FO:E Test


[19:00:55] sneo92: Rollcall!
[19:01:01] Cecium: rolls over
[19:01:05] Jonas Askeland: HERE!
[19:01:08] jesse.boef: ‘l,mhj vguch’;
[19:01:09] jesse.boef: ’
[19:03:13] sneo92: maps and such will appear here
[19:04:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: here
[19:05:00] sneo92: okay, all present and accounted for! if there’s anything else before we get this stuff a’rolling contact me on steam
[19:05:07] sneo92: which reminds me, there is one thing
[19:07:46] sneo92: As a quick reminder, here are the how-to when it comes to text formating, if we can call it that
[19:08:56] sneo92: >_The arrow/underscore indicate GM talk, “Use this form when your character speaks” Use asterisks when describing actions and similar, [anything mecanical or otherwise out of game stuff gets square brackets]
[19:09:36] sneo92: so unless there’s anything else, I say we get stuff going!
[19:10:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Wohoo]
[19:14:10] sneo92: >_The clouds are lying heavily over the wasteland an early afternoon. The wind blows through the dead shrubberly and dust is swiveled into the air by the occational gust. The silence is only broken by a lonely set of hoofsteps moving down a cracked and broken highway. A lime green pony is walking up the south road leading to the local Ministry of Peace facility on the southwestern end of Baltimare Downtown. Meanwhile a purple Unicorn mare stalks her way through the wasteland, heading for the same facility from the west, oblivious to the pair of Pegasi approaching the Medical Centre from only a few hundred meters to her north.
[19:17:52] sneo92: >_The green unicorn Stops to take a breath as he arrives at the main gate, as he notices the Purple mare approaching the building to his left. The pegasi catch a glimse of the pair as they notice eachother and are left staring for just a few seccons. [aaand GO!]
[19:18:14] Cecium: stares at lime green pony checks E.F.S
[19:18:40] sneo92: >_[Cecium: Your efs is green]
[19:18:57] Cecium: " Uhm, Howdy! what brings you out to these ere parts ? "
[19:19:09] Jonas Askeland: “Oh hi there!”
[19:19:40] jesse.boef: i drag the other pegasus with me to the ground
[19:19:43] Jonas Askeland: “Scavenging, heard there was a chance for some medical supplies out here”
[19:19:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “umpfh”
[19:20:06] Cecium: " Oh, thats a coincidence, im actually here looking for supplies of my own! "
[19:20:18] Jonas Askeland: Literally beaming!
[19:21:12] Jonas Askeland: “Thats fantastic! You going for this facility too then? We could go together!”
[19:21:25] Jonas Askeland: “My names Cotton, Cotton Grass, whats yours?”
[19:21:51] Jonas Askeland: Trot towards you and reach for a hoofshake
[19:22:11] Cecium: " Names Shadow, and err. sure I suppose we can go together, " " shakes hoof meekly
[19:23:18] jesse.boef: “stay here, ill check things out”. i start sneaking up to the 2
[19:23:40] sneo92: [roll a stealth check, that’s a d100]
[19:23:42] Cecium: " We should prolly get going, all sorts of raiders in the vicinity "
[19:23:56] Jonas Askeland: Looking around, taking in surroundings. Gauging distance to the MoP facility
[19:24:09] Cecium: starts walking off towards facility
[19:24:13] Cecium: scans E.F.S
[19:24:44] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, you have a lot of trouble with raiders round these parts?”
[19:24:51] Jonas Askeland: Trot alongside Shadow
[19:25:02] jesse.boef: 80
[19:25:55] Jonas Askeland: “Baltimare seemed pretty calm so far, but i havent been here for long yet”
[19:26:00] Jonas Askeland: “You from around these parts?”
[19:26:55] sneo92: >_As The pegasus makes his way towards the two others, he uses a rock to steady himself. As he puts his wheight onto the rock, it suddenly moves from underneeth him as the ground next to him errupts and a Radscorpion screeches and flails it’s tail. Stalker is tossed back from the force as the beast readies itself for battle.
[19:27:27] sneo92: [roll a d100 initative]
[19:27:44] jesse.boef: 91
[19:27:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 19
[19:27:46] Cecium: "Yeah, pretty hectic round these here parts, lost one of my friends just to the north of here a week ago.. " turns quikcly to noise
[19:27:55] Cecium: 17
[19:28:05] Cecium: [32*]
[19:28:20] Jonas Askeland: [59+15=74]
[19:29:07] jesse.boef: [oh, actually 121]
[19:29:34] sneo92: >_Stalker, being mid air from the force of the scorpion uses his wings to flip mid air and lands decicivly on his hooves. ready for combat. [Jesse, you start off the combat!]
[19:31:43] jesse.boef: i draw my pistol and fire a round at the body of the scorpion
[19:32:18] sneo92: [roll a d100 against gun skill
[19:32:35] jesse.boef: [57 rolled, 60 skill]
[19:33:41] sneo92: >_The bullet strke the carapace of the scorpion and ping off it’s hard shell.
[19:36:04] jesse.boef: i take to the air, and position myself away from the other pegasus
[19:40:24] jesse.boef: [end turn]
[19:40:33] sneo92: [Neon turn]
[19:40:53] Jonas Askeland: “OH SWEET CELESTIA YOU HAVE WINGS!”
[19:42:41] Jonas Askeland: I draw my pistol and aim for the scorpion, aim for 1AP and fire twice
[19:43:37] Jonas Askeland: [47 over 45 and 87 over 45]
[19:44:04] sneo92: >_Both bullets go wide over the Scorpion, wizzing away into the wasteland
[19:44:12 | Edited 19:44:17] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[19:44:26] sneo92: [Cecium turn]
[19:45:24] Cecium: draws my hunting rifle and takes aim on the radscorpion for 3 Ap, then fires once
[19:45:48] Cecium: [75 under 78]
[19:46:59] sneo92: >_The lound bang of the huntingrifle rings across the wasteland as the bullet, once again pings of the hard armour of the roaring creature
[19:47:14] Cecium: [End of Turn]
[19:47:47] sneo92: [Haakon turn]
[19:48:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: stands up, looks a bit annoyed, then shoots
[19:48:20] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [2 shots]
[19:48:28] sneo92: [roll em]
[19:48:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [18 over 48 and 58 over 48]
[19:50:20] sneo92: >_The first beam of the pistol singes the side of the scorpion, leaving a mark and letting of a stench of burnt flesh. The seccond beam flashes right above the scorpion
[19:50:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [9 dam pluss the extra dam for having more successes]
[19:51:12] sneo92: >_[it’s one dos, so 12 damage
[19:51:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [eoT]
[19:54:34] sneo92: >_The scorpion snaps it’s claws and swings it’s tail after the pegasus before realizing it is out of reach, it swings to the side and charges for the two ponies shooting at it from th road. With great speed it attemts to grasp for Cotton with it’s claws.
[19:55:33] sneo92: >_As it catches Cotton unprepared it grabs a leg with one claw and his neck with the other, clamping and twisting them around [12dmg]
[19:55:55] sneo92: >_[Jesse turn]
[19:56:26] Jonas Askeland: I scream a little
[20:01:16] jesse.boef: i fly over to the scorpion and land beside it, aim for 2 and fire once.
[20:01:29] sneo92: [roll it with a 10 to your gunskill]
[20:01:37] jesse.boef: [43 to 70]
[20:03:00] sneo92: >_Taking the shot from nearly point blank causes the shell of the scorpion to fracture as the bullet plants itself into the scorpion. [roll some damage]
[20:03:46 | Edited 20:03:48] jesse.boef: [2
[20:05:02] sneo92: [all done?]
[20:05:32] jesse.boef: i spend 1ap for an evasive stance
[shows over]
[20:05:49] sneo92: [roll a d100 against evasion skill]
[20:06:18] jesse.boef: [97 to 42]
[20:08:03] sneo92: >_While shuffling his hooves to take a defensive stance, Stalker gets caught in a plant root and is caught off balance. [you take -5AC until the start of your next turn]
[20:08:09] sneo92: [Neon Turn]
[20:08:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [mark for exp?]
[20:08:54] sneo92: [yes, thank you Haakon]
[20:09:21] Jonas Askeland: I wriggle myself free from the scorpion and plant my gun on its shell, aim for 5 and fire
[20:10:41] sneo92: [make a strength check to get loose]
[20:11:22] Jonas Askeland: [26, thats under medium (which is 30)]
[20:11:45] sneo92: >_Wigling around gets you out of the grasp of the scropion [that’s 2 AP spent]
[20:12:11] Jonas Askeland: Now free, aim for 3 and fire
[20:12:52] Jonas Askeland: [12 under 60]
[20:13:32] Jonas Askeland: [4 damage]
[20:13:57] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[20:14:26] sneo92: >_The scorpion rears back after recieveing a bullet to it’s face, causing it’s internal juices to flow down it’s face.
[20:14:37] sneo92: [cecium turn]
[20:15:31] Cecium: shadow swaps the hunting rifle out with a Hunting shotgun and takes aim for 1Ap before unloading it into the radscorpion
[20:16:05] Cecium: (50 under 78+5 ( due to aiming ) )
[20:16:33] Cecium: [19 dammage]
[20:17:17 | Edited 20:17:36] sneo92: >_The heavy shell of the hunting shotgun pierces deep into the body of the scorpion, cuasing it to roll to it’s side before it spasms out and dies. [end combat]
[20:17:59] Cecium: "Who the HAY are you ponies? " takes a few steps back adn keeps a wary eye on Stalker
[20:18:21] jesse.boef: “does it matter?”
[20:18:26] Cecium: " Kinda! "
[20:18:41] Jonas Askeland: “Also bleeding! Ow..”
[20:18:48] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts walking towards the building
[20:18:58] jesse.boef: “do explain then”
[20:19:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Are you coming ?”
[20:19:10] Jonas Askeland: I start healing myself
[20:19:34] Cecium: " Who the hay are you guys! One moment its just me and cotton here and then suddenly you two make a load of commotion and anger a random radscorpion! "
[20:19:37] Cecium: glares at stalker
[20:20:00] Jonas Askeland: “OH! Are we all going the same way!?”
[20:20:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " seems so"
[20:20:18] Jonas Askeland: “Serendipity!”
[20:20:31] Jonas Askeland: “My names Cotton, this here’s Shadow, whats your names?”
[20:20:49] Jonas Askeland: Also having a hard time not looking at your wings
[20:20:54] jesse.boef: “ya can call me stalker”
[20:21:16] Jonas Askeland: Scoot right on over for the hoofshake
[20:21:24] Jonas Askeland: “Hi Stalker! Nice to meet you!”
[20:21:46] jesse.boef: ignores the hoofshake
[20:21:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: I am Leo the Angel, world class scientist, and proprietor of robots"
[20:22:05] Jonas Askeland: *Pretend i was just stroking my mane, good save!

[20:22:27] jesse.boef: “right, you know who we are, content?”
[20:22:36] Jonas Askeland: “Oh wow, that sounds fascinating!”
[20:22:54] Jonas Askeland: “Actually, i’mma just go get that poison gland of the scorpion!”
[20:23:05] Jonas Askeland: Run over and start hacking it off
[20:23:11] jesse.boef: [HAAX]
[20:23:28] Cecium: sighs “fiiine.. suppose you dont wanna share who the hay you are just yet then…”
[20:23:28] sneo92: >_[Neon: Medicine check, if you please]
[20:23:53] Jonas Askeland: [27 under 66]
[20:24:08] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “oh a Leiurus quinquestriatus, interesting”
[20:24:27] Jonas Askeland: “A whatta now?”
[20:24:42] jesse.boef: “exactly? what are ya yappin about leo?”
[20:24:43] sneo92: >_Cotton wastes no time in cutting open the poison gland from the scorpion
[20:24:50] Cecium: looks entirly baffled by fancy speech
[20:24:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Leiurus quinquestriatus”
[20:24:58] Jonas Askeland: Scoop that right into my bags
[20:25:03] jesse.boef: “ehm… in english now?”
[20:25:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “it is the name of this Arachinda”
[20:25:46] Jonas Askeland: “I had no idea, thanks for sharing”
[20:26:18] Jonas Askeland: “But hey, are you all here for that clinic?”
[20:26:44] Cecium: " yes, yes I am doing a… job for a aquaintance of me "
[20:26:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Yes we are here for the Facility”
[20:27:30] Jonas Askeland: “Splendid! We can all go together then!”
[20:27:45] Cecium: starts walking towards facility
[20:27:54] Jonas Askeland: “I’m a traveling doctor by trade, so i’ll be no burden on you”
[20:27:59] Cecium: " oooh neaaat "
[20:30:18] sneo92: >_The large sign on the building reads in large faded letters “Batlimare Medical Center and Clinic”. The building is a two story, red brick building with very few windows. The door hangs halfway open, but shows no sing of having being used for many years as dust and moss has overtaken it.
[20:30:40] Cecium: trots on over to door and tries to push it open
[20:31:18 | Edited 20:31:46] sneo92: >_The door slides open before quickly screetching to a halt as the rusty hinges grind against eachother
[20:32:02] Cecium: " Gimme like, 5 minutes kay? " darts inside sneakily to recon
[20:34:36] sneo92: >_As Shadow takes a step inside, the dust on the floor around the door is thrown into the air. A thick layer of dust and moss covers the floor, you can barely make out the dark outlines of a reception. There is a receptionists desk on the far side of the room, two doors in the far right corner and a sofa and table and some couches directly to your right
[20:35:00] Jonas Askeland: Looks at the pegasi
[20:35:05] Jonas Askeland: “So.. Are we gonna wait or..?”
[20:35:12] jesse.boef: “apparently”
[20:35:17] Cecium: trots over to reception and checks it out
[20:35:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no”
[20:35:33] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks in
[20:35:36] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty then!”
[20:35:40] jesse.boef: follows leo inside
[20:35:44] Jonas Askeland: Trots along inside
[20:38:48] sneo92: >_Shadow: You rummage around on the desk, brushing aside a bunch of documents you can not dicern the purpose for. There are two blown out terminals, next to one of which there’s a stained and nearly worn out picture of a young mare and a Stalion on a beach, smiling. There is a pencil layed on the chair and a pack of Snack Apple Cakes in one of the drawers.

>_The rest: You can barely make out the room silouetes, and make out the sound of scoffling paper from behind the desk straight ahead
[20:39:16] Cecium: grabs the snack apple cakes
[20:39:19] Haakon Grov Melkevik: turns on light
[20:39:37] Jonas Askeland: I cast some basic light
[20:39:47] sneo92: [can I get perception rolls, please?]
[20:40:01] Jonas Askeland: 99
[20:40:09] jesse.boef: 2
[20:40:15] Cecium: 14
[20:40:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [49, manages easy and medium]
[20:42:45 | Edited 20:43:12] sneo92: >_Jonas: You spot two skeletons lying in the couches, and you could have sworn one of them just moved.

>_Haakon: You see a strange lump lying on the ground by the doors. It is covered in moss and dust so you can’t make out what it is.

>_Cecium and Jesse: You also notice this lump, and you can’t help but feel like it has the distinct shape of a pony hind leg. As you consider this, you hear a faint thud from further into the building
[20:43:12] Jonas Askeland: “WOW! DID YOU SEE THAT?!”
[20:43:22] Jonas Askeland: I shine my light right at the skeletons
[20:43:33] jesse.boef: “can it, keep yer voice down”
[20:43:47] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, sorry O_o”
[20:43:49] Cecium: " Godammnit you guys irritated sigh was five minutes to much to ask for? "
[20:44:02] Jonas Askeland: whispering “But i saw the skeleton move!”
[20:44:03] sneo92: >_The Sceletons are of two ponies lying in eachothers arms
[20:44:53 | Edited 20:45:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Stalker, can you check out the mossy thing ?”
[20:45:15] jesse.boef: “light that thing up, will ya?”
[20:45:19] Cecium: walks over to the skeletons and pokes one em lightly with my shotgun
[20:45:20] Jonas Askeland: still whispering “Imma go check on those skeletons”
[20:45:35] Jonas Askeland: [Can i medicine it up to realise i’m beeing an idiot?]
[20:45:41] sneo92: [no]
[20:45:51] Jonas Askeland: [okay.. T_T]
[20:46:08] Cecium: " These look pretty dead to me Cotton.. "
[20:46:12] jesse.boef: kicks the mossy thing
[20:46:32] Jonas Askeland: “Then how did it move..” i muse to myself
[20:46:54] Cecium: " maybe it didnt? "
[20:47:17] Jonas Askeland: “Nono, pretty sure i saw it move! Although i cant explain it..”
[20:47:41] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe they’re magical bones? O_o”
[20:47:41] Cecium: shrugs " seen some pretty disturbing things lately but ah dont reckon skeletons can move… "
[20:47:43] sneo92: >_The dust is blasted into the air by the kick, leaving a light fog of dust in the room. As the moss gives way and the lumb rolls over, you can see that it is indeed the hindleg of a pony. It is covered in a lavender fur with no cutiemark on the flank.
[20:47:44] jesse.boef: “thats an effect of darkness cotton. youll see movement where there is none”
[20:48:11] Jonas Askeland: “I.. Well.. I suppose..”
[20:48:12] sneo92: >_[Perception roll, Jesse]
[20:48:20] jesse.boef: 75
[20:48:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Checks the terminals
[20:48:41] Jonas Askeland: I take one of the ribbones, just to be sure
[20:49:13] Cecium: looks a tad disgusted by Cottons behaviour
[20:49:19 | Edited 20:49:30] sneo92: >_The terminals are blasted out. Nither working
[20:49:31] Jonas Askeland: [Are you beeing obvious about that disgust?]
[20:49:51 | Edited 20:49:55] jesse.boef: “possible live one here guys” steps back from the moss
[20:50:03] Cecium: [nah just facial expression, and less regards for you ]
[20:50:15] Jonas Askeland: “Where? Is it alive?”
[20:50:22 | Edited 20:50:24] Jonas Askeland: I trot on over
[20:50:24] jesse.boef: “possibly, light it up”
[20:50:33] Jonas Askeland: “WAIT!”
[20:50:51] Jonas Askeland: “What if its not hostile?!”
[20:50:55] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma go take a look”
[20:51:08] jesse.boef: “i never said it was, now shine yer light”
[20:51:46] Jonas Askeland: "Oh, right, i just thought.. With “light it up”.. And.. Okay.."
[20:51:54] Jonas Askeland: I shine some light on the thingy
[20:52:17] Jonas Askeland: What am i looking at?
[20:52:37] jesse.boef: “pony”
[20:52:47] jesse.boef: “more specificly, the hindleg of one”
[20:53:19] Jonas Askeland: I reach out to touch it, to check for heat
[20:54:16] sneo92: >_As you touch the leg, it spams out as if kicking lightly. The brief touch you had felt like you’d touch a normal pony’s leg
[20:54:38] Cecium: " Did.. did that thing just move? "
[20:54:45] Jonas Askeland: “Okay.. Thats not really.. Right..”
[20:54:46] jesse.boef: “yeah”
[20:55:22] Jonas Askeland: I flip the leg over and inspect it, seeing of my medical knowledge can shine some light on it
[20:55:32] Jonas Askeland: [Cue roll medicine?]
[20:55:47] Jonas Askeland: [82 over 66.. T_T]
[20:56:13] sneo92: >_Looking at the leg, all you can determine is that it is infact a healthy pony leg.
[20:56:28] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [can i also try with my medicine ?]
[20:56:43] sneo92: [you can try to inspect it as well
[20:57:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [nope, overshoot]
[20:57:38] Jonas Askeland: “Well, all i can really say is that its a perfectly healthy pony leg, as i would expect to find attached to a perfectly healthy pony”
[20:57:57] jesse.boef: “remove the moss, see if thats the case then”
[20:57:58] Cecium: " Thats just.. creepy… "
[20:58:16] Jonas Askeland: I scrape the moss off it
[20:58:51] sneo92: >_Underneeth the moss there is naught but more leg, the coat is slightly more dirty as it has remnants of Moss in it
[20:59:18] Jonas Askeland: “This is quite extraordinary, do you reckon theres more pony parts lying around that we can assembly into a full pony?”
[20:59:48] Cecium: " Uhm…"
[21:00:10] Jonas Askeland: “Or maybe theres a pony around here looking for its leg..”
[21:00:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts looting
[21:00:55] jesse.boef: follows leo around as hes looting
[21:01:03] Jonas Askeland: “Altough.. I am curious..” I cast some light healing magic on the leg
[21:01:25] sneo92: >_You find some moldy magasines at the table, and See above for wat christian found/took on the desk
[21:01:43] sneo92: >_The leg doesn’t seem to react to the healing magic
[21:01:47] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [btw luck of 8]
[21:02:08] Jonas Askeland: I lug the leg over my back, i’m bringing this
[21:02:41] sneo92: >_The leg starts kicking around more frantically
[21:03:03] Cecium: " okaay, lets get moving then ah reckon? "
[21:03:11] Cecium: opens one of the doors
[21:03:31] Jonas Askeland: I’ll drag the leg if it misbehaves
[21:04:27] sneo92: >_You open the left door and it leads to a hallway streching further down. There are two doors on the left side of the hallway, and beyonds these the hallways turns left around a corner
[21:04:45] Cecium: glances at E.F.S
[21:05:13] sneo92: >_The E.F.S. gives you some scattered readings, sometimes showing blue, sometimes red
[21:05:45] Cecium: " okaay.. EFS is on the fritz…. just mine or yours too?" glances at the rest of the ponies *
[21:05:58] jesse.boef: *walks over to cecium and checks efs too

[21:06:07] sneo92: >_You all get these blips
[21:06:22] Jonas Askeland: [Is the leg red?]
[21:06:30] jesse.boef: “EFS is bugged”
[21:06:42] jesse.boef: “we’ll need a visual for this one”
[21:06:48] sneo92: >_[Jonas: You can’t make out a steady blip to determine if the leg even has one]
[21:06:53] Cecium: " well, greaaaat "
[21:07:29] Jonas Askeland: “By the way, did anyone check for a building layout in the reception area?”
[21:07:39] Cecium: holsters the hunting shotgun and pulls out a assault rifle
[21:08:22] Cecium: " Shadow trots over to the first door on the left, then pushes a ear to it to check if anything is on the other side "
[21:08:46] sneo92: >_[Cecium: You hear nothing]
[21:08:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [i wanna calibrate my P.I.P, WITH SCIENCE]
[21:09:03] Cecium: opens door partially and peeks inside with the gun pointed forward
[21:09:37] sneo92: >_[Haakon: give me a science roll with a -75]
[21:10:03] jesse.boef: i walk up to shadow with my pistol drawn, ready to help out
[21:10:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crit with a 6, but skill is -10]
[21:11:20] sneo92: >_Cecium: You can hardly make out what seems to be an office, it has a few chairs and an examination bed in a corner. There is a desk on the far side with bookshelves next to it. A fliling cabinet stands next to it
[21:11:51] sneo92: >_Haakon: You manage to get you EFS to stop blipping out, but you don’t get any dots at all
[21:12:00] Cecium: enters the office carefully and starts rifling trough filing cabinet and desk if the room is clear
[21:13:09] jesse.boef: i walk to the 2nd door on the left side, and slowly open the door with my gun at the ready
[21:15:01] sneo92: >_Cecium: You find a few coffecups on the desk and in one of the drawers you find a tin of mintals, the filing cabinet contains a pair of clippboards and some pre-war bits.

Jesse: The room you enter is nearly equivalent to the one you entered with Shadow. [perception check]
[21:15:17] jesse.boef: 30
[21:16:51 | Edited 21:17:15] sneo92: >_In the dim light, you can barely make out a trail in the dust on the floor, the floor itself is stained in blood which goes from the door to a tipped over examination bed in a corner
[21:18:04] jesse.boef: i walk back to the room shadow is in “shadow, possible contact 2nd room, lets check it out”
[21:18:37] Cecium: " sure thing " falls in behind Stalker
[21:19:06] Jonas Askeland: I tag along behind you two
[21:19:24] jesse.boef: i creep inside the 2nd room, gun trained a little above the examination bed “behind the tipped bed”
[21:20:23] Cecium: "levitates out the prewar bit I looted and drops it over the other side "
[21:20:37 | Edited 21:20:43] Jonas Askeland: I wait out in the hallway, just by the door
[21:21:07] sneo92: >_The coin makes a click which resonates through the halls of the brick building
[21:21:30] jesse.boef: “can ya levitate the bed?”
[21:22:20] Cecium: " Eh, sure thing not fast tough.. " lifts it with levitation [its not to heavy is it? ]
[21:22:56] jesse.boef: i get low to the floor, and i peek underneath the lifted bed
[21:23:58] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma just go check something out”
[21:24:04] sneo92: >_Jesse: As the bed lifts up, you can see another leg laying on the floor in a small pool of blood.
[21:24:15] jesse.boef: “might wanna check this out first”
[21:24:40] jesse.boef: “another leg, in a puddle of blood”
[21:24:54] Cecium: "makes you woinder where the rest of the pony is…. "
[21:25:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "huh"*walks over*
[21:25:33] jesse.boef: “as long as its seperated, it wont be much danger, thats all i care about”
[21:25:46] jesse.boef: stows my pistol
[21:27:00] jesse.boef: i search around the place for anything of use
[21:27:16] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I check if the legs are the same]
[21:29:13] sneo92: >_Jesse: You find some clipboards in the filing cabinet, while in the desk you find a bottle cap and a box of Small Pistol ammo containing 4 bullets
>_Haakon: This is a foreleg, as compared to the last one which was a hindleg. It also has an open wound where the leg should have been connected.
[21:29:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [same colour ?]
[21:29:49] jesse.boef: i grab the pistol bullets and leave the room
[21:29:50] sneo92: >_This one is green
[21:29:57] Jonas Askeland: I come back to the room
[21:30:40] Jonas Askeland: “Guys, theres something pony-like shuffling about round the corner of the hallway”
[21:30:58] Jonas Askeland: “I’mma go check it out, watch the leg”
[21:31:02] Haakon Grov Melkevik: follows
[21:31:08] Jonas Askeland: I leave the leg with the group and shuffle down the hallway
[21:31:08] Cecium: " eh, ill go with you.. "
[21:31:20] jesse.boef: “the leg aint going anywhere” draws my gun and goes down with the rest
[21:31:43] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, well if everyone is going that way i’ll bring the leg then..”
[21:31:52] Jonas Askeland: *Carry leg

[21:31:52] Cecium: "what about the other leg? "
[21:31:58] Cecium: " the one we found in there? "
[21:32:02] Jonas Askeland: “Other leg?”
[21:32:11] Cecium: " Found one in that there office "
[21:32:23] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, well.. Then excuse me!”
[21:32:29] Jonas Askeland: “And beware of the corner!”
[21:32:35] Jonas Askeland: I go to examine the other leg!"
[21:33:17] Cecium: " uhm, okay suppose ill go take a look at that there shuffling creature then "
[21:33:18] sneo92: >_[is everyone still Following cotton, or are you moving down the hallway regardlesS?
[21:33:26] Cecium: *wanders down hallway
[21:34:38] sneo92: >_Cecium: As you round the corner you see a silouette of a pony who shambles in sircles in the middle of the hallway while occationally flailing a hoof around
[21:35:06] Cecium: *stares at with suprise

[21:35:23] Cecium: (E.F.S still useless? ]
[21:35:31 | Edited 21:35:42] Jonas Askeland: I wanna check the other leg like i did the first, medicine skill to determine whats happened
[21:35:56] sneo92: >_[EFS still gives a bunch of random gittering]
[21:36:07] Jonas Askeland: [Medicine of 85.. _]
[21:36:07] Cecium: checks where Leo and Stalker went off to
[21:37:16] Jonas Askeland: I go to rejoin the others, dead leg is not as interesting
[21:37:27] sneo92: >_LEo and Stalker are still in the hallway by the door
[21:37:58] sneo92: >_[Jesse had to run, so we’re going with him following Leo closely
[21:38:21] Cecium: " ey, cotton, you think we should try and talk to it? "
[21:38:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Lead on”
[21:38:38] Jonas Askeland: “Sure, watch the leg”
[21:38:44] Cecium: " You going to talk to it? "
[21:38:51] Jonas Askeland: “Well.. Yeah?”
[21:39:04] Cecium: " okay, but can you please let me just edge a tad closer to take a look at it? "
[21:39:31] Jonas Askeland: “Sure, i’ll wait”
[21:39:46] Cecium: activates stealthbuck and steps closer to investigate it at close range
[21:42:26] sneo92: >_As you approach it, you see that this was once a mare, she is dressed in ripped and mangled nurces clothing. However her body is riddled with lumps and soars, by the root of one of the forelegs she has what looks like a stump. A thin, insectoid looking apendige dangles lazily form her head and down the left side of her face
[21:43:03] Cecium: edges back fast
[21:44:00] Cecium: " That thing… oh luna that thing, frantic breathing thats not a pony no more, looked like it had some kind of insect leg or somthing in its head!"
[21:44:36] Jonas Askeland: “Wat”
[21:44:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Interesting”
[21:44:47 | Edited 21:44:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks closer
[21:44:59] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, Leo, you know much about insects?”
[21:45:10] Cecium: keeps gun aimed at the shape
[21:45:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “greetings”
[21:47:00] sneo92: >_As Leo approach the creature, it snaps to locking it’s eyes onto him. It gives off a snarl as it attempts to charge at Leo, but as it gives off speep it’s fore legs falls off with a wet pop. It falls to te ground, snarling at Leo
[21:47:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I try to talk to the shape]
[21:47:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “CAN
[21:47:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “YOU
[21:47:46] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “SPEAK
[21:47:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “??”
[21:48:03] sneo92: >_The creature snarls and bites after Leo, showing no response to what is being said
[21:48:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “fascinating”
[21:48:58 | Edited 21:49:08] Jonas Askeland: “For sure! But i also think it wants to eat your face, so lets step back here for a sec!”
[21:49:25] Cecium: frantic breathin in the background *
[21:49:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Radtiation, or disease” *Talks to himself

[21:50:30] Jonas Askeland: “Could be parasitic! Still looks angry tho!”
[21:50:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “True”
[21:50:58] Cecium: " Why dont we just put it out of its misery! "
[21:51:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “NO!”
[21:51:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “WE cannot”
[21:51:31] Jonas Askeland: “Errr, maybe we can just leave it alone..?”
[21:51:50] Cecium: " and let it suffer like this? "
[21:52:10] Haakon Grov Melkevik: We must study it"
[21:52:10] sneo92: >_[Perception checks, please]
[21:52:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: 61
[21:52:26] Jonas Askeland: 32
[21:52:51] Cecium: 10
[21:53:58] sneo92: >_As you stand there, the creature snarling at you, Shadow and Cotton can hear sounds coming from further in. The sounds are erratic and violent
[21:54:30] Jonas Askeland: “Leo.. I really dont think this is the time to do science”
[21:54:48] Cecium: " eh.. you guys stay here ill go take a look at what that is…. if I come back running and screaming…. follow my example please! "
[21:54:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “nonsense”
[21:54:52] Jonas Askeland: “Lets just head on back and see if there are any other rooms we can loot”
[21:55:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “you go on ahead”
[21:55:10] Cecium: sneaks ahead
[21:55:28] Jonas Askeland: Struggles internally
[21:55:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: *Checks E.F.S
[21:57:06] sneo92: >_Shadow: As you move ahead, the hallways goes around another corner and from there it leads further down the hall and ends in a door. You can now clearly hear the sounds coming from the door as they seem to be getting louder.

>_Leo: You have one red bar on your EFS
[21:57:21] Cecium: checks if the door is unlocked
[21:57:44] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [is it Stumpy ahead of me ?]
[22:01:18 | Edited 22:01:50] sneo92: >_Haakon: No.

>_Shadow: As you approach the door, it is suddenly smashed in as a large, form charges out and slams you to the floor. The quick glimse you get is that of a pony, but it was unaturally large and you seem to make out a strange pattern to it’s hoofsteps as you are left slightly dazed on the floor. After knocking you over, it continues to charge down the hall
[22:02:11] Cecium: " Oh horseapples… charges after it "
[22:02:32] Jonas Askeland: “Leo! Those are not good noices! I’m taking leggy here and backtracking a bit!”
[22:02:39] Jonas Askeland: I move back towards the reception
[22:02:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Fine”
[22:03:16] Haakon Grov Melkevik: follows cotton
[22:04:05] sneo92: >_As you finish your sentance you see a large hulking creature round the corner as it makes it charges directly for you. Leo, it caches you and stops you to the ground.
[22:04:18] sneo92: [4 damage]
[22:04:33 | Edited 22:04:40] Jonas Askeland: “AAAAAH!” flailing, and pointing
[22:04:43] sneo92: [Jonas turn]
[22:04:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “AAAAAh, stalker get him”
[22:06:19 | Edited 22:06:58] Jonas Askeland: I try to collect myself and start casting dystaxia on the creature
[22:06:30] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [initative?]
[22:07:05] sneo92: [Turnorder is Jonas, you then christian]
[22:07:57] Jonas Askeland: 70
[22:08:34] sneo92: >_The magic surrounds the creature’s ponylike head, then vanishes as your horn fizzles out
[22:09:36] Jonas Askeland: I retreat back towards the room with the bleeding leg
[22:10:03] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:10:29] sneo92: >_[Haakon Turn]
[22:10:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: takes gun to the head of the beast“Don’t touch me”
[22:11:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [2 shots]
[22:11:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [35 over 48 and 28 over 48]
[22:12:58] sneo92: >_The first shot simply makes a mark on the creatures head, while the seccond one blasts off half it’s face. The creaure recoils a bit but remains stading [roll damage on one of them]
[22:13:01] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [2 3 on the first, 11 +6 on the second]
[22:13:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [so 11
6 dam then]
[22:13:21] sneo92: [got iy]
[22:13:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Eot]
[22:13:47] sneo92: [Cecium turn]
[22:14:43] Cecium: steps around corner to get within shooting range
[22:15:17] Cecium: shadows horn glows a pale lime green as she casts a spell on the abomination
[22:15:50] Cecium: [01 caster check ]
[22:16:14] Cecium: [EOT]
[22:16:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [what spell was it ?]
[22:18:20] sneo92: >_A large pair of hoofcuffs appear around the creatures fore hooves. It wrangles for a bit, before raring up the cuffed hooves, revealing a third forehoof behind them, and brings them down on Leo again. [10 damage]
[22:18:56] sneo92: [Jonas turn]
[22:20:59] Jonas Askeland: I get back within range, draw my gun and line up my sights for 2 ap, then fire
[22:21:28] Jonas Askeland: [93, its a fantastic miss]
[22:21:32] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:21:45] sneo92: >_[Haakon turn]
[22:22:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [aim for 1 point then shoots 2 times again]
[22:22:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [38 over 58]
[22:22:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [11 damage]
[22:23:03] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [eot]
[22:23:48] sneo92: >_The beams singe off one of the forelegs which were hoofcuffed, as the hulking abomination only roars at you
[22:23:53] sneo92: [christian turn]
[22:24:19] Cecium: shadow aims the assault rifle at the abomination for 3 ap then fires a burst at it
[22:24:49] Cecium: [34 under 78+15 ]
[22:25:20] Cecium: [32 dammage ]
[22:25:43] sneo92: >_The bullets rip into the hindleggs of the abomination, tearing on of them off.
[22:26:00] Cecium: [eot]
[22:27:09] sneo92: >_The giant is strugling to keep on his hooves, but as it roads the other creature has now managed to wiggle it’s way over to Leo and bites him in the hoof to the point blood is drawn. [1dmg]
[22:27:16] sneo92: [Jonas turn]
[22:27:51] Jonas Askeland: Leo looks like he’s hurting, so i’ll send some good feelings his way, two light heals
[22:28:36] Jonas Askeland: [Heal for 9hp]
[22:28:50] Jonas Askeland: I edge a little bit closer too
[22:28:52] Jonas Askeland: [eot]
[22:29:01] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [shoots again]
[22:29:27] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [08 over 58 and 42 over 58]
[22:29:48] sneo92: >_[That’s a hit on the first shot]
[22:30:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [7 or 14, then 25 extra?]
[22:30:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [eot ]
[22:32:28] sneo92: >_[so a 14+15=29]
[22:32:39] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [yea]
[22:33:08] sneo92: >_As the final blast of beams srike the creature, it begins to glow as it is violently turned into a pile of ash
[22:33:27] sneo92: >_[cecium turn]
[22:33:37] Haakon Grov Melkevik: smacks stumpy away
[22:34:15] Cecium: " Leo? want me to shoot that thing? "
[22:34:58] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “no”
[22:35:03] Cecium: ends combat
[22:35:05] sneo92: >_Stumpy is still biting on to Leo, just smaking it off would be painful
[22:35:48] sneo92: >_Stumpy bites down hard once more on Leos leg. [7 dmg]
[22:36:00 | Edited 22:36:10] Jonas Askeland: Trot over and shoot stumpy
[22:37:25 | Edited 22:37:37] sneo92: >_ The bullet is planted firmly in Stumpy’s head, cracking the skull which causes the front parts of her head to detach. The body falls limp to the floor as the jaw is still attached to Leos leg, both now lifeless
[22:37:49] Jonas Askeland: “Come on now, it’s time to let go”
[22:38:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: checks the ash
[22:38:16] Jonas Askeland: Reload my gun
[22:38:17] Cecium: trots back to the door I had slammed in me
[22:39:00] sneo92: >_Amongs the ashes you can find a few screws, appart from that there’s some scrap of clothing but nothing dicernable
[22:39:12] Cecium: " Oi, Cotton! "
[22:39:26] Jonas Askeland: “Yes?” Trot along thataways!
[22:39:42] Cecium: " Is that the biggest piece you have? gestures to cottons gun "
[22:39:44] Jonas Askeland: “Also, tag along Leo, and how are you feeling?”
[22:40:09] Jonas Askeland: “Well, biggest firearm i have atleast”
[22:40:10] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “i’m damaged”
[22:40:21] Jonas Askeland: “But yeah, i’m not carrying any larger weapons than that”
[22:40:30] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “can’t u see the hoof prints and bitemarks?”
[22:40:33] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, hang on, this is my specialty!”
[22:40:59] Jonas Askeland: Cast two light heals on Leo
[22:41:09] Jonas Askeland: [Heal for 6]
[22:41:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yea, we’ll follow”
[22:42:00] Cecium: " Oi, Cotton you think you could handle this kind of gun? Floats out 10mm Smg "
[22:42:23] Cecium: " its got a tad more kick than that small thing tough "
[22:42:27] Jonas Askeland: “You good Leo? Or do you want me to zap you again?”
[22:42:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “again”
[22:42:52] Jonas Askeland: “Never used one of those before, i’ll try it”
[22:43:05] Jonas Askeland: “Tho these use a lot of ammo, right?”
[22:43:14] Cecium: " hah, tell me about it *looks annoyed
[22:43:25] Cecium: " Ill loan it to you and some of my ammo aswell! "
[22:43:36] Cecium: floats over the smg and 60 bullets for it
[22:43:43] Jonas Askeland: [Zap-zap, two light heals for 10 total]
[22:44:03] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, thanks a lot Shadow O_o”
[22:44:28] Cecium: " just shoot the baddies with it okay? "
[22:44:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: checks the corpse of stumpy, with medicine
[22:45:04] sneo92: >_As logistics are finishing up, we are nearing the end of tonights session, fellas. Do your final things for toninght
[22:45:20] sneo92: >_[roll a medicine chekc, Haakon]
[22:45:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [rit with a 03]
[22:45:59] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [crit*]
[22:47:02] Jonas Askeland: I fetch the good leg
[22:48:14] sneo92: >_You examine the body and find that it is a ghoulified pony. The clothing are old nurses scrubs, so she was likely to be a worker of this place before the war. Her body is bloated on certain areas, though it’s hard surfaces. By her left forelegg there are two sores which looks like it was a severed limb. You notice her coat is the same green as the leg you found in one of the room
[22:49:05] sneo92: >_[aaan END SESSION]



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