FO:E Test

The Brewery!

[18:54:19] sneo92: Gentlemen!
[18:54:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Gentle Man
[18:54:51] jesse.boef:
[18:57:09] sneo92: Bit of a heads up, I’m entering my pre-exam periods these days so not sure how much work I’ll get to put into these sessions. Gonna have to take it a bit as it comes but we might risk having more time inbetween. Other than that it will probably be a bit of a short session today as I have a ton of stuff on my plate right now
[18:57:44] Cecium: Here!
[18:57:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: accepted
[18:58:28] Jonas Askeland: Present
[18:59:42] sneo92: alright, since we’ve got all hands on deck we can jump straight in!
[19:01:58] sneo92: >_Our group find themselves outside the old garage that sits on top of the entrance to The Brewery. The day is well past noon as the guards of various caravans relax by their cargo.
[19:02:38] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, is this another tradehub then?”
[19:03:28] Cecium: "Something like that, they booze! all sorts of goody goddness " * Shadow smiles as she starts trotting towardsa the entrance*
[19:05:24] Jonas Askeland: “Maybe i can earn some on small doctoring work..” I murmur by myself, and trot along with Shadow
[19:05:43] jesse.boef: i copy the rest and enter
[19:06:13] Haakon Grov Melkevik: swaggers in
[19:09:44] sneo92: >_The garage is empty save for some old carrige parts that are rusted beyond reccognicion, in the far left corner a lage hole leads down to a stairwell which in turn leads to a rocky tunnel. As the group walks further down you see the large, cog-shaped door in the end, with two high-tech turrets on each side, and three armed ponies standing guard. As the group approach one of them steps forwards and lifts his hoof. “Your lead, if ya please” He says as he gestures towards a pony sitting by a series of cabinets along the right wall.
[19:10:45] Cecium: " Want my ammo? "
[19:10:45] jesse.boef: “the what now?”
[19:13:11 | Edited 19:13:57] sneo92: He shakes his head with a sigh “Your guns, y’all ain’t getting in here as long as yer packing. Now hand em over to Crumbles over there” He again gestures to the mare by the cabinets, who in turn get up and opens a cabinet with her magic
[19:13:40] jesse.boef: [we are guns eh?] i walk over to the cabinet and dump my weapons
[19:14:15] Jonas Askeland: I levitate out my pistol and smg “So, you like give us a receipt or are you really good with faces?”
[19:15:42] sneo92: The mare scoffs “The traders who come by here these days are old timers, I know most of them.” She eyes the group “And it’s not like you guys are particuarly low-key”
[19:16:14] Jonas Askeland: “Aw, you’ll make me blush, not exactly hard to forget your face either”
[19:16:26] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Well i am honored”* takes weapon to the cabinet*
[19:16:29] Jonas Askeland: [I do hope she’s good looking]
[19:16:35] sneo92: Jonas: [speech check]
[19:16:44] Cecium: " Just dont lose em will ya?, " Levitates out all my guns and hands em over
[19:16:53] Cecium: [deliberatly not handing over my baton ]
[19:17:05] Jonas Askeland: [21 under 64]
[19:20:10] sneo92: >_ [Jonas, perception check] The mare scoffs and looks away “Can it, smoothtalker” She levitates Shadows weapons, tuggng the batton out of her belt. “I we ment all kinds of weapons, kid.” After dropping the weapons in the cabinet, her horn glows as a field of magic passes over you all. “They’re clean” She nods to the other guard, who sits back down on a crate next to one of the turrets.
[19:21:05] Jonas Askeland: [55 over easy 45]
[19:21:16] Cecium: " Oh, Totally forgot about that old stick" * enters the Brewery*
[19:21:55] jesse.boef: i follow along and enter
[19:21:55] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Is there a lot of gross income here ?”
[19:24:22 | Edited 19:24:28] sneo92: >_[Jonas and Haakon]The mare sits and digs in the dirt a bit with her hoof before she’s startled to by Leo’s question. “Huh? I get my pay, that’s pretty much as far as I care. Ask Single Malt, he’s got that sort of stuff sorted.”
[Jesse and Cecium] The old stable hallways split up as you enter, one left and one right. Some homemade signs are set up to point at “Bar” to the left, and “Infirmary” to the right.
[19:25:02] Haakon Grov Melkevik: "Peculiar"* walks in*
[19:25:37] Cecium: Shadow starts heading towards the bar looking more and more exited the closer she gets
[19:26:03] jesse.boef: i proceed towards the bar as well
[19:26:38] Jonas Askeland: I give a big smile to the mare “Well dont forge me then!” And i turn to follow the others
[19:31:06] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “This place smells”
[19:31:51 | Edited 19:32:11] sneo92: >_The hall continues forwards before ending at a door with a sign above it which reads Cafeteria, cruedly scratched and painted over. Inside a few ponies sit around some scattered tables, most talking in hushed voices. Some mellow music playes over the radio ( ) as some ponies look put to view the arrival of the gang. In the far end of the room there is a bar with a single stalion behind it.
[19:31:53] jesse.boef: “eh, ive been in worse areas”
[19:32:17] jesse.boef: [that voice XD]
[19:33:05] sneo92: [Louis Armstrong is a hero :3]
[19:33:16] Cecium: heads on over to the bar and eyes the menu
[19:35:53] sneo92: >_Cecium: As you trot over to the bar, you reccognize the stalion behind it. You don’t see any menu as the stalion turns to face his customers. “Howdy, what can I.. hey, I know you. Yer that stable filly who was around here a while back!” He looks around, spotting the new arrivals. “Made some new friends, have we?”
[19:36:39] jesse.boef: i slowly walk over to the bar, trying to overhear the conversations in the room as i walk by
[19:36:45] Cecium: " Yup, trying to get drunk now.. though dont rember the prices on stuff round here " looks frustrated
[19:37:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Have to go afk a bit, have to pick up some groeries for my brothers birthday, will not take long]
[19:37:10] Jonas Askeland: “Yes she has! Hi, i’m Cotton Grass, nice to meet you!”
[19:39:05] sneo92: >_[We’ll autopilot Haakon while he’s away.] “Howdy, Cotton, always nice to see a new face ‘round here. That’s five caps a glass for the Murkwater Whiskey, and fifteen for the Single Malts Special.”
Jesse: [Perception check]
[19:39:12] jesse.boef: 38
[19:41:54] sneo92: >_Jesse: You pass a table with what looks like a small group of traders “You know they’re coming, we might as well skip this area while we can.” One says, obviously louder than he inteded, “Aye, we should get to the Gardens and work northwards from there, anything south of downtown is a lottery wether it’s the raiders, Rangers or crazies that get you first.”
[19:43:10] Jonas Askeland: "Do you take bits? I’m kinda low on caps, but i’d love to try your special! And what makes it the “Special”?"
[19:43:33 | Edited 19:43:48] Cecium: " Ill take one Murkwater whiskey Malt, Also you got any news on whats been happening nearby ? " pays for drink
[19:44:03] jesse.boef: i lean on the table “sounds like you folks are in some trouble”
[19:44:23] Jonas Askeland: [Aggresive investigation, i like it O_o]
[19:44:52] Jonas Askeland: [Also conjures up a very cowboy-y image in my head..]
[19:45:09] Cecium: [thats not aggresive investigation not enough guns aimed at peoples heads for that ]
[19:45:13 | Edited 19:45:25] jesse.boef: tips cowboy hat
[19:49:43] jesse.boef: [ill brb, gonna grab a drink and some snackoos :3]
[19:50:20 | Edited 19:50:41] sneo92: >_Jonas and Christian: “One Murkwater coming up!” He ducks under his counter and brings up a glass and a bottle. As he pours you see the liquid is far to dark and murky to be propper whiskey, it’s clear where it got it’s name. He pushes the glass to Shadow and says “Five caps then, m’am! Bits? Hah, yer a funny one! Sorry, but only caps go through here. Maybe you can talk to Lil’ Till down the hallway, maybe you can do some tradin’ with her. It’s special cause it’s brewed with actual ingredients, appart from the wastelands stuff that goes in there” He gestures at Shadows drink “I mean it’s safe and all, but… well, let’s just say compared to the good stuff, it tastes as it looks.”
Jesse: The traders recoils back from the sudden intrusion. “What the..? Who the hay do you think you are, evesdropping on pones like that? But yes, we are in trouble, we all are! All of Baltimare is pretty much bucked.” The traders share a small laugh.
[19:52:43 | Edited 19:52:53] Cecium: " Cheers! " * attempts to shot the vile drink *
[19:53:06] jesse.boef: “i cant control what i hear, and ive seen as much. where you lot headed?”
[19:53:08] Jonas Askeland: I eye Shadows drink “Yeeeaah, excuse me for a bit then as i scrounge up the caps” I give him a slightly forced smile and slink away down the hallway in question
[19:56:19] jesse.boef: [im stupid :/]
[19:56:24] jesse.boef: [scratch my words]
[19:56:33] jesse.boef: [im stupid again…]
[19:56:36 | Edited 19:56:39] jesse.boef: [dont scratch em]
[19:58:08] sneo92: >_Jesse: The stalion leans back in his chair “Well that’s the question,” He gestures to the mare next to you “We wanna head North, get the hell away from this place. But she thinks it’s still worth hanging around down here, despite all the ponies who wanna either kill us, take our shit or run off with us.” The teal mare who wanted to stay leans forwards and talks loudly “If you can get on the good side of the Museum I KNOW we’ll turn a hell of a profit! There’s so few of us down here these days we can charge whatever we want! And them crazies still buy all the guns and ammo you can throw at them.”
[19:59:02] jesse.boef: i turn to the mare “and whatll happen when they got their first shipment? theyll just shoot you with em”
[20:01:38 | Edited 20:02:50] sneo92: >_Christian: “News? You’ve got to have heard about the crazies, don’t ya? They’re pushing the raiders out of the city to ‘secure it’ they say. But I get enough ponies traveling through here to have heard what they do. They want us all to live under their weird spell, turns em from who they were I tell ya.” The drink tastes like propper sludge
Jesse: The mare tilts her head back and fourth “If you catch them in the wastes, sure. But if you get to Mercy’s or the Museum it’self, they try to keep their apperence up. ’Sides, for now they still seem to need the supplies we get them. They have the demand, I intend to bring the supply!”
[20:03:23] Cecium: " Well when last ah went trough the Downtown area the curator’s ponies hadnt gotten far and honestly didnt seem like much of a threat?" " tries desperatly to finish off the sludge
[20:03:28] jesse.boef: “crazies’ll be crazies. it doesnt matter where you find em, theyll just shoot you when they dont have use for you.”
[20:04:00 | Edited 20:04:05] jesse.boef: “and when they get their guns, you just become useless”
[20:07:10 | Edited 20:08:28] sneo92: >_Jesse: The mare leans over the table “As long as she has the goods, a trader is never useless. Now what was it you wanted, again?” She says with some annoyance clear in both eyes and voice
>_Christian: “Things changed when the Rangers showed up next to em, tried to stronghoof their way in here as well. But they didn’t quite like it when I threatened to ban all their grunts.” Single Malt looks positivly smug at the thought. “They say they’ve goten pretty far in now, though that pushes the raiders out this way” You feel the booze taking it’s effect, as the muddy taste hid the taste of alcohol very well.
[20:09:13] jesse.boef: “if youre adamant about going towards the crazies, i bet youll want some extra protection for the way over there.”
[20:09:31] Cecium: " Ban their grunts? you mean they drink here? " swirls last remainder of goopy booze before going bottoms up " Another one! "
[20:11:30 | Edited 20:13:40] sneo92: >_Jesse: “A pair of extra hooves might be useful, I suppose. Though I’m not leaving for another few days, meeting a friend of mine here and goodness know when” She looks away and lower her voice a bit “or if…” She shakes her head slightly “When he’ll be here. So untill I get word from him I’ll hang around here.”
>_Christian: “One more, coming up!” With a trained hoof he poors Shadow another drink in a flash “Yeah some of the grunts show up durigh their leaves. They mostly come by on their way either too or from the Badlands, so it’s not often but boy do they spend when they do!”
[20:12:54] jesse.boef: “doesnt seem like youre sure. if you want i can look around for a while, see if i can find this friend of yours”
[20:13:12] Jonas Askeland: I return to the bar with a defeated expression “It was worth a try, gimme a murkwater”
[20:15:40 | Edited 20:16:19] sneo92: >_Jesse: The stalion trader leans in “Leave the poor filly alone, she got…” He’s cut off by the mare “Drop it, Cartwheel. I’ll find you if I decide I’ll leave soon, and if he’s not here in a while, I might take you up on that search offer. But for now, it’s fine.”
[20:17:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Looks at the pooltable with lust
[20:18:10] jesse.boef: “me and my folk will be here for a while too, we’ll probably hang around the place. shouldnt be hard to find me”
[20:18:17] Cecium: keeps drinking the murkwater whiskey while listening to the voices in vicinity
[20:18:19] sneo92: >_Jonas/Christian: “One Murkwater for the gent!” Single Malt ducks once again under his counter, brining up a glass and pours a shot off goop into it. “Couldn’t pry Lil’ Till for any caps eh?” He laughs to himself “That’ll be five caps”
[20:19:35] sneo92: >_Jesse: The mare leans back into her chair “Yeah, you’re not exacty low profile” She shoots a look at your wings. “I’ll find you if I need you.”
>_Haakon: [Perception]
[20:20:40 | Edited 20:21:00] Jonas Askeland: I give him his caps “Yeah, guess its been a while since the conversion rate was anything to write home about.. Say, i saw a sign for a clinic, you got some good doctoring going on here or do you reckon i could make some quick caps setting up shop myself? Or do you think they’re possibly understaffed at the moment?”
[20:20:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [78 over easy 66]
[20:22:32] jesse.boef: “guess it pays to stand out once in a while. well, im off fellas.” i tap the table and walk to the bar
[20:24:25] sneo92: >_Haakon: The pooltable looks decrepid, the cloth is torn and the cues are strewn about, craked. Many of the balls are missing and the few that are still around are either faded or have been replaced with 8balls.
>_Jonas: “I think they’re fine over there, but I guess you could ask Sayonara if she needs an extra pair of hooves. But tell her it’s coming out of her pay, if so.”
[20:24:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: looks at the barman" do you have a Computer Station ?"
[20:25:28] jesse.boef: i stand next to shadow “so whats goin on here?”
[20:25:48] sneo92: >_He looks surprised at Leo “I think the last one we had that’s not restricted got hit during the last Ranger brawl, sorry.”
[20:26:57] Cecium: " im getting drunk spypony " giggles as she levitates the second glass up and takes a big gulp of it
[20:28:10] jesse.boef: i look to the bartender “you dont happen to keep tabs, do ya?”
[20:29:19 | Edited 20:29:30] Cecium: " sho, stalker! you know a mare named… whassername.. ooh! Starligth!? " takes another gulp
[20:29:26] sneo92: >_He lifts an eyebrow “Even if I took you for a honourable sort, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever walk through those doors again, so that’s a no buddy.”
[20:30:36] jesse.boef: “figured as much, worth a shot though” i turn to shadow “matter of fact, i do”
[20:31:25] Jonas Askeland: I sip some of my drink, testing the water. And i look across the room for telltale signs of injuries or sickness amongst the ponies in the bar
[20:32:02] sneo92: >_Jonas [perception]
[20:32:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: Sits in a corner and studies the people and the room
[20:32:21] Cecium: " I remember her saying that enclave bad and yer.. yer enclave no? so are you a bad pony? " drawls drunkinly and hicups
[20:32:21] Jonas Askeland: 32
[20:32:58 | Edited 20:33:04] Jonas Askeland: I look over at Shadow, down to my drink, and then over to the barkeep “How many of these has she had?”
[20:34:26] sneo92: >_The drink tastes of foul of mud. As you look around, see most of the ponies look in decent health, considering you’re in the wasteland. As you look around, you notice a pony sitting on the far end of the bar seems to be looking at you
[20:34:58] jesse.boef: “im a soldier for the enclave. and for that, i follow orders. theres a difference between my opinions and brass decisions”
[20:35:31] sneo92: >_[whomever at the bar, perception]
[20:35:39] jesse.boef: 19
[20:35:56] Cecium: [ 39 under medium ]
[20:36:01] Jonas Askeland: 90
[20:36:05] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [do i count?]
[20:36:12] sneo92: >_[are you at the bar?]
[20:36:17] jesse.boef: [hes in a corner]
[20:36:24] sneo92: >_[then no]
[20:36:31] Jonas Askeland: I look back quizzically, do i recognize the pony?
[20:36:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [in a corner and studies the room]
[20:37:19] sneo92: >_Jesse: You notice Single Malt looks at you as you mention the enclave, perking an ear
[20:37:47] jesse.boef: i look back to malt “somethin wrong?”
[20:39:14] sneo92: >_Jonas: The pony has a widebrimmed hat low on his brow and a brown trenchcoat tucked up his neck, it’s hard to even see him so you cannot reccognize him
>_Jesse: Singlemalt jumps and returns to his business of washing a glass “Oh! No no” He hushes his voice down “Just not often you hear about Enclave around here, might wanna be a bit more careful where you throw that stuff around”
[20:39:57] jesse.boef: “i noticed already. almost had a bit of trouble with folks from… who were those folks again shadow?”
[20:40:05] Jonas Askeland: I move over to sit with the hat pony “Nice hat”
[20:40:31 | Edited 20:40:49] Cecium: " Uh? chainlink! yesyes" hicups and consumes more goop
[20:40:42] jesse.boef: “him, probably”
[20:42:54] sneo92: >_Jonas: He tips his hat backwards, revealing a set of pale, white eyes and a face which is decrepid and rotten. He speaks with a voice rough as sandpaper “Much appreciated, son. What brings you around here?”
>_Jesse: “Huh, I can imagine. Barbed Wire was always a bit suspicous.” He laughs to himself.
[20:43:28 | Edited 20:43:31] jesse.boef: “and who might barbed wire be?”
[20:45:12 | Edited 20:45:55] sneo92: >_Jesse/Christian: “Barbed Wire? You had troubles with Chainlink and you don’t know who Barbed Wire is? Boy are you in for a ride, Wire is very protective of his little brother, and when you’re messing with the biggest Slave Baron in the region you better be watching your tails.”
[20:46:21] jesse.boef: “slavery eh? and when youre surrounded pretty much 3 to 1 you dont go asking personal questions”
[20:46:45] Jonas Askeland: “Oh, you almost look like you’re mid op” I say with slight bewilderment and fascination “Oh! Sorry, havent run into a lot of ghouls!” I apologise as i catch myself “I’m a doctor, kinda just wandering around looking for work, i’m pretty much broke right now” I finish with a weak smile
[20:48:26] sneo92: >_Jesse: “Heh, I see that” He returns to his glass cleaning duties
>_Jonas: The ghoul smiles “Well atleast you had the decency to say sorry. Those kids by the bar your friends?”
[20:49:24] Cecium: " Soo, Stalker when was last time you saw starlight? "
[20:49:42] jesse.boef: “never, nor am i interested”
[20:49:51] Jonas Askeland: “Oh yes, just met the lot really, but i think we’re getting pretty tight” I say with a big smile
[20:51:01] Cecium: " but you said you knew her? " looks very confused as she takes a final sip of the goop *
[20:51:15] jesse.boef: “word gets around”
[20:51:29] sneo92: >_Jonas: The ghoul returns the smile, revealing rotten and moldy teeth, as a small cloudy puff eminates from his cheek. “How nice. Looked like earlier one of you’re friends was pretty interested in getting a job of sorts, I might have a small something for you if you’re interested”
[20:52:44] Cecium: " Well last time I saw her she was with the steelrangers, plus a whole load of other pegasi… how come you not drinkin stalker? dont like booze? "
[20:52:59] Jonas Askeland: *With a glint in my eyes and an empty wallet i perk up
“That might sound good, what kinda job are you talking about?”
[20:53:10] jesse.boef: “like i already said, flat busted”
[20:53:41] Cecium: " Oh, heh I didnt notice sorry " " HEY MALT! two more drinks! " smiles widely
[20:55:34] sneo92: >_Jonas: The Ghouls gives a crooked smile. “Just a simple delivery job, it’s not even far.” He says as he fishes up a brown pack. “I need you to take this to a ballpark just by the edge of downtown, a bit east of here. Nice and simple.”
>_Christian/Jesse: “Two drinks for the filly and her company!” Once again he ducks and fishes up a fresh glass which he places firmly in front of Stalker and quickly fills the two. “That’ll be ten caps, hun.”
[20:56:04 | Edited 20:56:12] Cecium: pays up and passes one of the drinks to stalker starts gulping down goop
[20:56:22] jesse.boef: “that came unexpected. thanks shadow” i take a swig of the drink… or goop
[20:57:06] sneo92: >_Jesse: The murk tastes like you’re drinking mud. But after not long you feel the alcohol going to your head, this is strong stuff.
[20:57:38] Jonas Askeland: “Is that so, and what would you be paying the four of us for this nice and simple job then?” I say, stressing the words “nice and simple” as i look him square in the eyes
[20:59:08] jesse.boef: “this, this is exactly my style” i laugh and dump the rest down my throat
[20:59:10 | Edited 20:59:47] sneo92: >_Jonas: The ghoul laughs to himself “Does one hundred caps sound sensible? His eyes are so pale you have dificulties telling if he even sees”
[21:00:48] Jonas Askeland: “Is that per pony then or are you trying to tell us that 25 caps each is worth the travel?”
[21:02:21] sneo92: >_"A day or so walk isn’t hardly worth more, wouldn’t you say? You can choose amongst yourself how to split it, that’s not my problem. Besides, I don’t think all of you need to go"
[21:02:53] jesse.boef: i put the glass on the counter "ill go see what cott’ns up to. probably see ya another time malt. i pat shadow on the back and walk to cotton. “and whats goin on here?”
[21:04:11 | Edited 21:04:15] sneo92: >_Jonas/Jesse: The Ghoul perks up “Ah, your inquirous friend. We’re just working with an agreement, a little job I’d like for you to handle for me.”
[21:04:30] jesse.boef: “wonderful. what does this job involve?”
[21:05:49 | Edited 21:06:04] sneo92: >_Jesse/Jonas: The ghoul smiles widely “Like I’m telling your friend, it’s a simple delivery job.” He taps a brown satchel lying on the table.
[21:06:31] jesse.boef: “things are often harder than they seem. why dont ya tell me a bit more about it” i pull up a chair
[21:06:54] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, we were also discusing the pricepoint” I say to Stalker and then turn to the ghoul again “This a pressing matter then? Dont see you trying for any of the traders or anything”
[21:08:05] jesse.boef: [leo is rather quiet, hes behavin like me at parties :D]
[21:08:19] Jonas Askeland: [Isnt this a party? ^]
[21:08:29] jesse.boef: [kinda yeah]
[21:08:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Leo does not have an interest here]
[21:08:58] jesse.boef: [wait, no. i dont even show up at parties XD]
[21:09:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [just looking at people]
[21:09:05 | Edited 21:09:12] sneo92: >_Jesse/Jonas: The ghoul leans in, resting his elbows on the table. “The traders are far to busy with their routes and bulks to handle such a small delivery. I got the deal set already, all you have to do is go the meeting point, deliver the goods, get my money and get back here.” He rests a hoof on the bag. “It’s only half a day walk or so.”
[21:09:55] jesse.boef: “and what would i be transporting?”
[21:10:43] Jonas Askeland: I start the process of a slightly elaborate act to get to asking him about the contents of the package, but Stalker beat me to it
[21:10:56] jesse.boef: [heh]
[21:11:18] Jonas Askeland: [Lovely difference in how we go about this ^
[21:12:02] sneo92: >_He simply taps the bag “This. You don’t need to worry about what’s in it, it will be out of your hooves by the time it’s opened. And judging by the sound of you, I don’t think it’s content would even interest you.”
[21:12:51] jesse.boef: “youd be surprised. i need to know wether i should run or fight when the need arrises, in case if this package is fragile.”
[21:13:23 | Edited 21:13:48] jesse.boef: “or, if they explode when they come into contact with live bullets”
[21:13:55] sneo92: >_The ghoul laughs “Oh it’s nothing breakable, but both I and the buyer would perfer if it’s not riddled with bullets by the time it gets there.”
[21:13:57] Jonas Askeland: I look to stalker, then back to the ghoul and just nod, this is making sense
[21:14:54] Jonas Askeland: [Tho i intended that to go before the ghoul right now, its not a confirmation on taking the job or anything]
[21:15:26] jesse.boef: “and whats the price my friend here is talkin about then”
[21:16:01] Jonas Askeland: “He said 100 caps, but i’m sure he can do better” I shoot the ghoul a glance
[21:17:12] sneo92: >_The ghoul flashes a crooked smile “Such an easy job, if you keep a good pace you’ll be back here by tomorow morning if you leave soon.”
[21:17:39] Jonas Askeland: “So we take this to someone, and come back here to you in the morning is it?”
[21:18:13] sneo92: >_The ghoul nods “That’s about it, yes”
[21:18:39] Jonas Askeland: “Then what the buck arent you telling me, you could make that walk yourself and save yourself a hundred caps”
[21:18:56] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walks over to the ghoul" and who is the recipient ?
[21:19:09] jesse.boef: [i doubt you can hear from across the room…]
[21:19:28] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [i am pretty perceptive]
[21:19:28] jesse.boef: [i may be wrong, but yah]
[21:20:00] Jonas Askeland: [You been making perception checks on the side?]
[21:20:23] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ i can if sneo wants me to]
[21:20:41] jesse.boef: [then do ask him first, before ya assume its not needed]
[21:21:09] Jonas Askeland: [Sneo would point it out if he needs to, so can just try]
[21:21:21] sneo92: >_The ghoul turns to Cotton and waves a hoof in front of his face “Perhaps this could be a bit of a hint? The buyer is a personal contact of mine, a bit of a friend you could say.” The ghoul smiles [I’ll allow it this time, but do ask in the future, Haakon]
[21:21:49] Cecium: starts snoring loudly over at the bar
[21:21:55] jesse.boef: […]
[21:21:59] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [well i assume when i study the room i can pick up on this]
[21:22:05] jesse.boef: [you cant hold your liquor :P]
[21:22:51] jesse.boef: “that isnt really an answer. why dont you make this trip yerself?”
[21:23:06] Cecium: [stablepony , dont get a lot of booze in teh stables ]
[21:23:13] Jonas Askeland: “This smells kinda rotten, no offence, so i’d like it if you sweetened the deal some”
[21:23:31] jesse.boef: [talk about rotten in front of rotface… dem balls]
[21:23:45] Jonas Askeland: [There may be some offence]
[21:24:01] jesse.boef: [stable life seems horrible 0.o]
[21:24:03 | Edited 21:24:36] sneo92: >_The ghouls smile dissapear, as he turns to Stalker “I’m blind, you idiot. It makes trecks across the wastes a bit hazzardous when a slightly to high drop could be the end of me”
[21:24:40] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “we’ll do it”
[21:24:56 | Edited 21:24:58] jesse.boef: “fair enough. unless cotton has a problem, im up for it”
[21:25:03] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “and i assume u are a being of your word”
[21:25:15] Jonas Askeland: “Wait, we will? Cant i haggle some more?”
[21:25:29] jesse.boef: “like i said, unless you have a problem.”
[21:25:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “against a being that is rotten and blind?”
[21:26:09] jesse.boef: i drag leo off “how bout you just shush?”
[21:26:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " The truth can never be shushed"
[21:26:36] Jonas Askeland: “Hey now, thats probably not his fault, and can you blame me? I couldnt even afford the good booze, and i wanted to try the good booze”
[21:26:51] jesse.boef: “there are multiple paths to the truth”
[21:27:03] jesse.boef: “and one of those is silence”
[21:27:17] sneo92: >_The ghoul sits still “…are you all done?”
[21:27:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “We’ll do it, like i said”
[21:27:45] jesse.boef: “not so hasty, let cotton talk”
[21:27:54] Haakon Grov Melkevik: I take the bag
[21:28:05 | Edited 21:28:55] Jonas Askeland: I face the ghoul “I guess we’ll do the job, but i’ll have to check on Shadow there to see if she has to sleep that off or if we can drag her along right now”
[21:30:00] sneo92: >_The ghoul raises his head towards Leo “Thank you, after I lost my eyes everyhing became such a hazzle. And in times like these it’s hard to find anypony willing to take any stray job. The buyer is held up in the old stadium to the north east, just follow the border of the city and you’ll spot it.” He leans back with a smile “I’ll be here when you get back.”
[21:30:30] jesse.boef: i walk over and lean on the table with cartweel & co. “looks like ill be off for a while. should be back t’morrow mornin”
[21:31:02 | Removed 21:31:50] Cecium: This message has been removed.
[21:31:08] jesse.boef: [folk i met here]
[21:31:16] jesse.boef: [cartwheel and company]
[21:31:17] Jonas Askeland: “So who we meeting? Any name or something to make sure we dont hand it over to the wrong pony?”
[21:32:59] sneo92: >_Jesse: The traders nod and the teal pony speaks up “Yeah, I don’t know about these fellas, but I’ll probably be here until then.”
>_Jonas: “Ask for Rocketfuel, if she’s not around anymore, just ask for whomever’s in carge.”
[21:33:54] Jonas Askeland: “Alright, and who’s it from? In all the haggling i never got your name”
[21:34:39] jesse.boef: i walk back to the group
[21:35:15] sneo92: >_The ghoul smiles “Actually, that’s a good question, but the clients just know me as Spaceghoul. Never quite figures why they chose that name.” He chuckles to himself.
[21:36:13] Jonas Askeland: “Spaceghoul? Nice name, dont reckon i’ll ever forget that. My names Cotton, nice doing business with you”
[21:36:31] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “How old are you ?”
[21:36:44] jesse.boef: i walk over to shadow actually and shake her a bit. “wake up, got business to do”
[21:36:46] Jonas Askeland: “Now if you’ll just excuse me for a minute, i need to check on my blackout drunk friend over there, and we then we can get right back to this”
[21:36:46] sneo92: >_The ghoul smiles “The pleasure has been all mine. Now you better be off, you can make still make it there before sunset.”
[21:37:05 | Edited 21:37:07] jesse.boef: [beat ya to it again :D]
[21:37:28] Cecium: " Another five minutes mom, dont wanna go on guard duty now…. snores again "
[21:37:31] sneo92: >_"Be careful out there." The ghoul pulls his hat back down, concealing most of his face
[21:37:40] Jonas Askeland: I trot over to shadow and start poking her, if that fails i’ll ask for some water to give her a surprise facewash with
[21:37:54] Jonas Askeland: Oh, i also grab the package
[21:38:11] jesse.boef: i just grab shadow and shake er harder
[21:38:17] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [I have already taken that jonas]
[21:38:29] Jonas Askeland: [Oh, my bad]
[21:39:52] Cecium: " Im awake already ! argh!" looks at stalker " Ey, why you spinning so much? " starts slowly falling in the direction of stalker
[21:40:15] jesse.boef: i let her drop to the floor, and hold cotton back should he react
[21:40:37] Cecium: " Gravity ….. sucks….. starts snoring again "
[21:40:38] Jonas Askeland: I am held back
[21:40:49] Jonas Askeland: But now i cant help but smirk
[21:40:52] jesse.boef: “lets leave er, more money for us”
[21:41:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “yea, if this barrel of fun wants to sleep, let her sleep”
[21:41:19] Jonas Askeland: “What? We cant do that, she’s like part of our gang now”
[21:41:35] jesse.boef: “shes dead drunk, she’ll just delay and or get us killed”
[21:42:08] Jonas Askeland: “Well by that sentiment the two of you should be able to make the trip the fastest alone, wings and all that”
[21:42:25] jesse.boef: “actually, not a bad point”
[21:43:06] jesse.boef: “me and leo will split 40/40, youll get 20. sound okay?”
[21:43:25] Jonas Askeland: “Hey, without me there would be no job in the first place!”
[21:43:34] jesse.boef: “exactly, thats why ya get 20”
[21:43:36 | Edited 21:43:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “which is why u get 20”
[21:44:24] Jonas Askeland: “Thats not cool, gimme 30 and you split the remaining 70?”
[21:44:35] jesse.boef: “deal”
[21:44:42] Jonas Askeland: “Alrighty then!”
[21:44:52] Jonas Askeland: “Off you go then, i have a drunkard to play with”
[21:44:58] jesse.boef: i walk back to the ghoul “where is the dropoff point?”
[21:46:05] jesse.boef: [heh, ya sounded just like someone i know. also says alrighty all the time]
[21:46:11 | Edited 21:46:26] sneo92: >_The ghoul looks startled at the sudden return "Oh, didn’t I tell you, the north east, get to the edge of Downtown and follow it eastwards and you’ll find it. It’s a large ballpark stadium, and if you reach Mercy’s or the ocean, you’ve gone to far.
[21:46:33] jesse.boef: [can i mark the locations on my pipboy?]
[21:46:44] jesse.boef: [or whatever the pony version is called]
[21:46:55 | Edited 21:47:13] sneo92: >_[he cannot do that, I’m afraid, and we don’t have quest magic here. but it really is a “you can’t miss it” thing
[21:47:06] jesse.boef: [but based on his description]
[21:47:07] Jonas Askeland: [Pipbuck]
[21:47:30] sneo92: >_[Didn’t I send the map last tim?
[21:47:42] Cecium: [you did ]
[21:47:44] jesse.boef: [yeah, only has the facility i blew up]
[21:47:48 | Edited 21:47:57] Cecium: [I have mine in front of me here : 3 ]
[21:48:12] jesse.boef: [can we download shadows map onto ours?]
[21:48:38] sneo92: >_[Oh right, I’ll have it updated by the end of the session. That you could, if you had a connection coupling :3]
[21:48:49] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Want to try to use SCIENCE to get the map co ordinates]
[21:48:54] Cecium: [and hte technical knwo how ]
[21:48:56] jesse.boef: [wait!]
[21:49:11] Jonas Askeland: I go to Leo and drag him out of earshot from the ghoul “Be careful tho, not sure i’m buying his blind story.. Which makes this even more rotten than his face. I’ll try to keep an eye on him here, see if he slips up”
[21:49:14] jesse.boef: [nvm]
[21:49:38] jesse.boef: “where would downtown be?”
[21:49:45] sneo92: >_[though, none of you know that Shadow has a more updated map]
[21:50:08] Cecium: [ im doing the I have 19 locatiosn on my map dance ]
[21:50:27] jesse.boef: [teach me that dance once :P]
[21:50:32] sneo92: >_Jesse: The ghoul raises an eyebrow “Not from around these parts, eh? Just head noth and a bit east and you’ll see it soon enough.”
[21:50:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [28 under 68 if science, but if outdoorpony then 28 under 38]
[21:51:23 | Edited 21:51:33] sneo92: >_Leo brings up his pipbuck, and afer a quick discussion with the ghoul you manage conclude to what coordinates it must be.
[21:52:00] jesse.boef: “alright, should be enough directions. until tmorrow then” i walk outside to the gun cabinet
[21:52:08] sneo92: >_[it might be a bit before I have it fully updated, I’ll have it sent soon]
[21:53:04] sneo92: >_[LAST POSTS AFTER THIS] The guards sit where they did when you entered, only giving you a quick glance before returning to their conversations.
[21:53:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: goes out and fetches my gun
[21:53:56] jesse.boef: i grab my guns as well
[21:54:05] Cecium: Snores loudly
[21:54:17] Jonas Askeland: I try to prop up Shadow in a stool and enjoy my drink and evening, wondering when the cute guard mare gets off her shift
[21:54:45] sneo92: >_[AAAND CUT!]



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