FO:E Test

Journey to Brewery

>_You all stand before the burning wreck of the Medical Centre, three silouetts look over you from a nearby rock formation about 100-150 meter away. They seem to be talking amongst themslves
[19:24:03] Cecium: * Shadow checks her E.F.S *
[19:24:28] sneo92: >_[Cecium: It is clear, the ponies are out of it’s range]
[19:24:35] Cecium: [mmkay just making sure ^ ]
[19:25:27] Cecium: glances over at the pegasi " So what you reckon we should do then? mysterious turkey… "
[19:25:42] jesse.boef: [were the bodies i found in the same direction as those 3?]
[19:26:24 | Edited 19:26:35] sneo92: >_Jesse: The bodies are littered in their general direction, but they cover a large area stretching to either side
[19:27:15] jesse.boef: “They may be survivors of a recent massacre, found a lot of dead personnel that way”
[19:27:37] Cecium: " Huh, maybe we should investigate? "
[19:28:09 | Edited 19:28:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Let’s”
[19:28:18] jesse.boef: “Give me a moment, ill get within efs range”
[19:28:37] Cecium: "Sure, ill wait here then. you scout ahead "
[19:28:47] jesse.boef: i fly up high and towards the 3 until efs displays markers
[19:28:51] Cecium: sits down and levitates out a sparkle cola and consumes said sparkle cola
[19:29:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “share”
[19:29:22] Cecium: " you want some? "
[19:29:29] jesse.boef: [apparently thats bold now…]
[19:29:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yea, i’m thirsty”
[19:30:05] Cecium: " You can have some if you tell me why you two are here " Smiles
[19:30:46] sneo92: >_Jesse: You see the ponies not reacting much to your aproaching but they are clearly watching you. As you get an odd 50 meters away, three blue(or whatever colour you have) EFS bars pop up ahead of you. At the same time a few other bars also pop up in other directions, also blue.
[19:31:12] jesse.boef: i fly back “friendly”
[19:31:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i am sent on a top secret mission to subjugate the rest of the ponies, but that may be a lie” smiles
[19:31:41] jesse.boef: “Leo, lets not go into detail”
[19:31:44] Cecium: groans " Godamnd mysterious turkeys, fine have a bottle of sunset sarsparilla… "
[19:32:21] Cecium: starts walking in direction of silohuetes " Godamnd turkeys … explosions… " groans loudly
[19:32:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: whispers “relax”
[19:32:57 | Edited 19:33:25] jesse.boef: i follow behind her(forgot…)
[19:33:02] Cecium: [her ]
[19:33:39] jesse.boef: [this bold thing is annoyin]
[19:34:28] sneo92: >_As you approach, you see the three ponies are two earth ponies and a unicorn. The Blue bars soon appear as well as those around you. You can hear som rummaing going on around you from the stray bars.
[19:34:45] Cecium: " Uhm, Hi! hello? "
[19:34:53] Cecium: *aproaches carefully

[19:35:33] sneo92: >_The middle one lifts a hoof in a halfway wave “Who the buck are you? Did you blow up that place?”
[19:35:49] Cecium: " No, I did not, I was leaving when the whole place just exploded on me "
[19:35:52] jesse.boef: “My fault” i raise a hoof
[19:36:25] Cecium: " You! YOU EXPLODED THAT PLACE? " *shakes with anger
" Oh celestia am I .. oh shit.. he wont like this at all " looks nervous
[19:37:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Is there a problem ?”
[19:39:29] sneo92: >_The middle earth pony makes his way down from the rock, approaching the group. His coat is a light Purple, with a windswept mane of a deepercolour. “There is one problem, but you don’t look like the old coot’s ponies so I’m guessing this wasn’t a tactical choince on his end. No the problem, my dear pegasus, is that this whole trip…” He casts a look over his shoulder “..and all those ponies, went to waste.”
[19:40:13] Cecium: " Old coot’s? "
[19:40:59] Cecium: "Ya`ll mean the curator? "
[19:42:30] sneo92: >_He looks over Shadow “See you didn’t crawl from the Stable last night, yes I mean the Curator and his band of crazies. We were here to secure the med facility, but his band showed up just a few minutes later. Things went bad.”
[19:43:19 | Edited 19:44:24] Cecium: " So, whom do you lot work for then? if not the curator I mean? "
[19:46:36] sneo92: >_He turns back towards his companions “If you don’t know already it’s none of your business.” As soon as he’s turned you hear some comotion by some rocks to your right. A voice shouts from behind the rocks just as a mustard coloured pony with a green mane sticks his head out. “Hey bro, you’re gonna want to have a look at this!” He looks over at the party, his eyes eventually landing on Shadow. “Oh hey, it’s that stablefilly! That job didn’t quite work out, then?”
[19:47:44] Cecium: goes red " No.. it kinda .. err.. exploded… " " You lot fighting the curator now? "
[19:49:16] sneo92: >_The stalion makes his way down to the group “Heh, so it seems, as of today we’re officially at war, ain’t that right big brother?” He shouts after the growning stalion. He lets out a sigh before turning back “Yes, The Gardens are now officially at war, I’m affraid.”
[19:50:42] Cecium: "Oh! I did secure some things from that place btw Chainlink!, couple of datafiles and whatnot, might be of value to somepony! "
[19:52:00] Jonas Askeland: I scoot over to Stalker and whisper “Heeey.. Do you have any idea what they’re talking about? Or like.. Who?”
[19:52:25] jesse.boef: [chirpy one is back :D] “no clue” i whisper back
[19:52:43] Jonas Askeland: “Hmm.. I’mma go ask”
[19:53:40] sneo92: >_Chainlink coots his head “Oh? Bring it by the Gardens one day and we’ll see what Hacksaw can make of it. And I’ll see if I can’t get you compensated for the trouble anyway, even if it didn’t quite work out” Chainlink sheepishly scratches his ear as his brother interjects “We only payed for jobs done, not for jobes tried, Chainlink.”
[19:54:23] Jonas Askeland: I walk up to Shadow and ask smilingly “Hey Shadow, wanna introduce me to your friends here?”
[19:55:23] Cecium: " Sure!, Chainlink this is cotton medical pony I met scavening the clinic . Cotton! this is chainlink.. he kinda is one of the ponies running the gardens "
[19:55:48] sneo92: >_Chainlink reaches out a hoof “Nice to meet ya!”
[19:55:58] Jonas Askeland: “Hiya Chainlink! Nice to meet you!” Shake hoof vigorously
[19:57:13] Jonas Askeland: “So i’m kinda new in town and trying to get my bearings, whats the gardens?”
[19:57:39] Jonas Askeland: “I couldnt help but overhear you saying something about a war too, whats up with that?”
[19:59:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: glares at Chainlink
[20:01:04 | Edited 20:02:12] sneo92: >_The gruff stalion walks back to the group after confering to some of his companions. "The Gardens is the largest gathering of scum and villainy in Baltimare, but it’s also the biggest and safest trade hub on this side of Fillydelphia. The “war” my brother is being so talkative about…" He gives Chainlink a shooty look “…is the only resistance being put against the Curator taking over Baltimare and turning us all into his crazed servants.”
[20:02:17] Jonas Askeland: “Crazed servants? Oh! And my name is Cotton!” Scoot over to shake his hoof too “Nice to meet you!”
[20:04:35] sneo92: >_The stalion looks at Cottons hoof. “Charmed” He says flatly before walking over to Chainlink “So what was it you wanted me to see?” Chainlink snaps back to the situation as he blurts loudly “Oh, right! Those powerarmoured fellows? They were Rangers alright, to clean and they still had their marbles all together. Looks like you were right about the old coot getting their support.”
[20:05:48] Jonas Askeland: I turn back to Shadow “These the guys you were working for then?”
[20:06:32] Cecium: whispers " I needed the caps and well.. didnt know nothing about no war.. " looks flustered " Was in the gardens to trade some things for supplies.. and well they offered a job.. simple scouting job.. "
[20:06:49] Cecium: still whispering " Dont entirly trust them so could we please leave soon? "
[20:08:49] jesse.boef: i fly over to the 2 other guys “rangers, youre in for one hell of a fight if thats the case”
[20:10:40] sneo92: >_The two stalions look at Stalker “You’re damned right about that” The purple one says “We’re gonna need some heavy firepower if we want to stand a chance against that…” He rubs his chin
[20:10:40] Jonas Askeland: “Oh sure, i’m not keeping you. But this whole situation is kinda strange and might be better to get some info straight from the source instead of secondhand rumors”
[20:11:17] jesse.boef: “look around here, maybe they were carrying a part of that firepower you need” i start rummaging through the fallen ones
[20:11:30] Jonas Askeland: “And hey, you know anything about that curator guy they mentioned?”
[20:11:50] jesse.boef: [i found new friends :D, i like these guys]
[20:12:25] Cecium: " well, the curator.. touchy subject that… id rather not talk to much about him right now.. "
[20:13:11] sneo92: >_Chainlink look across the battlefield “We’re already looting what we can, but there’s not gonna be closely enough to what we need. If the full force of the Steel Rangers hit us we’re skewerd like a molerat at dinnertime. We’ll need to find…. something”
[20:13:42] jesse.boef: “you lot have a map of the area?”
[20:14:03] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, alright. Sooo.. Lets go check out what the others are up to then?” I start walking towards the others
[20:14:18] Cecium: follows Cotton
[20:14:41] sneo92: >_Chainlink shakes his head"Don’t carry one with me, but don’t you have one on those things?" Chainlink points at Stalkers PipBuck
[20:14:53] jesse.boef: [does it?]
[20:14:56] * sneo92 sent Map Others.png *
[20:15:11] jesse.boef: [allright then]
[20:15:25] sneo92: >_[Welcome to the sandbox, gentlemen!]
[20:15:59] jesse.boef: “it does. does not hold sufficient information for me right now, i need a more detailed one”
[20:16:02] Jonas Askeland: [Weee, i get my shovel and make a castle]
[20:16:10] jesse.boef: [brb, 1~2 mins]
[20:17:31] jesse.boef: [back]
[20:17:48] sneo92: >_Chainlink leans against his brother, who only grunts “I don’t know Big Brother, how are we gonna figure this one out?” The older brother looks over to the others “You lot still looking for jobs there?”
[20:18:15] Cecium: " Uh.. I suppose? always need caps… "
[20:18:20] jesse.boef: i shout to leo “can we afford a detour?”
[20:18:40] Jonas Askeland: “Ehee.. Cant say i have a lot of caps to my name right now..” Smiling sheepishly
[20:18:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i guess i can squeeze it in our timetable”
[20:19:06] Jonas Askeland: “Wow Leo, you sound organized”
[20:19:22 | Edited 20:19:30] jesse.boef: “youve got my services. Staff sergeant stalker, airforce, 2nd battalion recon squadron” salutes
[20:19:43] Jonas Askeland: “And you look pretty stiff”
[20:19:44] Cecium: looks confused " Air force? "
[20:20:12] jesse.boef: “yes, airforce”
[20:20:31] Cecium: " You with the enclave? "
[20:20:38] sneo92: >_The stalon eyes up Stalker “Air force? You’re actual Eclave folks?” He waves over some other ponies from the area
[20:20:45] Jonas Askeland: “Is that something you do with your wings?”
[20:20:53] Jonas Askeland: “The air force thing?”
[20:21:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “It is connected to our wings yes”
[20:21:55] Jonas Askeland: “Huh, will you show me sometime?” I ask with a big grin
[20:22:07] jesse.boef: “perhaps cotton”
[20:22:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “show him?”
[20:22:29] Jonas Askeland: “Cool, i cant wait” grinning
[20:22:40] jesse.boef: “no, nows not the time leo”
[20:23:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no, i don’t get the question he had”
[20:23:15] jesse.boef: “oh”
[20:23:21] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “show him an airforce or you flying?”
[20:23:28] sneo92: >_The Bigger of the two steps up right close to Stalker “Now what business does the enclave have around here, all of a sudden?” You notice a few well armed ponies aproaching from all around.
[20:23:43] Cecium: takes a few steps back
[20:23:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “out for a stroll”
[20:23:49] jesse.boef: “that information can not be shared”
[20:25:48] sneo92: >_He steps up and towers over Stalker “You’re not in your all safe could-town no more, featherbrain. If you don’t wanna say why you’re here we’ll squeeze it out of you soon enough”
[20:26:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i told you, you buffon”
[20:26:20] jesse.boef: “recon boys are safe everywhere”
[20:26:22] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “I am out for a stroll”
[20:26:30] Jonas Askeland: “Woah, hey there!” I try to squeeze in between them
[20:27:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “For a big brute you sure fill your job description”
[20:27:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: shouts " Can we get someone with some brainpower here"
[20:27:31] jesse.boef: [XD]
[20:27:42] jesse.boef: [hats off to you]
[20:27:59] Cecium: [well. good luck with this flying ones ]
[20:28:07] Jonas Askeland: “YES! BRAINPOWER RIGHT HERE!”
[20:28:10] jesse.boef: “leo, ill handle the talking, no need for you to get mixed up in this”
[20:28:30 | Edited 20:28:39] Jonas Askeland: I look Leo right in the eyes and hiss through my teeth “Shut up!”
[20:28:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks away " IMBECILES, Plebs, ignorant hillbilly’s"
[20:29:04] jesse.boef: [ DONT FORGET GITS!]
[20:29:35] sneo92: >_The stalion walks over to Leo “Got some nerve walking up in our lands talking like that, turkey. Now why don’t you tell me the purpose of your stroll before I have my pals test out our new toys” He nudges his head towards a pony who seems very happy about his new flamer. There are now quite a lot of ponies all around you, watching the spectacle
[20:30:10] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Oh the new XP3000, it is said to produce blue flames occasionally”
[20:30:38] Jonas Askeland: “Eheheeee.. Sooo.. Yeeeah..” I turn to face the big, now suddenly much more scary pony “Look, no need to get uppity about all this, right? You said you might have a job for us?”
[20:31:45] Jonas Askeland: “And if i’m getting you right, then i suppose you dont care much for who gets a job done so long as it gets done, right?”
[20:32:57] sneo92: >_"I might, but I don’t make a habit of giving jobs to enclave spies" He says eyes locked with Leo’s “Now I’ll give you one last chance to tell me what you’re really doing here, before things get ugly”
[20:33:21 | Edited 20:33:51] jesse.boef: “spies, hah. brass has no interest in ground walker business”
[20:34:01] Cecium: Shadow facehoofs really really really hard in the background
[20:34:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "Like i said earlier, i am out for a stroll, and that stroll is for examining the plant life, because there ain
[20:34:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “ain’t alot of plants up there”
[20:34:42] Jonas Askeland: “He did seem mighty interested in the spores and stuff we saw in the clinic!”
[20:34:45] sneo92: >_[Haakon: Speech check, please]
[20:34:57] Jonas Askeland: [Can i support somehow?]
[20:35:13] Cecium: [ the assisted roll thingie no? ]
[20:35:26] sneo92: >_[I can’t even recall how that worked]
[20:35:28] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [35 of 37]
[20:35:38 | Edited 20:35:40] jesse.boef: [nice]
[20:35:43] Jonas Askeland: [YOU HAVE TERRIBLE SPEECH! O_o]
[20:35:46] Cecium: [ think he rolled and if he got a sucess it was a +10 or something ]
[20:35:55] Jonas Askeland: [Aaaaah, you’re gonna get us killed O_o]
[20:35:57] jesse.boef: [dude, my speech is 12]
[20:36:08] Jonas Askeland: [WHY HAVE YOU NO WORDS!]
[20:36:20] jesse.boef: [i have fists, those count for me]
[20:36:26] jesse.boef: [well… hooves]
[20:36:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [can i dazzle him with plant names ?]
[20:37:52] Jonas Askeland: [I have terrible fists turns out, hope we dont have to have conversations like that]
[20:38:02] jesse.boef: [73 fists ^
[20:42:26] sneo92: >_"Plants, huh? Well you’ve come to the wrong town. Yeah I have a job for you, more like a standing offer, really. Any bit of heavy weaponry or explosives you can get us, we’ll pay you. If you can find us a good supply of that stuff, we’ll pay you real good." He steps down from Leo and looks to the rest of you. Other than that, I’ll be very appreciative if you come across any info on the Curraors business while you lumber around." He nudges his head at his men as they stand down. “You birdies ought to be more careful, not everypony around here are as sensible as some of us. We need to get out of here, find Chainlink in The Gardens if you decide to follow through on the job offer. He’ll get things sorted.” He turns to leave as the others start packing and follow the same way as their leader. Chainlink lags back a few secconds “I’ll see you around, don’t get yourself killed, alright?” He waves as he to heads westwards.
[20:43:32] Jonas Askeland: I put a hoof to Leos muzzle
[20:43:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: looks at the others " i guess you can call me a gardener" Winks
[20:43:40] Cecium: sigh of relief
[20:44:10] Jonas Askeland: “Did you like.. Not see their guns Leo..? They were hella big!”
[20:44:19] Jonas Askeland: “And i am not inclined to be burning again anytime soon”
[20:44:22] Cecium: " And they outnumbered us .. A LOT…. "
[20:44:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Grow a pair”
[20:44:41 | Edited 20:44:44] jesse.boef: i continue to search among the fallen, see if anything of value was left behind
[20:44:49] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " if u let them bully you, you will never succed in life"
[20:45:40] sneo92: >_Jesse: [You find some empty food packets and a total of 6 small pistol bullets]
[20:45:57] Jonas Askeland: “What? Maybe you should go down a size in balls, cuz theres such a thing as beeing foolhardy”
[20:46:06 | Edited 20:46:14] Cecium: " Jeez.. I need a drink…. " starts walking south " You comming cotton?"
[20:46:07 | Removed 20:46:11] Cecium: This message has been removed.
[20:46:33] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “you just had a drink”
[20:46:41] jesse.boef: i grab the bullets and return to leo “what do you wanna do?”
[20:46:59] Cecium: " something stronger than a sparkle cola… , imma head to single malts.. really really really need a drink after all this.. mess.. "
[20:47:18] Cecium: starts trotting off towards Single Malt’s
[20:47:35] Jonas Askeland: “Single malts? Think we can find some big guns there?”
[20:47:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “this interesting enough, let’s follow these plebs”
[20:47:54] Cecium: " Probably not.. is mostly a bar.. former stable lots of booze, is fun! "
[20:48:22] jesse.boef: “roger” i stick to shadow “i heard booze?”
[20:48:33] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, guess i could go for a drink”
[20:48:51] Cecium: Glares at Stalker " Yes booze, you know that tasty stuff that makes you forget bad things "
[20:49:01] jesse.boef: “perfect, lead on”
[20:49:42] Cecium: " Well it will take a while.. I mean its not exaclty right down the street "
[20:50:11] jesse.boef: “doesnt matter, we’ll forget it when were there anyway”
[20:50:11] sneo92: >_It is currently getting darker, as the sun is setting beyond the cloud cover
[20:50:20] jesse.boef: [huraay, night]
[20:50:42] Cecium: " Suppose we ought to set up camp somewhere before it gets to dark to see our hoofs "
[20:51:11] jesse.boef: “if you think thats necessary”
[20:51:22] Cecium: " Well at this rate we wotn get there by morning.. "
[20:51:55] Jonas Askeland: “Know of anywhere we can hold up for the night?”
[20:52:15] Cecium: " Nope! some random building I suppose.. " keeps an eye out
[20:52:44] jesse.boef: i fly up high and look for any new buildings
[20:54:40] sneo92: >_The outskirts of Baltimare streches before you as you start walking the motorway south. There is a suburbian area to your right, and at the brink of the eastern horison you can see some rural buildings dotting the landscape. You spot a small building close to a large intersection which lies a good distance ahead of you.
[20:54:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “but cotton, that is physically impossible”
[20:55:20] Jonas Askeland: “Beg your pardon?”
[20:55:27] jesse.boef: i fly back down “plenty of choices, pick your fancy”
[20:55:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " i cannot get smaller balls"
[20:55:56] Jonas Askeland: “Really? I’m a doctor you know”
[20:56:03] Jonas Askeland: “I can work wonders”
[20:56:22] Cecium: snickers " well stalker the closer the better really.. is getting late ish "
[20:56:40] jesse.boef: [sneo, which is the closests?]
[20:56:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i don’t think that is a wonder”
[20:56:52] sneo92: >_[The one straight ahead, down the road]
[20:57:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “and the fact that u cannot make mine smaller, u can only exchange them with some smaller ones, like yours”
[20:57:40] jesse.boef: “zip the testicle talk boys, and focus”
[20:58:09] Cecium: Turns on pipbuck radio to drown out testicle talk
[20:58:22] Cecium: starts trotting down the road towards the closest building
[20:58:33] Jonas Askeland: “EY! Its not your manhood thats beeing insulted!” I grin and look Leo straight in the eyes “You wanna do this then?”
[20:58:36 | Edited 20:58:40] sneo92: >_ The radio plays a nice, upbeat song [ ]
[20:58:46] jesse.boef: i stick close to shadow and listen in on the music
[20:59:11] jesse.boef: [okay that song is pure no]
[20:59:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “good cotton, now try that behavior against brutes next time”pats cotton on check then follows shadow
[20:59:42] jesse.boef: [are earbuds still a thing post-apocalipse?]
[20:59:52] Jonas Askeland: “I.. What?” Looking bewildered
[21:00:41] jesse.boef: i repeadiatly scan the environment as we walk
[21:01:38] Jonas Askeland: “Thats quite the way to wiggle outta comparing nuts, huh”
[21:01:59] jesse.boef: “zip it cotton!”
[21:02:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "u really think it was really about that "?
[21:03:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “and it is just chit chat, mr doctor”
[21:03:28] Jonas Askeland: “Cant say i’ve ever been lectured on nutting up quite like that before, i was almost hoping i’d get you outta your pants there for a sec” I wink at Leo
[21:04:06] sneo92: >_The highway is erily quiet as you walk further southwards. The darkness creeps up as you after a good hour walk reach a small building just off the side of the highway. A large sign hangs over the entrance, it reads “Pony Joes Doughnuts” In big, bold flowy pink letters. A few tables are strewn around in the front of the building, accompanied by old and decrepid chairs, which are clearly no longer usable by anyone.
[21:04:07] jesse.boef: i stop and glare at cotton as he walks by
[21:04:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “well, if that was your intention, saying u want to cut my balls ain’t the best approach”
[21:05:10] Cecium: checks E.F.S " imma just .. peek inside real quick and make sure its safe.. can you guys .. be quiet and wait here please? " heads inside sneaky like
[21:05:19] Jonas Askeland: “Alright alright, i get it, i’ll leave your nuts on”
[21:05:27] jesse.boef: i check the roof of the place
[21:07:28] sneo92: >_Shadow: THe EFS is clean, inside there are more tables and chairs, they share the state of those outside. The old counter has been cleared off and the glasses and bottles behind the counter are broken and scattered across the shelves.
>_Jesse: The roof is clear, somewhat rusty from the years, but there’s not much to see.
[21:07:55] jesse.boef: i fly back down. “roof secure”
[21:07:59] Cecium: Yells " The place seems clear you guys! "
[21:08:18] Cecium: starts cleaning out glass behind counter to make a sleeping area for myself
[21:08:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “now we can yell”
[21:08:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks in
[21:08:42] jesse.boef: i head inside and search around
[21:09:47] Jonas Askeland: I head inside and, assuming there is a counter, go behind it and start looking for anything to loot
[21:09:50] sneo92: >_Jesse: [perception check]
[21:10:02] jesse.boef: 19
[21:10:50] sneo92: >_Jesse: You rummage through the building, while it seems like your regular diner, you come across a little switch under the counter. As you flip it a panel opens on the wall behind you and a safe is revealed.
[21:11:08] jesse.boef: “neat.” i attempt to pick the lock
[21:11:22] jesse.boef: [11 to 65]
[21:12:43] sneo92: >_With a click, the safe swings open and inside you find Two syringes of Med-X, a Dash inhaler, a pack of Sugar Bombs and a bottle of Grasseaster Gin.
[21:13:07] jesse.boef: [i dont know what most of those things do, but im takin it all] takes all the stuff
[21:13:40] Jonas Askeland: [Its all medicine and a bit of food]
[21:13:48] Cecium: Shadow yawns as she starts rummaging trough her saddlebags looking for something to eat
[21:14:37] Cecium: "mmmhmmm. snack apple cakes! " levitates out a box and starts munching on them *
[21:15:07] sneo92: >_You all feel slightly hungry as you finally get to sit down for a bit.
[21:16:00] Jonas Askeland: *I gey myself a can of cram and chew.. Mmmmm bland food.."
[21:16:31] jesse.boef: *i eat the found sugar bombs
[nice timing ^^]
[21:17:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I wanna search for food using outdoorspony]
[21:17:37] Cecium: " So, tomorow we will reach The brewery, pretty big settlement.. probably more news there and possible jobs and whatnot… "
[21:17:55] Cecium: " it is a tad closer to the curator though.. "
[21:18:02] jesse.boef: “ill station on the roof, keep a lookout”
[21:18:19 | Edited 21:18:26] Cecium: " You cant stay up there all night can you Stalker?.. "
[21:18:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yes he can”
[21:18:36] jesse.boef: “military recon training. been awake longer than you can imagine”
[21:18:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “he’s done it before”
[21:18:51] jesse.boef: i fly on to the roof and sit on the ledge, scanning the area
[21:19:24] sneo92: >_[staying up all night will make you take fatigue penalties]
[21:19:32] jesse.boef: [which are ?]
[21:19:36] Jonas Askeland: [Bad]
[21:19:40] Cecium: [very bad ]
[21:19:47] sneo92: >_ [ ]
[21:19:49] jesse.boef: [gimme numbers, then ill decide if its bad]
[21:20:00] jesse.boef: [oh boy]
[21:20:08] jesse.boef: [5- death…]
[21:20:17] jesse.boef: [a bit extreme…]
[21:20:24] sneo92: >_[that will include no sleep or food for a few days]
[21:20:32] Cecium: [ Yup, was down on 3 once….. knocked me into a coma ]
[21:20:57] Cecium: [ cuz -4 to all stats… and if you reach 0 in a stat you go comatose / something fitting to the stat that reaches 0 ]
[21:21:15] jesse.boef: [ill become unable to speak at fatigue one :C]
[21:21:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [15 over 38 on outdoorspony to look for food]
[21:21:42] Jonas Askeland: [You would literally have no words O_o]
[21:21:55] jesse.boef: *scratch that, ill sleep along in the building

[21:22:17] Cecium: " Ill take first watch then.. who do I wake for the second watch? "
[21:22:25] jesse.boef: “right here”
[21:22:37] Cecium: "mmkay try and get some sleep then "
[21:23:01] Cecium: hides near the entrance at a vantage point and keeps an eye out
[21:23:25 | Edited 21:23:28] jesse.boef: “want on the roof for height advantage ?”
[21:23:47] Cecium: " No thanks "
[21:24:27] jesse.boef: i stash myself in a corner and sleep sittin down i guess
[21:24:54] Jonas Askeland: “You guys just wake me up whenever my shift comes along, i’m getting real tired” I go and cozy up behind the counter
[21:25:56] sneo92: >_As Shadow takes up a watch posisions, the other doze off into the night. [now brb, bathroom break!]
[21:26:06] Cecium: [run gm run! ]
[21:26:06] jesse.boef: [food break!]
[21:29:38] jesse.boef: [back]
[21:30:44] jesse.boef: [sneo, poop faster!]
[21:30:54] sneo92: >_[HHNNNNNGG]
[21:31:03] sneo92: >_[Just a few logistics and we’ll be back at it.]
[21:31:25] jesse.boef: [sneo types while pooping, shitbucket confirmed]
[21:31:42] Jonas Askeland: [Gming is serious business, sacrifices must be made]
[21:31:53] jesse.boef: [sneo is lvl 100col at GM]
[21:32:40] sneo92: >_Cecium[Perception check]
[21:32:51] Cecium: 18
[21:33:38] sneo92: >_For just a seccond you think you spot a white pony walking along the highway, but as soon as you realized what you were looking at, the pony was gone.
[21:34:27] Cecium: scratches head " huh… well thats…. odd….. "
[21:35:24] Cecium: sneaks over to highway to investgate a tad closer
[21:35:37] sneo92: >_[perception check]
[21:35:59] Cecium: 27
[21:36:32] sneo92: >_You can only hear the faint sounds of gunshots and explosions coming from the downtown area
[21:37:15] Cecium: heads back to the pony joe’s " Clearly just a … optical illusion or something.. yeaah… "
[21:38:02] sneo92: >_The rest of your shifts passes without any disturbance
[21:38:49] Cecium: wakes Stalker with a kick because its his turn to stand guard, then trots over to where I prepared my sleeping spot and bunkers down there
[21:39:24] jesse.boef: i tap myself on the head twice and fly onto the roof, and setup shop there
[21:39:58] sneo92: >_The night is quiet at the occational insect makes a sound from the grass [perception check]
[21:40:06] jesse.boef: 48
[21:41:06] sneo92: >_A few hours pass as you eventually hear the clopping of hooves to the east. From what you can make out there are quite a few ponies aproaching.
[21:42:13] jesse.boef: checks EFS to the east
[21:43:05] sneo92: >_After a little while, 6 blue bars appear to the east as the sound grows louder
[21:43:53] jesse.boef: i sneak back inside the building and wake everyone up “6 confirmed targets inbound from the east”
[21:44:12] Jonas Askeland: “They coming for us?”
[21:44:15] Cecium: “Targets?”
[21:44:43] jesse.boef: “EFS reports friendly, let them pass, may not be for us.”
[21:45:22] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, okay..” I draw my smg anyways and sit down behind the counter
[21:45:44] Cecium: levitates assault rifle out and takesk cover behind the counter
[21:45:50] jesse.boef: i setup behind the counter with pistol at the ready
[21:46:04] Cecium: [ and then GRENADES EVERYWHERE ]
[21:46:21] jesse.boef: [leo still present?]
[21:46:36] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [yes]
[21:46:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: just lays down with gun in hand
[21:49:09] sneo92: >_As the sounds grow closer, you can hear the creaking of a cart wheel. You can see a light being shone through the windows of the diner as the hoofsteps sounds like they are right outside. A voice rings out “Alright boys, we’ll camp out here.” A female voice pipes up immediately “Hey!” quickly followed up by another, male voice “Oh stop it, it only counts if you have your own bits!”
[21:49:35] jesse.boef: [well shit]
[21:50:00] Cecium: whispers " ill go and urr.. take a look then? I mean they dont sound .. bad? "
[21:50:13] jesse.boef: “go for it”
[21:50:25] Cecium: sneaks closer
[21:50:38] jesse.boef: [how does one sneak closer when all there is is a counter?]
[21:50:53] Cecium: [ with a -70 penalty ]
[21:51:08] sneo92: >_[You are inside a building, hiding behind a counter. Closer would be to te windows of the diner.]
[21:51:11] jesse.boef: [heh, if ya make it ill be surprised]
[21:51:25] Cecium: [well windows means no penalty :D ]
[21:51:33] Cecium: [rolled a 21 under 80 ]
[21:51:40] jesse.boef: [last time i checked, windows are transparant]
[21:52:05] sneo92: >_[There is a small bit of wall bellow the windows]
[21:52:17] jesse.boef: [fair enough]
[21:52:31] Cecium: sneaks over to the windows and peeks outside at the group of ponies
[21:53:59] sneo92: >_Outside sist four ponies and a Brahmin. The ponies are getting fire ready while the two heads of the brahmin argues loudly about what defines gender. Three of the ponies are decenly armed while the other looks less armed and more dressed for travel.
[21:54:31] Cecium: Clears throat " uhm could you lot be a tad more quiet? trying to sleep in here "
[21:54:42] Cecium: [ BOO! ]
[21:56:26] sneo92: >_The ponies stare at the head, dumbfounded for a seccond or so. Before they hop to with a jolt and scramble for their weapons. One of them shouts in a shaky voice “Who.. who’s in there? Show yourselves!”
[21:56:56] Cecium: " Promise not to shoot me? "
[21:57:07] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [no]
[21:57:16] Jonas Askeland: I whisper to Stalker “I’mma go and talk too”
[21:57:22] jesse.boef: “hold up”
[21:58:01] jesse.boef: “lets see how things work out how they are”
[21:58:13] Jonas Askeland: “They sound shaky, they’d be scared if i come outta nowhere after they’ve talked to Shadow”
[21:58:28] jesse.boef: “and scared people shoot”
[21:58:42] Jonas Askeland: “Alright..” I stay my ground
[21:59:23] sneo92: >_The ponies look at eachother quckly before ne of the heads of the Brahmin shouts “Sure hon, we won’t shoot you! Come on you knobheads, do you really think somepony who asks so nicely are here to kill you?”
[21:59:40] jesse.boef: [talking two headed cow…]
[21:59:58] Cecium: " Well depends on the ponies.. some outright unpleasant ponies round these here parts "
[22:00:09] Cecium: " but sure since you asked so nicely "
[22:00:15] Cecium: steps into the light
[22:02:40] sneo92: >_The left head of the Brahmin cocks his head “You never know, sis, they could be like that Lady Painspike. She’s said to be real nice before she kills ya, and she will kill ya. Never left anyone alive!” The other head looks flatsly at her brother “If she never left anypony, how’d they know she’s so nice?” The other head loses himself to his thoughs, as the traveldressed pony steps up “Hey I reccognize you, you escorted me to the Gardens a bit back, didn’t you?”
[22:03:31] Cecium: " Oh its you!, Yes yes I did "
[22:03:39] Cecium: " You heading that way now? "
[22:05:00] sneo92: >_He sits by the newly formed fire "Yeah, we just dropped off another weapons shipment at the Museum, they’re still buying like madmares down there. What brings you back to this neck of the woods, then? And did you say ‘we’? Are there more of you?
[22:05:39] Cecium: " yeah some of my friends be hiding in the back creepy pegasi "
[22:06:03] jesse.boef: i pop out “just making sure you werent gonna shoot”
[22:06:03] Cecium: " Oh! and you ought to be carefull if you head towards the gardens. lots of battling up north it seems "
[22:06:53] Jonas Askeland: I pop out too “Hello!”
[22:06:53] sneo92: >_He leans in “Battling? The Gardens finally went to hell on those crazies, then?”
[22:07:10] Cecium: " Apparantly so, though a tad unsure on whom the crazies are.. "
[22:07:31] sneo92: >_The left brahmin head smiles and waves at the two new apperences while the right one still scolds him for his narrow view on gender definitions.
[22:07:38] jesse.boef: i holster my pistol
[22:07:38] Jonas Askeland: I go outside and stand next to shadow
[22:08:12] Jonas Askeland: Oh, right, i put away the smg
[22:08:30] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, what about Leo?”
[22:08:40] Jonas Askeland: “Didnt you wake him too?”
[22:08:41] Cecium: " Prolly fell asleep… "
[22:08:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i wanna sleep”
[22:09:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “introduce me in the morning”
[22:09:44] jesse.boef: i walk outside and fly back on the roof, returning to scanning the area
[22:10:22] sneo92: >_The merchan leans back “The crazies are the Museum soldiers, they run around as if they’d never been to the wasteland. All real happy and shit. Buck knows what’s happened to them, but they sure ain’t themselves anymore. Old Currator use them to form his little army, claim’s he’ll liberate Downtown from the raiders.”
[22:10:55] Cecium: " Neaaat….. so how far they gotten? "
[22:12:30] sneo92: >_"I think they actually got a bit into town, they claim they got to a subway station before a wave of ghouls pushed them back. Though I never cared to go up and investigate myself. Though there is a lot of mechendise coming form Mercy’s End these days."
[22:13:02] Cecium: " Huh thats interesting " yawns " can we talk more in the morning? really .. really sleepy "
[22:14:43] sneo92: >_The trader laughs a bit “Yeah, that sounds might clever. I’ll have my fellows on guard, it’s what they’re paid for afterall. See ya in the morning, then.” The trader unpacks a bedroll and makes himself comfy as he drifts off. One of his guards takes up a watch as the others follow the traders example and gets some sleep.
[22:15:04] Cecium: trots of to sleeping spot
[22:15:42] jesse.boef: i talk to the guard on watch from the roof “want a vantage point?”
[22:15:59] Cecium: starts recharging stealthbuck before going to bed
[22:16:12] sneo92: >_The gueard looks sceptically at the pegasus “I’d prefer to keep my hooves on the ground, thanks.”
[22:16:39] jesse.boef: “your call” i sit back on the ledge scanning the area
[22:16:44] Jonas Askeland: I lick my wounds a bit with some magic
[22:18:10] sneo92: >_The rest of the night passes without much incident. Eventually the trading party wakes up and starts packing up their things.
[22:18:41] jesse.boef: i wake up the rest of my group. “rise and shine ladies”
[22:19:14] Cecium: grumbles mildly before levitating breakfast out of my saddlebags
[22:19:28] Cecium: " Sugar apple bombs.. yaay "
[22:20:00] Cecium: "Still better than cram " smiles as she munches down teh sugary goodness
[22:20:15] Jonas Askeland: I hear that and sadly eat my cram..
[22:20:22] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “you talk to much in the morning”
[22:21:07] Jonas Askeland: I go over my equipment, checking that everything is in place and in order
[22:21:55] sneo92: >_All your equipment is still in place
[22:23:17] sneo92: >_The merchant sticks a head into the diner “We’ll be off then, good luck on your travels, and be careful if you’re headed north. The crazies’ move into downtown has been making the raiders more desperate. Buh-bye, then!”
[22:23:33] Cecium: “bye!” waves him off
[22:23:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [brb]
[22:23:55 | Edited 22:24:01] Cecium: " So lets get started then shall we? long day of walking ahead of us!"
[22:24:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [bck]
[22:24:43] Jonas Askeland: “So what do we have waiting for us at Single malts?”
[22:24:56] jesse.boef: “booze, thats all i know and thats all i need”
[22:25:20] jesse.boef: [just realised… no money :C]
[22:25:30] Cecium: " Is a stable, transformed into bar, mostly serve booze meeting grounds.. suppose we could find news and possible work there "
[22:25:36] Cecium: [You poor sucker you! hah! ]
[22:26:03] jesse.boef: [will work for booze]
[22:26:45] sneo92: >_The circkets chrip in the grass
[22:26:57] Cecium: starts walking towards the brewery
[22:27:03] jesse.boef: sticks with shadow
[22:27:10] Jonas Askeland: Follow the pack
[22:27:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: flies a bit
[22:27:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [is gonna circle over]
[22:30:07] sneo92: >_You continue to walk southwards as Shadow leads the way towards the Brewry. The day grows to early afternoon as you reach the small shed which is makred with a hoofpained sing. “Single Malt’s Brewery” Outside a few carts are stationed with some armed ponies chatting while they guard their respective carts. [Last posts after this fellas]
[22:30:39] jesse.boef: [i got nothin]
[22:30:44] Cecium: heads on inside
[22:31:03] Jonas Askeland: Stick on Shadow, seems to be her turf
[22:31:42] sneo92: >_[END SESSION]



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