Baseline mana – 33 (UP with 5 CA)

Spellranks go from 1-5

“schools”/themes/inspirational types..?
manipulation – alteration
destruction – elemental
magical energy

Magic will be very individual and unique, discussion with GM is recommended.
Do apply logics, somewhat, please.

AP cost equal rank times 2 (rank one: 2AP, rank 3: 6AP, rank 5: 10AP)

rank 1 – 3 spell points (average UP can use about 10 times a day)
eg. simple ghost sound (distinct “pop”)
Fiery hoof (+2dmg to unarmed)
feeble ward – add 5 ac ward aura on target till start of casters next turn
Ignite object

rank 2 – 5 spell points (average up can use 6 times a day)
eg. simple ghost projection (small glowing “blob”, flickering shadow, etc)
weak anesthetic spell
Infuse melee weapon
Telekinetic bullet
Ignite pony

rank 3 – 7 SP (average UP can use 4 times a day)
Inebriating anesthetic spell
Infuse bullets
Telekinetic scattershot
Ignite creature
Ablaze object

rank 4 – 10 (average UP 3 times a day)
Narkosis anesthetic spell
Ablaze pony

rank 5 – 20 (average UP once a day)
Summon medium sized elemental/familiar
Ablaze creature
Semi-permanent melee infusion (one day)

Spell learning system


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