20:32:30] jesse.boef: “use that card with the red light, maybe its a scanner”
[14.07.2014 20:32:56] Jonas Askeland: I comply, nurse card to red light
[14.07.2014 20:33:46] sneo92: >_Cecium: The book is labled “Perplexing Pony Plagues”
>_Jonas: As you take the card to the terminal the red light switches to green and the screen reads “Access Granted”
[14.07.2014 20:33:57] Jonas Askeland: “Voila!”
[14.07.2014 20:34:07] jesse.boef: i point to the lever “you wanna do the honours?”
[14.07.2014 20:34:14] Jonas Askeland: I tap away at the terminal, whats on this thing?
[14.07.2014 20:34:21] Cecium: pockets book trots over to cotton and Stalker
[14.07.2014 20:34:41] Jonas Askeland: "Is that the “something” you talked about?"
[14.07.2014 20:35:03] jesse.boef: “yeah. lever mayve done something, but it was jammed. maybe now it works”
[14.07.2014 20:35:10] sneo92: >_Jonas: It’s a miniterminal, the screen is single line and there are only three buttons bellow it. tapping around gives up screens with a whole lot of abreviations you can’t quite figure out.
[14.07.2014 20:35:39] Jonas Askeland: “Well the terminal isnt very interesting anyways, maybe you’re right about the switch tho, give it a pull?”
[14.07.2014 20:35:52] Cecium: stares at lever
[14.07.2014 20:35:53] jesse.boef: pulls the lever again
[14.07.2014 20:37:15] sneo92: >_As Stalker brings the lever down the sound of heavy mashinery fills the room. You all notice the floor on the far side of the room slides sideways into the wall to reveal a staircase leading downwards.
[14.07.2014 20:37:33] Cecium: " iinteerestiiing "
[14.07.2014 20:37:35] jesse.boef: “perfect” i proceed down the stairs
[14.07.2014 20:37:42] Cecium: *follows stalker

[14.07.2014 20:37:48] Jonas Askeland: “OY!”
[14.07.2014 20:37:54] Jonas Askeland: I dart along
[14.07.2014 20:39:45] sneo92: >_The stairwell is built mostly in steel girders, the cieling is to low to stand fully upright and you are forced to duck to make your way down. The walls are ligned with fluorecent lighting which runs down the entirety of the stairwell. At the bottom there is a short hallway before a large steel blast door blocks your way. The door is marked with a large purple star surrounded by smaller white ones.
[14.07.2014 20:40:08] Cecium: [iiinteereeeestiiiiiiing]
[14.07.2014 20:40:18] jesse.boef: i proceed to the door and look for a way to open it
[14.07.2014 20:40:34] jesse.boef: [twilight lead scientist on cutiepox ?]
[14.07.2014 20:40:48] Cecium: [ministry of arcane science logo ]
[14.07.2014 20:40:54] jesse.boef: [oh]
[14.07.2014 20:41:02] Cecium: checks EfS
[14.07.2014 20:41:15] sneo92: [which is also Twilight cutiemark, yes]
[14.07.2014 20:41:30] jesse.boef: [so i might still be right!]
[14.07.2014 20:41:54] sneo92: >_ Cecium, you still get static on your EFS, but you notice that there is a signifigantly higher concentration ahead of you
[14.07.2014 20:42:11] sneo92: >_Jesse: The door controlls are readily available on the side of the door
[14.07.2014 20:42:19] Cecium: " Uhm.. efs is going crazier than normal "
[14.07.2014 20:42:23] jesse.boef: [can we hold for a minute, brb]
[14.07.2014 20:42:32] sneo92: >_[GAME PAUSED]
[14.07.2014 20:42:44] Jonas Askeland: [Is that a que for silly talk?]
[14.07.2014 20:43:11] sneo92: [someone’s getting infeccted~~ someone’s getting infeccted~~]
[14.07.2014 20:43:26] Jonas Askeland: [AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!]
[14.07.2014 20:43:27] Cecium: [paraasiiitiiiteeeeees ]
[14.07.2014 20:44:25] jesse.boef: [done]
[14.07.2014 20:44:26] sneo92: [oh I’m just kidding… maybe]
[14.07.2014 20:44:30] sneo92: >_[GAME RESUMED]
[14.07.2014 20:44:47] jesse.boef: i draw my gun again “best get ready for a fight”
[14.07.2014 20:44:56] Cecium: eyes stalkers gun
[14.07.2014 20:45:25] Jonas Askeland: Eyes own gun, submachineguns are flashy O_o
[14.07.2014 20:45:33] Cecium: " uhm, is that the biggest gun you have stalker? "
[14.07.2014 20:45:55] jesse.boef: “wether something is big does not make it better”
[14.07.2014 20:45:56] Cecium: [also what gun is it <→< ]
[14.07.2014 20:46:04 | Edited 20:46:06] jesse.boef: [ehm, 1 sec]
[14.07.2014 20:46:14] jesse.boef: [small pistol]
[14.07.2014 20:47:20] Cecium: hoves out hunting shotgun " You reckon you could use this? its a mite bigger and .. well… could work well down here "
[14.07.2014 20:47:47] jesse.boef: “keep it”
[14.07.2014 20:47:56] Cecium: " oh well, if yer sure "
[14.07.2014 20:48:10] Cecium: holsters hunting shotgun and hovers out assault rifle
[14.07.2014 20:48:15] Jonas Askeland: “You’re a bit of a walking arsenal, arent you?”
[14.07.2014 20:48:21] jesse.boef: i put my hoof on door controls “everyone ready?”
[14.07.2014 20:48:34] Cecium: " Ive collected a few guns yes, they do a mare good. " " Ready! "
[14.07.2014 20:48:50] Jonas Askeland: “I bet they do, remind me not to piss you off too much”
[14.07.2014 20:49:06] Jonas Askeland: “All ready here”
[14.07.2014 20:49:17] jesse.boef: i activate the door controls to open the door
[14.07.2014 20:49:20] Jonas Askeland: Aim gun down towards door
[14.07.2014 20:49:36] Cecium: aims gun towards door
[14.07.2014 20:50:33] Jonas Askeland: “So.. If there is somepony alive on the other side.. We’re not a kill first ask them what this place is later kind of attitude.. Right?”
[14.07.2014 20:50:55] jesse.boef: “no, make sure theyre hostile and then shoot to kill”
[14.07.2014 20:51:30] Jonas Askeland: “Good! Havent had much success asking dead ponies complicated questions..”
[14.07.2014 20:51:46] sneo92: >_The door opens with a whirr of mashinery. The room beyond is lit in an erie green glow which originates from a series of glass tubes lined along the wall. You see no imediate movment.
[14.07.2014 20:52:07] jesse.boef: i slowly proceed into the room, scanning for any movement, gun pointed forward
[14.07.2014 20:52:16] Cecium: take up position on his flank
[14.07.2014 20:52:45] Jonas Askeland: Follow suit behind shadow
[14.07.2014 20:54:57] sneo92: >_ Upon entering the room you see that the tubes along the walls are large vats filled with a green liquid. Floating in the liquid you can see there are limbs floating, connected to the base of the vats by thick cabling. The centre of the room is an open space around 3 meters wide, while the hallways leads further along to another steel door
[14.07.2014 20:55:19] jesse.boef: i proceed to the next door
[14.07.2014 20:55:21] Cecium: shadow’s ears flatten " This place is downright spooky.. "
[14.07.2014 20:55:24] Cecium: follows
[14.07.2014 20:55:33] jesse.boef: “damn right it is. i dont like this one bit”
[14.07.2014 20:55:43] Jonas Askeland: I slink right up to a tube and stare, jaw a lower
[14.07.2014 20:55:52] Jonas Askeland: I examine the limbs
[14.07.2014 20:56:11] jesse.boef: “cotton, we can look at limbs later. lets make sure this place is secure first”
[14.07.2014 20:56:47] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah yeah, its just.. This shit is insane..”
[14.07.2014 20:56:56] sneo92: >_Jesse and Christian: Next to the door controlls you find a terminal with a green glow eminating from the screen.
[14.07.2014 20:57:05] Cecium: walks over to terminal and takes a looksie
[14.07.2014 20:57:30] jesse.boef: i stand at the door
[14.07.2014 20:58:03] jesse.boef: [someone got a .bat]
[14.07.2014 20:58:11] Jonas Askeland: [Oooooh!]
[14.07.2014 20:58:24] sneo92: >_Jonas: The tube you examined contained a hind leg [perception]
[14.07.2014 20:58:28] Cecium: starts reading on terminal
[14.07.2014 20:58:40] Jonas Askeland: 66
[14.07.2014 20:58:47] jesse.boef: “whats it say?”
[14.07.2014 20:59:01] sneo92: >_[if you want the .bat you can go ahead and examine the termial as well]
[14.07.2014 20:59:10] Cecium: starts reading whats on it loudly
[14.07.2014 20:59:16] jesse.boef: [nah, dont want your virus :P]
[14.07.2014 20:59:59] * sneo92 sent Medical Center Research terminal.bat *
[14.07.2014 21:00:12 | Edited 21:00:32] sneo92: >_[since it’s read out loud, here’s for anyone to read though only Cecium can access the actions]
[14.07.2014 21:00:33] Jonas Askeland: [Aww, would be more fun if shadow relayed it]
[14.07.2014 21:00:44] jesse.boef: [but it would be a lotta work tho]
[14.07.2014 21:00:53] Cecium: [cant copypaste from it <→<]>_[people who don’t wanna read can excuse it by not paying attention to shadow ^
[14.07.2014 21:01:15] Cecium: [aand its way over shadows understanding so she is prolly going all " booring booring, hydra.. booring booring pegasi wing regrowth ]
[14.07.2014 21:01:27] jesse.boef: “lets not mess with that until we cleared the next room”
[14.07.2014 21:01:57] Cecium: downloads research data
[14.07.2014 21:02:08] Jonas Askeland: [Right click on the top window border and select edit/mark, now you can grab a selection for copying]
[14.07.2014 21:02:18] Cecium: [oh <→< ]
[14.07.2014 21:02:30] Jonas Askeland: [Tho, you gotta press enter instead of ctr+c]
[14.07.2014 21:02:42] jesse.boef: [yeah, thats CMD 101]
[14.07.2014 21:03:23] Cecium: [ or you could read the logs yourself <→< takes no time at all ^ ]
[14.07.2014 21:03:37] sneo92: >_[lazy fucker >_>]
[14.07.2014 21:03:46] Jonas Askeland: [READING!]
[14.07.2014 21:04:32 | Edited 21:04:34] jesse.boef: [can we get going… im bored already…..]
[14.07.2014 21:04:56] Cecium: "Hey cotton, imma delete the research data unless you want it
[14.07.2014 21:04:56] jesse.boef: [i wanna shoot stuff]
[14.07.2014 21:04:57] Cecium: "
[14.07.2014 21:05:20] Cecium: * deletes research data after cotton gets it ( if he does )* walks over to Stalker *
[14.07.2014 21:06:00] Jonas Askeland: “Ah! I want it!”
[14.07.2014 21:06:04] Jonas Askeland: *Download the data

[14.07.2014 21:06:37] Cecium: peeks trough door
[14.07.2014 21:06:41] Jonas Askeland: “Why would you want to discard years of research like that?”
[14.07.2014 21:06:47] jesse.boef: [door is still closed…]
[14.07.2014 21:07:02] Cecium: " now its one of a kind and on my pipbuck! "
[14.07.2014 21:07:27] jesse.boef: “ready for the next room?”
[14.07.2014 21:08:11] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, so you can have exclusive access to the research data? Are you planning on selling it?”
[14.07.2014 21:08:29] Cecium: " Why not? prolly lots of ponies interested in it "
[14.07.2014 21:09:27] Jonas Askeland: “I guess.. I guess i cant argue with that”
[14.07.2014 21:09:29] jesse.boef: “if youre done talkin, id like to get going now” i say, mildly annoyed
[14.07.2014 21:09:38] Jonas Askeland: “Right, sorry”
[14.07.2014 21:09:44] Jonas Askeland: Walk over to stalker
[14.07.2014 21:09:59] jesse.boef: i open this door as well
[14.07.2014 21:10:48] sneo92: >_The door opens into another stairwell which continues downwards and sircles around to the left. At the bottom there is another door
[14.07.2014 21:11:10] jesse.boef: “so many doors…” i say walking down the stairs and getting ready on the door
[14.07.2014 21:11:38] Jonas Askeland: I hum a little to test the acoustics
[14.07.2014 21:11:39] Cecium: " And so many things behind the doors , freaky mysterious gooey science .. " ears folded down
[14.07.2014 21:12:02] Jonas Askeland: “And such intersting science! Limb regrowth!”
[14.07.2014 21:12:21] Jonas Askeland: “Could you imagine if there was a better alternative to hydra? A mass produced and potentially cheap one?”
[14.07.2014 21:12:56] Cecium: slams door open " Im tired of this place, wanna hurry "
[14.07.2014 21:13:25] jesse.boef: “now theres something i can agree with” [its door controls, not one ya can swing open, as far as i know]
[14.07.2014 21:13:38] Cecium: [then I slam the controlls enthustiastically ]
[14.07.2014 21:13:53] jesse.boef: [one does not simply slam the controls]
[14.07.2014 21:14:04] Cecium: [this mare does ]
[14.07.2014 21:14:05] jesse.boef: [itll break T_T]
[14.07.2014 21:14:19] Cecium: [ this is pre war equestrian egnineering! ]
[14.07.2014 21:14:23] jesse.boef: [remind me to never let you around my electronics]
[14.07.2014 21:15:16] sneo92: >_The room contains more vats on the sides and at the end of it is a series of computers and terminals As Shadow ruses into the door, she is struck by a rasping voice, yelling “NOOO!! WHERE IS IT?! WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?! WHERE IS IT?!”. She quickly spots the shape of a pony rushing back and fourth between the terminals.
[14.07.2014 21:15:51] jesse.boef: i walk forward and train my gun on the pony “hold it right there!”
[14.07.2014 21:16:03] Cecium: " Howdy there fellow "
[14.07.2014 21:16:32] Jonas Askeland: “Ah! Talk first! TALK FIRST!”
[14.07.2014 21:17:03] jesse.boef: [this was a really unified entry…]
[14.07.2014 21:17:20] Cecium: [whatcha expect, we aint the army ]
[14.07.2014 21:17:26] jesse.boef: [we looked like a disfunctional police group, everyone saying something different]
[14.07.2014 21:17:30] sneo92: >_The pony stops, and stares at the group. You can see that his flesh is rotten and his eyes are white and glassy. His left chin is missing and you can easily see straight into his gullet. He furrows his eyes “You… did you do this?!” he yells as he gestures at the terminas.
[14.07.2014 21:17:43] jesse.boef: “we didnt touch a thing”
[14.07.2014 21:17:48] Cecium: " Do what? "
[14.07.2014 21:18:34] jesse.boef: [wait wait wait]
[14.07.2014 21:18:46] jesse.boef: [his left chin? we have multiple chins?]
[14.07.2014 21:18:53] sneo92: >_He slams his hooves to the teminals “MY RESEARCH! It is gone, all gone! Did you delete it? I know the terminal up there is connected, what did you press?!” He makes is way around and marches angrily at the group
[14.07.2014 21:18:59] sneo92: [cheek*, sorry]
[14.07.2014 21:19:35] jesse.boef: “oh that, yeah shadow did that”
[14.07.2014 21:19:41] Cecium: [<→<]>_His glassy eyes lock at Shadow as he steps close, grabing her colar with his hooves. “Do you have any idea what you have done?!” He shouts in her face, his beath stinks of rot as spit and bile strikes shadows face “Year of research, right down the drain!” He lets go as he pushes shadow away from him and turns back towards the terminals “There has to be a backup around here somewhere…”
[14.07.2014 21:22:17] jesse.boef: “there is, on her pipbuck”
[14.07.2014 21:22:27] Cecium: Shoots angry stare at stalker
[14.07.2014 21:22:55] jesse.boef: i whisper to shadow “do ya wanna live or do ya wanna keep the data?”
[14.07.2014 21:24:19] sneo92: >_The stalion looks up again. “You have it? You took it and then deleted it?! Are you sympethizers? How did you get in here? Where are my staff?!”
[14.07.2014 21:24:39] jesse.boef: “we have found no staff. presumably killed before we arrived”
[14.07.2014 21:25:59] Cecium: Shadow dissapears
[14.07.2014 21:26:17] jesse.boef: [can i still pull her back by the neck?]
[14.07.2014 21:26:29] jesse.boef: [pleaaase]
[14.07.2014 21:26:31] Cecium: [cant see me boi ]
[14.07.2014 21:26:32] Jonas Askeland: I move over to stand next to stalker
[14.07.2014 21:26:50] sneo92: >_ “They’re dead?! What happened, who are you?!” The stalion doesn’t seem to be able to focus as he now scurries from terminal to terminal
[14.07.2014 21:27:33] jesse.boef: “we are just explorers looking around for anything useful. we have not killed any of your staff. we dont know what happened before we arrived here”
[14.07.2014 21:27:59] Jonas Askeland: I whisper to Stalker “I think maybe this ghoul is long gone.. Trapped in the past or something.. You’ve heard stories like that right?”
[14.07.2014 21:28:27 | Edited 21:28:50] jesse.boef: “i have not, and if he is as you say, we fix that when it comes up” i whisper back
[14.07.2014 21:29:25] sneo92: >_The stalion stops in his tracks, looks up at the group with his glassy eyes “You’re lying, you killed them, stole my data and are giving it to the zebra scum!” He quickly graps a beam pistol from under the desk and points it at the group “I can tell you this old pony will not go easily to traitors!”
[14.07.2014 21:29:52] Jonas Askeland: Look slightly incredously at stalker “Where you raised under a rock or something? Cuz i were and even i’ve heard tales of aAAHH! He’s got a gun!”
[14.07.2014 21:30:39] jesse.boef: “i understand that you may think that, trust me i do. but we are not who you think we are, we dont know any zebra that you speak of”
[14.07.2014 21:30:55] Jonas Askeland: “Look! We’re not zebras! We’re just prospectors that happened upon this place!”
[14.07.2014 21:31:24] Jonas Askeland: “The world has changed a lot since you were last outside i presume! Please calm down and listen to us!”
[14.07.2014 21:31:28] sneo92: >_[Jonas, Jesse, Speach checks plese!]
[14.07.2014 21:31:35] Jonas Askeland: [Cheers ^
[14.07.2014 21:31:53] jesse.boef: [48 to 12, no way that ever succeeds]
[14.07.2014 21:31:58] Jonas Askeland: [Fucking 5!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:06] jesse.boef: [AWESOME]
[14.07.2014 21:32:13] Cecium: [win!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:16] sneo92: [is that a crit?]
[14.07.2014 21:32:25] jesse.boef: [CRITICAL HIT WITH WORDS!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:25] Cecium: [unless jonas DUMPED His luck again yes ]
[14.07.2014 21:32:27] Jonas Askeland: [AND I DID NOT DUMP LUCK! ITS A CRIT!]
[14.07.2014 21:32:40] jesse.boef: [HE IS PHOENIX WRIGHT, SHOUTING OBJECTION!]
[14.07.2014 21:33:21] sneo92: >_The stalion lowers the pistol. “Prospectors…? What do you mean, changed?” The old pony says with a shivering voice
[14.07.2014 21:33:39] jesse.boef: i lower my pistol as well, and let cotton do the talking
[14.07.2014 21:33:55] jesse.boef: [yay for being lazy]
[14.07.2014 21:34:11] Jonas Askeland: “You’ve been in here since the bombs fell havent you? Maybe even before that.”
[14.07.2014 21:34:19] jesse.boef: [can i still drag shadow back by her neck?]
[14.07.2014 21:34:27] Cecium: [do you even know where shadow is? ]
[14.07.2014 21:34:49] sneo92: >_Jesse: [You can not see shadow anywhere around you, she litterally dissapeared]
[14.07.2014 21:35:04] Jonas Askeland: “Its been hundreds of years since the war ended, both sides went all out and most of the world above was destroyed”
[14.07.2014 21:36:11] sneo92: >_"Destroye..? I… how did this happen? It can’t be, I’m still here, and my staff, they’ve been bringing me subjects!" he gestures to the side of the room towards a door partially concealed by vats
[14.07.2014 21:36:54] Jonas Askeland: “I dont know the details, but if you’ve got a terminal that has todays date you’ll see for yourself its been a long time”
[14.07.2014 21:38:55] Jonas Askeland: “And as for why you’re still here, you’ve suffered a phenomenom of massive radiation, and its changed your body. We call it ghoulification, and as a result you’ve ended up with this half-rotting body of yours that feeds of radiation and is practically immortal”
[14.07.2014 21:39:09] sneo92: >_[speech check, please]
[14.07.2014 21:39:18] jesse.boef: [inb4 failure]
[14.07.2014 21:39:23] Jonas Askeland: [66 over 62]
[14.07.2014 21:39:28] jesse.boef: [called it]
[14.07.2014 21:39:36] Jonas Askeland: [FUUUU-!]
[14.07.2014 21:40:40] sneo92: >_The ghoul graps his head “No, no this can’t be. That is impossible!” He swipes his hooves over a terminal top, swiping the things on top to the floor as he sits down with his head in his hooves “No… no…no…”
[14.07.2014 21:41:21] Jonas Askeland: *I walk over to him

[14.07.2014 21:41:29] Cecium: [GIVE HIM A HUG! ]
[14.07.2014 21:41:56] Jonas Askeland: “I guess this is a lot to take in.. And i’m sorry your world just came crashing down on you”
[14.07.2014 21:42:29] Jonas Askeland: “But the fact of the matter is that there is no war anymore, and the old world is in ruins”
[14.07.2014 21:44:03] Jonas Askeland: “Not everyone died tho, as evident by me and my companions here, and a new world is happening. And if i understand things right, you’re doing some amazing research down here arent you?”
[14.07.2014 21:44:25] jesse.boef: [now its rather companion… shadow wussed out]
[14.07.2014 21:44:35] Cecium: [tempted to lock you guys in here ]
[14.07.2014 21:44:37] Jonas Askeland: [I’mma get you for that]
[14.07.2014 21:46:18] sneo92: >_The stalion gives of a sob “If you want to call it that, it’s unatural… The MoAS never considered that, to them it’s only numbers. A soldier loses a leg? Get him a new one and send him back to the front, they said. Only numbers, not ponies.”
[14.07.2014 21:47:18] Jonas Askeland: “But you’re making the legless walk again? Right? I read some on the terminal, giving flight back to pegasi who’ve lost their wings?”
[14.07.2014 21:48:43] Jonas Askeland: “Its a harsh world out there now, and someponies are still inclined to be fighting eachothers. I’ve seen my fair share of wounded and wished i had more ways to help them. This limb regrowth stuff could be amazing!”
[14.07.2014 21:50:43] Jonas Askeland: “Its kinda silly, there is no great war no more but still ponies find things to fight for and innocents get caught in the crossfire. And loosing a limb nowadays might mean the death of you. The only medicine i know is hydra, but its got a habit of nasty sideffects”
[14.07.2014 21:51:54] jesse.boef: [my fingers smell like ass]
[14.07.2014 21:52:05] Jonas Askeland: [You know why]
[14.07.2014 21:52:15] Cecium: [TMI]
[14.07.2014 21:52:18] sneo92: >_"I know the side effects far to well…" The stalion looks towards the pistol again
[14.07.2014 21:52:22] jesse.boef: [no, i don… okay i do]
[14.07.2014 21:52:33] jesse.boef: [which pistol, his energy, or mine?]
[14.07.2014 21:52:38 | Edited 21:52:44] sneo92: >_[his own]
[14.07.2014 21:54:21] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, medical innovation isnt exactly all that common nowadays. The best we get is pre-war stuff”
[14.07.2014 21:54:54] Jonas Askeland: “You a doctor or a scientist?”
[14.07.2014 21:55:41] sneo92: >_The stalion perks up at the sudden question “Uhh, both I guess. I used to be a doctor before the MoAS roped me into all this research… They promised so much.”
[14.07.2014 21:57:31] Jonas Askeland: “Heh, i wouldnt know what they were all about. But then you know your way around treating a pony? Doctors are always in high demand, you might do some good topside”
[14.07.2014 21:57:57] Jonas Askeland: “Its kept my belly decently fed ever since i left the stable”
[14.07.2014 21:58:34] sneo92: >_"No." He says shaprly “I can’t leave, I couldn’t leave him..” He casts a quick look towards the back of the room
[14.07.2014 21:58:57] Jonas Askeland: “Whats keeping you down here then?”
[14.07.2014 21:59:06] jesse.boef: i walk over to the 2 talking
[14.07.2014 21:59:22 | Edited 21:59:38] Jonas Askeland: [Do feel free to interject, this is kinda nervewrecking O_o]
[14.07.2014 21:59:37] Cecium: [I feel its best not to walk out since he is mad at me ]
[14.07.2014 21:59:50] jesse.boef: [hey, i dont wanna risk being shot, i only have 12 speech or so]
[14.07.2014 21:59:51] sneo92: >_"That’s none of your business!" He snaps at Cotton. “Now give me the copy of my research and leave me alone!”
[14.07.2014 22:00:17] jesse.boef: “we would like to, but as you may have seen shadow has pulled a magic act and left us”
[14.07.2014 22:01:13] Jonas Askeland: “Sure, but you’ve been at this for 200 years, what results have you gotten?”
[14.07.2014 22:02:01] Jonas Askeland: “Hey yeah, where did Shadow go?”
[14.07.2014 22:02:05] sneo92: >_He gets up and steps closer “Look around you! I have the production going, all I need is the stabalizing!” he says frantically! “Now my research, if you please!”
[14.07.2014 22:02:24] jesse.boef: “shadow, come out!”
[14.07.2014 22:02:38] Jonas Askeland: “Alright alright, but do you need some help? Do you think you could actually make this work?”
[14.07.2014 22:03:17 | Edited 22:03:25] sneo92: >_"Of course I can make it work! I have to make it work… I can always use new subject…" his voice lowering to a near growl…
[14.07.2014 22:03:46] jesse.boef: i eye cotton for a second, giving a cautious look
[14.07.2014 22:04:19] Jonas Askeland: “Alright, but tell me how, heck i’ll even record it, and maybe we can bring in more scientists?”
[14.07.2014 22:04:32] Jonas Askeland: I glance back at you with a cautious look too
[14.07.2014 22:04:43] Cecium: steps out from shadow
[14.07.2014 22:04:59] Cecium: " You want your copy? , here take it " ears flatten and eyes widen in fear
[14.07.2014 22:05:43 | Edited 22:06:04] Jonas Askeland: “I’m all for seeing this work completed, but i mean.. Two hundred years is a long time, i reckon some fresh perspectives could go a long way?”
[14.07.2014 22:06:26] sneo92: >_As Shadow steps out he rushes towards her, grabing her hoof. “My reasearch! Come here!” He drags her towards his terminals and pushes Shadow against it. “Put it back in, fix it!”
[14.07.2014 22:06:36] Cecium: Complies
[14.07.2014 22:06:45] Jonas Askeland: “Easy there! We want to help!”
[14.07.2014 22:07:09 | Edited 22:07:14] sneo92: >_He procedes to look up at Cotton. “Sure, just step into the room over there.” He says with a low voice while gesturing towards a door on the left
[14.07.2014 22:07:39 | Edited 22:08:10] jesse.boef: i put my hoof on cotton’s shoulder and whisper “this smells fishy”
[14.07.2014 22:08:51] Jonas Askeland: I try to soeak low enough for ghoul not to hear and say to Stalker “Like a dock town, but the research..”
[14.07.2014 22:09:17] Jonas Askeland: “Whats in the room? I wanna start documenting to help speed up the research”
[14.07.2014 22:09:41] jesse.boef: i pull cotton back for a moment “this research may be on your life. are you willing to risk that?”
[14.07.2014 22:10:14] Jonas Askeland: “Not a chance, but maybe he’s salvagable..?”
[14.07.2014 22:10:25] Cecium: " uhm, I gave you what you wanted, can we leave now please? " Slight trembling
[14.07.2014 22:10:30] jesse.boef: “dont push your luck here”
[14.07.2014 22:11:07] Jonas Askeland: “Heh, yeeeeaaah.. I might be past that already.. Just be ready in case he snaps”
[14.07.2014 22:11:29 | Edited 22:11:58] Jonas Askeland: “So, never got your name?” I say to the ghoul and start walking over to him
[14.07.2014 22:12:45] jesse.boef: [there is a file without extension with name “nu” on my desktop… i call sneo hacked me]
[14.07.2014 22:12:45] Cecium: trembles a lot
[14.07.2014 22:13:31] Jonas Askeland: I try to shoot Shadow a reassuring glance, pretending ive got more control and confidence than i really do
[14.07.2014 22:14:38 | Edited 22:15:18] sneo92: >_The stalion gestures towards a door on your left “Doctor Poppy Field, now please step in here” He takes Cotton to the door, opens it and gestures for Cotton to step inside as he turns to the others. “We’ll just be a minute.”
[14.07.2014 22:15:20] Jonas Askeland: Slight panic glance back at Stalker!
[14.07.2014 22:15:35] jesse.boef: “might i ask what youre gonna do in there?”
[14.07.2014 22:15:44] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty Dr. Field, whats in here then?”
[14.07.2014 22:16:09] jesse.boef: [i really dont like this :C]
[14.07.2014 22:16:18] Cecium: [me neither ]
[14.07.2014 22:16:22] Jonas Askeland: I’m not stepping into the door alone
[14.07.2014 22:16:27] sneo92: >_The doctor looks at Cotton “You said you wanted to help with the reseach, didn’t you? Well this is my lab!”
[14.07.2014 22:17:02] sneo92: >_[speech check, for whomever is listening]
[14.07.2014 22:17:11] Jonas Askeland: “That sounds nice, you gonna show me around then? I’m afraid i wouldnt know what half of these things are, stable lab beeing pretty small and all that”
[14.07.2014 22:17:14] jesse.boef: [4!]
[14.07.2014 22:17:17 | Edited 22:17:19] jesse.boef: [WOOOH]
[14.07.2014 22:17:34] Jonas Askeland: [75 over 62, less wooh]
[14.07.2014 22:17:48] Cecium: [61 .. of 61 ]
[14.07.2014 22:17:58] jesse.boef: [fortune favours the brave :D]
[14.07.2014 22:18:26] Jonas Askeland: [Says the one NOT standing at the potential door of doom!]
[14.07.2014 22:18:36] sneo92: >_Jesse/Christian: You can tell by the voice of the doctor things are not quite as they should
[14.07.2014 22:18:56 | Edited 22:18:59] jesse.boef: “doc, might i ask what is about to happen in that room?”
[14.07.2014 22:19:26] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, and do we like need labcoats..? Or any special equipment..?”
[14.07.2014 22:19:37] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe some sterlization..? Wanna keep the lab clean, right?”
[14.07.2014 22:19:53] Cecium: “Cotton, could you come over here for a moment, I .. uh… have a ouchie!”
[14.07.2014 22:19:55] Jonas Askeland: Panic glances intensify
[14.07.2014 22:20:08] jesse.boef: [ouchie… really?]
[14.07.2014 22:20:19] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, did you run off and hit yourself on something?! I’ll be right over!”
[14.07.2014 22:20:21] Cecium: [ well I dont know <→< character is kind of terrified ]
[14.07.2014 22:20:24] Jonas Askeland: I move towards shadow
[14.07.2014 22:20:51] jesse.boef: [i need to stop smelling my fingers :/]
[14.07.2014 22:20:57] Jonas Askeland: “Goodness shadow, the things you do when we arent looking..”
[14.07.2014 22:21:06] Cecium: glares at cotton
[14.07.2014 22:21:23 | Edited 22:22:14] sneo92: >_The doctor looks back at Stalker “Two medical proffessionals will be discussing medical progress for the good of the people, natrually!” Turning back to Cotton “I’m sure this lab really exeeds anything VaultTec could dish up, we’re funded directly through MoAS and recieving suplemental equipment from the MoIA!” The ghoul grabs Cottons arm as he’s turning. “Come now.” He says with a grin as he starts walking through the door.
[14.07.2014 22:21:46] Jonas Askeland: [fuck]
[14.07.2014 22:21:47] jesse.boef: “doctor. before i send one of my men in that room, id like to know what is about to happen.”
[14.07.2014 22:22:05] jesse.boef: [cotton is male… right?]
[14.07.2014 22:22:12] Jonas Askeland: [Aye]
[14.07.2014 22:22:30] Jonas Askeland: “Infact, Stalker over there is quite bright himself, maybe we’d benefit from his presence too? And Shadow too! Absolutely!”
[14.07.2014 22:22:45] Jonas Askeland: “Lets all tag along, shall we?” PANIC GLANCES INTENSIFY
[14.07.2014 22:23:05] jesse.boef: “doctor, please answer my question”
[14.07.2014 22:23:48] sneo92: >_The doctor looks around, slightly befuddled “The more the marrier, but are these medical professionals? Do you know your way around a laboritory? I guess we can use the extra hooves. Come along, then!”
[14.07.2014 22:24:07] jesse.boef: “please stop avoiding my question”
[14.07.2014 22:24:08] Jonas Askeland: [NOT SURE THIS IS A GOOD IDEA! OH GOD]
[14.07.2014 22:24:19] jesse.boef: [i have a plan!]
[14.07.2014 22:24:26] Cecium: [oh look, a character avoiding questiosn :P ]
[14.07.2014 22:25:07] sneo92: >_He looks annoyed at Stalker "I’ve told you already, we’re going to discuss medical science in hopes for bringing the project along! Now come on, you’re acting like you’re off to the butchers’
[14.07.2014 22:25:25] jesse.boef: “let me get this straight. we are gonna discuss things only?”
[14.07.2014 22:26:08] Jonas Askeland: “Eeeehehehee.. Yeeeeah, because that would be weird in a facility cultivating limbs and with your aforementioned need for test subjects.. Riiight..?” I say meekly
[14.07.2014 22:26:08] sneo92: >_"Well we might look at some funny numbers and such as well, maybe even pour one liquid into another and watch them change colour." He says oozing with sarcasm
[14.07.2014 22:26:49] jesse.boef: “i see, we will only discuss science then. could we not do them here then? since everyone is already here”
[14.07.2014 22:27:23] sneo92: >_The doctor gasps “But science is done in labs!” He speaks as if speaking to a todler, still pulling Cotton towards the door.
[14.07.2014 22:28:07] jesse.boef: i walk close with the doctor “this place seems like a big lab to me, is it not?” i say, putting a hoof on the docs shoulder, attemping to keep him in one place
[14.07.2014 22:29:47] sneo92: >_The doctor flattens his look at stalker “All my documents and equipment is in there, little soldiercolt, now hush and let the big ponies talk.” He focibly drags Cotton into the room.
[14.07.2014 22:30:02] Jonas Askeland: [fu-]
[14.07.2014 22:30:35] jesse.boef: “one more question though, if i may?”
[14.07.2014 22:32:45] sneo92: >_The room is indeed a laboritory, containing large ammount of advanced science equipment none of you have even heard about. There are smaller vats located on counters and shelves containing tissue samples of various organs. On the right wall you see another door while on the far side you see a vat that seems to be on display containing a pony eye. The doctor looks over his shoulder as he walks with Cotton and speaks in an annoyed voice. “Yes what is it?”
[14.07.2014 22:33:02] jesse.boef: “who are you doing this for?”
[14.07.2014 22:33:38] sneo92: >_ [Stalker, perception check]
[14.07.2014 22:33:48] jesse.boef: [92…flm]
[14.07.2014 22:34:07] sneo92: >_He turns to Stalker “I have my reasons.” He says flatly.
[14.07.2014 22:34:12] Jonas Askeland: [You see about as much as the eye in the vial, i’d guess]
[14.07.2014 22:34:45] jesse.boef: i gaze into the back of the room “who is… ‘him’ ?”
[14.07.2014 22:34:46] Cecium: [ HE IS THE EYE IN THE VIAL O_O ]
[14.07.2014 22:35:41] sneo92: >_The doctor turns back to the lab “That is none of your busines” he says quickly before turning to Cotton “Now what do you make of these samples, then?” Leading him towards the shelves of samples
[14.07.2014 22:35:58 | Edited 22:36:26] jesse.boef: i walk kinda fast to the back of the room
[14.07.2014 22:36:17] Jonas Askeland: I eye the samples and give it my best
[14.07.2014 22:36:23] Jonas Askeland: [Medicine or science?]
[14.07.2014 22:36:38] Jonas Askeland: “What am i looking at?”
[14.07.2014 22:36:54 | Edited 22:37:01] Cecium: shadow lurks around hte edges of the room trying not to be the center of focus
[14.07.2014 22:37:50] sneo92: >_[medicine] “There are the samples from the rejected subjects, perhaps you can figure out why they were rejected.”
>_[The rest of you, stealth checks]
[14.07.2014 22:38:03] jesse.boef: [45 to 65]
[14.07.2014 22:38:19] jesse.boef: [stalker, doin what he was made for ^]
[14.07.2014 22:38:24] Jonas Askeland: [19 under 66]
[14.07.2014 22:38:27] Cecium: [65 under 80]
[14.07.2014 22:40:12] jesse.boef: [everyone succeeded, yaay]
[14.07.2014 22:40:21] Jonas Askeland: [This confuses the GM]
[14.07.2014 22:40:33] jesse.boef: [confusement, yaay]
[14.07.2014 22:40:39 | Edited 22:40:54] Cecium: [Dont jinx it you two ! ]
[14.07.2014 22:41:00] sneo92: >_Stalker and Shadow lurk around the back of the room, The doctor clearly to occupied with Cotton
>_Jonas: You can see that the samples have had typical organ rejection symptoms, this is not something you know a fix for, but your mind starts bumbling around some possible solutions for this particular cae
[14.07.2014 22:41:15] jesse.boef: i try to find ‘him’
[14.07.2014 22:41:31] Jonas Askeland: “Ah, rejection. Yeah i can imagine thats an issue”
[14.07.2014 22:42:03] Jonas Askeland: “What have you done to try and work around it? Dont want to waste time cooking up solutions you’ve already tried”
[14.07.2014 22:42:18] sneo92: >_Jesse, you skulk around the room, finding only various medical equipment and the like, there is however a door leading to a room you haven’t entered yet
[14.07.2014 22:42:28] jesse.boef: i creep into the door
[14.07.2014 22:42:30] Jonas Askeland: “I assume you’ve tried:” And i regale him with whatever ideas i just had
[14.07.2014 22:42:56] sneo92: >_The doctor looks at you with glee “Certainly, come with me! I have the results in here” He grabs Cottons arm and makes for the door
[14.07.2014 22:44:17] Jonas Askeland: A bit too preoccupied with considering solutions, i go along with it
[14.07.2014 22:45:43] sneo92: >_Jesse: As you enter the room, you find a bloodsoaked surgical room with a table in the middle. The table has multiple straps on it which are just as bloodsoaked as the rest. The sides of the room is filled with bloody surgical equipment as well as a few vats containing a variety of organs. Just as you manage to take in what the room really is, the doctor and Cotton steps in.
>_Jonas: As you are led into the room, you get only a seccond to take in what you’re looking at before you feel a prick in your neck and you start to feel dizzy.
[14.07.2014 22:46:35] jesse.boef: pin the doctor against the wall and subdue his arms
[14.07.2014 22:46:40] Jonas Askeland: “I, ah.. Oh..”
[14.07.2014 22:46:47] sneo92: >_[unarmed check]
[14.07.2014 22:46:48] Cecium: [Ponies have arms O_O ]
[14.07.2014 22:47:08] jesse.boef: [6 to 69, awesome!]
[14.07.2014 22:48:44] sneo92: >_Jesse:[Perception check]
[14.07.2014 22:49:00] jesse.boef: 79
[14.07.2014 22:49:20] jesse.boef: [lucks gotta run out sometime i suppose :/]
[14.07.2014 22:49:52] Jonas Askeland: [We still have some hope in Shadow, right? RIGHT?]
[14.07.2014 22:49:58] Cecium: [ z z z z ]
[14.07.2014 22:50:21] sneo92: >_The doctor looks surprised for a minute at the pony assulting him, before he simply grins as a glow eminates from his skull as you can barely see the stubble of a horn. You feel a prick in your neck as you also start to feel dizzy
[14.07.2014 22:50:21] Cecium: [ill make sure to loot your bodies! ]
[14.07.2014 22:50:38] Cecium: [please tell me I heard this <→< ]
[14.07.2014 22:50:52] sneo92: >_Shadow: [perception check, if you please]
[14.07.2014 22:50:54] jesse.boef: i attempt to smash his horn in a last ditch effort
[14.07.2014 22:51:05] Jonas Askeland: “Eyh.. Shaths naht naishe..” I slurr
[14.07.2014 22:51:05] Cecium: [OH GODAMNFUCKIT ]
[14.07.2014 22:51:11 | Edited 22:51:25] sneo92: >_Jesse:[unarmed with a -35 to your skill]
[14.07.2014 22:51:25] Cecium: [74 under.. 52.. for a easy<→< ]
[14.07.2014 22:51:33] jesse.boef: [18, wooh :D]
[14.07.2014 22:51:43] Jonas Askeland: [Oooh!]
[14.07.2014 22:51:48 | Edited 22:52:09] Cecium: [ yer being daterugged! wooh is not the usual response! ]
[14.07.2014 22:52:04] jesse.boef: [it is if you like it >: D]
[14.07.2014 22:52:12] Jonas Askeland: [To his horn smashing, i already commented that it was not nice to drug us]
[14.07.2014 22:52:21] Jonas Askeland: [Well okay then]
[14.07.2014 22:52:58] sneo92: >_Stalker gives the Doctors head a smack and a syringe dangles to the floor. The doctor falls to the floor as Cotton loses conciousness and Stalkers world is in a total blur.
[14.07.2014 22:53:31] jesse.boef: “shoot the doc now!”
[14.07.2014 22:53:31] Cecium: shadow keeps on doing what she was doing, which is being facinated by that eye
[14.07.2014 22:53:38] Cecium: [did you shout that? ]
[14.07.2014 22:53:44] jesse.boef: [yes]
[14.07.2014 22:53:47] Jonas Askeland: [BUT ALL THE COMMOTION!]
[14.07.2014 22:53:56] Cecium: [FAILED A EASY PERCEPTION CHECK <→< ]
[14.07.2014 22:54:02] Cecium: [Sneo did I hear him shout? ]
[14.07.2014 22:54:08 | Edited 22:54:20] Jonas Askeland: [I imagine it comes out as “sooof dhe daaacthaaaah”]
[14.07.2014 22:54:29] sneo92: >_[you would hear something along those lines, yes]
[14.07.2014 22:54:33] jesse.boef: [that sounds rasta ^
[14.07.2014 22:54:50] Cecium: charges sneakily to the door and peeks in with assault rifle at the ready
[14.07.2014 22:54:56] Jonas Askeland: [Instant rasta injection, when we wake up we have dreads and a need for weed]
[14.07.2014 22:55:06] jesse.boef: [sneaky charge, seems legit]
[14.07.2014 22:55:11] jesse.boef: [and ill get the weed, im dutch!]
[14.07.2014 22:55:13] Cecium: [silent running perk ftw ]
[14.07.2014 22:55:49] sneo92: >_Shadow: You peek in as Stalker falls to the floor, unconcious. Cotton lays flat on his face and the doctor is on the ground rubbing his head.
[14.07.2014 22:56:18] Cecium: I shoot him. a lot
[14.07.2014 22:56:22] Jonas Askeland: [It is what it looks like]
[14.07.2014 22:56:23] jesse.boef: [sooof dhe daaacthaaaah!]
[14.07.2014 22:56:57] Cecium: [49 to 78]
[14.07.2014 22:58:00] sneo92: >_The bullets of the assultrifle rips into the doctor, tearing up blood and gore [roll me some damage!]
[14.07.2014 22:58:07] Cecium: [ rolled a 9 dammage + whatever Degrees of sucess that is ]
[14.07.2014 22:58:26 | Edited 22:58:33] jesse.boef: [i wish i was concious to see the gore :C]
[14.07.2014 22:59:12] Cecium: [inb4 losing this battle ]
[14.07.2014 22:59:30] Jonas Askeland: [That would be.. Interesting..? O_o]
[14.07.2014 22:59:33] jesse.boef: [you better not]
[14.07.2014 23:00:18] sneo92: >_The doctor fights his way to his hooves “You will not interupt my research again!” He picks up the syring with his hooves and lunges at shadow. He stabs the syringe into shadows chest. [you feel dizzy]
[14.07.2014 23:00:23] sneo92: >_[the dice are NOT with you today o.o]
[14.07.2014 23:00:33] jesse.boef: [if anyone is interested, my fingers still smell like ass]
[14.07.2014 23:00:52] Jonas Askeland: [And after he’s done with us, goodness knows what wont be!]
[14.07.2014 23:01:00] jesse.boef: [XD]
[14.07.2014 23:01:15] jesse.boef: [hes gonna rub his rotten ass all over us O-O)
[14.07.2014 23:01:24] sneo92: >_[shadow turn]
[14.07.2014 23:01:42] Jonas Askeland: [It all comes down to this then]
[14.07.2014 23:01:51] Jonas Askeland: [Do something clever]
[14.07.2014 23:01:51] jesse.boef: [inb4 loss]
[14.07.2014 23:02:19] Jonas Askeland: [Its a sedative, you got any psycho? Might counteract it..?]
[14.07.2014 23:02:31] jesse.boef: [im already lights out]
[14.07.2014 23:03:02] jesse.boef: [plus i dont have shit]
[14.07.2014 23:03:27] sneo92: >_[I think someone is slightly stressed :3]
[14.07.2014 23:03:43] jesse.boef: [indeciveness ^]
[14.07.2014 23:04:17] Cecium: [I aim at him for 3 ap, and then I fire a single burst of assault rifle at him ]
[14.07.2014 23:04:53] Cecium: [ rolled 07! out of 78 ] [
[14.07.2014 23:04:59] Cecium: [ 19 dammage + dos ]
[14.07.2014 23:05:01] jesse.boef: [awesooome]
[14.07.2014 23:05:10] jesse.boef: [now kill!]
[14.07.2014 23:05:11] Jonas Askeland: [Fuck him up! Before he doe us!]
[14.07.2014 23:05:11] Cecium: [I wish I had more luck <→< ]
[14.07.2014 23:05:30] jesse.boef: [KILL HIM! HES A CRIMINAL!]
[14.07.2014 23:05:33] Cecium: garbles incoheviasly
[14.07.2014 23:05:51] jesse.boef: dreams about ponies while unconcious
[14.07.2014 23:06:29] sneo92: >_The ghouls head pops in a cacophony of brains and gore as Shadows world spins out and she falls uncious.
[14.07.2014 23:06:31] Jonas Askeland: I think i might be dreaming about legs.. Walking by themselves.. Staging a coup on Luna..? O_o
[14.07.2014 23:06:55] jesse.boef: we wait till we wake up… i guess?
[14.07.2014 23:07:06] Cecium: dreams of bloodwings
[14.07.2014 23:07:09] sneo92: >_[everyone roll an endurance check, please]
[14.07.2014 23:07:25] Cecium: [82 <→< ]
[14.07.2014 23:07:26] jesse.boef: [3 SUCK IT]
[14.07.2014 23:07:27] Jonas Askeland: 47
[14.07.2014 23:08:19] sneo92: >_Stalker opens his eyes again, his head aching. Your stomach growls as you get up and see te other laying around you
[14.07.2014 23:08:32] jesse.boef: [now inb4 my next rolls all 100 :C]
[14.07.2014 23:08:44] Jonas Askeland: [100 for hillarity]
[14.07.2014 23:09:14] jesse.boef: i slap the others awake, at least attempt to
[14.07.2014 23:09:57] sneo92: >_Cotton responds to the slapping, while Shadow remains unconcious
[14.07.2014 23:10:16] jesse.boef: “eh she deserves to be knocked out for a while”
[14.07.2014 23:10:27] Cecium: [BIIIIIIIITCH]
[14.07.2014 23:10:33] Jonas Askeland: “Stahp.. Stahp.. STA- OH!”
[14.07.2014 23:10:39] jesse.boef: [shouldntve disappeared :P]
[14.07.2014 23:10:48] Jonas Askeland: “Hi Stalker, were we not killed?”
[14.07.2014 23:10:54] Jonas Askeland: Kinda baffled
[14.07.2014 23:11:01] jesse.boef: “guess not”
[14.07.2014 23:11:25] jesse.boef: i look around for anything edible
[14.07.2014 23:12:03] sneo92: >_Jesse: You don’t see anything that looks like you’d want to eat it
[14.07.2014 23:12:17] jesse.boef: [if i want to eat shadow, can i?]
[14.07.2014 23:12:30] Cecium: wink wink
[14.07.2014 23:12:42] sneo92: >_[…no comment]
[14.07.2014 23:12:55 | Edited 23:12:57] jesse.boef: [answer the question…]
[14.07.2014 23:13:20] sneo92: >_[what is stopping you?]
[14.07.2014 23:13:26] Jonas Askeland: I step out of the room and find shadow, and check her vitals to make sure she’s okay
[14.07.2014 23:13:28] Cecium: [does he hav the cannibal perk? ]
[14.07.2014 23:13:51] jesse.boef: i settle to eat one of my field rations
[14.07.2014 23:14:12] sneo92: >_Jonas: Shadow is alright
[14.07.2014 23:14:50] Jonas Askeland: “She’s fine, maybe we should let her rest up”
[14.07.2014 23:15:25] jesse.boef: when done eating, i snatch the docs energy weapon from his desk
[14.07.2014 23:16:02] sneo92: >_JEsse: you get an energy pistol with 10 Spark Packs (counts as 10 shots)
[14.07.2014 23:16:17] Jonas Askeland: I’ll eat some too, but in the main room, dont eat in a lab
[14.07.2014 23:16:49] sneo92: >_Those in the main room, perception checks
[14.07.2014 23:16:58] Jonas Askeland: 47
[14.07.2014 23:16:59] Cecium: [Unconscious still ]
[14.07.2014 23:17:04] jesse.boef: [93… awww]
[14.07.2014 23:17:34] sneo92: >_ [and there was nothing]
[14.07.2014 23:17:49] Jonas Askeland: When done eating, i intend to go back into the lab and start looking around for anything of use (loot)
[14.07.2014 23:18:05] jesse.boef: i go back into the back room, and continue my search for ‘him’
[14.07.2014 23:18:23] sneo92: >_[back room as in the first room?]
[14.07.2014 23:18:32] jesse.boef: [where we got drugged]
[14.07.2014 23:18:36] jesse.boef: [full of blood room]
[14.07.2014 23:20:06] sneo92: >_Jonas: you find much medical equipment you either don’t know what does or is to bolted down to carry along, there is however a cabinet mared with three pink butterflies.
>_Jesse: The room is clearly a surgical theatre containing mashines that, if connected, would go “PING” as well as tools a plenty for both opening and closing ponies.
[14.07.2014 23:20:16 | Edited 23:20:19] sneo92: >_Shadow starts waking up
[14.07.2014 23:20:30 | Edited 23:20:33] jesse.boef: “cotton, maybe youre interested in this!”
[14.07.2014 23:20:30] Cecium: "ugh,.. where am I?.. did I get him? "
[14.07.2014 23:20:38] Jonas Askeland: Check dat MoP cabinet!
[14.07.2014 23:21:02] Cecium: attempts to stand up
[14.07.2014 23:21:17] Jonas Askeland: “Hi Shadow, sorry to say we were all killed and are now in the afterlife”
[14.07.2014 23:21:37] Cecium: looks down at corpse of ghoulie
[14.07.2014 23:21:43] Jonas Askeland: “Its mostly the same really, except he’s dead here”
[14.07.2014 23:21:59] Cecium: facehoofs
[14.07.2014 23:22:05] Jonas Askeland: I give you a deadpan look
[14.07.2014 23:22:14] jesse.boef: “cotton, youre not kidding anyone, now get in here”
[14.07.2014 23:22:16] sneo92: >Jonas: You find a pouch containing some sort of dust you haven’t seen before, two empty syrignes, a healing potion and a tin of Party Time Mintals
[14.07.2014 23:23:41] Cecium: " Can we leave now? "
[14.07.2014 23:24:03] Cecium: " Pretty please?, this place is driving my mane nuts " looks around nervous like * *Glances at eye
[14.07.2014 23:24:24] jesse.boef: “wont be long”
[14.07.2014 23:24:32] Jonas Askeland: “I get you, buy we still gotta look for supplies”
[14.07.2014 23:24:40] Jonas Askeland: I walk over to Stalker
[14.07.2014 23:24:45] Jonas Askeland: “Whatcha need?”
[14.07.2014 23:25:06] jesse.boef: “maybe youre interested in all this” points to machinery and medical tools
[14.07.2014 23:25:50] Jonas Askeland: “Oh wow, i think i know that one.. It goes PING
[14.07.2014 23:25:56] jesse.boef: i walk out the room and into the lab where the doc brought cotton, and search around for stuffz
[14.07.2014 23:26:44] Jonas Askeland: I examine the equipment briefly
[14.07.2014 23:26:58] sneo92: >_Jesse:You find a lot of medical equipment you can only guess what does
[14.07.2014 23:27:28] jesse.boef: i walk back into the main room and examine the docs desk
[14.07.2014 23:27:31] Cecium: * I head for the door in the room we met the ghoulie in and await there*
[14.07.2014 23:27:52] sneo92: >_Jonas: It is all pretty standard surgical equipment
>_Jesse and Christian, [perception check]
[14.07.2014 23:28:06] Jonas Askeland: I walk back to the others
[14.07.2014 23:28:10] jesse.boef: [69, sex thing!]
[14.07.2014 23:28:15] Cecium: [45 ]
[14.07.2014 23:28:48] sneo92: >_Jesse: underneeth the desk you find a switch
[14.07.2014 23:28:48] Jonas Askeland: “Its just operating equipment, nothing we could take down and sell or anything”
[14.07.2014 23:28:59] jesse.boef: “guys, found a switch”
[14.07.2014 23:29:33] Jonas Askeland: “Gonna flip it?”
[14.07.2014 23:29:44] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, where is it and what do you think its gonna do?”
[14.07.2014 23:29:49] jesse.boef: “guess so, stand clear of any walls”
[14.07.2014 23:29:57] jesse.boef: “underneath this desk”
[14.07.2014 23:30:04] Jonas Askeland: I jump to the centre of the room
[14.07.2014 23:30:10] Cecium: takes cover
[14.07.2014 23:30:19] jesse.boef: flicks switch
[14.07.2014 23:30:43] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, under a desk? You dont think its some sorta emergency alarm.. Or.. Self destruct sequence or anything?”
[14.07.2014 23:31:01 | Edited 23:31:09] jesse.boef: “hope not, too late now” i say, kinda evil/crazy tone in my voice
[14.07.2014 23:31:15] sneo92: >_As you flip the switch the wall behind the desk makes a rumbling sound as it lifts. Beyond it you can see the faint shimmer of another vat. There is a switch on the inside on the left side of the door marked “lights”
[14.07.2014 23:31:30] Cecium: stares
[14.07.2014 23:31:38] jesse.boef: “lets not flick that lights switch… cotton light it up”
[14.07.2014 23:31:40] Jonas Askeland: “Whats that..?” I walk over
[14.07.2014 23:31:50] Jonas Askeland: Magic light bulb ho!
[14.07.2014 23:32:00] Cecium: " you need more lights over there? "
[14.07.2014 23:32:05 | Edited 23:32:11] jesse.boef: [gotta love a walking flashlight ^
[14.07.2014 23:32:18] sneo92: >_As your light comes close to the vat, you can barely make out the face of a blue unicorn stalion inside the vat.
[14.07.2014 23:32:22] Cecium: [makes for such a nice indicator for where to aim ]
[14.07.2014 23:32:38 | Edited 23:32:41] jesse.boef: “i guess this is ‘him’”
[14.07.2014 23:32:44] Jonas Askeland: “Him?”
[14.07.2014 23:32:51] Cecium: " Who is this him? "
[14.07.2014 23:33:06] jesse.boef: “the colt the doc was talking about. he said he couldnt leave because of ‘him’”
[14.07.2014 23:33:27] Jonas Askeland: “Thats what kept him? Who is this guy?”
[14.07.2014 23:33:38] Jonas Askeland: I try to get a look at his cutiemark
[14.07.2014 23:33:48] jesse.boef: i check the terminal on the docs desk
[14.07.2014 23:34:10] Cecium: "Freaky… do we have to … yknow.. stick around? "
[14.07.2014 23:34:20] sneo92: >_It’s to dark to determine the cutiemark
>_The terminal only has the option to pruge tanks
[14.07.2014 23:34:21] Cecium: " cuz this is just downright scary .. "
[14.07.2014 23:34:21] jesse.boef: “for now, yes”
[14.07.2014 23:34:43] jesse.boef: “hhm, purge tanks… wanna try it guys?”
[14.07.2014 23:35:10] Jonas Askeland: “That could mean all tanks, even the the ones doing limb.. Transport.. I guess”
[14.07.2014 23:35:37] jesse.boef: “its the only option we have right now”
[14.07.2014 23:35:45] Cecium: " Doesnt mean thats what we should do? "
[14.07.2014 23:36:12] Jonas Askeland: “Not that i imagine i matters much now” Look to shadow “You shot the only guy who knew the research”
[14.07.2014 23:36:27] Cecium: " He drugged you! "
[14.07.2014 23:36:29] Cecium: " And me… "
[14.07.2014 23:36:43] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, i’m not blaming you, just saying the research is kinda lost”
[14.07.2014 23:36:46] jesse.boef: “shadow did the right thing, apart from ditching us in the start”
[14.07.2014 23:36:50] Jonas Askeland: “Unless we can find something in here”
[14.07.2014 23:37:02] Cecium: " You ratted me out ! and that made a ghoul kick me over! "
[14.07.2014 23:37:09] Cecium: " last time I met a ghoul it chewed on me! "
[14.07.2014 23:37:20 | Edited 23:37:22] jesse.boef: “i did not rat you out. people like that you dont lie to”
[14.07.2014 23:37:36] Cecium: " You didnt have to lie, could have just not said anything "
[14.07.2014 23:37:46] jesse.boef: “and stand in a standoff?”
[14.07.2014 23:37:57] jesse.boef: “thatd just make him angrier”
[14.07.2014 23:37:58] Cecium: " Could have calmed him down without letting his anger get a target ! "
[14.07.2014 23:38:08] Cecium: Groans in desperation and trotts of towards the entrance
[14.07.2014 23:38:16] Jonas Askeland: “The guy was pretty far gone anyways, i dont think it mattered much in the end”
[14.07.2014 23:38:27] Cecium: turns on pipbuck radio
[14.07.2014 23:38:29] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma hit the lights, i wanna take a proper look”
[14.07.2014 23:38:35] Jonas Askeland: I hit the lightswitch
[14.07.2014 23:38:41] sneo92: >_Christian: There is a nice tune playing
[14.07.2014 23:38:51 | Edited 23:39:01] Cecium: * Shadow humms to the tune*
[14.07.2014 23:38:56] Jonas Askeland: [Reception down here? Neat]
[14.07.2014 23:39:11] jesse.boef: [we are 2 stories below ground, no way]
[14.07.2014 23:39:27] Jonas Askeland: [Equestrian engineering]
[14.07.2014 23:39:30 | Edited 23:39:32] jesse.boef: [i call hax]
[14.07.2014 23:40:04] Jonas Askeland: [Unless its something.. More.. SINISTER! DUM-DUM-DUUUM]
[14.07.2014 23:40:19] jesse.boef: [wired radio!]
[14.07.2014 23:40:35] jesse.boef: [OH MY GOD ITS SO EVIL]
[14.07.2014 23:41:01] sneo92: >_As you tun on the light, the entirety of the roon is lit. You see the Pony floating in the vat, his horn is connected to a cable running upwards, and his wings are held out wide by another set of cables. His eyes are closed as he floats peacefully in the vat.
Next to the vat there is a controll panell with a large, caged lever marked “RELEASE” as well as a similar lever marked “PURGE”.
[14.07.2014 23:41:32 | Edited 23:41:36] jesse.boef: “alicorn huh”
[14.07.2014 23:41:40] Jonas Askeland: “Wait what?”
[14.07.2014 23:42:00] jesse.boef: “this is getting more interesting by the minute”
[14.07.2014 23:42:04] Jonas Askeland: “Are wings more common here i Baltimare or something..?”
[14.07.2014 23:42:32] jesse.boef: “maybe…”
[14.07.2014 23:42:36] Jonas Askeland: I tap on the glass
[14.07.2014 23:42:42] Jonas Askeland: “You think he’s still alive?”
[14.07.2014 23:43:00] jesse.boef: “one way to find out” looks to release lever
[14.07.2014 23:43:21] Jonas Askeland: I look for movement in his muscles, breathing particularily
[14.07.2014 23:43:41] sneo92: >_You notice nothing [med check]
[14.07.2014 23:43:57] Jonas Askeland: [14 under 66]
[14.07.2014 23:44:28] sneo92: >_You conclude that if he is ment to be alive, he’ll get what nourishment he’d need throug the cables.
[14.07.2014 23:44:58] Jonas Askeland: [Now i imagine him all matrix style, with no muscles if we wake him up]
[14.07.2014 23:45:36] sneo92: >_[Also, we are nearing the end of the session. Time to start thinking of your final actions]
[14.07.2014 23:45:56] Jonas Askeland: [TO PURGE, OR NOT TO PURGE!]
[14.07.2014 23:46:02] jesse.boef: [i call purge]
[14.07.2014 23:46:12] jesse.boef: [i wanna hit that…. sooo baaad]
[14.07.2014 23:46:25] Jonas Askeland: [Thats a bit harsh, he’s had no chance defend his position]
[14.07.2014 23:46:42] Cecium: [its a freaky abomination alicorn thingie O_o ]
[14.07.2014 23:46:46] jesse.boef: [he might be hostile, since we killed the doc]
[14.07.2014 23:46:49] jesse.boef: [that was likely a friend]
[14.07.2014 23:46:56] Cecium: [ or a captor ]
[14.07.2014 23:46:59] Jonas Askeland: [Granted, last time i gave some strange pony some trust we got drugged and almost died]
[14.07.2014 23:47:11] jesse.boef: [purge! purge! purge!]
[14.07.2014 23:47:16] Cecium: [we all agree you dont have the common sense of a foal yes ]
[14.07.2014 23:47:21] Jonas Askeland: [Sheesh, butchers]
[14.07.2014 23:47:43] Jonas Askeland: I knock on the glass somemore
[14.07.2014 23:47:45] Cecium: [make up your mind you two, let him out or purge ]
[14.07.2014 23:47:53] Cecium: [you got to pound harder to smash it open ]
[14.07.2014 23:48:11] Jonas Askeland: “I really dont wanna just.. Pull the plug”
[14.07.2014 23:48:20] jesse.boef: “i do”
[14.07.2014 23:48:45] Jonas Askeland: “Well, what harm has he done us? We’ve no right to just murder the guy?”
[14.07.2014 23:48:57 | Edited 23:48:59] jesse.boef: “his doctor friend maybe?”
[14.07.2014 23:49:02] Jonas Askeland: “Granted, we dont have any obligations either”
[14.07.2014 23:49:08] Jonas Askeland: “Could be a captive for all we know”
[14.07.2014 23:49:25] Cecium: Shadow yells " Guys, im leaving now, im not staying down here anymore! ill wait for you outside where I can get some fresh air.. " starts walking
[14.07.2014 23:49:31] jesse.boef: “if he was could bring him when we asking him to come with us”
[14.07.2014 23:49:34] jesse.boef: “copy!”
[14.07.2014 23:49:35] Jonas Askeland: “Seeing as most everypony else gets cut up i guess this might be his most succesfull work?”
[14.07.2014 23:50:13] Jonas Askeland: “Ah, you sure about that shadow? I get you dont like it down here but isnt it best we stick together?”
[14.07.2014 23:50:56] Jonas Askeland: “Look, pulling the plug is probably going to kill him, it just saves you the bullet”
[14.07.2014 23:51:05] jesse.boef: “then its settled”
[14.07.2014 23:51:21] Jonas Askeland: “Why not release him, have a chat if we can, and if you’re still keen on murder then you could just shoot him then”
[14.07.2014 23:51:40] jesse.boef: “i dont want him to drug us with his mind. im tired of this”i initiate the purging program on the terminal
[14.07.2014 23:52:30] Jonas Askeland: “What? You’re so scared of things you only have baseless accusations for that you’re just gonna outright murder him?”
[14.07.2014 23:52:40] Jonas Askeland: “We could might as well leave him alone!”
[14.07.2014 23:53:05 | Edited 23:53:34] sneo92:
Purge sequense intiated
All Bio-Tanks will be drained and pruged by
Incineration starting, please stay clear of the
Bio-Tanks during process.
Bio-Tank 3, leakage detected
Risk of Fuel Tank ignition,
Please evacuate the area immediately!

[14.07.2014 23:53:09] jesse.boef: “not scared, just cautious”
[14.07.2014 23:53:21] Jonas Askeland: “AW FUCK!”
[14.07.2014 23:53:25] Jonas Askeland: “GET OUT!”
[14.07.2014 23:53:27] jesse.boef: i grab cotton and fly him outta the building
[14.07.2014 23:53:48] Jonas Askeland: I gladly comply
[14.07.2014 23:54:01] jesse.boef: (if i meet shadow on the way, i grab her too)
[14.07.2014 23:54:20] sneo92: >_Jesse [gimme a strength check, then]
[14.07.2014 23:54:41] jesse.boef: 38
[14.07.2014 23:54:52] sneo92: >_[what’s your strength again?]
[14.07.2014 23:55:12] jesse.boef: [7, 59/45/31]
[14.07.2014 23:55:43] sneo92: >_As you fly outwards, you garb Cotton with you, however trying to grab shadow leaves you stumped as the wheigt becomes to much for you
[14.07.2014 23:56:01] Jonas Askeland: “ITS GONNA BLOW SHADOW! RUN!”
[14.07.2014 23:56:03] Jonas Askeland: I leg it
[14.07.2014 23:56:20] sneo92: >_[Agi checks, everyone]
[14.07.2014 23:56:35] Jonas Askeland: [Sheeeit]
[14.07.2014 23:56:39] jesse.boef: 48
[14.07.2014 23:56:46] Jonas Askeland: 82
[14.07.2014 23:56:48] Cecium: 32
[14.07.2014 23:56:49] jesse.boef: [damn]
[14.07.2014 23:56:57] jesse.boef: [its been nice knowing you]
[14.07.2014 23:57:44] Jonas Askeland: [Write my name on a stone and put it next to the wreckage]
[14.07.2014 23:58:35] jesse.boef: [inb4 the facility doesnt even blow up]
[14.07.2014 23:58:48] Jonas Askeland: [Shuuush, you’re killing the suspense]
[14.07.2014 23:58:49] Cecium: [rocks fall everyone dies }
[14.07.2014 23:59:39] jesse.boef: [sneoooo]
[14.07.2014 23:59:46] jesse.boef: [cameaaane]
[00:00:01] sneo92: >_The group run for the exit, Shadow taking the lead with Stalker close behind. Cotton however is lagging behind. Below you you can hear the rumble of explosions as a wave of air starts moving up the tunnels. As Shadow and Stalker exit the building, they realize Cotton is no longer behind them. The fire bursts from the door and window, no sign of Cotton.
[00:00:37] Cecium: " Cotton? .. Cotton! "
[00:00:47] Cecium: " Where the buck are you ?!?"
[00:00:58] jesse.boef: “even if he survives, explosions are too loud.”
[00:01:13] Cecium: ignores pegasi
[00:01:19] Cecium: starts looking forCotton
[00:01:47] jesse.boef: i fly up high, looking for danger that might be coming from the resulting explosions
[00:03:09] sneo92: >_Fire engulfs the doors, entering will be very risky
[00:03:29] Cecium: checks EFS
[00:03:38] sneo92: >_You see one blue bar
[00:03:57] Cecium: levitates out medx syringe and injects it into myself
[00:04:18] Cecium: Ties healing bandages around muzzle to act as impromptu smoke.. proteciton.. thingie
[00:04:23] Cecium: Charges in to search for Cotton
[00:04:41] jesse.boef: [can i get # enemies incoming?]
[00:06:05] sneo92: >_JEsse: [perception check]
>_Christian: You run in, fire licking your hide as you enter the reception. The furniture is burning vigouusly as the skeletons are turned to ash in the inferno.
[00:06:19] jesse.boef: [fucking 1]
[00:06:21] jesse.boef: [WOOOW]
[00:06:31] Cecium: “Cotton!, Cotton!” chases that blue bar
[00:07:18] sneo92: >_Jesse: You see, across the landskape, a myriad of fresh, pony corpses. It has clearly been a firefight going on here.
Christian: Perception and endurance checks
[00:08:04] Cecium: 24 26
[00:08:22] jesse.boef: i fly back down to the door, and await shadows return
[00:09:21 | Edited 00:09:25] sneo92: >_christian: You manage to find the direction of the bar in the firey chaos and make your way to the auditorium, where there is a heap of desks in one end of the room. the outermost ones are on fire. This is the direction you see the blue bar
[00:10:04] Cecium: keeps pushing forward " COTTON! Godammnit Cotton!*
[00:10:30] sneo92: >_The blue bar is clearly somewhere in the pile of desks.
[00:10:43] Cecium: starts digging it out
[00:11:04] sneo92: >_[Endurance chekcsk, please]
[00:11:12] Cecium: 49
[00:11:27] Cecium: [which is a fail]
[00:11:44] sneo92: >_The fire buffet you, as you can’t seem to make any progress [take 3 fire damage]
[00:12:13] Cecium: screams in pain keeps trying to dig cotton out
[00:12:41] sneo92: >_[more endurance, please!]
[00:12:49] Cecium: 56
[00:13:26] sneo92: >_The fire rages on! [take 3 more damage]
[00:14:10] Cecium: More screams of pain * *bites teeth together " GODAMNIT COTTON! YOU STILL HAVE MY GUN!" Keeps diggin cotton out
[00:14:21] Cecium: [99…..]
[00:14:29] jesse.boef: [is only doing it for the gun…]
[00:14:29] Cecium: [ Rip ]
[00:14:34] jesse.boef: [XD]
[00:14:38] Cecium: [Totally! only doing it for the gun ]
[00:14:43] Jonas Askeland: [Might need your wings in here]
[00:14:55] jesse.boef: [might not wanna burn my wings off]
[00:15:15] sneo92: >_As shadow tries to dig out, parts of the roof falls on top of the whole shebang. [take 6 fire damage]
[00:15:33] jesse.boef: [do i hear the roof collapsing?]
[00:16:05] sneo92: >_Jesse: All you hear is the comotion of a building burning and falling appart. You probably heard it but it would be hard to dicern
[00:16:34] jesse.boef: i check the building for easier entry points then
[00:16:56] sneo92: >_The only point of entry you find is the door and the windows
[00:16:58] Cecium: grits teeth Tries to dig him out even more *
[00:17:08] Cecium: 007
[00:18:42] sneo92: >_Shadow: You manage to clean away the rubble and eventually you spot a badly singed hoof in the mess as you dig out the lifeless body of cotton
[00:19:01] Cecium: *Curses loudly as I pour a healing potion down his throat and then I drink one of my own

[00:19:05] Cecium: starts dragging him out
[00:19:20] sneo92: >_[Endurance check]
[00:19:35] Cecium: 41
[00:19:55] Cecium: [ how much did healing potion heal bttw <→< ]
[00:20:04] sneo92: >_[I don’t know your values. 15 health]
[00:20:11] Cecium: [ made an easy one ]
[00:20:28] sneo92: >_You make it to the reception, but the fires in there stops you for a bi
[00:20:41] sneo92: >_[take 3 damage]
[00:20:48] jesse.boef: [can i see em?]
[00:20:56] Cecium: [keeps pushing]
[00:21:00] sneo92: >_Jesse: Not yet, to much smoke
[00:21:06] Cecium: 21makes a hard one
[00:21:20] sneo92: >_You finally burst out into the open!
[00:21:35 | Edited 00:21:48] Cecium: tries to slap Cotton awake
[00:22:17] sneo92: >_The slaps brings some inches of life to Cotton
[00:22:34] jesse.boef: i look impressed, and concerned at the same time “probably inhaled smoke”
[00:22:56] Cecium: tries to use the limtied medical knowledge she has
[00:23:23] Cecium: [69 to 23 ]
[00:23:41] Jonas Askeland: I slowly blink an eyelid and lazily glide my eye around, not fixating on anything
[00:24:29] sneo92: >_Christian: You realize he is in a bad state, but you notice him opening an eye and that it’s a good sign
[00:24:39] Cecium: Pours other healing potion down there
[00:25:20] Cecium: " Snap out of it! Im not losing another one! " is bawling
[00:25:37] Cecium: [ also nothing personal jesse ]
[00:25:45] jesse.boef: [i know ^]
[00:25:48] Cecium: [ character is just .. kinda really angry ]
[00:25:53] jesse.boef: [im just laughing at being called a turkey]
[00:26:04] Cecium: [worse thigns might happen, you have been warned ]
[00:26:15] jesse.boef: shrugs
[00:26:23] Jonas Askeland: My eyes snap into focus
[00:27:36] Jonas Askeland: I grab Shadows head and kiss her square on the mouth, then proceed to wretch myself and cough violently
[00:27:56] Cecium: freezes in place *
[00:28:08] jesse.boef: *i look shocked, by the recent turn of events

[00:28:15] jesse.boef: [boy that escalated quickly]
[00:28:35] Jonas Askeland: [Saved my life damnit]
[00:28:35] Cecium: [That seemed pretty normal if you ask me <→< ]
[00:28:40] Cecium: [ being saved out from certain death? ]
[00:28:49] Jonas Askeland: [Literally, i was dying]
[00:29:17] sneo92: >_[Last posts, then perceptions, please]
[00:29:18] jesse.boef: [not somethin i would do. then again im just one of many crazy people]
[00:29:27] jesse.boef: 16
[00:29:31] Jonas Askeland: 45
[00:29:32] jesse.boef: [im on fire today]
[00:29:36] jesse.boef: [no pun intended]
[00:29:40] Jonas Askeland: [Me too!]
[00:29:43] Cecium: “Why the buck did you not help turkey!” [29 ]
[00:29:50] Cecium: [me three ]
[00:30:12] jesse.boef: “im not a field medic. plus i still have a different reason”
[00:30:22] jesse.boef: “one that does not concern you”
[00:30:25] Cecium: " And what reason is that !"
[00:30:28] Cecium: " Answer ! "
[00:30:51] jesse.boef: i remain silent
[00:30:59] Jonas Askeland: “Hey, you guys, i’m fine, really..” Coughing between every word
[00:31:04] sneo92: >_As the building burns on, you (whoever made a medium check) spots silouettes of ponies watching from a nearby rock as darkness settles on the area.
[00:31:19] jesse.boef: “oh shit…”
[00:31:20] Cecium: " Godammnit .. we will take this later Stalker… But I aint done with you! "
[00:31:28] sneo92: >_[END SESSION]
[00:31:56] Cecium: [phew that was intense <→< ]
[00:31:58] sneo92: well that ended on a note
[00:32:09] jesse.boef: waaay to close for comfort
[00:32:10] Jonas Askeland: I’d say that went pretty well
[00:32:17] Cecium: yup
[00:32:25] jesse.boef: at least no one died, yet
[00:32:34] sneo92: also, congratulations for first unsolicited murder ^

[00:32:43] Jonas Askeland: Hooray!
[00:32:46] Jonas Askeland: Or wait, not really
[00:32:48] jesse.boef: is that my title now?
[00:32:52] Cecium: “Murderer”
[00:32:56] jesse.boef: unsolicited murderer ?
[00:33:01] jesse.boef: i like it
[00:33:02] Jonas Askeland: Nr. 1 Unsolcitated murderer
[00:33:12] Jonas Askeland: We should make you a medal
[00:33:15] jesse.boef: well, im off takin a shower. wash this ass off my fingers
[00:33:30] sneo92: Buh bye, then!
[00:33:39] jesse.boef: sneo, ill message ya when im availible
[00:33:53] sneo92: Do, we’ll fix some progressions and such
[00:34:06] Jonas Askeland: Do we roll those post session now or after rest?
[00:34:18] Cecium: post session would be..
[00:34:22] Cecium: wisest or else you might forget <→<
[00:34:30] sneo92: we can do post session, so just poke me on steam with what you get and we’ll call it at that
[00:34:37] Jonas Askeland: Copy
[00:34:56] sneo92: also, Brit gives the entire group a slap for muder of Ikeacorn
[00:35:09] Cecium: I know he does
[00:35:12] Jonas Askeland: Ikeacorn?
[00:35:23] Cecium: male alicorns dont exist afterall
[00:35:26] Jonas Askeland: Oh, derp
[00:36:50] Cecium: saving transcript now
[00:38:16] sneo92: ah well, no new character introduction this session then
[00:38:36] Cecium: Is sad



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