FO:E Test

The delivery

[18:59:33] sneo92: Goodie!
[19:01:50] sneo92: >_ [Jonas and Christian]: The patrons of Single Malt’s has started to simmer down for now as Cotton finds himself sat on a barstool next to Shadow, who is currently lying face down on the counter, having had a spot to much to drink
[Jesse and Haakon]: Leo and Stalker stand in the cave just beyond the large, cog shaped door to the Brewery. The guards are entertaining themselves by throwing dice in some game you don’t recognize
[19:02:52 | Edited 19:03:09] jesse.boef: “Guess we better get movin”
[19:03:12 | Edited 19:03:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Wait, wait, wait.”
[19:03:42] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “what kind of dices do you think they play ?”
[19:04:08] jesse.boef: “I think a game of who gives a fuck, lets go get our money”
[19:04:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “who piised in your hay? anyway, sure”
[19:05:03] sneo92: [a quick reminder of textrules: implies action “Implies talk” [out of game talk]]
[19:05:32] Cecium: Shadow snores gently as she sleeps the booze off
[19:05:59] jesse.boef: “Lead the way ‘genius’”
[19:06:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: " A genius always leads the ways of the world"
[19:07:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: starts leading the way
[19:07:25] jesse.boef: •i follow closely behind, scanning the area•
[19:09:32] sneo92: >_[H/J] You wander out the cave. Outside a mild drizzle is falling from the same, dull, gray cloud cover. It’s roughly mid day and from the Pip-Buck Leo reads the direction to be heading is to the Noth East.
[Jonas]: On the far side of the snoring shadow a rust-brown coloured mare sits down, she looks around the bar and huffs as she lifts a hoof to order a drink from Single Malt
[19:11:14] Jonas Askeland: [I’m re-reading the logs, but i’m not sure it says anything about the guardsmare name or appearance, so could you remind me what she looked like?]
[19:11:55] sneo92: [The guardsmare was pinkcoated with a light blue mane]
[19:12:04] Jonas Askeland: [Cheers]
[19:13:21] jesse.boef: •i take to the skies and head north east with leo, scanning the area while i do•
[19:14:56] Jonas Askeland: I look over to the brown mare and brandish a bit, with a smile i say “A bit for your thoughts?”
[19:15:15] jesse.boef: [loverboy alert]
[19:15:26] jesse.boef: [sneo, shoot him off!]
[19:15:36] Jonas Askeland: [Not without a speech check!]
[19:17:45] sneo92: >_[Jesse/Haakon]: A chilly wind is blowing as you get some altitude, to the north east there’s a slight hint of smoke still rising. STraight north you can barely make out skyline of Baltimare through the drizzle. The imediate area is deserted, a single tumbleweed providing the only movment. Continuing north east you eventually come across a crossroads, highways streching to the north, north east, south and southwest.
[Jonas, well then gimme a speech check!]
[19:18:19] Jonas Askeland: [51 under 64]
[19:18:30] jesse.boef: [damn it]
[19:19:00] sneo92: [I’m gonna point out there’s gonna be some shift in time this session, hopefully will figure it out later on]
[19:20:47] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: The mare turns to you, giving Shadow only a glance. “Right now? Why some slick shmuck tries to buy me off with pre-war cash” She gets her drink from Single Malts and takes a sip.
[19:21:06] jesse.boef: [HAH]
[19:23:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “where did that pony go again ? The one named shadow”
[19:24:25] jesse.boef: “Drunk, shes sleepin”
[19:24:35] Cecium: snores
[19:25:40 | Edited 19:25:53] Jonas Askeland: “Because my friend here fell asleep and i’m all out of caps” I tuck the bit away “Names Cotton, nice to meet you, and you can have the bit if you want, but i’m getting the impression they’re worthless round here”
[19:26:06] jesse.boef: •i continue on to our destination, [which was what again?]•
[19:26:29] Cecium: [Certain death ]
[19:26:40] Jonas Askeland: [We dont know that]
[19:26:45] Cecium: [ I know that ]
[19:27:03] jesse.boef: [i know itll be that for you if you keep that up]
[19:27:14] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [only simon knows what is certain]
[19:30:55] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: The mare gives off an amused huff “Keep it, no use for me.” She takes a quick sip, as she looks down on Shadow once more “Tin. Hey, this one looks familiar. Though she had different company last time. So what brings you to this neck of the woods, Cotton?”
>_[Haakon/Jesse, I can tell you NOTHING is certain with you lot.]: Walking off the road, the pair continues north east. You can faintly hear the bangs of either gunshots or bullets to the north and northeast. From up high, Stalker notices a small cluster of ruined buildings to the north.
[19:31:47] jesse.boef: •i freeze and look northeast, try to identify the sounds•
[19:31:50] sneo92: [brb drink]
[19:32:29] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [cecium, eva is looking at me weirdly]
[19:33:55] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: The sounds are the distant sound of battle, they are faint and only barely audible over the rain and wind.
[19:34:53] jesse.boef: “Lets avoid the obvious danger, find us a way around”
[19:35:14] Jonas Askeland: “I like traveling, heard there was an old hospital in the area and went there to look for some meds, and just now i ended up here for a drink. You know Shadow? I just met her the other day”
[19:36:25] Haakon Grov Melkevik: i look for the optimal route to get us northeast without going to the place he heard gunfire
[19:37:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: check pipbuck for Tinderrrr
[19:37:53] jesse.boef: [sigh]
[19:39:52] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: “We had a little bumpin a while back, she and her little gang helped out of a little jam downtown.” She takes a sip and ruffles the sleeping Shadow’s mane. “Never got around to thanking them for that.” She looks to the entrance of the bar, then down on her very own pip-buck.
>_[Haakon/Jesse] The quickest route looks to be that which the crow flies. It will lead you over another highway and through the wastes to your destination. It is roughly mid afternoon.
[19:40:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Howdy ho, we are going this way”points direction
[19:41:14] jesse.boef: •i follow leo closely, still looking for danger•
[19:43:12] sneo92: >_[J/H] The sounds grow in intensity as you draw ever closer to the city centre. As you eventually crest a hill you can, in the distance, dicern what looks like an old hoofball stadium. By reading the directions, Leo can clearly deduce this is your destination. [also, which one of you are carrying the package?]
[19:43:32] Cecium: [inb4 they left the package at the bar ]
[19:43:35] jesse.boef: [think leo had it]
[19:43:50] Jonas Askeland: [Check the log?]
[19:44:16] jesse.boef: [pretty sure leo grabbed it]
[19:44:30] Cecium: [ last mention of package in adventure log has Cotton taking it ]
[19:44:48 | Edited 19:45:05] sneo92: >_[GM Magic, Leo has the package] Poof
[19:45:03 | Edited 19:45:14] jesse.boef: [thanks sneo (heart) ]
[19:45:41] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “dun dun dudu dun dun dudu”* stars walking towards the hoofball stadium*
[19:46:35] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, nice little lady aint she?” I proceed to tell the story of how we were running out of a burning building, i black out, and next thing i know i’m outside with Shadow [Can i roll for dramatic effect? Also story too long to write out by hand]
[19:46:44] jesse.boef: •i land near leo and follow close by•
[19:47:48] sneo92: >_[Jonas, you may roll]
[19:47:54] Jonas Askeland: [31 under 64]
[19:49:41] sneo92: [H/J]: You start walking down the hill, and as you approach the stadium you can see that was once was the building holding lockers and the comentator box has large burnmarks all over, and a makeshift palistade surounds the field. You can see what looks like a gate on the left side of the area. [and I derped, it’s a baseball field not hoofball.]
[19:50:19] jesse.boef: •i walk and slam a few times on the gate to the left•
[19:53:11] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: The mare seems to listen for a bit, but she soon starts showing clear signs of not paying real attention anymore as she keeps casting looks towards the door. “uuhuh, that’s nice” She trail off occationally.
[H/J]: As Stalker knocks the metal gate, you can briefly hear some swearing on the the other end before a head pops up to the left of the gate. The gnarly looking pony blinks twice as he finally speaks “Who the buck are you?”
[19:53:48 | Edited 19:54:04] jesse.boef: “Got a package given to us by some blind guy”
[19:57:27] Jonas Askeland: I finish up faster as she’s disinterested “So yeah, nice gal. Hope you’re nice too cuz i have something to attend to, and i’ll be leaving her here with you for a bit. Guess maybe you got some catching up to do? Was nice meeting you Tin” I excuse myself and start making my way to the entrance of the brewery
[19:57:29] sneo92: >_[J/H] “A package? Wait right there!” He says before he drops behind the wall again. Some time passes as you can make out voices bickering behind the wall. The gate soon opens and five armed ponies walk out on both sides of the pair. They are clothed mostly in scrap and leather. One of them has a large metal disk on her head, which seem to form a sort of mohawk. “Why don’t you step right in here, boyo.” She says as the others sircle around the back of the group.
[19:57:59] jesse.boef: •i casually walk in•
[19:58:37] jesse.boef: •i eye the ponies around me•
[20:01:15] Haakon Grov Melkevik: * while i walk in i wink at metal mohawk*
[20:03:41] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: As you step up to the door, you bump into somepony just as the door opens. As you look back up to see who this was all you see is what looks like a really tall pony’s body. It’s neck streches up above the door and a head pokes down from just next to it. “Oh! Sorry about that!” The creature says as the head leans in and the body steps in. You see now the head is connected to the body by a long, spotted neck. It walks past Cotton and gives Tin a bump on the hoof with her own as they start to talk.
[H/J] You are led into a small courtyard among a dissorganized shamble of tents and other makeshift housings. The ponies around you chuckle occationally, while the mohawked one walks up in front. She stops in the middle of the courtyard and shouts “Looks like Hearts Warming came early this year, my little ponies!” She turns to the pegasi with a menacing grin. “Now what sort of ‘package’ do you have for us?”
[20:04:27] jesse.boef: •i snatch the package from leo and toss it to mohawk•
[20:05:15] jesse.boef: •i analyse the room, and look for my exit strategies•
[20:05:42] jesse.boef: [btw, can roll myself now]
[20:06:14] Jonas Askeland: Make mental note that i HAVE TO GO HAVE A CHAT WITH THAT STRANGE PONY LATER! And go have a looksie to see if guardsmare is still at work
[20:08:49] Cecium: shadow rolls over and falls flat on the floor thus waking up "Ouch! … Uhh my head.. where am I ? "*starts looking around confused like*
[20:09:11] jesse.boef: [finally decided to wake your lazy ass up eh?]
[20:09:36] Cecium: [Been checking how much time has passsed since you lot left, would be kinda lame if I woke up the moment after you guys left]
[20:09:53] jesse.boef: [suuuureeee]
[20:12:28 | Edited 20:13:12] sneo92: >_[H/J] The pony grabs the package, and ispects it. “The hay is this?” She opens it up and rummages around. She looks over to someone standing next to her and mumbles something before the other pony runs off. She sticks away the package and turns back to the others. “Now what else do you have for us?” She says as she steps up to Leo and yanks at his bag. [You are still outside, the gate behind you has closed.]
>_[Jonas]: You walk into the hallway of the brewery to see a familiar pink mare removing her helmet while talking to another guard. They bumb hooves as the guard heads out as Cotton walks up. “There you are, Button, was it?”
>_[Christian]: Shadow wakes up to see nothing but a brownish tail in her face. She can barely make out a shout as she feels a hoof mildly kicking her away.
[20:13:11] jesse.boef: [leo is in trooouuubleeeee~]
[20:13:21] jesse.boef: [sneo, gimme my exit strategies!]
[20:13:24] jesse.boef: [dont ignore me]
[20:13:30] sneo92: [See edit]
[20:13:43] jesse.boef: [kay, thanks babe]
[20:13:50] Cecium: [im being kicked away where ? ]
[20:14:00 | Edited 20:14:07] sneo92: [Just away from under Tin’s tail]
[20:14:25 | Edited 20:14:40] jesse.boef: i move to leo and look up, then nod•
[20:14:48] Haakon Grov Melkevik: *nods back

[20:15:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Was there anything unsatisfactory with the package madam ?”
[20:15:21] Cecium: "ugh.. remind me not to drink as many of those next time cotton… " looks around " Uh.. Cotton?.. Stalker?.. Leo? "
[20:16:15] Jonas Askeland: “Oh that is so close!” I give her a grin “Never been called Button before, sounds pretty cutesy. You coming off your shift?”
[20:16:16] jesse.boef: [what would i have to roll if i wanna spit ?]
[20:19:24 | Edited 20:21:10] jesse.boef: [well, spit accurately?]
[20:21:38] sneo92: >_[J/H]: The mare swings up a machete and swiftly cuts of Leo’s right pack comes loose. She looks quickly at it and throws it to a small group of ponies off to the side. “Yeah, it wasn’t everything you had.” She holds the machete to Leos neck as the turns to the rest of the ponies, now atleast a dozen, watching. “Help yourselves!” [If you’re aiming for something spesific, do a throwing]
[Christian]: “You’re friend took off chacing tail.” Shadow hears from above.
[Jonas]: “Yeah, just finishing up now, though I’d get me a bite to eat down in the atrium before I changed up.” She turns to head down the other way. “Feel free to tag along.”
[20:22:09] jesse.boef: [wait]
[20:22:09] jesse.boef: [whos yelling help yourselves?]
[20:22:24] sneo92: [Mohawk]
[20:22:31] jesse.boef: [ah]
[20:23:00] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Well, this was unexpected, do you also have some lube ?”
[20:23:35] jesse.boef: •i snatch the machete, tap leo’s wings, and fly straight up into the sky•
[20:23:35] jesse.boef: [unarmed, i reckon]
[20:23:54] sneo92: [Roll unarmed with a 50 for a disarm.]
[20:24:20] jesse.boef: [73 base skill, becomes 23, rolled 16]
[20:24:51] jesse.boef: [i now have a machete ^^]
[20:26:43] jesse.boef: [fly leo, fly like the wind!]
[20:26:51] Cecium: "wait, dont I know you? " shadow looks puzzled at tin
[20:27:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: walk calmly inwards, to the building
[20:28:01] Jonas Askeland: “Dont mind if i do” I trot along besides her “So.. If i’m Button, who are you?” I give her a slightly wry smile
[20:28:36] jesse.boef: [leo, the fuck you doing? you wanna die?]
[20:28:46] Cecium: [ive never actually seen Leo fly .. ]
[20:28:56] jesse.boef: [we just flew…]
[20:29:38] sneo92: >_[J/H]: The mohawked mare looks shocked as Stalker shoots up with her machete. A heap of ponies point their guns up towards Stalker who’s now in the air. As the mohawked Pony grabs on to Leo and presses her metal mohawk, to Leo’s neck. “You’ll regret that, you fucking… SHOO..!” She’s cut of by a lound voice cracking through the place “HOLD IT!” As Stalker sees all the ponies pointing guns up turn towards the burnt out building.
>_[Christian]: The mare looks down at Shadow “Yeah, we met a while ago, now will you leave me alone? And stop looking at me from there!” She gives Shadow another kick before she turns back to her conversation
[20:30:32] Haakon Grov Melkevik: i still walk towardsd the building
[20:30:35] jesse.boef: •i look towards the loud voice•
[20:30:49] jesse.boef: [leo, youre being held…]
[20:30:58] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: “I’m Crumble” She says as she walks, “Just your average guardspony”
[Haakon, you are being pinned, you can not walk freely.]
[20:31:10] jesse.boef: [you gonna drag mohawk along?]
[20:31:27] Cecium: "Ah.. real sorry ! ill just leave you alone then " shadow scurries off in search of the showers
[20:31:43] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ i wanna walk towards the building, what do i need to roll ?]
[20:31:59] jesse.boef: [probably like strength or agil]
[20:32:08] sneo92: [Strength]
[20:33:21] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [54, so i fail at even easy, so gonna try to tickle her with unarmed]
[20:33:32 | Edited 20:33:39] jesse.boef: […]
[20:34:01] jesse.boef: [the ideas of this genius amazes me]
[20:34:19] Cecium: [thats haakon for ya ]
[20:36:51] sneo92: >_[J/H] As Leo tries to start walking, the Mohawked mare drags her mowhaw along Leos shoulder, cutting deeply [6dmg]. She proceedes to tackle Leo to the ground and pins him under her. “Don’t you fucking move, turkey.” She mumbles into Leos ear. From the building a large stalion walks down the few stairs to the ground. He calmly walks over to the group as the ponies give way to him as he approach. He looks up at Stalker, “You, down here, NOW!” He shouts in a voice which causes all precent to wince, some cover their ears.
>_[Christian: Luck Roll]
[20:38:03] Cecium: [30 thus making a medium check ]
[20:38:33] sneo92: [brb]
[20:38:54] jesse.boef: [sorry bro, aint going there]
•i give a salute, then dash higher and away from this place•
[20:41:51] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Wow, u are feisty, do you always need to cut people and threaten them to get them ? Cause that seems like a bad strategy lady. I can recommend you to a psychologist, to help you with your cutting and metal fetish”
[20:42:09] jesse.boef: [inb4 leo’s death]
[20:42:18] Haakon Grov Melkevik: whispers back
[20:42:18] Cecium: [worse things than death ]
[20:43:24] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ i am not afraid, i am more valuable than all of you]
[20:43:32] sneo92: >_[Christian]: Shadow stumbles around the hallways for a while until she comes by a door, where she can spy through a room and into a muddy, rusty old shower
>_[Haakon]: The mare pushes Leo’s face further down into the mud. “Shut your fucking face, you’re gonna be my lunch, turkey.”
The large Stalion looks up at the quickly dissapearing Stalker, as he calmly says “Shoot him.”
>_[Jesse: Luck Roll]
[20:44:05] Cecium: " Oh thank celestia! A shower!" Starts attempting to make the shower work
[20:44:17] jesse.boef: [21, under 37 hard]
[20:44:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “well then prepare yourself for having luch that is smarter then you, and the fact you will lose the oppertunity of a lifetime”
[20:45:04] jesse.boef: [leo is gonna die the death (anyone playing the walking dead season 1 and afraid of spoilers?)]
[20:46:19 | Removed 20:46:39] jesse.boef: This message has been removed.
[20:46:30] Jonas Askeland: [Yes, havent finished it yet!]
[20:46:42] Jonas Askeland: [Tho ive been at the farm, so its okay]
[20:46:43] jesse.boef: [you did not see]
[20:46:49] jesse.boef: [damn it]
[20:46:50] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [ don’t care about spoilers :P ]
[20:47:02] jesse.boef: [im not gonna retype that]
[20:51:02] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: As Stalker flies off towards the south bullets wisp by his head, one giving his tail a good trim
>_[Haakon]: The mare lifts Leos head to the skies “See that, your buddy abandoned you. You’re all mine now!” The large stalion looks down on the pair. “Buzzsaw, get off him.” He says in a powerful, stern voice. He looks down on Leo, “Where is the rest?” The stalion, now standing nearly twice the height of Leo has a large metal spike sticking from his forhead, making it look like a unicorn horn.
>_[Jonas]: The pair arrives in the atrium and Crumbles shouts at the stalion behind a counter for some food, she sits down at a table. Gesturing for Cotton to sitt opposite to her. “So, Button, or whatever it was. What brings you to the Brewry”
[20:51:05] sneo92: >_[Christian]: As Shadow bursts into the shower room a loud shriek is heard. The mare sitting on the toilet next to Shadow picks up a plunger and smacks Shadow across the face with it “GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!”
[20:51:39] jesse.boef: [thanks, my tail was gettin kinda long]
[20:52:09] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “See sister”* wink to her* " well my good sir, to whom are thou refering ?"
[20:52:25] jesse.boef: [oh stop speakin ye olde english]
[20:52:45] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [A man needs his fun]
[20:52:58] jesse.boef: [and it should be areth, or something similar]
[20:53:05] Cecium: Flees shower * shadow starts looking for a unoccupied shower*
[20:53:32] jesse.boef: [hah, shadow got smacked with a toilet rubber]
[20:53:44] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Well if i used olden english in the whole sentence he would not have got what I meant]
[20:54:13] sneo92: >_[Haakon]: The stalion holds up the package “Where is the rest of it?” He throws the pack in front of Leo, spraying a content of Jet inhalers, Rage needles, Buck tablet and small pouches of sorts. “He said there would be twice this.”
[20:54:55] jesse.boef: •i guess when im well out of range, i look for buildings of interest along the route back to the brewery•
[20:55:11] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “Well, then he either lied to you or to me, i would suggest the both of us”
[20:56:33 | Edited 20:56:52] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “But me and metalhead here could go and check for you ?”
[20:59:22] sneo92: >_[Haakon] The stalion looks at the mare he called Buzzsaw “Maybe we should, send the old geezer a message. Buzzsaw, chain him up.” The mare gives an evil grind as she walks up to Leo “My pleasure” She says as she gives Leo a smack in the face, sending him unconcious.
>_[Jesse, you pass again the buildings which you passed on your way there]
>_[Christian] As much as Shadow tries, she cannot find a working shower.
[20:59:57] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [man, i had a witty comeback, and then i get’s knocked out]
[21:00:04] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [Not cool]
[21:00:14] jesse.boef: •i decide to head for the ruined buildings•
[21:00:27] jesse.boef: [hah]
[21:00:42] jesse.boef: [shouldve flown]
[21:00:52] Jonas Askeland: “Cotton, it was Cotton. Just passing through really, met up with some nice folk out scavenging and then they got thirsty. Came here to have a drink” I look her in the eye a little more seriously “Then i saw a cute mare at the door, and i’m happy she remembered me despite all the other interesting people coming through” And i get back to a more playful demeanor “Never seen anyone with a neck quite like that, you mustve seen it too?”
[21:01:10] jesse.boef: [neck fetish]
[21:05:13] sneo92: >_[Jesse]:You reach the buildings as the sun starts to set in the distance. The buildings are a small collection of long fallen farmhouse, on the north side the lower half of a silo stands with it’s top colapsed upon it. The entre seccond floor of the farmhouse has colapsed, and the western and southern walls are gone, gaping into the livingroom of the house. A single doorways stands unobstructed to lead into a still intact room.
>_[Jonas, speech check]
[21:05:43] Jonas Askeland: 03
[21:05:47] jesse.boef: [nice]
[21:05:50] Jonas Askeland: [Tagging progression :D]
[21:06:17] jesse.boef: •i check the northern silo•
[21:06:26] Jonas Askeland: [Was already tagged, oh well]
[21:07:37] jesse.boef: [sne sne, whats the machete melee class?]
[21:10:48] jesse.boef: [and, if i sneak up to someone, can i silently kill humanoids(or ponies, whatever ya wanna call em?) in one hit?]
[21:11:05] Cecium: [hahaahah if we could id be op as hell o-o ]
[21:11:13] jesse.boef: [aww]
[21:11:21] jesse.boef: [guess it aint happenin then]
[21:11:38] Cecium: [ unless you can do enough dammage to kill a pony in one blow ]
[21:12:27] sneo92: >_[Jonas] The mare looks away, a red tint comes over her face as she scratches her neck. “Pssth” She scoffs, as the food arrives. “Just eat your food.” She starts eating a bit “Besides, you’d be surprised how little interesting goes on here through the days. Ever since shit started going up to the east what we get is mostly rangers, and they just throw shit wherever they go”
>_[Jesse]: The old silo seems to be nothing but a fallen ruin, long wasted away of any value. [Machete is medium melee]
[21:12:44] sneo92: [And no, insta-kills like that would be very Op as he says]
[21:14:08] jesse.boef: •i sneak to the western wall of the farmhouse, and peek inside•
[21:15:25] Cecium: Shadow stumbles back into the atrium and starts looking around " Cotton! Cotton! wheres the turkeys! I need em to make some rain or somethign! turkeys can do that right? "
[21:15:46] jesse.boef: [hah, if we can find clouds]
[21:16:28] sneo92: >_[Jesse] The livingroom is deolated, the furniture mostly rotted away from exposiure to the elements. The roof has fallen upon the stairs leading to the seccond floor, as well as obstructing a door on the left side of the room. A singe drawer stands on the far wall from where Stalker stands and an open doorway leads further in on the right side of the drawer.
[21:16:38] Haakon Grov Melkevik: [there are alot of clouds, problem is who is in the clouds]
[21:16:41] Jonas Askeland: [Wait, did i get food too? I dont have money for food O_o]
[21:17:01] sneo92: [Yes, you got a tray of some goopish grub.]
[21:17:17] Jonas Askeland: [Hope i dont hav to pay for this O_o]
[21:17:19] jesse.boef: •i sneak over to the drawer, looking for movement, or trip wires/bomb activation mechanics•
[21:17:58] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: You find no signs of traps
[21:18:21] jesse.boef: •i open and rummage through the drawers•
[21:19:44] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: You find bottle of Sparke Cola and a pre-war summertime dress.
[21:20:12] Jonas Askeland: “Rangers? How do you let them in? Dismantle their entire armor at the gate..?” I give the goop a go
[21:20:45] jesse.boef: [•wears the dress •XD]
•i take the cola and head for the brewery•
[stats of cola plz]
[21:24:43] sneo92: >_[Jonas]: Crumble chows down a large bite of goop “Naah, they show up when they’re on leave, so they don’t come fully armoured and all.” She turns to look at the new arrival “She’s that friend of yours?”
>_[Jesse: Sparkle Cola: has a d12 taste]
[21:25:06] jesse.boef: [cant tell if serious or not]
[21:25:32] sneo92: [You’ll find out, eventually]
[21:25:45] jesse.boef: [sigh…]
[21:26:00] jesse.boef: •i take to the skies, and fly back to the brewery•
[21:27:13] jesse.boef: [or would that cause time conflicts?]
[21:27:26] Cecium: [ prolly time conflicts ]
[21:27:45] Jonas Askeland: Turn head to Shadow “Oh hey, she woke up. Figured she’d be out cold for a while or talking that Tin gal” Give a slightly hesitant look at Crumble “She probably wants something, i’ll be right back” And start off towards Shadow
[21:28:03] sneo92: [We can just screw time paradoxes for now]
[21:28:39] jesse.boef: [cewl, off to brewery i go]
[21:29:25] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: By the time you arrive back at the brewery, it’s dark outside and you feel rather hungry.
[21:29:53] jesse.boef: •i dump my weapons back in the drawers, and head on inside and look for the blind guy•
[21:31:30] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: The ghoul sits where you left him.
[21:32:02] jesse.boef: •i walk up to him•
“done. money, if you please”
[21:33:11] Jonas Askeland: Come up on Shadow “Morning sunshine, diya have a chat with Tin? Said she knew you from somewhere”
[21:33:20] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: The ghoul lifts his hat “Ah, you’re back. Before you get paid, I’ll need the money that my client gave to you.” He says, pleasantly
[21:33:55] Cecium: "Uh.. she told me to bugger off.. uhm.. wheres the turkeys at? I want em to make one of them cloudshower thingies that I read about somewhere.. "
[21:34:10] jesse.boef: “didnt give anything, tried to kill us”
[21:35:37] Jonas Askeland: “Err, they went off to deliver the package from Spaceghoul. And i didnt know they could make showers?”
[21:35:57] Cecium: " spaceghoul? " shadow looks puzzled
[21:36:00] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: “Kill you?” The ghoul says surprised. “You did tell them I sent you, right?”
>_[Haakon]: As Leo starts to come to his senses, he notice he’s being dragged along the ground
[21:36:16] Haakon Grov Melkevik: i look around
[21:36:35] Haakon Grov Melkevik: and look at the one/ones dragging me
[21:36:49] jesse.boef: “i said some blind guy, they let us in, gave em the bag, then tried to kill us”
[21:36:58] Jonas Askeland: “Yeah, the guy that gave us a job, deliver a package to Rocketfuel. Them having wings and all left to get it done quick”
[21:37:30] Cecium: " Where were they supposed to deliver this package? "
[21:37:48 | Removed 21:39:02] Cecium: This message has been removed.
[21:39:14] Jonas Askeland: “A stadium up north east”
[21:39:40] Cecium: “stadium… stadium….” starts flicking trough pipbuck navigational map
[21:40:14] Cecium: [Do I put 2+2 together and get that they went to THAT stadium?]
[21:41:04] jesse.boef: [2+2 is 4, not that stadium]
[21:41:20] Cecium: [ figgure of speech ]
[21:41:29 | Edited 21:41:33] jesse.boef: [:P]
[21:41:44] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: “So you just… handed it over?” The ghoul cocks his head. “You didn’t even ask for the money before you handed it over?” The ghoul rubs his face with his hoof before he gives a long sigh “I guess I should send someone more experienced next time. Thank you for trying, but I’m not gonna pay for that you lost the merchendice.” He says eventually and leans back in his chair
>_[Haakon] Leo is being dragged by a pony who has a rubber tyre strapped around his waist, further forward a pony with a familiar looking metal mohawk.
[21:41:51] sneo92: [That’s up to you, Christian]
[21:42:12] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “was it a pleasure sister ?”
[21:42:14 | Edited 21:42:29] jesse.boef: •i slam the table•
“then you and i are gonna have some trouble”
[21:42:27] Cecium: [rolled on it ]
[21:42:37] Cecium: " They went to THAT stadium Cotton? " points at map
[21:42:46 | Edited 21:42:53] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “cause dragging me along have to be inconvinient for you”
[21:43:00] Jonas Askeland: “Eh, i guess? I’d have to ask spaceghoul. He might still be at the bar?”
[21:43:44] Jonas Askeland: “His directions were something along the lines of ballpark stadium, up nort-east, if you hit mercys you’ve gone too far”
[21:45:14] Cecium: "Uh.. Great… Cotton.. we need to go save them..Thats a fricking painspike nest! Those are NOT nice guys! " turns paler as she thinks of the last time she was there
[21:46:28] sneo92: >_[Jesse] The bar suddenly goes quiet around you two. “No, then I’m going to call the guards and you will be less gracefully escorted out of here. You screwed the job up, no pay.”
>_[Haakon] The party halts. Buzzsaw heads back to Leo and looks down on him. “You open your mouth one more FUCKING time, and I’ll rip your jaw from your face! You’re lucky Ironhorn showed up or you’d be a nice little turkey dinner by now.” She turns away and head back to the front “Keep going!” She shouts at the others. “And make sure you drag him over those rocks!”
[21:47:52] jesse.boef: “you and i are gonna have a little talk then”
•i drag him outside, covering his mouth•
[21:49:07] Jonas Askeland: “I.. Uh.. Hm, that doesnt sound nice. Bu they’re good fighters, they should be fine till we get there” I glance back at Crumble “Lemme just say a quick goodbye before we leave”
[21:50:32 | Edited 21:50:48] Jonas Askeland: Trot up to Crumble “Hi again, sorry to cut this short but a friend of mine’s gotten himself into some trouble and i need to go. You work here yeah? I’ll come back some other time, hope you’ll greet me with Cotton and not Button then” Big smile, hasty retreat
[21:52:41] sneo92: >_[Jesse]: As you start to pull the ghoul out his eyes and other cavities light up and your hooves go warm as your pip-buck geigercounter starts clicking violently. The other patrons get up or take a step back as they see what’s going on. From behind the counter Single Malt says “Let him go, boy.” as he holds up a shotgun.
>_[Jonas]: You hear a low “Bye..” as you turn to run away.
[21:53:09] Jonas Askeland: [FUU
[21:53:33] jesse.boef: “for fucks sake!”
•i kick him against the wall and head outside alone•
[21:53:35] Cecium: [real sorry bout that ]
[21:53:55] Jonas Askeland: Turn on a dime, give her a small kiss, run off again
[21:54:42] sneo92: >_[Due timefuckery, we’re gonna do a quick paradoxything, and fix this real quick!]
[21:54:53] Jonas Askeland: [Suddnely time feels weird]
[21:55:25] sneo92: >_As Cotton and Shadow walk towards the bar, they turn a corner and bump into Stalker as he’s making his way out, just beyond the bar door.
[21:55:57] Cecium: [ does stalker have a ticking hostage or not? ]
[21:56:03] jesse.boef: [no
[21:56:07] jesse.boef: kicked him away]
[21:56:29] Cecium: " Stalker! phew yer alive.. wheres leo? "
[21:56:50] jesse.boef: “fuck knows”
•i quickly say and walk past em•
[21:58:21] Jonas Askeland: “You lost him?”
[21:58:44] jesse.boef: “yap”
•continuing to head outside•
[21:59:30] sneo92: >_As Stalker keeps walking outwards, a guard rushes past and sticks a head into the bar door. From the outside, you caan barely make out a few words. “Problem…raiders…. hostage…”
[21:59:41] Cecium: starts heading towards the exit remembering to pickup gear on the way out
[22:00:28] Jonas Askeland: Make sure to get gear, good plan
[22:00:30] jesse.boef: •i stop, and walk back to the guard• “need help, ill help blast em for compensation?”
[22:02:12] sneo92: >_The guard turns and heads back down the hall, past Stalker. “You can help blast em if need be, but good luck getting anyone to pay you for staying alive!”
[22:02:19] sneo92: [is everyone heading outside now?
[22:02:29] Jonas Askeland: [yes?]
[22:02:30] Cecium: [ Yeah stalker storming outside without telling us where Leo is <.>< ]
[22:02:45] Jonas Askeland: [As i understand it, we’re following him]
[22:02:52] jesse.boef: •i start moving back outside•
[22:03:06] jesse.boef: [can we end this early? got stuff to do now]
[22:03:16] sneo92: [Ending pretty soon]
[22:06:14] sneo92: >_As te group makes their way outside, they see a bunch of guards sitting behind various bits of cover. Further down the road, you can see two ponies standing in the road. One has a Metalic mohawk and the other one is a familiar looking, chained up pegasus. As the group shows up, the mohawked mare pushes the chained pegasus and shouts “Hey look it’s your pals!” She pulls a shotgun and puts it to Leo’s head. “If you want his brains kept in his head you better get our fucking goods!” [LAST POSTS]
[22:06:35] jesse.boef: “wait, that wasnt all?”
[22:06:56] jesse.boef: “for fucks sake, ill figure somethin out”
[22:07:11] Jonas Askeland: Look horrified at Stalker “What did you do?”
[22:07:34] Haakon Grov Melkevik: “So, metalhead, how about a nice movie before dinner?”
[22:07:57] Cecium: “You let him get captured by PAINSPIKES?” quiet angry mumbling as levitates out stealthbuck
[22:09:06] sneo92: >_[END SESSION]



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